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June 2017
Jun 26: Empire Day - Weekly Event (8pm server time)
Jun 26: The Morti Vanta (Part 2)
Jun 29: BC RP - Jedi kNight - 7:30 Server Time
Jun 30: BC RP - Dancer's Palace - 9pm Server Time
Jun 30: Dancer's Palace anniversary contest
Jul 2: Dawn of Doomsday: Revengence


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Cantina / Re: What Was Disruptive about the Last Expansions
« Last post by Imazi on Today at 08:37:51 PM »
Here you go @Niarra and anyone else that wanted to comment:
The Trading Floor / Re: I'm Dyeing Here [Olive Green and Tan Dye Module]
« Last post by Mei on Today at 08:11:37 PM »
Damn, I thought I was on to something for you LOL
I'll keep an eye out for it though!
The Trading Floor / Re: I'm Dyeing Here [Olive Green and Tan Dye Module]
« Last post by Cyone on Today at 07:56:57 PM »
Nay, 'tis not. It really was called "Olive Green and Tan," and it was a blue-quality, silver-tier Cartel item. I'm guessing it's pretty new. I could not find mention of it online. Thanks though.
Events and Occasions / Re: Empire Day - Sith Empire Weekly Event
« Last post by Noth on Today at 07:39:29 PM »
So, uh... Niarra and I may have gone way overboard in decorating the throwaway SH for this event... but it is ready! :D

Today's RP setting brought to you by <Sphere of Mysteries> and a very ostentatious Sith tomb.
The Trading Floor / Re: I'm Dyeing Here [Olive Green and Tan Dye Module]
« Last post by Mei on Today at 07:34:36 PM »
Is this the one you are speaking of? :grin:
The Trading Floor / I'm Dyeing Here [Olive Green and Tan Dye Module]
« Last post by Cyone on Today at 07:06:43 PM »
So, I don't normally do this, but...  :umm:

I ran across this dye the other day, by happenstance, while perusing the selections on the GTN for a long-awaited solution to my frustration at how non-unique the TT-17A Hydra armor set has become. I wore it as my Bounty Hunter's primary armor, undyed (because I originally wore it before dyes, and the dyes have been about 90% trash to this point and the base color scheme is awesome), for literally years. That is, until they went and slapped the entire set into a common adaptive gear vendor in the middle of Dromund Kaas as unrestricted, legacy-bound gear and made it dirt cheap. As a result, everybody and their frickin' brother wears it now. And of course, they mostly wear it undyed. Aside from the salt at having paid several million credits for it back in the day (when that was a lot, and some of you may even remember floating me loans for that...), it pretty well made it impossible for me to feel satisfied just sticking with it, since while it makes sense for Troopers and Jedi and even Agents and Sith to all look the same, it's pretty lame if your BH looks exactly like every single other idiot who decided to pick up a gun and go for a stroll.

Since the dyes are, as previously mentioned, pretty much all crap, I eventually gave up on it and I devised myself a whole new set for my Hunter. And that's all well and dandy, but I was recently motivated once again to spruce up the old Hydra kit because it's one of the few good armor options that I have access to for use on the Pubside alt I finally broke down and made for the aforementioned Hunter. Which brings us back to the entire point of this. I found this Olive Green and Tan Dye Module, and while it is rather bland and understated, that actually makes it perfect for him, and it looks good on the Hydra set. The catch being that literally the only one I've ever seen listed was up for 9mil at the time, which I can't afford. It is now no longer up, has not gone back up for days, and the poster has not responded to mail. I am the nervous.

So, if any of you might happen to have it unbound and in your possession, and aren't attached to it, I would gladly buy it off you for whatever price you think is far. I think if I scrape the barrel I could get up to 5 million, which honestly feels more than worth it to me to finally solve this vexing identity problem and be able to enjoy using that set again. Similarly, if anyone sees it around again, I'd be much obliged if you'd let me know, and even more so if you felt like going so far as to pick it up and have me pay you back (Scout's honor totally will).

Want Olive Green and Tan Dye Module. Couldn't afford when showed up on GTN. Have not seen since. Will pay up to 5mil for it. Many thanks if can assist.
Events and Occasions / Re: Dancer's Palace anniversary contest
« Last post by Cyone on Today at 06:29:35 PM »
221B Baker Street. Elementary, my dear.
Events and Occasions / Re: Empire Day - Sith Empire Weekly Event
« Last post by Zmaj on Today at 05:57:14 PM »
Tatooine! It's (a little) easier to unlock and this event is supposed to technically be on Korriban in the desert.
Events and Occasions / Re: Empire Day - Sith Empire Weekly Event
« Last post by Niarra on Today at 05:47:36 PM »
I can't hop in-game at the moment since I'm out and about, but I'll help/take a look around if I can once I get home!

If spawns really aren't a problem then I'll keep our chats in group chat so we don't get harassed.

@Zmaj - Roger dodger! I'm sure it'll be fine no matter what we go with. And we could always chat like normal and transition only if it turns out we are getting griefed.

But I really could get that guild made and a SH purchased before event time, I think, and I have all the CM decos that could be donated so that's still an option, if you want to go that way. If you did, would you rather a Tat SH or a Yavin SH?

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