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The Cosmic Deck Apartments, featuring markets and a cantina!  (Views: 463)

Author Manager: Zayven
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Location: Nar Shaddaa
In-Game Name: Zaynn's Smuggler's Haven
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Zytarion, Zaynn, Zaxarian, Zorias, Zevanen, Zel'rose, Zlysendor

Looking for a place with high foot traffic, on a budget, and not a lot of questions asked, look no further!

The Cosmic Deck Apartments

are for you!

Our apartments feature neuranium-coated doors, all the windows of our building are made from plexalloy, and we have a rapid response security system that makes even the most reckless think twice!

Private entrance for tenants:

2 bedroom apartment, great for students:

Imperial themed apartment:

For the mechanic:

Leasing office:

Stairwell down to commercial levels:

Public entrance and parking, open terrace:

3rd floor Market Center, for your more friendly transactions:

The Gilded Green Galaxy
Its drink special its namesake! An on-site cantina perfect for sealing business deals over drinks and small plates; also good for late night caf and an atmosphere to wake you back up:

The underbelly open air market, where dealers can off their wares and buyers can eliminate the middle beings:

Don't delay, drop on by today!

((Designed long ago with RP in mind, decided to open it up to the public so it can see more of its intended use :) I can also make some changes for specific events in mind with some warning; I have a pretty good stock of decos. I do ask to have access to the one room not shown above, as it is a main character's very private dwelling.))