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"Left is right and right is wrong."
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Current Plot:    Soldier and Slave:The Two Brothers
Plot Summary:
The Sacking of Coruscant is considered one of the greatest tragedies in Republic history and with good reason. The death of thousands of civilians and the total destruction of the Jedi Temple along the hundreds of Jedi that called it home was the reason for grief for many people across the Core Worlds.

However, amongst the losses, Lieutenant holds that of his brother Khaim the dearest. His brother was revealed to be Force Sensitive a mere two weeks before the incident and those weeks were his proudest moment as a brother. Now with the Temple destroyed and his little brother gone, Kha'en wants nothing more than to find out his whereabouts and bring him home.

Little does he know of the rigorous and deadly trials set for Khaim and other prisoners of the Empire had to endure to be allowed to survive. The deep hatred ingrained within the once-idealistic child and the power that his hate has provided him. As Khaim fights for his right to live, he plots a scheme of his own to bring an end to the Sith of Korriban.
Kha'en Solas - The unyielding Soldier of the Republic.

Khaim Solas - The traitorous Sith Slave-Warrior