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Cult of Oblivion

You stand at the apex of a forgotten tomb on Korriban, the blistering sun's intensity is a clear sign that you are near the equator, far from any civilized territory... You stand here at the beck and call of the whispers in your head, the hissing in your ear that has pestered you to make the pilgrimage for so long now. They scream and shout, shriek and moan, the voices are sporadic and demanding of you- they feed on your madness like a ravenous tumor.  You are not sure when the voices started to consume you, but you are sure that the message has inspired you to seek out the means to an end... They've instilled the desire to join those with a similar affliction and obsession with the end. Like so many before you, you stand at the sacred Wayshrine of Desolation- the first landmark in your sinister journey to fulfill the Oblivic Prophecy. All fear and revere, the Black Star of Oblivion- for it hungers.

A mind unhinged by madness is the purest aspect of Oblivion, I see that your insanity is the instrument of your will. I see it, I feel it, I am omniscient in your resolve and desire, I see your madness and how it fuels your shattered mind. I see you walking the path of Oblivion, exerting the true intention of the Dark Side upon all that is and ever was! Silence speeds the path to the streams of solace that run so few and narrow. Through the art of ruin, you will one day rise. You will devour all that will be! The Black Star of Oblivion will consume the galaxy through the unity of the afflicted...


We are the maelstrom that will tear this galaxy asunder. As foretold by the festering Dark One on the fiery plains of Oricon, it is our duty to defile the universe and bring Oblivion's Solace to all that is. By our hand, united in Madness, shall existence taste death- it's light utterly extinguished under the mighty Will of the Dark Side. We will strike without warning, we will divide the masses and bring down the Black Star upon the heads of those that oppose us. Our mission is not over until there is no longer a soul left to remember us, until the last mind has been devoured by the Dark One. This purpose is absolute, and you will never take that from us.


We are the mad men and women of the end.

we are the few that embrace madness.

we are the masters of the Art of Ruin.

we are the manifestations of Oblivion.

we are the Will of the Dark Side.

Something is happening, can you feel it? That pit in your stomach, the sharp pain in the back of your skull, the voices in your head. Something isn't right. They scream at you, shrieking profanities, berating you... Why won't the voices stop? To... To Korriban? They want you to go to Korriban...? Who? Who is telling you this? They won't stop yelling. Fine. Go to Korriban. Sate their hunger then. It's your fault...

(( You can find more information at http://cult-of-oblivion.enjin.com/ ))

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