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Cantina / Re: Roll Call - How active are you?
« on: 05/19/18, 08:12:36 PM »
I've also been taxed with a combination of real life (including more night shifts) and a bit of SWTOR specific and Star Wars general burnout/need for a break.  Been enjoying some other games and things to whet my creative juices.  I'd like to get more involved a bit over the summer, but have put a pause on some GMing til I really feel I have something to offer creatively in this setting, don't want to get burned out and leave folks hanging.  (Like to do more on Mando stuff, but not really sure when, appreciate folks with interest earlier). 

I plan to play through most new story content in game too, but well past finding grinding interesting.  Mostly here for RP at this point, not planning to vanish but am taking some space.  Appreciate knowing things here to feel more able to join. 

Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 05/08/18, 08:18:21 PM »
Sounds like this was a good one.  Any major political decisions or impacts folks should know going forward?

I cleared my schedule tomorrow for other reasons so don't worry about coming early for me.  Might plug to Wraiths in case our few actives want to join Caben if that's ok. 

Trying to stay in some touch after a few weeks completely AWOL, be nice to see folks even if I crash a bit early. :) 

Also just to verify, most of the US is on PDT now, not PST.  Assuming that still in place since the sites timezones are lined up with that, but wanted to be sure for folks out of country

This sounds awesome, but the late start time may be essp tough if I go to a training Sat.  I'm a maybe (prob caben), but appreciate seeing more stuff like this! 

Nothing major that concerns membership as a whole?  Trying to stay in touch somewhat in a very busy point of the year, but thanks for the transparency. 

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 03/15/18, 09:04:00 PM »
Been a rough couple weeks with illness and weather making my work schedule nuts.  Just letting folks know I haven't dropped off face of earth, but trying to pace myself. 

be there soon.  I may be a bit more limited in combat/more for RP.  Dealing with some tax stuff as work ran late.  Though if a WB happens I'll try. 

Computer forced a reboot, just trying to get back in

@Karmic Know you might join us midway, hit me pubside if you have trouble finding us.  We'll mostly be shuttling near that meeting point and back in the Mando camp (IC a different tribe's camp in the story)

Meeting by Mando Hanger door on Fleet.  Hopping back now

Just finishing Imp invites, almost ready to start.  Meeting location is

Main Plateau/Darvanis Map -135,180 (a moisture vaporator just outside the entry to the Mando Camp zone)

in the normal PVE instance

Working from road w/spotty battery, final post will have a few edits til its done and a pic

Once off the street, she had removed her helmet beneath her hood- enough to show hints of her Cathar features but keep her exact markings vague.  She did a quick scan of the room via a suit-HUD linked eyepiece, and confirmed the security features they had agreed were in place.

Sounds good.  Really be nice to get you for some- though I'll also PM you about some 1:1 Hutt stuff later in week. 

Malhra has ecology and hunting.

Is the item an actual in game item? Or something you can describe?

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