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Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 11/17/18, 12:22:38 AM »

Jedi Master Qelian Saida

Lightsaber pikes are a refined version of ancient bladed polearms, made distinct from saberstaves by their long physical handles and sometimes by only having one blade. The first lightsaber pikes were created millennia ago, able to fit self-contained power cells thanks to their long length in a time when most lightsabers required belt-mounted batteries and cords. Today pikes are generally made of phrik, ultrachrome, or songsteel so that they can resist lightsaber strikes along the handle even while deactivated. They remain quite a rare weapon, generally regarded as a niche alternative to the already somewhat uncommon saberstaff.

Telescoping saber pikes are an interesting development occasionally found in the hands of veteran Jedi weapon masters, able to collapse and deploy like an extendable police baton. They can be used as both pikes and standard lightsabers for extra versatility in combat, with the added bonus of being extremely easy to carry.

Events and Occasions / Re: The Cron Adrift No More
« on: 11/11/18, 01:26:25 PM »
Me too, I will be there but I have no idea who it will be on yet lol.

edit: I don't know how to put a character name in my signup thingy, whenever I enter a comment it just gets left blank, but i'm either bringing my Jedi master Qelian Saida or my Republic marine Lyara Idros depending on what other characters seem to be attending.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 10/30/18, 03:37:00 PM »

Midnight Sisterhood Assassin

A charmsuit is a skintight vestment or light armour suit designed to assist its wearer with being stealthy. Usually this is done passively by just being flexible and unobtrusive, but more advanced charmsuits may incorporate technology like active camouflage to gain even more of an edge.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 10/27/18, 05:26:24 PM »

Dread Master Brontes

In 12 ATC, a group of immensely powerful Sith known as the Dread Masters broke free from Republic captivity and attempted to spread unending terror throughout the galaxy. The Masters fortunately suffered defeat two years later before they were able to complete their plans for galactic domination, and most of the galaxy remains blissfully unaware of the horrors which nearly came into existence at their hands. Most of the Dread Masters' history before being captured during the Great War is completely unknown, and what little information exists is highly classified on both sides.

Despite a decisive Republic and Imperial victory, the war was not without consequences. Those touched directly by the Dread Masters' power, known as the Dread Host, became mere husks of their former selves and fell into an irreversible madness. Almost none of their former servants have ever recovered. Even those who survived the war with their psyche mostly intact were often left traumatized, physically mutilated, or worse.

Cantina / Re: Make a (fashion) statement
« on: 10/24/18, 11:33:13 PM »
I have many outfits to share today lol.

A bit of news first, the cartel bazaar vendors have been altered to use Underworld Exchange reputation at some point recently, which is actually obtainable through those slot machine decorations I think! So the things there are no longer limited to people who bought a buttload of cartel packs way back in the day. There's some nice and relatively cheap dyes in there like dark blue or grey/purple, and also some great outfits like the volatile shock trooper set and the outfit that Imperial medics use, though quite a bit of stuff still needs certificates. :/ It's a step in the right direction at least.

I have been trying different pub armour schemes and styles lately to see what looks nice and fitting, because I have a new trooper for absolutely no reason.

The blue dye you can get from the bazaar vendors looks really good on some armour, lighter colours usually just look like tacky plastic but this darker shade gives it some depth I think. I used it on my main commando's armour and also put white dyes on the gloves and boots for a really regal look, it was inspired by the USAF honour guard (even though she's a marine lol) because I think that's a really good style for elite Republic troops.

Muted colours pair really well with literally every outfit i've looked at in this game, older dyes with gross plastic-looking neon colours always annoyed me but these new realistic-ish colour dyes are really really good imo. For my new trooper's armour I went with the fleet commander dye, which is tan and grey and looks very military-ish because of its drabness.

This is a mix of armours from the cartel bazaar vendors that i'm using to replace the old Makeb assault armour on my imps now that the volatile shock trooper set is more readily available. Most of it is from the BK-0 combustion armour set, the chestpiece and helmet (not shown) are from the volatile shock trooper set, and I have a different belt for each one depending on their specialty. Fortunately I did not have to buy black dyes for the gloves and boots because the BK-0 armour is already black, so I can stick with my sexy multi-colour outfits without spending yet more money lol.

Here's a bunch of my newer Sith outfits because I have a lot of those. I continue to set the standard in extremely generic Sith fashion. :P

I always wanted to use these two outfits because they just fits the imperial style so perfectly, but I could never find a character to really use them on because all of my existing Sith until recently already had their styles set. They work really well together with one as a more "casual" vestment and the other as a battle dress.

This is my inquisitor's outfit, very dark and menacing because she likes the colour black because that's just what Sith do. I thought this chestpiece had potential for a long time but couldn't actually figure out a good way to use it until I tried it with a black dye, and then I immediately knew I had to make a twi'lek with red skin because that would match perfectly lol.

I think this is my newest Sith character, she has a lot of green. Green outfit, green saber, green vine cat, green-ish planet of residence. I love the shade of green her saber uses, unlike the usual Jedi colour it looks kind of toxic almost and so it fits well for an evil sorceress while still being unique. Her robes are using an olive green and tan dye which usually looks gross and pale, but works well here because the outfit mutes it a lot.

I saw a cheap miniskirt and a cheap chestplate and thought they'd go well together! Unfortunately i'll hardly ever use that outfit because I actually really like the plain apprentice robes that every apprentice gets.

This is actually not a Sith at all, but rather a Mecrosa Order assassin who works for the Sith by doing Sith things in a Sithy way. This game has no mecrosa space veils, the bounty hunter headscarf looks too large, and Kreia's hood makes you bald, so I had to make do with some very cute and assassin-y revealing clothes instead.

This is also not a Sith at all, but rather my Jedi with an outfit which matches her mask! This uses the grey and purple dye available from the bazaar vendors. I'm not fully satisfied with the outfit but I am using it anyway, because I figure a Jedi consular should probably have an outfit that isn't a suit of armour.

This is a Sith tho. Remember that time back when Obroan armour (and whatever the PvE equivalent was called) was the coolest looking thing and everyone fashionable had a set? That time is still around in my heart, right next to a nostalgic photo of Dread Master Brontes. This is using a dark red and tan dye which looks very dread master-y imo because the tan turns into gold with this armour's texture.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 10/19/18, 12:57:43 PM »

We beat 'em before, we'll beat 'em again!

The Sith entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At Alderaan, Coruscant, Balmorra, and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 10/18/18, 07:00:10 PM »


The Mutaween (also known as MPs or, more offensively, as JPs for Justiciar's Pets) are the Mantle's zealous military police branch. Within the Mantle their goal is to enforce order and religious doctrine, which also includes investigating sabotage, interrogating enemy troops, and watching over slaves alongside more standard MP duties. Outside of the Mantle they act as a secret police force of sorts, keeping an eye on nobles and ensuring that they don't scheme against the Dominion or working under Justiciars and Inquisitors to hunt religious criminals.

Mutawa troops wear white, red, and black Auspice plate armour, with the abbreviation اع (for الشرطة العسكرية or Military Police) on their right pauldron and helmet for identification. Officers wear a green beret and have special ailettes, often dressing with a cloak or cape as well.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 10/16/18, 11:10:18 PM »
Dieselpunk tanks are cool and I finally got around to drawing one, it even comes with fake history lore lol.

105mm Heavy Tank M35 / M35 Meade

The M35 Meade (officially called the 105mm Heavy Tank M35) was an American tank design introduced in 1946 to supplement the medium M26 Pershing, which was believed to be an inadequate counter for German E-75s and E-100s at the time. It was one of only a few heavy tanks to ever enter service with the United States Army, serving primarily in Europe and the Middle East where its exceptional mobility (for a heavy tank) and long-range penetration could be used effectively. Small numbers were also deployed in India where its thick armour made it nearly impenetrable by most Japanese anti-tank weapons, though they struggled greatly with rough terrain and overheating after advancing into Burma.

The M35 is powered by an Allison V-1710 aircraft engine and supported on wide treads, giving it a surprisingly high top speed and low ground pressure despite weighing almost 67 tons. Its large 105mm T5E2 cannon can make short work of most enemy tanks with HVAP or APBC rounds or destroy structures with its oversized HE rounds. Two M1919s mounted coaxially and in the hull provide it with good defense against exposed infantry, while a pintle-mounted dual M2 can tear through light vehicles and even low-flying aircraft with ease.

Cantina / Re: *SPOILER-ISH* 5.10 Details & Discussion
« on: 10/11/18, 09:42:27 PM »
You will now be able to have same-sex relationships with companions!

Wow, only seven years late. I'm less excited that it's finally a thing and more disappointed that it took them this long to add something which should have been part of the game at release in 2011.

A lot of other neat stuff tho! Don't see anything particularly interesting for RP if i'm being honest, aside from the fact that the new gear will be Bind on Equip which might be good for fashion maybe if it looks nice. And the guild stuff looks useful even if we don't get heraldry quite yet.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 10/11/18, 02:55:12 PM »
I wanted to practice my Sith, and so I did! It is a pretty language. o.o

Research Notes

Living Alchemy

Subject: Jedi Knight
Age: 27
Species: Mirialan


Typical alteration of eye colour; corruption of pupils evident.

No significant occurrences of undesirable tissue growth.

Muscle tissue has increased in mass, tearing open skin in several spots.

Signed, Malaji

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 10/04/18, 05:56:52 PM »


The Dominion's civil government is fairly feudalistic, most planets are owned by aristocratic Sultanas and Satraps rather than being under direct rule from Aqyla. Nobles generally have much better privileges and opportunities than commoners due to their wealth, connections, and land ownership, with ones who own particularly valuable regions such as cities or mines often holding immense political power locally.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 10/02/18, 11:08:42 PM »
I'm apparently in the mood for superspies lately.

Special Agent Serama Lirus

The Republic's Strategic Information Service originated as an analysis and decryption branch of the Senate Library, later expanded to serve as the Republic's primary intelligence gathering organization before the Great War. The SIS may not have as many agents and contacts as their Sith Intelligence counterparts, but they still maintain a very effective web of spies throughout the galaxy and have access to some of the Republic's finest minds.

Serama's Custom GR

The Coronet Arms GR was designed near the end of the Great War as a series of light and highly customizable blaster pistols for police forces and mercenaries. Despite being a highly capable weapon, the Republic's economic woes at the time meant that it suffered from poor sales and production was ultimately shut down after only two years. Today most surviving examples exist in the hands of spies, assassins, and spacers, valued for their reliability and relatively quiet firing sound.

This particular GR has been modified extensively over the years by SIS Agent Lirus, bearing only a vague resemblance to the original model. Among its additions are a targeting laser and flashlight, a 20mm flare or micro-grenade launcher, and a heavy duty augmented spin barrel.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 10/02/18, 08:15:39 AM »
She has the best outfit of all my GW2 characters. :P

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 10/01/18, 09:37:56 PM »

Slayer Vasai Zinghu

The Order of Whispers agents known as Slayers are elite commandos trained to deal with exceptionally dangerous threats on long-duration missions. The current enemies of the Order fear them, and rightly so considering what they did to the Order's previous enemies.

Vasai Zinghu is one such Slayer, primarily specializing in professionalism and long-distance relationships. A well-travelled veteran, Vasai has fought against everything from Orrian undead to White Mantle cultists, currently using her extensive combat experience to scout the deserts of Elona for Pact forces.

Vasai's 11mm Rifle

Bolt-action rifles are a relatively recent introduction to the world of Tyria, first invented (but not widely used) in the final years of the Human-Charr conflict. While bolt-actions do provide a greatly improved rate of fire compared to older single-shot weapons, the cost of producing them and their relative unreliability means that they have yet to reach widespread adoption in even the most high-tech armies.

Vasai's Sidearm

Revolvers have grown very popular in recent years, having gone from effective but very expensive novelties to proper sidearms fit for any officer. The Pact was the first to introduce them as standard weapons in 1325 AE, and their ability to fire multiple shots in relatively quick succession has proven essential in the battlefields of Orr and Maguuma since then.

Cantina / Re: Make a (fashion) statement
« on: 09/25/18, 06:46:18 AM »
Does anyone here have companion fashion too? I like to dress mine up for RP even though I hardly ever use them lol. It's a lot easier now that companions don't need stats, you can just use the cheap nice looking stuff instead of expensive modded orange gear.

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