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"We work in the Shadows, to serve the Light... We are the Vanguard."
                                                  -excerpt of the code of the Vanguard

Vanguard is a heavy RP and PVE guild for role-players who are new, experienced, or anywhere in between. We provide a laidback community, with RP events and PVE raids. All classes, at all levels, are welcome. The focus of Vanguard's Council is to teach their members that the world is not black and white. That enemies can, and will, be found on either side. Empire and Republic; Jedi and Sith. Not everyone on the on the right side is good, and everyone thinks they are on the right side.
Likewise, not everyone on the wrong side is bad. There are good guys on both sides.
ICly, Vanguard does not have a set code, beyond the one above. However, you may follow whatever outside code you like, as long as it do not endanger innocent lives, or contradict the Vanguard or Aegis codes.
Vanguard is a secret organization, so to keep the organization away from the prying eyes of the galaxy, they masquerade as the successful Starship Manufacturing and Shipping Company called Raxus Sun Incorporated. Each person in the guild gets a job in the front company as well as in the organization.

OOC rules are very simple. Don't be a jerk, play fair and nicely. This is only a game, the world won't end if something doesn't go your way. We are serious about being laidback. IC drama is okay, but don't bring OOC drama into our place of peace.
IC rules are a bit more complex. Nothing to fret over, and are really more common sense things, but things that should be known. (Note: IC rules broken ICly have IC consequences NEVER OOC consequences.)

Respect: respecting all those of higher, lower or even equal rank. You don't have to like them, but try not to cause problems.

Honor: be honorable in all dealings. With everyone. And, within reason, even your enemies.

Fidelity: Loyalty is paramount. But not always to the ideals of others. But the ideals of yourself, and to be loyal to people.

Chat: We have a Raidcall, our ID is 5360476

"We work in the Shadows, to serve the Light.
We are the unsung guardians, the exiles of the Republic.
We are the Vanguard."
- The Vanguard code

Vanguard is an organization outside the confines of the Jedi and Republic, willing to work and help all those in need be they Empire or Republic.

Breaking down the code:
"We work in the Shadows, to serve the Light."
This is to be taken somewhat literally. Vanguard is for the most part and secret organization, funded by Raxus Sun Incorporated. The real names of the leaders are not known to anyone outside, sometimes even within the guild. They do their work hidden from the prying eyes of the Jedi and the Republic.

"We are the unsung guardians, the exiles of the Republic."
Unsung, because no one (outside the Jedi or Republic brass) really knows about them. Exiles because they don't do things like the Jedi or the Republic military would like they to do things.

"We are the Vanguard."
One meaning of the word 'vanguard' is: leading position or people: the leading position of a movement, field, or cultural trend, or the people who are foremost in a movement, field, or cultural trend. Vanguards way of thinking about the Galaxy isn't cut and dry, it's more complex. It's a way of thinking that for the Jedi at least, is considered dangerous. Something that could lead them all down a dark path.
The other meaning is that of being an advance guard. Instead of guarding one faction or the other, they protect their ideals, the ideals of their members (as long as they align) and the ideals not of the Republic, but of its citizens.

"We are an unyielding Shield of Light.
Protection of the innocent, the weary, the broken.
In alis Aegis."
-The code of the Aegis

The Aegis (pronounced ee-gis) function as the elite guards of Vanguard. Their primary role ICly, is to provide both general security and protection of the Council during public RP events.
Breaking down the code:

"We are an unyielding Shield of Light."
Shields are used in battle for both defense and offense. The word 'aegis' means: the power to protect, control, or support something or someone. Also, it is sometimes used to describe a shield. The Aegis work to protect and support the guild as a whole, with some focus on the Council.

"Protection of the innocent, the weary, the broken."
Relating again to the meaning of the words 'aegis' the ones they seek to protect (before even the Council or the guild) are the innocent, weary and broken. Innocent people can be saved, weary people can be made strong, and broken people can be fixed and made stronger.

"In alis Aegis."
This is a Latin phrase translated as: On the wings of the Aegis. This line has a two-fold meaning.
The mascot of the Aegis and of Vanguard is a bird of prey. Birds of prey are fierce hunters, and fierce protectors over their young (or family, or in this case guild)
The second meaning is the birds are fast. This denotes speed, acting swiftly. Sometimes without the approval of the Council.


The leading body of VANGUARD.
The Archon - The guildmaster
The Didact - 2nd - Commander of the Aegis
The Librarian - 3rd - Guardian of the Archives, also oversees The Core ranks.

The elite guard.
Aegis Overseer - Second to The Didact, the Oversee the functionality of the guild when the Inner Circle are not present.
Aegis Guardians - The main force. Tried and true members of the Aegis act as the guardians of the Council.
Aegis Master- Ones that aspire to be teachers and leaders. (Solely an IC rank)

The military of the guild.
Lt. Colonel - Second to The Librarian.
Lieutenant - Unranked members.
Sergeant - New Members of the Military.

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