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Events and Occasions / Re: Spooky Edition!
« on: 06/12/18, 07:11:35 AM »
Ah! I hadn't noticed the different month! Thanks Imazi! Sorry Kyiore!

Events and Occasions / Re: Spooky Edition!
« on: 06/11/18, 08:52:07 PM »
Um.... Friday is the 15th....

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 06/02/18, 02:14:35 AM »
Thank you to all who came out to the last Dancer's Palace event tonight! It was great to have a crowd, a fight on the docks and even a trigger of the security stasis field on the dance floor thanks to some particularly clumsy dancing!

Thank you to all of you! It's been a great run for me! So many plots have intersected there over the years, so many people I've met, some real life friends made, and most of all, it brough @Sebrik and I together!

ICly, Dancer's Palace is still open and still available for bookings! I'm just a pm away!

Events and Occasions / Dancer's Palace Aurevoir
« on: 05/20/18, 01:37:36 PM »
I have decided that it's time for me to shut down the weekly Dancer's Palace event. June 1st will be the last evening of Dancer's Palace.

I put some of what I'm struggling with in the roll call thread, but it comes down to the following reasons.

- It is feeling more like a chore I must do on Friday evenings than relaxing, enjoyable rp.
- Given that I'm not feeling like giving SWTOR much time or energy, it's taking the little I have and I'm not getting any other SWTOR rp in.
- My frustrations with the behaviour of some community members are making me jittery at times at Dancer's Palace, worried about who might show up and who I might then have to deal with.
- I have always prided myself on being as inclusive and diplomatic as my hosts at DP, but lately, I've been feeling more and more that there are people I just don't want to see there.

Roleplay is an activity that requires a great deal of trust, as we put our creative selves out there and trust other people with the characters we have crafted. While the number of people I am truly frustrated with and want nothing to do with is very small, the number of people I really trust to rp with is smaller than it used to be, and I'm finding that difficult to juggle with my DP responsibilities.

So, I think it's time for me to let go of it and move on.

Please note that ICly, Dancer's Palace will still be open 24-7. This is why there will not be any kind of finale event, it will simply be OOCly closed after June 1st.

There are a few community members, whom I trust to respect the venue, with whom I will be leaving silver keys to be able to open it up when they want to use it for plot or character developments. After June 1st, I will be revoking the other keys.

I am not leaving the community. I'm hoping to get back to running more stories, bit by bit. I will also still be around to take requests to book it for an event (so yes, weddings there are still possible) or to open it up for a particular evening.

I don't want to ask someone else to take over this event, as it's an event I've crafted over the years and I would not want to see the venue changed. If someone else wants to take over running a Friday night social event, I want them to be able to craft that event into their own event, not feel constrained to keep it my event. If someone else is interested in setting up for a new Friday night event, I will be happy to assist them with opening up the stronghold they want to use and decorating it. @Kyiore has already expressed some interest in this possibility, and I'm already giving him some decorating help. If anyone else is also interested, send me a pm! Honestly, having a group of hosts, or a host guild would make maintaining a weekly event much easier.

I want to express my deep gratitude to those who have helped me host over the years.
- Anaris, my first rp partner;
- @Alumar, @Wymarc, @Colton and the other members of SmugCo who were Stell's first business partners;
- @Imazi who brought non-organic rp to the forefront and influenced the evolution of how non-organic staff were treated at Dancer's Palace;
- @Karmic, my longest standing co-host, who has been through thick and thin with me in the running of it, ICly and OOCly, for many years now, and always been there to support me in this endeavour;
- @Sebrik, my most recent rp partner, with whom I'm pursuing rp in other places now, and my best, best friend forever.

I also want to express my deep gratitude to all those who have attended Dancer's Palace over the years, who have welcomed others at it, have been regulars or surprise guests, who have used it for plot developments and who have let it change their characters and their characters' stories. Through three barges and a sky palace, from proposals, to weddings, to a baby arriving ahead of schedule, to mourning the dead, Dancer's Palace will always have a special place in my heart and in my own growth as an rper and a member of this community.

Cantina / Re: Roll Call - How active are you?
« on: 05/10/18, 07:01:07 PM »
Time, I think, to be bluntly honest.

At the moment I'm in SWTOR for hosting Dancer's Palace and that's it.

I started playing ESO and realised just how bored I was with SWTOR gameplay. And as much as I tried to stretch myself into the story twists, turns, detours and completely off the rails dead ends that Bioware threw at as, I managed, for a while, I have a really high level of voluntary suspension of disbelief, but really, in the end, I got tired of that too. That's most of why I'm only doing rp at the moment.

I still have rp stories I'd like to finish, others I'd like to start, some ideas I think could be interesting for others to get involved in or could be a good backdrop for their rp. Real life has made leading much rp difficult this school year. That's part of why I'm around so little. But more recently, I've become so frustrated and dismayed with some of the behaviour I've witnessed directly and indirectly in the community, how people are treating other people. lack of flexibility in rp, lack of proper, respectful communications out of character, that, at the moment, I'm not even sure I'm sticking around. I spend my days trying to teach pre-teens and teens to play nice. I have little desire to spend my evenings around adults who need the same lesson. We've just lost a strong community leader, very publicly, but there are others we've silently lost because of the same issue. I'm trying to decide if I'm next.

And, just a side note, my comment on behaviour was intended as an explanation of my current status. If anyone wants to talk about said behaviour, please start another thread! It isn't my intention to derail this one with that discussion.

Outside Realm / Re: All good things...
« on: 05/03/18, 05:37:06 PM »
Iaera, you have been a pillar of this community for as long as I've been around. Even in your absences, your hiatuses, it always felt like the presence of Master Farworlder, wherever she was, was a light that always guided the community. I have always had the greatest respect for the rp you brought to the community and for the way you guided Jedi Custodum.

I am sorry that it has come to this for you, but I understand. I've been feeling very much the same way as you and Karmic about this community for a while now as well and am doing a similar re-evaluation of what I want to give here.

I hope, someday, you will come and see how valued you were here in these replies, you will decide you want to swing a cool laser sword again, and by then, hopefully, you will find the aquarium is cleaner, and hopefully, there are still fish in the tank.

Until then, I wish you the best in all your endeavors and may the Force be with you!

I mean, I understand if people are curious

I will speak only for myself, it is not curiosity but concern.

But I will address those concerns privately once I decide how and with whom I think that will best be done.

Thank you for the clarification and for making the fact the meeting was happening and its topics of discussion public.

Just to clarify @Iaera, is this an indication that an update is coming on these three points, or is this short bullet list the extent of the update?

The Trading Floor / Re: Kyiore the Informant
« on: 04/03/18, 08:57:26 AM »

Make sure you come to Dancer's Palace on Friday nights! Cross-faction social rp with no violence allowed and enforced by an unbeatable security system! It's a great place to make all sorts of contacts.

And we should meet up in game. I can help you with decos. Send me a pm to let me know when you'll be around! It's a school break week this week, so I have more time for such things!


Seems to me I saw someone from Dark Chorus already at Dancer's Palace but don't know if that was you. If not, make sure you check it out, cross-faction, social rp every Friday evening!

Also, if you haven't already joined the custom channels, /cjoin Imperialooc and /cjoin Republicooc and /cjoin Rp on both sides, but if you've been lurking for a while, you may already know that!

Hope to see you around and welcome out in the open!

Oh yeah! And you said one of the game tables! Tomorrow I'll have to re-read this thread and try to not forget anything!

Oh! Sorry Noth, this thread was all for stuff you wanted personally not for the guild? Sorry, we'll probably end up using everything in the guild stronghold too.

The mandalorian weapon rack is one of the decorations I sent you to unlock personally so that you could donate as many copies as you want to the guild. Unfortunately all I have of the others is my own unlocked copies, which means I can give copies to the guild but not to you.

*dusts off this very old thread*

I'm looking for at least one copy each of the following decos. Bold ones are prioritized over the others.

Bounty Holding Cell
Bounty Terminal
Mandalorian Weapon Rack
Mandalorian Floor Torch
Mandalorian Tracker
Mandalorian Specialist

Slicer's Planning Table
Hunter's Planning Table
Mandalorian Wall Sconce
Banner: Mandalorian (Large)

Flesh Raider Camp
Sandbag Barricade
Massive Hanging Rib
Massive Ribcage
Rishi Tribal Banner

Most of these are to have them just so that I can donate en masse to my Mando guild. If you have any of these and are willing to part with them let me know!

Donated a flesh raider camp and a couple of each of the barricades and two hanging ribs. I had already donated one of each of those planning tables. Were you wanting a second?

I also donated a Yavin fountain and a fountain scuplture as you had requested... somewhere... lol. Also, a field generator, some basic lights, um... a few other things...

I think I have all the jukeboxes, so let me know which you'd like and I can donate it.

The crafting node decorations can be donated but they're rather expensive to do so. Buying copies is most often cheaper. I donated a bunch of the computer looking slicing ones and two each of a bunch of the plants.

I also donated some utility items - item modification station, hold, mailbox, legacy storage.

I'm also emailing you some items for you to unlock them personally, so you can then donate as many copies as you want.

@Seraphie - Thank you! You can mail them to Edar'vyshtal Orans (it's a lot to type, I know... hopefully copy-paste works between the forum and the game). Tentative yes on the 505 legs as well, although I will need to mess with dye modules on them first to see if I can get them to match his existing armors and a more Jedi color scheme.

Pub side or Imp side?

Updated the list! There's a few more things on there now that I looked at what I needed for my Impside toons.

Seraphie, don't know if you sent that lower or not, but I didn't receive it. Just letting you know in case you had sent it and something went wrong.

Sorry, haven't sent it yet! Later today!

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