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Roleplay Workshop / Re: Dealing with the Alliance
« on: 02/16/18, 10:38:20 AM »
 it's harder for my guild the Wraiths because we are forced to part ways with Republic and help the early fight with Proto Alliance elements because of our threat to corrupt elements in the government. we are still technically Alliance but more as independent privateers who don't deal with the Outlander anymore than we have to. we also have contacts with elements of all three government's trying to prevent the rise of super weapons. it's likely we'll eventually drift back to some work with the Republic but always maintaining our independence and internal military chain of command

Going to try and post an outline of spoiler-free rough events to give people some more clarity tomorrow. 

As much as you know I'd be interested - from the Outer Rim angle and Hutt angles...

This is Jedi centric so... I can't join :(

If it's Jedi-centric, this'd be the first I've heard of it. :P

I believe what Siv means by Maerin and the Jedi's involvement is that the two may be working at cross-purposes for some antagonism.

At this point the Jedi have no formal involvement, save Maerin looking at it with concern because she is guarding the Custodum's Adega base.  Most of the BC Jedi have pulled back into the Core til recently to reorganize, though I'm looking to maybe drag them into some of the fallout for a One Off. 

Its mostly Mandos and independents, with the Wraiths caught up in it because they ran into the conflict while rescuing slaves a few weeks back, and because I have a lot of players already involved willing to come out regularly on our Guild Night. :)

You're certainly still welcome to join Karmic.  Given your ties to the Wraiths and Coalition your likely less of an antagonist, but who knows..  and I'd also love to get some Imps as antagonists, as the Hutts are looking for help hunting the missing goods. 

Might  also PM you on some Hutt politics given our past NPC's as some might pop up. And there is a good chance we could work Moderon into it, though I've held off using it yet til I know when you'd be there to join us. 

Dock's district, Coronet City, Corellia

Nyss Taviish wandered into the Hot Prospect and, finding herself early found a seat to her liking with reasonable privacy.  The place was one of those "trying to hard to be shady" dives frequented by children of wealthy shipping magnates wanting to feel Corellian without risking a blaster shot or kick to the groin.  Then Zakuul had hit, taking with it the economy and the place was just- dingy, while lacking the history to make it worthwhile.  She smiled sadly, reminiscing on days of greater freedom when she could take Bantha's Cooch into places like the Woozy Nerf out by Trallus and pick up any job and the latest rumors without worrying about stock prices or the Wysan corporate brand she had managed nearly exclusively since the family had fled the Core leaving her in charge.

For this meeting, though a stillborn dive bar was just right, from the sense she got.  Caben's niece and a Mandolorian chief of some sort meeting to trade secrets while bits of the sky were still falling and the dead weren't cold yet.  She didn't know what Nylaa had gotten herself into, but it was the least she could do to make sure Maerin's daughter wasn't in over her head.  She'd dressed discreetly, of course, rough and with a drooping hat and choose a seat far enough into the shadows to avoid recognition.  Not too hard, her bawdy smuggler-bartender ways came back naturally in a place like this.

One by one they entered, Nyss had ordered a reasonable amount of alcohol in advance and indicated a desire for privacy so the waitstaff kept their distance.  Still, playing it safe she casually flipped a proprietary nano-jammer between their drinks once everyone sat down, the air flickering with subtle ionization that would jam most recording and evesdropping sniffers. 

Nylaa was also incogneto, donning a traveler cloak to downplay her fire red hair and leave her form vague.  She smiled at Nyss, pleased to see her again.  It was not often far-flung Corellians were able to share a glass on native soil.   

The Mandolorian's armor and cloak was nondescript, though something about her struck Nyss' trained eye as vaguely familiar.  She had seen dozens of them since coming on to oversee the fleet's repairs after the battle, and could recognize a woman able to project authority, even if Mandos were tight-lipped about their hierarchies and ways. 

OOC: Slight edit to the above, as I decided Malhra kept her name and exact clan's identity secret from the Wraiths for deniability, just a bunch of Cathar and other races with codenames .

Cockpit of the light combat craft Fury's Talon, enroute down to Corellia.

Malhra adjusted her helmet, the globe of Corellia looming in her viewport as her ship dropped below the still hazardous orbital debris fields.  It was her most nondescript, missing some of the personal touches of her preferred beskar'gam, but going according to carefully laid plans.  For months, Clan Vok had been working its way into the security team of Girrada's Fury with a relatively nondescript hodge-podge of false clan markings and generic Mandolorian trappings.  Some of her crew had even donned archaic bits of Neo-Crusadar beskar, despised by many these days for its uniformity, but playing nicely into expectations.  Like any skilled hunters, they had laid their snares intricately, working cheap for "spoils and glory" and displacing the Hutt slave guards whose masters were happy not to pay for the ship's upkeep.  At this point, she was fairly confident no one really knew who, if anyone had "hired them."  Lacking a formal contract with the Hutts would make this much easier. 

They had even managed to win over a number of the Wraiths, their Republic-born officers so distrustful of her kind, with largely true, but anonymized stories of their roots in liberated slaves and relative independence compared to more Sith-aligned clans.  They had been cautious though, using humorous Mando'a nicknames and call-signs and rarely removing their helmets in the company of outsiders.  Just another hoard of bucketheads, such steriotypes had suited them fine in dealing with Hutts and the Galaxy's sparring empires alike. 

But this final part would be crucial.  Through careful cultivation and research she had identified the two women most crucial to this plan's success, and most likely to be favorable or at least look the other way.  But like any hunt worth its name, this final pursuit would bear the greatest risk. 

Trying to bump this again, as the original thread did not get much interest though I've been talking to people behind the scenes. 

I'm planning a series of "Episodes" occurring alternating Sunday Evenings and some crossover tie-ins more Independent or Jedi Night themed concerning some fallout between Clan Vok (sub-clan of House Galaar), the Wraiths and some Mid-Rim border worlds between Republic, Sith and Hutt Space.  It concerns a ship my Mandos stole from some Hutts as the Grey Coalition broke up, and the ambitions of some Hutt Cartel Boss' to expand their holdings a bit which came up during the Zakuul era.  Its causing instability in the area, and the possibility of other parties getting involved. 

See this prequel/end of KoTET era thread, which I'm posting a litlte more too before Sunday.

And this news post some of our Grey Coalition folks were cameo's in last time:

Welcome anyone's OOC input, the plot will be Wraith's hosted some Sunday eves as its the only reliable time I can GM, but always cross-faction and intended to welcome interested parties, not any one guild. 

Also wanted to welcome any OOC input/avoid any story possible conflicts, my intention is to involve a few mostly made-up border worlds some Mandos and refugees have stakes in, as well as some remnants of the Imp-aligned Shadow Syndicate (hired by Hutts) on Nar Shaddaa, but it could involve other players or factions too.  Keeping it small, but possibly disrupting supply lines as Maerin warned to the Custodum (and thus fodder for other plots too). 

Sun dates are looking to be 2/11, 2/25, 3/4, maybe a few alternating weeks to follow, in range of 4:30-9pm server depending on people's availability.  Looking to possibly do one Jedi Knight, and perhaps an Indy-Night sideplot on affected worlds.  I have an idea for a more Imp focused night too if there is interest. 

Not moving too fast this Sun though, still getting some pieces in place so more background/development.  There is a Mando background chat this eve too. 

Noth and I were planning a 1:1 between the two main Clan leaders in House Galaar, but decided to announce it in case any other Mandolorian warriors might be passing through to witness it.  This event involves some confidential news, so non-Mando characters are not privy without special permission (though if you have a character close enough to us to justify, or an ability to spy post here or PM me and I'll consider it). 

The location is tentatively upstairs/Council Chamber for Clan Vok on Myrkrr (Malhra Vok's Yavin SH, or just poke on imperialooc). 

This ties into some of the fallout from this Hutt incursion and involves a plot involving a stolen Hutt ship from the breakup of the Grey Coalition

Roleplay Workshop / Re: Pub military RP?
« on: 02/07/18, 08:47:43 AM »
Wraiths are only Alliance because the Republic screwed us over, but could change longterm if Imps go more on offensive.  We're  still informally helping to keep peace On the Border and maintain covert  ties to the military so if you are open to any joint Ops our Fleet is definitely a resource.  and I still have at least one long-term plot I owe you an email on against some old Imperial rivals

Cantina / Re: Satele Shan Commnunity HQ discord channel
« on: 02/03/18, 09:29:15 AM »
I'd   be open to helping some. is it mostly in the chat or are you looking at live meeting times as well? still having some sound troubleshooting for Discord but I've been trying to lurk in the chat some more and be nice to help promote more roleplay between there and here

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 01/30/18, 10:56:47 PM »
Odessen Strategic Bulletin: Late Edition

Hutt Cartel Fleet Lockdown on Hesparian, Major Sector Shipping Disruptions

Refugees returned to Zakuul from alleged slaving operation... Zakuulan trade magnate Fio Desvis missing, Spire reports possible fowl play....   Republic Senate continues to debate appointment of a Special Prosecutor to address war crimes, but motion likely to be tabled in wake of Iokath crisis...  [/color]

In late breaking news of interest to Alliance operatives and allies with business on the Rim, a small but significant trade hub near the borders of Hutt Space was occupied quite forcefully 48 hours ago. News is scarce since the Lockdown cut all traffic to and from the planet, but at least 3 Hutt warships were spotted in system, with tentative markings suggesting Giradda the Hutt and at least two other Cartel Council members.

Motives and details of the incursion are lacking, but witnesses and footage suggest a brief, intense firefight with a local Broken Skull's Crime Syndicate, and vague Cartel talk of resolving a "trade dispute." .

In the footage below, you can see some glimpses of that firefight, and an organized effort to shelter and evacuate some civilians by unknown parties.  Several reports place ships from an Alliance-affiliated Spec Force group, the Wraiths as refueling nearby at the time, however and several other former figures in the Grey Coalition possibly appear in the grainy footage. We are sure Alliance Command and our own news bureau would welcome hearing from any of these individuals should they surface. 

Hesparian is a backwater world, recently swelled with refugees, though in this resource strapped time no system is insignificant and it has become a useful underworld trade hub.  Most concerning is this sudden shift in Hutt policy, the most aggressive move by the Cartel since Makeb.  Caution is advised in the sector, and potential for further destabilization of local crime syndicates. 

Hesparian conflict feed.  Various sources claim to have observed Captain N'gima, a high ranking Wraiths Privateer,
noted Grey Coalition figure Lady Quarasha, and the CEO of Taelios Gentech Industries, though the latter seems to strain credibility.

No problem. I will probably call dibs on hosting their at some point in a more formal way but I am happy to give out keys to people as well. let me know if you would like one Pub and Impside to make invites easier

Server Development / Re: Custodum Council II: The Counciling
« on: 01/29/18, 11:15:40 PM »
As an aside too, if anyone is interested in more Tython focused stuff, we did a joint Wraiths-Custodum plot to flesh some of that out too.  Still keeping vague since don't know what happened there post-Zakuul with leadership.  But ways the Jedi explored/scouted some of the former worlds of the system to be more independent during the rough years of isolation.  Would be fun to occasionally visit there for a diplomatic or aid mission, as the Custodum sent formal starfighter/defense supplies to them during the Coalition period and one of my characters, Tela was one of the folks who endured a few lonely years as a Padawan there. 

Server Development / Re: Custodum Council II: The Counciling
« on: 01/29/18, 11:05:36 PM »
I'm also in favor of bringing a Council back... though agree having it be a low-stress RP tool (perhaps with focus on the drop-in thread and more ad-hoc support from available Masters over Masters having to vote or all meet save the biggest decisions, to cause less stress?)

Wanted to plug the Council thread, and also the Jedi Field Reports thread I started for more newsy stuff not necc needing Council action.

On the topic of Jedi/Republic relations, my brief 2 cents- respect if majority of Custodum has moved that way, which makes sense if back on Coruscant.  Though I'd gently caution equating "Orthodox" to "Unanimous" or assuming "Old Republic" relations are exactly the same as Prequel era. 

For one thing, the Prequel Jedi had been HIGHLY subjected as an agency under the Republic Judicial office (because too many haughty Jedi Nobles running around in Dark Ages between now and then).  I understand now as more the Old Republic standard of a sovereign monastic order that stands on its own, albeit with oaths and pledges to serve the Republic.  Hence being able to do things like decide neutrality in extreme cases, as during the Mandolorian Wars, or withdraw to Tython to recover as we did during Cold War.   

I'm not suggesting major changes, just make sure we're Servants of the Republic, but not Slaves/Subjects of the Senate (a big part of the Prequel dynamic was the Jedi were tricked into that by the Sith).  I also think its totally fair to assume that coming out of Zakuul, there is internal disagreement/subfactions of even Orthodox/Loyalist Jedi and that the Custodum would be healthier to have some realistic diversity of opinion, without necc changing overall direction of Guild.  In some ways a reversal of the militant Republic Old Revanite/Neutral Council Majority split from the Mandolorian War, with the majority at this point fighting FOR the Republic and the minority more cautious given recent political betrayals.  (though both sides perhaps leery of any Sixth Line zealot remnants, a thread I plan to play with too). 

For Maerin's part, I intend to continue to play her as a Master protecting the Custodum's Rear Guard on the Rim, maintaining the droids and Adega Base as asked by Master Telline, and keeping parts of the Jedi Underground hidey holes on the Rim ready if needed again.  She'd likely welcome help from folks leery of the Core world politics, but not looking to undermine the work on Coruscant.  Likely involved in some upcoming Hutt Space intrigues too, which she's keeping an eye on though less formally as before.  Not sure how many Masters needed for the Council proper, though happy to offer her as a long-distance Council member or informal contact for more remote missions or isolated Enclaves needing support. 

Is the focus still always Rishi?  Or possibly occasional other rough and tumble worlds? 

Other rough and tumble worlds are great!

But the idea here is not to have planned out hosted events, but rather, a pool of spontaneous RP ideas that we can use on a rotating basis. Hosting something is great, and if you want to claim a night definitely do so, but outside the scope of what I'm imagining for this specific list.

Gotcha, thanks for clarifying.  So more of an "ideas anyone could run" thread. 

For another Mando-themed night, Malhra's Clan on Myrkrr is now fully decked out, with an impressive drinking hall and holo-arena area. 

Is the focus still always Rishi?  Or possibly occasional other rough and tumble worlds? 

Love idea of some mixed events.  I'm also toying with idea of a Jedi Night and Independent Night crossover for some of the Mando-Hutt intrigues I'm planning for folks who can't make Wraiths Sun eve times, could poss host something (perhaps a political intrigue gala/auction hosted by the Cartel Council, or a treasure hunt). 

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