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August 2018
Aug 23: Jedi Night - 7:30 PM PDT
Aug 23: Jedi Night: Mahara Kesh - 7:30 PM PST
Aug 25: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!


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  • Mando/Wraith Pre-battle Booze Night (Open) (4:30 PDT/7:30 ED: 12/10/17
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Author Topic: Mando/Wraith Pre-battle Booze Night (Open) (4:30 PDT/7:30 EDT)  (Read 274 times)

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Due to a schedule pushing a joint-op against Slaver Pirates back a week, we're having a pre-Battle party with the Wraiths, Mandolorians and anyone else happening to be in the vicinity of Clan Vok's new stronghold on the planet Mykyr.  Expect lots of drunken Cathar and the possibility of hairballs! 

Continuation of making Wraiths Guild Nights open to all, though @Noth it would be especially nice if Galaar Karyai members could join this one! 

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This is still going about a half hour, jumping impside now to Malhra Vok if any want invites.

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I"m such an idiot - I'm so sorry!

Sundays just leave me brain dead apparently - I took a nap, woke up, ate dinner and watched a show with hubby...and then realized I forgot!  :facepalm:  SORRY!!

Something about earlier on Sunday I just can't seem to remember there are things!

History Posts:  Her Backstory , Darth-Hood

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It happens- though if you can make battle next week love to have you.