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Author Topic: Bullets, Bombs, and Boobies: The Chronicles of Rotersand  (Read 852 times)

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Nar Shaddaa was home to millions of the galaxy's poorest sentients, ruled under the fat thumbs of the Hutt Cartel, the Exchange, or any number of criminal organization that carved out their own territory on Nal Hutta's moon. The Smuggler's Moon was notorious for its lawlessness, but its people seemed to prefer that than living under the uptight laws of the Galactic Republic or the tyranny of the Sith Empire. Even the Hutts didn't have full control, even if they did own most of the moon and the space surrounding it. The strong preyed on the weak and the weak prayed for a hero that could stand up against them. That was the way of life in the Outer Rim.

Rotersand wasn't the hero that Nar Shaddaa wanted. He was the hero Nar Shaddaa needed. A vigilant watchman, a stern protector, a dark knight. Unfortunately, the people that needed him couldn't afford him, and Rotersand doesn't do pro bono work. Last he checked, he wore Mandalorian armor, not Jedi robes. That was the point he was trying to make to the Evocii complaining to him while he was having a beer at cantina on the Promenade. Something about a small time gang kidnapping children in the slums he lived in, likely selling them to slavery.

"Look, I already told you, kid. I don't work for free," Rotersand stated. He had his copper-colored buy'ce on the bar counter, a plasteel mug in his hand. A few patrons nearby glanced his way as the Evocii, a boy that looked no older than fifteen or sixteen, drop to his knees and start begging for his help.

"Please! You're Mandalorian. You are strong! You must help me. I... I can pay you... whatever you want," he pleaded.

Rotersand took a drink from his mug before replying. "Ten thousand credits is my standard rate."

The Evocii paled and lowered his head. "I-I don't have that kind of money... None of us do! We barely have enough to buy our families food each week."

"Ain't my problem, kid. Go find a Jedi or somethin'."

He finally got the point and walked away, head down and shoulders slumped. The other patrons who were watching, probably waiting to see if the poor sap was going to get himself shot, turned their attention back to their own drinks. Rotersand put another credit chit on the counter, asking the bartender droid for a glass of tihaar, when someone came up to the bar and sat in the stool next to him. Judging from the tan hooded robe, he would have guessed a Jedi, but tan robes weren't that uncommon around here. It had too many stains as well and was frayed at the edges, weathered from long use. Jedi usually kept a cleaner appearance, from his experience.

"Filthy creatures, those Evocii. A wonder how that one was even allowed onto the Promenade," said the man underneath the hood. Rotersand could hear his Imperial accent, even if he was trying to disguise it. Poor acting skills.

"Lotta secret passages around here. Live here long enough and you might find a few," the Mandalorian replied before gulping down his tihaar. He grabbed his buy'ce and put it on, making his way to the exit. He noticed the hooded man was following him as he left the cantina. Putting a hand on one of his blaster carbines, Rotersand rounded a corner into an alley and waited for him, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck and pushing him up against the wall. He pressed the triple barrel of his blaster up under his chin.

"Ain't very smart to follow a Mandalorian, y'know," Rotersand said through the vocoder in his helmet.

"I didn't want to bring any attention in the cantina," the man gasped, clutching the Mandalorian's wrist. "Please, don't shoot me, I just wanted to talk!"

Rotersand shoved him again before letting him go, but he kept his blaster drawn. "Make it quick."

"I want to hire you for a job," he said as he straightened his robe. "I'm willing to pay you your standard fee, plus a bonus."

Rotersand holstered his blaster, putting his hands on his hips. "Alright, you got my attention. What's the job?"

The man glanced around for a moment before speaking. He had dropped his poorly concealed accent. "My name is Jonas Fennimore. I have reason to believe that my wife is having an affair... with an alien, no less. Our butler, to be exact. I want you to make him... disappear."

Rotersand raises his hand to his visor, shaking his head into his palm. "Let me get this straight... You want to hire a Mandalorian - battle-hardened warrior badasses of the galaxy - to get rid of your butler whom you think your wife is having an affair with? This is a joke, right? I'm being punked."

Jonas seemed offended that the Mandalorian wasn't taking him serious. "I assure you, Mandalorian, that I'm being completely serious."

Rotersand grabbed Jonas by the shoulder and shoved him out of the alley. "Get the fuck out of my face."

"What...? Well, I never...!" the pampered Imperial huffed as he fell to the ground. Rotersand walked away, muttering under his breath. Embarrassed, Jonas pulled the cowl of his hood down low and scampered off to find a more willing thug to hire. Rotersand exited the alley on the other side, catching a cab to the starport where his ship was docked.

A message was waiting for him on his Spacebook page on the Holonet.

URGENT! Space pirates have kidnapped my daughter. 50,000 for her safe return. Help me, Mr. Nukem. You are my only hope. - Count Fernand Thul

"Finally, something worthy of my talents." Rotersand sent a reply and warmed up his ship's engines, setting a course for Alderaan.

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Re: Bullets, Bombs, and Boobies: The Chronicles of Rotersand
« Reply #1 on: 08/31/14, 10:48:58 PM »
With his new travelling companion and sidekick (it doesn't like being called that), a BH-7X bounty hunter droid named "Deadeye", Rotersand arrived on Alderaan to meet with Count Fernand. The Thul nobleman didn't think it would be proper meeting a bounty hunter within his estate so arranged to meet at House Thul's cantina instead. He took a table in the corner while the droid stood around nearby, giving a menacing look to any of the drunken locals who mistook it for one of the cantina's server droids. Rotersand made 7X promise not to shoot anyone before they left the ship.

A few minutes later, Count Fernand Thul entered with a small entourage of Thul guardsmen. He posted a bodyguard at the entrance and kept two others with him as he approached the Mandalorian's table. The Count took a seat across from Rotersand. He took out a datapad and slid it across the table to Rotersand.

"All of the details are on the datapad. You'll receive half your fee upfront and the other half when you have returned my daughter to me," the Count stated.

Rotersand took the datapad, confirming the transfer of credits. "What do you know about these space pirates?" he asked.

"The fiend's name is Captain Harokk," the Count replied. "Normally he's terrorizing the Outer Rim, but he has recently moved his interest to the Core Worlds. The Republic has failed to stop him and now he has my daughter!"

"Don't worry, Count. I'll get your daughter back," Rotersand said, rising to leave. "Deadeye, let's go."

The hunter droid gave the Count and his bodyguards a dirty look as it followed Rotersand out of the cantina. He handed the droid the datapad so it could also review all of the information on their target.

"The Arcadia. Thranta-class corvette. Heavy firepower. Uncommon hardware for space pirates." Deadeye stated.

"Yeah. Probably stole it, bein' pirates and all," Rotersand said. "I have a feelin' the Count ain't telling us everything though."

"What is our plan?" Deadeye asked.

"I'm workin' on it. Let's find out where these guys are hiding out first."

The Tal'onidir took off from Alderaan's spaceport. Rotersand knew that if he was going to find a pirate, the best place to start looking was a place where all forms of scum and villainy go to. A place that he just happened to call home.

Nar Shaddaa.

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Re: Bullets, Bombs, and Boobies: The Chronicles of Rotersand
« Reply #2 on: 12/03/17, 08:41:32 AM »
Rote Beroya, the Mandalorian better known as Rotersand - the double-fisting, gun-toting, bomb-crazy, woman-loving bounty hunter. After discovering that he had some distant family living out on Rishi, he made contact with Clan Beroya, just to let them know he was alive; but his loyalties to Clan Bes'uliik came first.

The war changed all of that however. He had lost contact with his brethren when the Eternal Empire swept through the galaxy, himself trapped on Rishi with the rest of Clan Beroya, whom he had been spending time with, getting to know them better. When Mandalore the Vindicated fell and Shae Vizla succeeded him, Rotersand answered her call, joining Mandalore the Avenger to push back the Eternal Empire. Those were the best battles of his career, and he's thankful that he somehow survived them, despite several close calls.

Sadly, he never heard from Clan Bes'uliik the entire time. He couldn't even get the Dral Vercopaani on the line. With Clan Bes'uliik missing and presumed dead, Rotersand formally requested to join Clan Beroya after the war ended. They more than happily accepted him, having already considered him family after all the battles they had been through together.

Rotersand - Rote Beroya - was finally home.

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Re: Bullets, Bombs, and Boobies: The Chronicles of Rotersand
« Reply #3 on: 12/03/17, 02:22:28 PM »

The Tal'onidir dropped out of hyperspace in a system far out in the Outer Rim, approaching a planet that looked very unwelcoming. The ship's scans revealed lush jungles and swamps, but the atmosphere was toxic to breathe. As the ship entered orbit around the planet, the crew of six assembled around a holo-projector table for their briefing. They were all Mandalorians here to hunt, wearing matching Mandalorian armor with some personal flairs to distinguish themselves. The Mandalorian in charge of this hunt was none other than Rotersand.

He switched on the holo-viewer, showing the holographic image of a large cephalopod creature with numerous arms, a pair of giant tentacles, a ridiculous amount of eyes over its bulbous body, and a big mouth with rows of sharp pointed teeth. It looked like something straight out of a nightmare.

"Welcome to Twon Ketee," Rote stated. "This ugly son-of-a-bitch is called a Rathtar, and we're gonna hunt one down. Now listen up verde, because this is important. These things are considered one of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy, so it should provide us with all the challenge we could ever ask for, but I'm not gonna pamper you by not saying some of you won't make it back alive. We're Mando'ade, this is what we live and die for."

He switched the holodisplay to a view of the planet with scans running in real-time. "The Rathtar's the least of our concerns though. This planet's air is toxic, so make sure your tanks and filters are working properly before we land. You don't wanna find out what happens if it ain't."

The planet blinked out and was replaced with a geographical map and an icon marking their landing zone. "We'll be landing here and hunting in teams of two. Watch your vod's back, don't run off alone. Blut (name pending), you'll be with Gunner. Sora and Dora, of course. Kako, you're with me."

Blut (name pending) was a tall man with a shaved head and facial tattoos. A blaster pistol hung off his belt on the right side and he had a beskad sheathed on the left. Gunner was just a little shorter, a tan-skinned, tattooed Zabrak with three stubbed horns crowning his bald head. He carried a blaster rifle slung over his shoulder and several grenades.

Sora and Dora were twin human sisters and always hunted together, their matching hair dyed blue and red, respectively, so people can tell who's who - although they were known to switch it up to mess with people. Sora used a Bowcaster; Dora used a blaster pistol and also wore a bandoleer of throwing knives.

Kako was also human, short dark hair, petite frame. She was considered the runt of the pack, jokingly, but they knew she was about as deadly as Rote. Her gauntlets were equipped with a pair of wrist blades and she had a micro-missile launcher attached to her back armor, poised over her left shoulder.

Rote continued, "If your air starts to get low, return to the ship together, which we'll be using as base camp since, y'know... the air's unbreathable. I brought spare tanks, enough to last us a few weeks, but I'm hoping it doesn't take us that long. Keep comms open at all times. If ya' see the beast, don't engage until we're all together. Any questions?"

Kako spoke up first. "What else do we know about this creature? Hunting patterns? Where they live? What do they eat?"

"No one's come back alive to tell the tale, so this is all we got," Rote answered. "All we know is they live on this planet."

They each shared telling grins at that information. If this hunt was a success, they could claim to be the first, and that was big among hunters.

"Alright, if there's no more questions, then oya!" Rote said, giving the cheer for "Let's hunt."

"Oya!" they replied in kind.

They returned to their stations. Rote took control of the helm and guided the Tal'onidir into the planet's atmosphere, landing the ship on the shore of a beach. After gathering the rest of their gear, the Mandalorians exited through the ship's airlock and split off into their designated pairs and entered the jungles of Twon Ketee.
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Re: Bullets, Bombs, and Boobies: The Chronicles of Rotersand
« Reply #4 on: 12/06/17, 05:04:57 PM »
It had been three days since the Mandalorian hunting party arrived on Twon Ketee, but no sign of any rathtars. Some of them were beginning to doubt its existence. There were plenty of other creatures to hunt in the meantime, and some of the hunters took the opportunity to collect some additional trophies, but none of them even remotely resembled a giant mouth with tentacles. Rotersand was aboard the Tal'onidir looking over the ship's bio-scans of the nearby area while Kako swapped out the oxygen tank in her armor.

"Thrill of the hunt," Rote said sarcastically as he looked at the readings on the monitor. There were simply too many lifeforms in the nearby jungle and swamps to pinpoint where a rathtar could be, if any of them actually were one.

"Don't tell me you're getting discouraged already, vod," Kako remarked jokingly.

Rote shook his head. "Nah, of course not. I wasn't expecting this to be easy. Wouldn't be as much fun if it was. You ready?"

She was ready. Rote swapped out his oxygen tank as well and they left the ship, taking to the air with their jet packs to get back to where they left off.

"Team two and team three, report," Rote said over the comms.

"Gunner 'ere. Found a cave but it was empty. We're heading back for a refill. Runnin' low."

"This is Dora. Nothing to report here. Just... swamp and more swamp."

"Alright, keep at it, vode," Rote replied. "We'll see you at camp later."

"Something's got Dora!" Sora suddenly yelled over the comms.

"What? What is it?" Rote asked.

"It happened too fast, I didn't see it. OH KRIFF! THERE ARE TENTACLES COMING OUT OF THE--" the transmission suddenly cut off.

"Sora, are you there? Dora? FUCK! Gunner, how close are you two to Sora and Dora's location?"

"'Bout three clicks, boss. We're already on our way," Gunner replied.

Rote and Kako also began flying toward Sora and Dora's location, their jet packs roaring at maximum thrust.

Was this it? Did they finally find the elusive rathtar?

Stay tuned!
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Re: Bullets, Bombs, and Boobies: The Chronicles of Rotersand
« Reply #5 on: 12/06/17, 10:57:43 PM »
"That's... a lot bigger than I imagined," Rotersand stated when he and Kako swooped down on the swamp where Sora and Dora were. The twins were darting through the air, flying around and attacking a giant, bulbous creature that had risen out of the swamp. Its fanged mouth with rows of pointed teeth were open in a defiant roar as it swung multiple, thick tendril arms in the air at the Mandalorian sisters.

Rote and Kako joined the fight, Rotersand blasting away with his twin carbine pistols and Kako firing off a barrage of micro-missiles. One of the missiles blew back one of the creature's arms before it could grab Sora and the rest impacted explosively on it's body. When the smoke cleared, however, there appeared to be no damage. The rathtar roared and focused its anger on Kako, swinging two of its arms at her, but she was agile enough to dodge them in the air and fire off another barrage.

"Our weapons seem to have no affect!" Dora complained.

"There's gotta be some way to kill it. Keep firing!" Rote replied.

Their shots were only making the beast angrier though and it only grew worse when two more Mandalorians showed up, guns blazing. A hail of blaster fire came out of the trees as Gunner and Blut flew into the fray. Blut used his beskad to slash at any of the rathtar's arms that swung in too close. Another arm swatted Kako from behind out of the air into the trees. But even Gunner's heavy rifle was having little to no effect on the rathtar.

"The beast's hide is too thick!" Blut said. "I have to kill it from the inside!"

"Whoa, what? Wait!" Rote replied, but it was too late. Blut was charging toward the rathtar's mouth with his beskad and the beast eagerly gobbled him up.

"That idiot!" Sora and Dora both said. Gunner just laughed.

"A little help!" Rote cried out as a tendril wrapped around his torso and began slamming him around on the ground. Kako came to his rescue, slashing at the appendage with her wrist blades. To their surprise, the Mandalorian iron blades sliced right through it, severing it off and freeing Rote.

"Holy shit, Blut might be right," Rote said after getting back up into the air. "Switch to beskads if you have them!" he said over the comms. "Cover us if ya' don't!"

Rote, Gunner and Sora kept the rathtar distracted with suppressing fire while Kako and Dora closed in to attack. Oh, how the beast howled as it began to suffer actual wounds from the Mandalorians, both from the outside and in! It spat Blut out of its mouth, covered in blood and slimy ichor, splashing heavily into the swamp next to it. It pulled itself out of the swamp, trying to use its massive girth to crush the Mandalorians in close-combat. Kako and Dora were light on their feet however, and their jet packs gave them a bit of a boost in agility as well. The rathtar flailed around wildly, bleeding from countless wounds, but it was far from dead.

"Hey Blut, when you're done going for a swim, you feel like killin' this thing for us?" Rote asked.

"You know I am, boss," the warrior replied.

"See that gash on it's... uh, neck? Belly? Whatever. It's under its mouth. On my mark, I want you to hit it as hard as you can."

"Roger that," Blut complied eagerly.

Rote flew over the rathtar and shouted at it. "Hey ugly! Up here!" he said as he rained down on the beast with his blasters. The creature took the bait, roaring out and reaching up toward Rote, snapping at him with its giant mouth.

"Now, Blut!"

Blut fired off his jet pack and flew swiftly toward the monster, aiming his blade for the wide gash under the rathtar's maw. He thrust his blade into the wound and cut off his thrusters, letting his weight pull him down as he gripped his beskad, slicing through the creature's underbelly as he dropped to the ground. It cried out and writhed in absolute pain before flopping over onto its side, arms falling limp to the ground. Blood poured out of its wounds and pooled around it on the ground.

"Oya!" they cheered as they gathered around the rathtar's corpse and congratulated each other.

"Oh man... We're gonna need a bigger ship if we're gonna take this back with us," Rote remarked.

As they replied with more laughs, another response came out of the jungle around them - the roar of more rathtars.
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Re: Bullets, Bombs, and Boobies: The Chronicles of Rotersand
« Reply #6 on: 12/10/17, 02:38:12 PM »
One rathtar. Two rathtars. Three rathras! Ah ah ah!

There were a fuck ton of rathtars moving through the jungle toward the triumphant Mandalorians, who now stood together in a circle, weapons trained outwards, looking for movement in the treeline. They had yet to recover from the battle against the giant rathtar they had just killed and weren't looking forward to fighting more of them. Tensions were high. Air tanks were running low.

"How many?" Kako called out asking.

"Jungle's too thick for thermals to pick up anything," Dora replied.

"Let's go with lots, then," Blut said.

"Fall back to the ship," Rote ordered. "We got what we came for anyway. We'll scoop up our trophy on the way out."

They holstered, slung, or sheathed their weapons before activating their jet packs to get the hell out of Dodge. Just in time too, as a half dozen rathtars - distinctively smaller than the one they killed, but still pretty huge - came out of the jungle around the swamp, sliding and rolling around on their numerous arms. The hunters were quickly out of their reach and flew back toward the Tal'onidir, but the rathtars were following them through the trees. One long tentacle snapped up through the canopy at Gunner's leg.

"Shit, they're following us, boss!" he yelled out.

"We'll get there before they do," Rote said. "Anyone got any detonators left?"

"I'm on it," Gunner said enthusiastically. He armed thermal detonators in each hand and dropped them into the trees. The explosions and destruction they brought slowed the rathtars down, but it was unclear if any of them were injured. There sure was a lot of noise though.

They reached the beach long before the rathtar pack but they weren't far behind. Thankfully for them, they were using the Tal'onidir as their base camp, so didn't have to waste time breaking anything down or grabbing essential supplies. It was already on board. They had just gotten out of the airlock and decontamination chamber when the rathtars finally caught up to them. They leaped onto the ship's chrome hull as its engines were warming up, pounding against it, trying to tear it apart and get inside. The hull plating was made of the same alloy as the Mandalorians' armor though - beskar. They weren't getting through.

The Tal'onidir rose up into the air, clearing the jungle canopy, and rocked from side to side, throwing the rathtars off its hull. Before leaving for space, they stopped at the swamp to bring in their trophy, using a tow cable to pull it into the cargo hold.

"Set course for Rishi and let's go home," Rote said.

Before they could punch it to hyperspace, an alarm klaxon went off.

"Intruder alert? Where?" Rote asked.

"Oh fuck," Kako gasped. "Cargo hold. One of them must have hitched a ride on the dead rathtar!"

"Uh, so vent it into space already," Rote reasoned.

"We'll lose our trophy too if we do that," Kako replied.

"No way! Not after all that," Blut protested. "Let's just go kill it. One more trophy to bring back. Besides, these ones are smaller, yeah?"

"Alright, fine, but you better not tear up my ship," Rote said. "One more for the road, vode!"