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Linked Road
« on: 11/03/15, 02:45:17 PM »
This one just has vague references since it's just an introduction.

It was warm… much warmer than she liked. She preferred the cold. The girl bit on the Meiloorun fruit, giving the rest to her giant bird. The spear like beak took the fruit without harming the pale hand, then softly brushed against the teen’s dark face affectionately.

“I thought you didn’t like meilooruns, Fal”, a grave voice chuckled.

The girl turned her face, her red eye and lilac eye setting on the Miraluka Sith. She scowled at the man, giving him her back.

“It was all there was to eat. I’m not that picky as to starve just because I don’t like them. What are you doing here, Kareld? Shouldn’t you be annoying Liz or Keb?”

The man chuckled, sitting with his back pressed to the girl’s. “And miss your lovely company? Perish the thought.” He smiled when he noticed the change in the girl’s energy. She was calming in his presence.

“Suit yourself…”

The Miraluka chuckled at her retort, turning around to ruffle her head. “Your tough act doesn’t work with me, remember? How are you feeling?”


“You are lying.”

“Fine… I feel guilty, angry and I still can’t believe I was… so weak”, the girl growled, biting her lip until blood trickled down her chin.

“You must accept your mistake, not let it rule you. We all knew what life was going to be for us when we decided to take this fight” , the man turned the girl to him, cleaning her chin. “Let’s go, I have a surprise for you.”

Fal blinked, turning to her bird. The animal lightly nip her nose playfully as if telling her to go, then flew off. Looking as the bird disappeared in the distance, Fal sighed and nodded.

Laughter filled the once empty ruin as a young Tholothian ran into the ancient structure, awed painted in her youthful face. She had dropped her shoes behind, enjoying the feeling of grass in her toes. Kareld let her run ahead, smiling at the girl’s bliss. The Miraluka sighed, sitting on a piece of debris.

“Kareld! I think this is a Jedi ruin!”, he heard the girl exclaimed excitedly as she ran around.

She was another person when it came to anything archaeological. She always seemed to find joy in exploring new environments, and the thrill of discovery lasted for weeks. Despite their disagreements on the ways of the Force, they had become good friends on the field of discovery. And he found amusing that someone with her attention span had the control to handle artifacts.

Taking her mind away from missions and war had been a good idea and listening to her laugh was a good medicine to the difficult times both had lived.

He was considering to just relax and let her explore when the sound of lightsabers clashing made him raise to his feet in seconds. Reaching for his own weapon, the Miraluka quickly entered in search for the girl. He didn’t understood how he could have not feel the two presences now sharing space with Fal, and cursed at the thought of them being enemies. Fal was still not ready to go into combat against them.

Once he reached the location the Tholothian was it, the man stood frozen as a statue.

Fal held a lime-green lightsaber towards a Mirialan Jedi’s throat, barely millimeters away from the green skin. The man had his own blue lightsaber clashing behind the girl’s back with a red saberstaff held by a Mirialan Sith, identical to the Jedi to the last detail, who in return had Fal’s lightsaber hilt pressed against his gut. It was a deadly lock that could only be broken if the combatants decided to disarm. One wrong move and they could all kill each other.

To make matters worst, Kareld knew if he joined, it would cause more danger than help.

The fighters stood stone-still, each trying to use their Force presence to somehow intimidate each other. As sweat dripped from Fal’s forehead, her foot started to move slowly back...
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Twins and a Half
« Reply #1 on: 11/04/15, 01:53:18 PM »
“Look! That one is bigger! I bet it can blow up the whole Empire!”, a young Mirialan boy laughed, “Don’t you think, Mor?”

The other Mirialan boy smiled at his copy, though he remained calm. “You shouldn’t think about that, Nis. Jedi don’t blow things up.”

The excited twin simply stared at his brother with an annoyed frown, but soon his face turn from sour to shining as he tackled his counterpart. Both children laughed gleefully as they rolled on the grass.

Fal’s foot slowly drift back as the Tholothian prepared to make her move. The Sith and the Jedi both stared in shock at the girl that had suddenly entered the duel, making the duo into a trio and forcing them into a deadly lock.

“This doesn’t concern you…”, the Sith hissed, glaring at the girl.

Fal smirked, pressing the hilt of her lightsaber deeper without activating the weapon. “Considering I’m already in this… I think it does now.”

The Jedi remained quiet, studying the girl and then turning to his opponent. With a sigh, he deactivated his weapon.

In seconds the simple action had change the fight, the Sith trying to use the opening to attack the Jedi, only to have his red blade block by a pair of green lightsabers and a smirking Tholothian.

“Cocky, little shit, aren’t you?”, the Sith Mirialan smirked as his face got closer to the Tholothian’s, their weapons casting shadows on their faces.

“I like to think I am.”

They both push each other away, giving each space to study their opponent. The girl raised, keeping her left lightsaber in a defensive position. They began to circle, the Sith almost playing with his lightsaber. For him, it was just an amusement to see a teenager trying to act tough. He was going to play with her, then finish his real combat.

The Jedi continued to study the girl now, having decided to watch the exchange. His blue eyes settled on the girl’s red eye. He sighed, extending his hands and pulling both combatants weapons. Unaware, both the Sith and the girl ended up disarmed and looking at the Jedi in shock.

“If you are to fight, you might as well try not to kill each other.”

Kareld chuckled as he saw the action, moving to the Jedi’s side. “I agree. Fal, try to control yourself.”
The girl pouted, but soon smirked, raising her fists in a defense. “No promises.”

As the Sith and the Tholothian entered a fist fight, Kareld sighed turning to the Jedi. “Forgive my ward, she’s keen to find trouble.”

The Jedi smiled and nodded.

“She simply giving either my brother or me more time to live. Is she always so forthcoming?”

“Today she is mild. So, the fellow fighting little Fal is your brother? That explains her involvement.” The Miraluka sighed, but smiled.


“For Fal, siblings fighting is almost a personal insult.”

The Mirialan Jedi blinked. “How come?”

“It is not my place to give her reasons. Her actions are simply to let you both vent your anger on her, then talk your conflict peacefully. She is not good with words, so she acts.”

The Mirialan turned his attention to the fighters, for once looking at his twin not with the eyes of a Jedi, but the eyes of a brother. With a sigh, he sat in the ground.

“Your ward is strange… and perhaps right… I only have one brother, after all…”

Kareld chuckled, turning to the Jedi. “Then you are blessed more than you can imagine.”

Blessed…. For a long time he had felt anything but blessed. As he turn to the fighters, eyes focused on the girl, he wondered why someone like her envied them. Blood united him to his brother, but their paths had long separated.

As the girl held the Sith in a lock that would have made proud any wrestler, her eyes met the Mirialan’s blue orbs. And for a moment the Jedi could read what she felt in the glimmer of her eyes: jealousy and despair.

Understanding dawned in him and he smiled, nodding at her. It was a shadow of a nod, but he knew she had acknowledge him.

“Quite interesting.” The Jedi turned to Kareld. “I think I now understand. In any case, my manners are lacking. I am Jedi Knight Xasciumor, though the title carries little nowadays.”

“Lord Kareld of the Empire. Fear not, I have no ill intentions against you.”
“Is she a Sith too?” The Jedi asked, raising a brow.

Kareld chuckled as he shook his head. “Hardly. Fal is an Akar student. Akin to a Grey Jedi, following the teachings of the ancient Je’daii. I simply care for her when there’s no one else. I’ve grown rather fond of the child.”

“Hmm… I see. How old is the girl? Fifteen, sixteen?”

“Fal is turning twenty-five in a few months. She’s a Tholothian, so her aging is slower. Her mindset is however that of a teenager. So is her mood swings… her behavior…” The Miraluka sighed. “And so is her ability to cause early aging to her caretakers.”

Xasciumor laughed, patting the Sith Lord’s shoulder. “You have my deepest condolences. Now, may I inquire how a Sith is involved with a Grey Jedi and treats a Jedi in such a friendly manner.”

“It is a long story, Master Jedi.”

“We have a long while before those two are tired enough to stop.” The Jedi grinned as he pointed at the two combatants.

With a nod, Kareld signaled to a piece of debris the two could sit to converse.

“Not bad. This is almost a challenge.” The Mirialan Sith laughed as he blocked a left hook for the younger alien.

“Funny, I was about to say the same!”

Fal twisted, connecting a kick with the back of her right leg, only to be thrown various meters with the Force. She fell on her side, but quickly was up on her feet, cleaning her mouth with her bandaged hand.

The Sith smirked, cockily beckoning her to attack. “You know, you could have avoided all this. It was a family matter.”

The girl chuckled, spitting some blood. “Right. You are pretty dense, aren’t you?” She set herself back in a combat stance. “Guess I’ll just beat it out of you.”

“Smartass brat…” The Sith growled, going to attack the girl.

Xasciumor’s face was stern. “What you are doing could get many people killed…” He turned to look at the tiring fighters. “More than the ones that already have died…”

“We chose this…” Kareld kept watching Fal.

“She’s just a little girl…”

“I know.”

“I’ll protect her… Something tells me so will my brother.” Xasciumor announced, crossing his arms.

Kareld turned to the Jedi, studying him. “She doesn’t like being protected.”

“Then it would be best we don’t tell her.”

“Agreed. And it seems you have won our bet, my friend.” Kareld laughed as he passed a credit chit to the Jedi.

Xasciumor took the device, stowing it in one of his robe’s pockets. “I know my brother best. He’s stubborn.”

“And Fal is probably as stubborn if not more. Shall we take them back to camp? I must introduce you to our cell leader.”

The Jedi chuckled. “Let them sleep. Important things can wait a few hours.”

“I still don’t get it… Why is this important to you?”, the Sith Mirialan whispered as he lied on the floor.

At his side, lying on her side with her back to him was Fal.

“Because… I’m jealous of you.”


“You have a brother, but hate him. I lost mine, and I love him. How can you be so blind to hate someone that you should love?” The girl curled up.

“Kid, what’s your name?”


The girl felt as the man ruffled her hair. “You are not half bad. For a weakling.”

“What’s your name?”

“... Xaspranis.” The man sighed, almost like it was surreal to use his real name after so long.

Fal, sighing as she fell into slumber. “Nice to meet you…”

The Sith stared at the back of the girl’s head, before swearing and turning his own back. “Stupid brat…”

Despite his words, the man smiled.

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The Pirate Queen
« Reply #2 on: 11/05/15, 11:15:22 AM »
((Massive thanks to my friend Andrew irl for creating Jivta's personal story and personality. And for teaching me to love Kaleesh~))

“I couldn’t care less about your incompetence, Davi.” The Zeltron woman laughed, watching the terrified Rodian.

“Please, mistress! I swear I’ll get the shipm-”

“Shhh, shhh, darling. Let’s review here. You failed to get me what I- I mean, what the Captain wants. So, I need to punish you. And what’s the punishment?” The red skinned woman smirked.

Before the Rodian could answer a blaster shot was heard. The Zeltron fell backwards, a single deadly shot clearly visible on her forehead.

“Usually I choose the punishment.” A female voice exclaimed from the doorway.

An Echani walked into the room, alabaster skin glistening in the sunlight. Her long curly white hair was held back by a red headband, the same color of her bodice. She was closely followed by a Kaleesh.

“Jivta, please take care of this mess, I have things to discuss with Davi.” The woman smiled, sitting on the desk and crossing her legs.

The silent guard nodded, picking the body of the Zeltron and walking out. Left alone with the Echani, the poor Rodian paled even more as he tried to think of many ways to beg her for his life.

“I’m not going to kill you.”

The male alien couldn’t believe the Echani’s words, blinking multiple times. He thought she was kidding, toying with him before tearing him to shreds, but he knew best. When his captain said something, she kept his word.

“Thank you, thank you so much, Captain! You are so gracious and mer-”

The woman raised a hand, signaling to shut up. “Consider this a one time deal, my dear. If it wasn’t for your stupidity, Loda would have continue stealing from out raids. That doesn’t mean you are off the hook. I got a tiny job for you. Do well, and you will be back in my good graces. Fail and you can… help Jivta with his morning exercise.” The Echani smirked at the last words.

As if on cue, the Rodian heard the cracking of knuckles. Slowly he turned around and faced the returning Kaleesh.  After a few seconds he returned to look at the Echani and nodded. “Anything for you, boss!”

“Good man.”

“Are you sure you can trust him?” Jivta asked his leader, pouring her a glass of vysint. “You know as well as I do that he would sell his own mother to save his skin.”

“Oh, I’m counting on his betrayal. After all, what is a gamble without some risks?” The Echani smirked, sipping her drink.

The Kaleesh sighed, pouring another glass for himself. “You will be the death of me.”

“That is also a gamble for me. Now then, shall we bet?”

“A hundred credits, he will talk in ten minutes.”

“A hundred credits… he will talk in two and we will have our shipment in ten.”

They shook hands, and the Echani stood, walking to a window. She smirked as she looked down to the city, her silver eyes glimmering. “The game is afoot.”

“You and your games, Mistress.”

The Echani smirked at the Kaleesh, starting to walk to the back of her office where her personal quarters were located. “It amuses me. Would you be so kind to start the bath? I want to check on the children before relaxing.”

“Of course.” Jivta moved to do as he was told, but smiled at the Echani.

He could still remember when the woman had defeated him in combat. She could have killed him, but she had given him the option to follow her. And he had done so gladly. In a matter of weeks he had become her closest servant, ally and friend. And he carried his duty to her diligently.

A squeal of joy made the Kaleesh turn his attention where the woman was. A small Kushiban rested on the shoulders of a small half-Pureblood boy, who was showing his mother his new toy ship. Giggling on the woman’s arms was a small Echani girl.

Jivta couldn’t hold back his smile at the image. She was without any man, and he had taken the duties of being a paternal figure to them. The children and the mother. The Echani often came to him for advice and guidance, and he made sure to give her the best he could muster.

After checking the temperature of the water, he walked to the woman. She smiled, setting down the small toddler and leaving the eldest child, the Kushiban, in charge of his siblings. She closed the door of the children’s room, then walk to the refresher.

“I heard the Bes’uliik woman still refuses to join. What is she up to?”, the Echani asked as she strip and settled in the warm bath.

“She is still looking for the ‘Old Man’. Seems to be the only thing she’s interested in.”

A chuckle escaped the woman as she crossed her legs under the foamed water. “She is one stubborn woman... “ A sigh escaped her. “Send her a message. We will join her search.”

The Kaleesh looked at his mistress in confusion. “Yzmerri, I thought you told her it was a futile effort.”

“It is… but I feel kind. Besides, the Old Man was a friend of someone I cared about.”

Jivta chuckled, sitting on a side of the tub. “You are still as soft as the day we met, child.”

The woman waved at him, before submerging in the water. A sign she was embarrassed and didn’t want to hear him.

Jivta watched her childish behavior, chuckling as he remembered the day they had met. It had been almost two years prior, when she had recently divorced and carried her third child. Even in her state, she had beaten him in combat. He had used a double-bladed sword, she had her hands naked. His shame at losing to a woman, a pregnant woman, was soon forgotten when she had praised him. She had offered him to follow her, help her gain control of a crime organization. A fight worthy of such a great warrior, she had said. And he accepted without doubts, pledging to serve her and her legacy.

She had taken him in, along with his mate and children, and treated all as family. And he cared for her family as his own.

As the woman came out from under the water to breath, she glanced at him with a raised brow. “What?”


“You have that face. The one of ‘I’m thinking something deep while you are naked under the water’ look.”

“You never told me why you just took us as your own. You defeated me. You could have leave me and my family in shame.”

Yzmerri smiled, rinsing her silver hair. “I never told you, huh? It’s pretty simple: When I was in shame, some old friends thaw me out, gave me a reason to continue and our leader was worth following. Figured the best I could do to thank them is to do the same for others.” She then grin sheepishly. “Besides, you are scarier than me. I’m too pretty.”

The Kaleesh warrior chuckled, taking her towel and offering it to the woman. “You are one strange pirate.”

“Pirate is such an ugly word. I prefer... entrepreneur.”

"Doesn't make you justice." The Kaleesh softly flicked the woman's forehead. "Pirate Queen does."
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The Regretful Mandalorian
« Reply #3 on: 11/05/15, 07:28:06 PM »
(( @recoveringgeek there will be more tomorrow. Work caught me  :umm:)


“This is not for you to decide.”

… 2

“We have to do something! Something else than just bust our heads against an enemy we can’t defeat alone! Ori’vod,  you must see we’re just like waves breaking against the rock!”

… 1

“Enough! Go back to your clan, sister! You chose them! Even after all that happened, you remained! Do as your alor says and bother me no more!”

… Lock disengaged

The armored woman walked into the vault, the black plates barely even reflecting any of the red light. She took her helmet off, long luscious mahogany hair falling to frame her petite face. Her bright silver eyes seemed to glimmer with a light of her own as she connected her cybernetics directly to a console inside the vault, reading in her brain the manifesto for all items. A sigh escaped her when she did not find what she was looking for. She disconnected her interface, then walked out. She closed the vault, then deleted the security footage before leaving.

Brintte sighed as she walked into her ship, once again taking of her helmet and setting the automatic pilot to her next target. So many years, and still she had zero idea where Augustus Jaade was. It was driving her mad, used to finding her prey in days, not years. To make matters worst, she was alone in her venture. Most Mandalorians were in the frontline, a place where a spy like her was useless. Instead she was support, which she detested and appreciated. She got information on the enemy, forward it to the clans and gallivanted around seeking more information. And in her gallivanting for information she could also seek her lost friend.

The woman rested on the pilot’s chair, covering her eyes with her arm. She was about to doze off when she felt someone jump on her lap. She raised her arm, smiling as she saw the little brunette girl with bright silver eyes in a tiny red and black armor.

“Buir, you didn’t bring me anything.”

The woman laughed, sitting straight and softly bumping her forehead with her child’s. “I’m sorry, cyar’ika. I was looking for a friend and completely forgot.”

The girl patted her mother’s head, bright smile decorating her face. “Silly buir. It’s okay. Is your friend  my papa?”

If Brintte had been drinking, she would have spit the whole thing. She stared at her daughter and sighed. “No Reese, my friend is not your papa. Thankfully.”

She liked older men, sure. Jaade was just too old. She made a mental note to tell him, if only to give him more shit after ALL the PROBLEMS he had caused to her.

“Aww… when are we gonna meet my papa?”

At that Brintte looked at her child and sighed. “Reese, I’ve told you many times… there is no papa. I gave birth to you and I have raised you. It’s just you and me.”

“But the alor and you are married.”

“I know, but he…”

He doesn’t want you…

“He is no one’s papa. It’s an adult thing, very complicated, love.” The woman’s heart sank, remembering how divided was her family.

She put the girl down and walked to the back of the ship. “Are you hungry, ad’ika?”

“Can we have ba’vodu Green’s tiingilar?” The little girl chirped as the idea of food overcame the amount of questions about her father and who he was.


As Brintte watched her daughter eat another pang of regret hit her. She had Reese and had the chance to love her. Care for her despite the girl being Force Sensitive.

In the Empire, she would have been forced to send her precious child to Korriban. In the Republic, she would have been guilted into giving her to the Jedi. With her Clan, some had guilted her for not deciding on having an abortion. There was barely any support, any gladness for the birth of Reese.

The fact that she could sit across the table and watch her precious girl eat happily made her understand the Old Man’s reasons to act so stupidly in his own search for his daughter.

And not being able to find him or his child was making her feel terrible. It was unfair that she could have these precious moments with her own child and he didn’t. It was unfair she didn’t have to worry about a Jedi twisting her mind and he had to experience that.

The whole notion of the Jedi made her loathe their ways.
“Defenders of peace my sheb…” She muttered.

“Did you say something, mommy?” Reese asked, raising her head.

The woman shook her head. “Nayc. Finish your meal, love.”

As the girl return to devouring the spicy food, her mother began thinking on the Sith. Some were okay and she could partially trust them. But the organization as a whole was just sickening. Forcing children, some against their will, commit to their ways or die was wrong. A Mandalorian could become dar’manda and leave if they so wanted. It was frowned upon and risky, but they had the choice. Some even didn’t have to become warriors. There were civilians among the Mandalorians.

She was about to also curse the Sith, just like she had cursed the Jedi when a transmission caught her attention. The woman walked to the console, reading the encrypted message. For the naked eye, it all seemed jibberish, but she could crack such codes in seconds. She frowned, changing her course.

“Reese, bring me my poison set.”

“Yes, mommy. Did you find something?” The girl asked as she gave her mother a set of vials.

“Maybe. Go get some rest. We will be in hyperspace for a few more hours.”

As the girl left, Brintte smirked. She had been looking for this little smuggler for almost two years. And she owed him a big debt and a whole load of information.

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Queen of Spades
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(( @recoveringgeek

NSFW due violence. ))

After making sure her daughter was asleep, Brintte had settled back in the pilot seat, her cybernetic interface connected to the holonet. With her eyes closed, the woman continued her search for leads all inside her brain. From military storage to private collections, she searched all manifestos she could slice into. All in vain.

When a headache started afflicting her, she disconnected her interface and looked outside the viewport of her ship. Her silver eyes scanned the space outside as if searching with naked eye could somehow work better than her cybernetic interface.

She pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration and waited for her target’s ship to arrive into the system.


She knew she couldn’t keep the foolish smuggler with her. It was a target painted on her back and though she didn’t mind, she had a child, a husband and a clan to care for. With the strange recent attacks going on she had to keep her mind focused.

Brintte knew many safe houses, all forgotten by her former employers. Any would do in keeping that old man turned into a popsicle safe. Hiring a smuggler to take him there would be a necessity, and the irony of the situation did not escape her. Sadly she had lost her sense of humor throughout the months her husband had gone missing.

After sending the word through her contacts that she was looking for smugglers, she began walking through Nar Shaddaa, the heels of her boots resounding through the curiously empty street. It wasn’t normal, but she had no intention of even caring. Anyone idiotic enough to try to harm her had only one possible end.

She felt bad, knowing she could have mentioned to Qardaak and his rag tag group she had Jaade.

“Haran, I could hire them to do this…” She mumbled.

But there were three problems. They had a Grasper to deal with, she knew they would be emotionally attached to their cargo and they had some Sith connections she didn’t want to deal with. After seeing what an emotional smuggler could cause, she decided to just not get them. She knew way too well about their Sith relations and that was enough to rule them out. Last she needed was Darth Karmic or another of those Sith on her. She could deal herself with the Necare if need be.

Not that she wanted to speak to Aylaa Necare. She respected the woman, but after that stunt she didn’t know how controlled she could remained. The Sith had used her friend to attack and harm the Jedi’s defenseless trainees, some of them children. That was beyond anything she could tolerate.

Before she could punch the wall in frustration, a ringing from her holocom caught her attention. Opening her holocom, her eyes squinted at the caller. The image was corrupted, and the fact that this was her personal frequency made her even more suspicious.

“Meet at the usual place. Bring the smuggler.”

The call ended, leaving a frowning Brintte standing in the flickering light of Nar Shadaa.


“Announcement: Master, target in sight.” She heard her HK unit on the comms.

“Good. Let’s dock.”

“Yes, Master.”


“I should have known. SIS meetings are always so annoyingly encrypted.” The Mandalorian sighed, crossing her arms over her chest.

“You used to like it.” A blonde woman smirked, aiming a blaster towards the armored woman.

“No, I tolerated it. What do you want?”

The agent chuckled, circling around her former colleague. “I told you to bring the smuggler in carbonite.”

“I don’t follow orders from SIS. Especially SIS failures like you.”

“It doesn’t matter. Terrorism, assassination, war crimes, robbery, assault, treason… Taking the smuggler from Republic custody only adds a few extra charges. You are already wanted dead.”

Brintte chuckled at that. “Oh Lin, you really think I care?”

A blaster bolt grazed the Mandalorian’s helmet. “You don’t need to care. You just need to die. Once you are dead, I’ll get my position back and all will-”

Brintte didn’t let her finish, throwing a knife to the woman’s chest. A blaster bolt form the agent hit her shoulder, though she barely felt it.

“Soliloquies kill people, dear. I thought I have taught you that.” She stared at the dying woman, before pulling out her knife, uncaring of the pain she caused. “Too bad you didn’t learn the first time.”


Brintte waited calmly for her HK unit, legs crossed and back leaned against the wall. A smirk decorated her face as the droid arrived, pulling a beaten human man towards her. She knelt down, raising the man’s head by the chin so he could look at her face.

“What a shame. You have such pretty eyes.”

The man looked at her terrified as the Mandalorian brought out a thin knife. A yowl of pain filled the ship bay as she stabbed one blue eye, then the other. She set the bloodied weapon back in its sheath and began cleaning her gloves with a handkerchief.

“Interrogate him, HK. Then dispose of him.”


The Mandalorian woman paced as she waited for the delivery of the carbonite slab to be confirmed. It was due the day prior, and her suspicion rose by the minute. A call arrived and she answered almost too swiftly.

“You are late.”

The human smuggler smirked. “Sorry, beautiful. There was a change of plans.”

Brintte raised a brow. “Oh?”

“You see, your frozen friend here has some worth. More than what you already paid me. So, I think I’m keeping him. Besides, I’ve grown so fond of him. He’s that ancient fossil I always wanted to find as a kid.”

If she had not found this incredibly amusing, the Mandalorian would have been more than furious. Instead she was actually interested on this man’s game.

“I see. I hope you are aware when I next see you it will be the last time.”

The man laughed. “Have fun eating my space dust, beautiful. That’s all you’ll find.” With that the man closed the call.

Brintte laughed dryly, already thinking on all the different she could kill the man. She had to admit, in another life, she would have found him quite charming.


As Brintte reviewed the information HK had acquired, she sighed. Another dead end. She opened her log on the investigation.

“HK, has our previous guest been disposed of?”

The metallic voice of her droid reached through the comms. “Confirmation: I’ve taken care personally. His body was thrown in acid, incinerated and then the ashes disposed of with the thrash.”

Without cringing or even feeling disgusted, Brintte simply nodded. “Thank you, HK, for your graphic description… Any words on Lucien?”

“He has arrived.”

“I am on my way.”

The woman walked out, smiling at her living guest. “Lucien, darling, always a pleasure to see your handsome face.”

The Nautolan smiled, taking Brintte’s hand and kissing it. “And you are as ravishing as always, Brintte. When are you going to make me the happiest man in the Galaxy and leave your husband for me?”

“Darling, you are handsome, but I like more than handsome.” The woman pointed at the couch, sitting and crossing her legs. “How’s the pirating and pillaging?”

The man sat next to her, leaning back on the couch. “Difficult with the new overlords, but hey, it's a living. Now, knowing you, this is not just you wanting to see my pretty face.”

“Nope, I have a question. Did you ever steal a carbonite slab containing an old man?”

“Very specific. Story telling time, babe.”

“He’s an old friend. The smuggler who stole the slab from me says your crew stole the slab from him. Tell me, pretty please?” The woman smirked, but made sure he knew she had a blaster in hand. “I really want to keep your face around. It’s good eye candy.”

“You are a dangerous woman, and I love it.” The Nautolan opened a datapad, his eyes never leaving the woman. “I know the shipment. And I also know it was lost.”

“Oh? How?”

“In the Balmorran Nebula. Ship itself got lost. When we went to scavenge it, shipment was lost. No idea who took it. With how the Galaxy is, could be anyone.”

“Hmm, I see. Can you give me all the information on that?” The woman passed him her own datapad. “You know how much I like to be very thorough.”

“I love it when you talk dirty.” The Nautolan smirked, connecting both datapads. “Anything else, or can I go meet that pretty Twi’lek. Can’t compared to you, but she does take her clothes off when she sees me.”

“Aww, should I be jealous?”

“Say the word, and I’m yours, babe.” Lucien smirked.

“Go before somehow my husband thinks we’re being serious and beats you.” The woman smirked back.

As the pirate left, he turned around. “Who said I wasn’t?”

Brintte chuckled and shook her head, but then turned incredibly serious.

“Jaade… where are you?”
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Intermission - Mind Tricks
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Fal stuck her tongue out, trying her best to get to the next level of her new videogame. She had easily been hooked almost all day and all night, keeping both Nis and Mor awake due the constant noise and her swearing. Both twins were considering what to do with the teenage. Finally Nis had it when the girl swore again and restarted the same level with the same annoying music. He stood up and walked to her.

"Fal, you want to go have some warm bantha milk and go to sleep." The man said as he waved his hand in front of her face.

The girl frowned, imitating the gesture. "You are an idiot. Now leave me alone, I need to go downstairs to get some warm bantha milk and go to bed. It's late."

As the girl left, both twins smirked at each other.

"Can you make her do your chores?" Nis asked, considering their new discovery of the girl's weak mind.

"Maybe. I'll can try in the morning."

"I thought you Jedi didn't use mind tricks for your benefit."

Mor looked as his brother with a raised brow. "Hey, she can use the discipline."

"Guard duty?"

Mor nodded as he headed to bed.

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Re: Linked Road
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Fal Antel

For Crimes Against the Eternal Throne including but not limited to Treason, Murder, Terrorism, Assault, Drug Possession, Theft, Aggravated Assault, Bribery, Conspiracy, Slicing, Kidnapping, Perjury, Illegal Use of the Force and Vandalism

Species: Tholothian
Age: Unknown (Suspected around 16 to 20)
Bounty: 750,000

The criminal is considered armed and dangerous. If seen contact the Knights of Zakuul.

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The Vengeaful Defector and the Wild Jedi
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Choose your target.

The Zabrak woman aimed carefully, one green eye closed. The center of her visor aligned with the head of her target. Clear headshot.

Wait for the right moment.

She waited until the woman and child left. Civilians didn’t have to be part of this. One target, one kill, no witnesses.

Take a deep breath.

The woman and child were gone and her target was perfectly visible. She just had to pull the trigger.

When everything is perfect, pull the trigger.

“Did you get him?”

Kebaliya Celleas turned her green eyes to meet the Jedi’s cold blue orbs. “Of course I did. I always get my target.” She opened a package of cigarettes, offering on to the Jedi. “I still don’t get why a Jedi is teaming up with a mercenary like me. A former Imperial to add.”

The Jedi took the cigarette, then brought out a lighter. She helped the Zabrak with her cigarette, then took care of her own. “Because I’m realistic. If I can minimize casualties, in both sides and civilian, then I’ll team up with anyone.”

“Hmm. You are giving me a half-answer. And a lie, Yrzen.”

Sha’ira Yrzen rolled her eyes. “Alright, you got me out of the stasis, you are calmer than I am and you keep me from doing the wrong thing. In other words, think of it as you are avoiding me falling and turning into-”

“A Sith?”

“Something like that.” Sha’ira pushed a green dyed strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m a Jedi, but sometimes I need a reminded.”

The former Imperial marine chuckled. “So, you ask a former enemy to be your reminder. I don’t know if I am insulted or praised.”

Sha’ira shrugged, finishing her cigarette. “Take it for what it is: the truth. Now, we should get going.”
“Where to?”

The Jedi smirked. “Isn’t it obvious? We’re going to our funerals.”

“Never a boring day with you around, huh?” Kebaliya sighed, but smirked.

With a wink and a backwards wave, her partner moved towards the ship they share. The Zabrak chuckled as she thought on how it was never a dull day with the Jedi. A small frown decorated her face as she remember how once she had said those words to a man she trusted and could follow. Now, she trusted no one nad followed no one, but one phrase remained close to her heart, forever marked on her skin. She moved her sleeve to see it, the white ink contrasting with her crimson skin: “Semper Fi”.

Always loyal… No matter who I call ally now….

“Hey Kebby, you coming or too busy wondering when you skin will change to blue.”

The Zabrak chuckled, throwing one of her boots at Sha’ira. The Jedi Knight quickly avoided it, and was about to scream at her companion. With a half-smirk, she mumbled to herself as the former Marine went back to meditate on the small tattoo. “Guess I can give her a few extra mins.”

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Red Eyes
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A confused group of soldiers inspect the cell where once a traitor to the Empire had been held. Overseeing the operation was a young officer, clearly nervous that such escape happened during his watch. Without any apparent clues, he expected for the help of a Sith agent, and prayed said Sith did not decided to execute him in the place of the traitor.

Ryshias walked in slowly, the white haired, big bulked man approaching the group of soldiers follow by another. The Inquisition Security Forces outfit was noted instantly, as the Eye-shaped symbol, with the Imperial banner, stood out in the middle of their white-and-black outfit. The Sith looked at the officer, just giving a nod before he waited for the briefing.

"My Lord!" The men immediately went into attention at the presence of the Sith. "We are still seeking clues on how the traitor Fidallis escaped. There are no signs of slicing or forced entry. We believe it was an inside job. Perhaps the traitor bribed a guard. The security holos were tampered with."

Ryshias looked at the officer, before letting his guards take over the room. Slowly, yet in a methodical phase, all the other soldiers were removed from there but the officer.

The Inquisitorial guards used probes, electronics and cybernetics to find any trace of marks, signs, and DNA that could've been left.

The Darth stared at the officer some more, before looking around. "Have you questioned everyone who was here at the suspected time of escape?. Made any arrest?"

"No, my Lord. All personnel was confirmed and checked. There is a mention of a strange apprentice no one had seen before around, but the woman covered her face." The cell was incredibly clean, except for one small detail. A single drop of blood.

Ryshias eyed one of the guards grab the drop of blood and run it by a DNA tester on his wrist. He placed his hand on the man’s shoulder. "I see, round up everyone here. I will do a massive questioning." As he finished talking, he walked back to the soldier running the DNA test. "What you've got?."

"It's... hard to explain, my lord. There's multiple DNAs. Tholothian, human, Pureblood... at least eight different near-human species." The soldier was clearly confused at the amount of DNA mixed in a single drop.

Ryshias eyed the soldier. "Grab every DNA that is a minority in the Empire and run it by the databases in Nar Shaddaa and the Empire. Whoever did it must not be from around here." He looked back at one of the other soldiers. "Tell someone to get any arrivals from the space dock, and stop every leaving for...inspection." ...

"Yes, my Lord!" The men quickly moved to do as the Sith had commanded. In a few minutes the prison personnel had also arrived for interrogation. There were only two Sith, both apprentice, while the rest were military personnel.

Ryshias walked to the group, eyeing them carefully. His green eyes catches on their different features, before he glanced at one of the apprentices. "Who is your master, kid?."

"Lord Lizhava, my Lord." She was a young Twi'lek, barely out of Korriban. "We both are." Her fellow was a young Togruta boy, perhaps slightly older than the Twi'lek.

Ryshias looked at one of the guards that came with him. The look, as the guards would know without words, was a one of "Check who this Lizhava is.." He then turned to the military gear.

"You all work for this Lord Lizhava, or are you from the Sphere of Law and Justice?." He walked in a linear way, back and forth.

"Our Master sent us to see the execution, my Lord. We're not from the Sphere."

Eventually the information on Lizhava came. A young Togruta Sith currently defending a distant sector. She had no ties to Fidallis and worked for the Valefor. Clean slate.

But with the information on Lizhava also came an analysis on the blood drop. The Tholothian DNA was unknown, but the human and Pureblood DNA had been recognized. The human was Garal Syndre, a former operative of Sith Intelligence recently deceased and the Pureblood was Lord Morna Jurdi, MIA. The rest of the DNA came as unknowns.

Ryshias looked around, rounding up his soldiers behind him as he eyed the information. Both groups were face to face, only Ryshias in the middle. "Anyone knows who Garal Syndre, and Morna Jurdi, are?."

Everyone eyed each other, all shaking their heads.

Ryshias eyes narrowed, nodding slightly. "Where is the officer I sent you to gather all of you?." He asked, his tone raising."

The man walked in front of the group, nervous. "Here, my Lord."

"Have you seen a Tholothian in the building?."

"A what, my Lord?" The man seemed clearly confused. Tholothians were uncommon in the Empire, as they favored the Republic.

Ryshias smirked, before turning to the group. "You all can leave, but if I see only one of you trying to leave the planet, I'll execute you all myself." He then turned to the officer. "I'll make you a little schooling session. Tholotians are near humans, dark skin, dark hair, blue to purple spectrum eyes. Have you seen any of this kind before?."

"No, my Lord. The only blue eyed person I've seen today was a blonde officer in accounting."

As the man tried to recall, an alert reached Ryshias. A Tholothian had left less than an hour before the spaceport closed to Nal Hutta of all places. There were no records other than a matching DNA with the one found in the cell.

Ryshias eyed the alert, chuckling. "I think I've got my cue..."

He turned to one of the soldiers, nodding. The soldier indistinctly pointed his blaster rifle to the head of the officer, and shoot a blaster bolt to the forehead.

Ryshias, meanwhile, had already left the room with some of the other soldiers. Later, he would have picked his personal Harrower in a very sporadic visit to Hutt Space.

Nal Hutta was as always a toxic pit decorated by the warring local crime lords. The spaceport was filled with smugglers, pirates, gangsters and the refugees that could not pay anywhere better. Finding a sole Tholothian in the planet was no easy task.

Ryshias eyed the people on the spaceport with care. He had donned a very large grey robe over his head, as his troops dressed as mercenaries, with a Mandalorian death squad following behind. As they scoured the the city the spaceport was, Ryshias walked with the Mandalorians into the cantina, sitting alone in a stool as they dispersed. He reached for the bartender. "Corellian Whisky...and intel. Will pay for both."

The bartender, a big muscular Houk, served the whisky and eyed the Sith. "Whad'ya want'a know?" His manners were clearly never taught.

"Tholothian...possibly young, impressive. She might have been with company. She arrived not long ago." He eyed the whisky, before giving it a sip. The Mandalorian's scoured the bar, listening carefully to any possible information source of loud patrons.

"Tholothian. There s'only one than hang'ere. They's too fancy. Local call'er 'Archangel'. Kid s'no more than a teen, but she's bad for business."

"Archangel...some sort of vigilante?...she might have screwed up a business of mine." He chuckled, as he sipped his drink again. "I don't take that kindly, you know what I mean?, I'll pay handsomely for...information regarding her."

"Girlie comes and goes. Ain't my business. Like an abandoned Hutt palace north of'ere. Rumor say she killed the Hutt." The bartender went to clean a mug. "Nobody messes with'er. Too many problems."

"I see...Force user?."

The Houk shrugged. "Ain't the issue. She picks fights with Zakuul. Kill them fancy knights."

"Oh, interesting." He looked at his Mandalorian group, who had formed in the entrance. He raised up, finishes his whisky, and dropped some Huttesse credits on the counter, enough to cover both the glass and the information, and even make a little extra. "Take care, perhaps in a couple hours you will like to take a spin around that Hutt Palace, it will be as empty as it gets." He waved away, as he reunited with the Mandalorians, walking out of the cantina. He turned his head to them. "What's the word?."

"Found the traitor's body in a gutter, my Lord. Head is missing, including what seemed to be cybernetics." One of the men spoke, pointing to a black bag. "Clean cut. Not a lightsaber, but a very sharp blade."

"I see, we'll storm the Hutt Palace then. I'll go in first, you all surround the ceiling and make your way down there." He turned to the Inquisitorial soldiers disguised as mercenaries. "Once you hear the first sign of blade, enter from all sides. Only prisoners allowed. The ones that have heavy wounds, kill them instantly. No names." He then marched, with the large group of soldiers behind him. He decided to go in a speeder, fast, as his troops will slowly surround the compound.

The old Hutt castle was quiet was deadly quiet as the Imperials arrived. There were no signs of any living in there, and even the beasts that prowled around seemed unwilling to provide any noise for the ambient.

Ryshias walked alone in the darkness, but the shadows moved around him, surrounding the Sith Lord only like the Dark Side could, even if his presence in the Force was hidden from sensitives. He marched around the hallways, trying to find a big lounge where this Tholothian might be. The troops, outside, were camouflaged in the surroundings, awaiting their time to strike.

It wasn't hard to find her. The woman, or girl as she looked no more than a teenager, stood alone in the middle of the great hall. Her hand clutched the head of the traitor Sith by its hair, and she seemed... almost passive. Clad in black and grey clothing. A black eyepatch covered most of the right side of her face.

Ryshias entered the room, slowly, yet in a methodical phase. His eyes darted out from the hood's cover. The green eyes contrasted with his pale gaze. Experienced, warm, charming, cunning. Expressions told only by the mere gaze of his eyes, as they darted around the room, recording every detail. Then, the sight stops finally in the woman. Ever so silent.

She seemed aloof and distant, uncaring almost. It was as if she didn't care for his presence. The girl stared at Ryshias, dropping the head of the traitor to the floor. The sickening sound of the bloodied head was the only thing to pierce the silence.

Ryshias stared at the woman, the man silent as it came. A sudden light in his wrist, red and flashy, as it showed the scan for all life-signals on the building had finished. He reached to sit on a pile of debris, now eyeing the holographic HUD that appear from the wrist.

There was nowhere in the palace other than the Tholothian. And even her presence was strange. Something in the Force warned Ryshias about the girl.

Ryshias looked around, then set his scanner for finding explosive and volatile substances. Then, he turned to the woman, his hands clasping together as they eyed the woman. Suddenly, a small rock floated at his side. In the blink of an eye, it launched at fast speed at her, right to her gut.

The Tholothian caught the stone with her right hand. The pebble had rip her glove and part of the skin underneath, yet no blood came out of the wound. Even more so, the little skin visible seemed to be a different tone than the girl's natural skin color.

Ryshias eyed the woman again. His mask covering the smirk on his face. He reached to release his right hand from his own grasp, and moved a large amount of debris her way. The Force released in slight waves from him, almost soothing.

The girl raised her own hand, pushing the debris with her own control of the Force. The feeling from her was almost like a beast cornered in a den, readying to attack.

Ryshias narrowed his green eyes at her,then he turns his gaze away, checking his wrist for the scan on explosives end. He looked back at the girl as she push the debris away. He looks at the ceiling, as the Mandalorian Death Squad had already made their way down, and were standing on top of the great hall. The Mercenaries, in turn, were inside the building, roaming around like a pack of predators behind the prey.

"You should tell them to leave. Unless you don't care for them." Her voice was icy cold, like a dagger. There were no explosive, or seeming traps. It was just the girl..

"Containment. They are here as both protocol and containment." He spoke softly, charming, not menacing or threatening. Like a man who saw too much, and didn't want his children to experience the same. The Mandalorians only watched, didn't move, didn't flinch. The mercenaries, in turn, started doing something odd. They begun to hit the walls, making a rumbling sound, a explosive, tribal rhythm

"Right. What do you want?" She tilted her head to a side, almost innocently. Akin to a child posing a question to a teacher.

"Your friend, over there." His eyes turn to the head, but then look back at the woman. "But, you did me a favor, and killed him. I commend you for that, and I have nothing to be here for." He looked like he was setting himself to leave, dusting his coat, that covered him wholly aside the head. "But...I'm curious...who are you, child?."

"What does it matter?" The girl kicked the head away towards Ryshias' feet. The cybernetics of the Sith traitor's face were completely gone, leaving holes and scars all over the carcass.

Ryshias grabbed the head, eyeing slightly before he looks back at her. "I need to know who to be thankful of. Archangel? No, that's not proper. You deserve recognition for doing such a service for the Sith Empire, even for free..." His personal scanner set itself to see if the head matched the DNA of the man.

The head matched the traitor's DNA. As for the girl, she shrugged. "I don't care about that. I don't serve the Empire or the Republic." Her eye posed on Ryshias. "I hate them..."

Ryshias grinned now, looking at the girl with a very interested look. "You had my curiosity, now you have my attention...you see, hate, is a very exciting feeling, that warm, that hot feeling in your neck and gut as you want to squeeze the life out of someone...but is also void, it doesn't give anything back, not anything clear. Either pity, or more hatred, and it ends up being a circle of infinity."

"Now, to hate both the whole Empire and Republic is a very bad generalization. For instance, do you hate me?."

"I don't care if I do or don't. You are not attacking anymore, so either way doesn't matter." The Tholothian studied the man. "If you attack, I'll attack. If you don't, I don't care. Whatever I feel it's none of your business."

Ryshias looked at her, before rising up. The shadows moved as he walked slowly to her. His green eyes catching her blue one. The man was big, 6'8, almost, and around 350 pounds. The coat fell to the floor, revealing a heavy armor, black and metallic grey. The top was slightly clothed, but it seemed over a metallic bulk as well.

"Very good logic, yet, it seems very passive and prone to having heavy losses. I can see, that you're not been always like this, perhaps a big loss change you?."

The girl didn't say anything, just glared. She was barely 5'6, though still growing. And at closed range, her eye gave a secret away. Despite how natural it looked, it was cybernetic.

Ryshias looked at the girl, his green eyes having a slight glow on them. A secret they hold, yet it was unclear for the moment. "You're far from home, in this world where you just came to dump this man and take from him. What did you take his cybernetics?...to fix yourself?...no, to fix somebody else?."

"It's none of your business..."

There was more in her. The Force warned him. And tried to make him focus his attention on whatever lied under her eye patch.

Ryshias reached in the Force, and his mind raced to discover what was it called for him. He reached to see what was behind the eye patch to call for his attention. While, in the real world, his hand, slowly, made it's way to caress her cheek.

There was a burning sensation in his hand as he touched the skin, and yet the area was as cold as ice. And then the feeling of a deep corruption could be felt. It was sickening. Even Sith could feel that whatever had been forced into the Tholothian was an aberration to the Force itself.

"What has the galaxy horror's made of you, little one?...why did you had to endure such things, such feelings?." His concern sounded honest. A strange effect, giving the man was a supposed Sith.

In the Force, he was like a small candle in a void of darkness, a light that would warm cold hearts. Though...the keen of mind would see that whatever corrupted her, was being fed to the darkness that surrounded him.

The girl moved back suddenly, hissing like a angry feline. The eyepatch fell revealing the scarred skin and a bright red eye. It didn't take an expert to see it the bright red color was natural, not a sign of corruption. And it couldn't belong to her.

"A Pureblood's eye..." His eyes matched hers, out of the sudden. The green that matched Alderaan's landscapes turned into the red of corruption, before going back to the green of normal. The secret unveiled, the hatred and pain his eyes hidden exposed to the girl, in a show of empathy. Both were even, both had their eyes exposed, the windows to the soul. "You're just like me..."

The girl's right hand clutched into a fist. Sparks of Force lightning began to cover the limb, tearing the clothing more. The arm underneath was a pale color, incredibly pale. Each finger also was a different color. It was like looking at the arm of a ragdoll. "I'm nothing like you..." Her voice had a dark threat underneath.

"Aren't you?...a collection of so many souls and fates... so much death, so much destruction... you are just like me, a hound of darkness."

The sound of the mercenaries, which had vanished into unfocus for a while, became clearer, they were drumming into the walls, as the Mandalorians looked below with guns pointed...at the Sith.

He glared at her with a dark menace...as the eyes turned red. "I am what you feel tightening your heart, blocking your throat, and consuming you brain. I am pain, and I feed from it...I am Darth Ryshias, which is your name then?."

"My name is no one's business." The girl almost growled out like a beast. She was without doubt willing to fight, even though her fear was clear as crystal.

"Now is mine." He drew his lightsaber. The ignited blade resounded black, with a red aura around it. He looked at her like he wanted her to do the first move, the first strike...

"I won't... I won't let a Sith use me again!" The girl hissed, pulling her own lightsaber, the green crystal like a candle in the darkness.

For a moment, an instant, Ryshias could sense the deepest emotions in the girl. Her fear of being manipulated, her love for someone she believed gone and her desire to protect what she had left.

Ryshias raised his lightsaber at her, the Force now unraveling across him. Dark, grim, destructive, sorrowful. Like a black hole that consumed everything, he let her emotions feed him, as he challenged her sanity silently, his red eyes following hers.

The girl attempted to push him away with the Force, the desire of being as far from him as she could making her attack stronger.

"Is like gravity, Tholothian, it only requires a single push to spiral into madness..." His feet hold into the ground, as his red eyes look at her with wrathful expression. After the push passed, he jumped to her, saber in both hands, launching a downward cut at her.

To be continued...

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Re: Linked Road
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And the fight continues...
((Co-Written with @Ryshias))

Fal jumped back, barely avoiding the attack by mere millimeters. What she lacked in muscles she seemed to make up in agility as she entered an Ataru stand, pulling out a second green bladed saber. "I don't want to shed more blood..." She hissed the last word.

The blade incinerated the floor below, as the burned steel started to shed smoke. Ryshias raises, moving the blade slightly with a wrist motion, as he moved in a circle towards her, expecting she would do the same in the opposite direction. "You have to, Tholothian, because that's what survival is about, if not...you'll just get yourself and your own killed." Ryshias jumped at her, surprisingly showing that even as a big hulking man, he was very fast. His saber made a horizontal spin, aimed to her stomach.

She moved to a side, the tip of her opponent's lightsaber causing a burn on her side. She hissed as the smell of burnt flesh reached her, taking as many steps away as she could. She shook her head for some reason, before turning to her opponent and taking the offensive. She attacked in a flurry of slashes, fast and one right after the other.

Ryshias turned suddenly to a defensive position, having been using Djem-So until this moment. His saber parried hers in each slash, each strike, some still pierce through his defense, but the metallic armor adsorbed most of the attacks, having been created with Cortosis and Phrik alloys. Ryshias, after seeing her capabilities, launched a small, but powerful, Force push at her knee, attempting to dislocate it.

Though the limb did not break, the answer to why soon became evident as the clothing around tore. The right limb was a bright red color, possibly from a Zabrak or a Zeltron, with various Sith tattoos decorating it. Up to the knee, though, where stitches joined it to a pale skinned thigh. Just like her right arm. It was as if no pain came from the area.

"Tell me, how does it feel to be mate of so many futures, so many bodies?...how does it feel, to have ended all of them by yourself, because, I trust, all those replacements...you killed them." Ryshias laughter was as heavier as the sound of a turbolaser, thunderous. His blade soon returned to strike at her, darting slashes aimed at her arms and legs.

The girl blocked with difficulty, hissing at the cuts she got. "I... I didn't! I tried to save them... I tried but I couldn't. I' m not a killer!"

"DON'T....try to negate it. That's why I despise Jedi. They hide themselves into their codes and philosophy, they don't accept what everyone else is, what they themselves are... they try to negate it. You are not like them...accept what you've done, I will not judge you." He seemed irritated at firsts, but then recovered his cool as his barrage of strikes increased, his Djem-So stance taking it's toll on the girl.

"I'M NOTHING LIKE YOU!" With a last block she dropped the lightsaber in her right arm, throwing a punch towards Ryshias' face. Her arm fizzled with purple lightning and the strength was beyond what one could expect of such a small frame. Most likely boosted by the emotions running through her.

The sudden crack of Ryshias mandible echoed into the room, as it fell in dead silence. The Mandalorians had disappeared from their positions, as well as the mercenaries and their tribal drumming. Ryshias stood there, his head turned to a side, for long, eternal seconds, before it turned back grimly at her, his red eyes filled with anger and blood. His voice was low, heavy, results of the strike. "Your denial to accept the truth is impressive, but pitiful. I'm going to unmask your hatred...by force." He moved his mouth placing whatever was wrong, on it's place. He launched a lightning blast at her.

The Tholothian was thrown against the wall, gasping as the air left her lungs. She lied on the floor, glaring as electricity fizzled around her body and kept her stunned.

Ryshias ran towards her. Fast and powerful, he launched his knee directly aimed at her head in a burst of rage, the Force aiding him into his speed and strength of the attack.

She was barely able to raise her arms to protect her head, blocking with a painful yelp as her left arm made a sickening noise of bones breaking. The cloth around her right arm began to tore, and Ryshias would feel the thing the Force had been warning him for: the deep and consuming corruption, almost like a sickness, reaching for him through that appendage.

Ryshias stayed his leg, now observing her as the red eyes flashed slightly, as energy begun to outburst of him. The Force aura battled her corruption with his own, the voiding darkness of him consuming more and more of her energy. "You are a corrupted visage, you want to feed...corrupt others, but you can't control it..." He reached down, raising her chin towards his face. "I can consume what you give...because I'm just like you.." He lets her go, before his leg takes a swift spin, launching a kick right at her temple.

The kick send her against the wall again with a yelp of pain, blood dripping down her forehead. "I'm not... I'm not like that.... I... I want to protect..." She raised her eyes, glaring at Ryshias. "I'm nothing... like you."

"You want to protect, when you can't even protect yourself, when you don't control your own power...when you can't even look at yourself at the mirror and regret nothing...no, you're nothing like me, you're as worse as all of this galaxy is, you don't deserve my hate, my wrath...because you're nothing at all." He raises his feet, and now stomped her like a bug, his leg striking down her chest like it were the most horrible insect in the galaxy. He scowls slightly, reaching down on with his hand. One of his finger ran around the bridge of her nose, cutting it with the pointy end. "Perhaps...you can still be saved, reshaped...perhaps this shows you...that you couldn't protect what you wanted...because you didn't accept your evil side..."

As blood slid down her cut, Fal gritted her teeth in frustration and anger. "I... I know what I can do... the people I hurt... those I lost because I was so weak.... but... but I am nothing like you because... because I regret... and that regret makes me strive to be better!"

Her eyes meet Ryshias' and at that moment it was as if Ryshias had been transported to another dimension. The shadows deepened and the presence of countless souls surrounded him. It was overwhelming. Around him wails and moans of pain could be easily heard.

Ryshias eyes dart around, feeling the pain of the souls, the apparitions. He gripped his saber, but then holstered it. He just reached to use the Force, his aura now shielding him, creating a dark bubble around him. "Such darkness...such agony...delightful." The bubble now begun to grow roots, and suddenly, begun to feed from the obscurity.

Fal gripped Ryshias' foot, trying to push him off her. "Leave... me... alone!" At that moment the shadows grew closer and more aggressive, attempting to break the Sith's bubble and rip him to pieces.

Ryshias removed his foot, not by her intent, but by personal decision. He knelt to see her, as the dark bubble seemed to grow stronger by each strike of the shadows. "Your soul has been tortured, broke, and attached together like a child's rag doll, it has been destroyed so many times, yet you have kept forward...I'll ask you, not as Sith, but from a living being to another, a person to another...what keeps you going?."

Fal's red eye glinted. "I'm waiting..."

Ryshias caressed her cheek, his red eyes now glowing brighter. His voice now calm, soothing. "On what?."

"For my brother to fulfill his promise... No matter what... I'll wait to watch the stars together again..." A single tear fell down her red eye. "That's why... I won't stop... I will be strong... I will grow and make him proud!"

Ryshias, for a brief second, had his eyes change from the flaming red to it's normal, calming green. He chuckled. "That's a good promise to fulfill..." A fading smile, before his arm raised. His eyes turned back to red. "I hope you live long enough to do it. And when you do, remember the moment I decided to spare your existence. Remember the moment a Sith decided you had a cause worth to him." His punch holded pain, sorrow, hate, but also approval, and respect. It was aimed to knock her out.

A grunt escaped the girl before she fell into unconsciousness. With her also left the shadows of death. Ryshias raises, looking up to the now open ceiling. It seemed the Mandalorian had made a hole when they came inside the building. The small shades of light touch his pale skin, as it returns to normal, the bubble disappearing. He closes his eyes, and after a few moments, the green pupil returns it's gaze to the woman. He reaches to grab a drop of blood from the floor, and puts it on vial for analyzing it later. He then walks away, silent, slow, methodical. On his way out, he grabs the coat, tugging it on him as he leaves. His Harrower would not stay in the planet far longer, Darth Ryshias leaving back to Kaas City with a satisfied curiosity, and someone to keep his eyes on for a long while.

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The Next Generation
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(Minor NSFW.)


“Fal, you are doing this.”


Fal stared at the Mirialan twins, the young Tholothian clearly considering her options of escape.

“Fal, neither of us can do this.”

“Neither can I! I’m as responsible as a teenager! Kriff, I AM a teenager!”

Mor sighed, walking to the girl and putting a small Zabrak infant on the girl’s arms. “You are a female so… just… I don’t know, summon your maternal instincts.”

“I’m an amnesiac orphan adopted in my early twenties. Which is about my mid-teens if I was human. So…. I kinda have no idea how to take care of a bag of poodoo that wails and screams when it pees on itself.”

“I’m a Jedi. Baby stealer.” Mor said, looking at his brother.

“I’m a Sith. Baby killer.” Nis responded, looking at Fal. “Sorry, kid, you are on your own.”

“Seriously? Just because I have boobs that makes me the default baby caretaker? You two found him! I don’t even like babies!”

“The boobs help… though not you. Sorry, but from behind you look like a boy.”

“She acts like one.”

Fal’s lips pressed into a thin line as she rested the child against her shoulder. “You two better watch out. I’m cooking dinner tonight.”

She walked away, fuming as the small Zabrak play with her hair.

“Hmm, she does look like a boy from behind.” Mor noticed, studying the parting girl.

“Told you. So… Corellian for dinner?”

“You invite?”

Nis considered, then nodded. “Ah, what the hell. C’mon, big bro, I’ll invite you to dinner.”

Fal sat the Zabrak in front of her and squinted her eyes at the giggling baby. “Don’t try to buy me with the cute act. I’m an adopted only child, I invented the cute act.”

The little alien tilted her head to a side, surprising the girl. “Hey, I do that at times.” The Tholothian smiled a bit, tilting her head to a side too. “Okay, you… might be a bit better than me at the cute act.”

The tiny Zabrak began to crawl to the Tholothian, his little hand reaching from one of the girl’s bandaged fingers. Fal chuckled, picking him up and holding him against his chest. “Fine… I might not dislike you… You are still a bag of poodoo.”

The baby smiled up, pulling on Fal’s white bang. “You are not bright either. Okay, I suppose we all start somewhere.” The girl raised the child to be on her eye level, studying him. “So… what do I do with you? I mean, have you seen the pair of idiots I shack with? One doesn’t even know what porn is and the other… probably knows it too well…”

The baby looked back at her confused. “Kriff, you probably don’t even know what I’m saying.”

“No, but keep swearing around him and he’ll be swearing like a spacer before he’s potty trained.” An amused female voice said behind her.

The Tholothian turned around to see a woman in black Mandalorian armor, shaking her head. “Hey, Bes’uliik, I felt a disturbance in the Force. Like a brothel was missing staff.”

“Hello, Antel. I see you you are still a broody teenager with self-identity issues.”

Fal glared at the woman. “Wow, who are you, my psychologist? Though seriously, what are you doing here? My day is already bad.”

The Mandalorian shrugged, moving to take the baby from Fal. “I heard there was a little one around and I have a weakness for them. Didn’t you hear about protection?”

“I don’t know, Bes’uliik, with examples like you, I’m surprise I haven’t had my own yet.”

“A bit below the belt, don’t you think?” The Mandalorian smirked, faking a swoon.

“No, that would been mentioning Raxu-”

“Stop.” Brintte stared at the girl, then turn to the baby. “So, teen mom? That sounds like a bad holo-show. What’s your plan?”

“Beats me. Mor and Nis pretty much threw the kid to me. Something about boobs and maternal instinct. Cause, you know, it’s not like they are older and more responsible than the teenager with issues.”

Brintte snorted. “You mean the Jedi who can’t keep a plant alive and the Sith that probably has a few of this in every street of Nar Shadaa. Are you surprised?”

“When you put it that way… Nope.”

The Mandalorian laughed softly, then cooed at the baby. “You little boy ended up with a very slow mommy and a pair of uncles that are most likely to forget you in an alley.”

Fal springed to her feet, raising her hands as a shield. “Oh nonononono, I am not anyone’s mommy. I’m just the one watching that... thing... until a better and more adult person takes it from me. Like you!”

“I already potty trained mine and I’m not doing that again. Besides, this one has to aim. Not willing to deal with it, so, you are solo kid.”

“What about Yzzy?”

Brintte just raised a brow, shaking her head slowly.


“Three kids.”


“She’s a full-time Jedi.”

Fal opened her datapad, already losing her options. “Res? Nex? Noddy? Liz?!”

“First one hates kids, second has three and a system, third is a psycho bomb crazed feline, and the last one has issues. From our list of contacts, you are actually the most capable.” Brintte answered as she handed the child back to the astound Tholothian. “Sad, isn’t it?”

Fal just stared at her. “I don’t know, have you seen my record with keeping people alive? I’m lucky if my arm or leg last a week!”

“Don’t you have family?”

“Yeah, but… I mean a baby!? Really!? What am I gonna say? I haven’t even said anything about the twins.”

“Wait a minute, you live with two hotties and you are not screaming it to the Galaxy?”

Fal frowned. “I don’t see them that way. If you haven’t met me, I would make a Jedi hardass proud with how sadly empty my love life is.” She turned to where she had left the twins. “Plus… those two are not dating material.”

“True… on all accounts. Listen, kid, my only advice is call your mothers, tell them how you found this little guy and maybe they can help. Your other option is putting him in an orphanage, and those are packed.” Brintte ruffled the girl’s hair. “And I’m pretty sure a part of you is already fond of the baby. You act tough, but you are a softy.”

Fal stared at Brintte, then looked at the baby. “Whatever.”

“Your whatevers mean you are taking the kid in. You said the same about the Wookiee… and the Nautolan… and the Twi’lek… and the rancor…”

“Fine, I have a thing about taking care of orphans and strays. Usually they don’t need me to change their diapers or do impersonation of ships to get them to eat.”

“Hey, word from an experienced mom, the ships are life savers. Look, I got some free days, so I guess I can take him in the meantime.”

“Please!” Fal extended the baby to the Mandalorian.

With a sigh, Brintte took the Zabrak, and looked at Fal. “You know, you guys brought the kid here. You are not the mother, and it would be unfair to ask you to take that role, but there’s someone who needs you and you are passing him like he’s a cheap purse.”

Fal lowered her head, giving up. “Fine, I’ll… take care of him. Think you can… I don’t know, mission cover for me until I find somewhere or someone who can take care of him?”

“Don’t worry, we won’t run out of things to explode while you do that.” The Mandalorian smirked, returning the child. “You are being mature, kid.”

“Don’t get used to it. I got a reputation to keep.”

“Right. Go call your parents. And stay away from Hutta. I heard what happened.” Brintte smirked, waving as she walked away.

“We were having a sweet moment of connection and you had to mention that…” She stared at the Mandalorian walking away, then turned to the smiling baby on her arms. “Oh, stuff it. I hate her guts. Yes, I do. Yes, I- Oh kriff… I need to call my mom fast.”

The girl sighed and carried the baby to meet with her friends. And as she arrived, she could feel her inside churning at the sight. Both twins looked at her with an apologetic smiled as Mor held a tiny Miraluka baby. Fal’s brow raised and she took a deep breath.

“You two… are so dead…”

Fal paced from side to side, watching the makeshift cradles from the corner of her cybernetic eye. She sighed, picking her holocom and calling home.

Sasmi rubbed her eyes as she sat down at the terminal. Hope, a nekarr cat, hopped to her lap as he curled up for bed. “Little one is that you?”

"Yeah..." The girl looked... quite good for a frontliner. Her gray clothes, considerably revealing but made for someone more focus in agility and light step, were covered with a black cloak and her white scarf hung around her neck. Aside from some minor bruises and a new scar across the bridge of her nose, she seemed healthy. "Sorry for taking so long to call. Been a while since we had secured lines."

Sasmi scratched behind Hope's ear she smiled. “I'm just glad you called. I get worried but I'm sure you have more important things on your mind.”

"There's more refugees every day. Whoever doesn't bow to the Eternal Throne gets wiped... It's... kinda bad..." The girl turned her head to the cribs again. "Speaking of refugees... er.." She shift uncomfortably, rubbing the back of her neck.

“What about them, little one? I know you are doing your best for them. It can not be easy, but I am proud to know you are helping.”

"Yeah... well... This... is the thing... I kinda have two babies now..." The girl tried to smile despite her terrible wording.

“Y-you..had k-kids?” Sasmi blinks dumbfounded. “What were you doing fighting in that condition!?”

Kriffing hell, the girl though.

"No nononono!! It's not like that! It's.... ugh, Mor is the good one for talking... So, a few days ago we found a destroyed town and there was a baby that survived, so we took him in. And the twins ended up bringing an orphaned Miraluka soon after too... so, being the girl around, I ended up caring for them." She blushed. "I still... haven't... you know... done that..."

An unmistakeable look of relief decorated her adoptive mother’s face. “Oh thank the Force. I mean...it's not bad or good..it's just..well.” Sasmi shook her head. “I'm glad that you are being aware of that. So...you now have two babies depending on you.” She smiled brightly. “I'm so proud at the woman you've grown into, Little One.”

"Yeah... here's the issue... I kinda need to go back into hiding... and I gotta train some Force sensitive kids..." She turns the holo to show a bunch of kids sleeping in blankets around a fire. There was a wookiee, four girls identical to the last hair, a Miraluka that was hugged to Sentinel and a little Togruta that was so young that still suck her little thumb. "And babies are a bit hard to care here in the run. We move a lot. So.. er... do you think you could take the babies in?" She left out the part that she hated changing diapers.

Sasmi nodded without a moment's hesitation. “You can have them brought here and we will take care of them. It will be nice to have a little noise around the house, what with you gone.”

"Oh, thank you, mom! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And they are kinda cute too." Fal moved the holo so it show the two sleeping babies."I like them, just... can't really take care of them here."

She smiled motherly at the little ones. “They are adorable. And I understand. War...is a difficult place for a child. *She looks at Fal* Are you holding up well, Little One?”

"Yeah... I'm still having issues with the people that can't be saved. Feels like for every person I save a thousand more died. And those that get too close to me die often too..." The girl sighed, sitting on the floor. "I wonder if this is how my big brother felt..."

“That is something I wish I could answer for you, Little One. But don't lose sight of those that you do save. For someday, those ones may be able to save others and then those more others. It may seem like you're doing so little right now, but look at those young ones behind you. You've given them the chance to grow up and follow the example you set.”

"Yeah... but what if I screw up their lives... or worse, put them in danger. I mean... you know how I am! I'm... not really a good example... And then there's Mor and Nis! I mean, Mor is good and all, so he might be a good example. But all that Nis does is drink and whore around..." The girl shivered. "Ugh, just thinking about it..."

Sasmi chuckled softly. “I had the same fears when I took you in. You don't need to be the perfect example, you don't need to be the great savor. You just need to be what they need in life, sweetie. You can do that, I know it's in you. You have shown that you care and you know what it's like in life to have people care about you. Show that to them and you will be doing the right thing.”

"I guess... I just... don't want them to live what I've lived... like there's a part of them missing..." The girl reached for the crystal hanging by her neck. "They don't have a care in the world, even after all that has happened. I kinda envy it."

“It's a blessing the young receive, when those older than them care and worry for them.” Sasmi smiled gently. “Fal, they won't go through what you did. You will see to that and will know how to steer them from that path. You have a family that will also help you with that. Me, your mothers, your friends, the memories of your brother, we are all with you and will support you.”

The girl smiled and nodded, then turn serious. "There was something else I needed to warn you about. I confronted a Sith recently... He.... it's hard to explain, but he affected my corruption just by his sheer presence."

Her adoptive mother frowned. “I see.”

The girl took her eyepatch off, showing the area around her red eye had somehow healed... yet at the same time looked even more damaged. "It was as if he was feeding off of it..."

Sasmi leaned forward to look at it carefully “I've not seen something like this before...but I have seen people draw on the negative emotions in others as well themselves.” She leaned back. “You will need to be cautious. Were you alone when you encountered him or could others feel him drawing on you?”

"I was alone. We fought, and I barely survived... He was... strange."

Raising a brow curiously, Sasmi glanced at Fal. “Strange in what way little one?”

"It was like there were two sides of him. One minute her was almost charming, the next he was after blood. But at the same time he wasn't trying to kill me. Not fully."

Sasmi rubbed her chin thinking as Hope looked up at her. “Could be spirit possession but I think you'd pick up on that before anyone else. Perhaps more of an aspect of duality within his sense of self. I've seen that before.....the extremes would fit properly from what you describe.”

"If he had been possessed I could have broken the connection and bind whatever possessed him to myself. Not even the ghosts I have bound so far reacted..." Fal thought for a little. "That duality... the best way I can explain is that he was a void... My own emotions felt drained... In any case, he sounded like he is gonna be trouble in the future."

Sasmi nodded thinking. “I would say be careful, though I think you'd just remind me that you are always careful, in your own way.” She added as a little joke.

"You mean the 'jumping into the thick of things and plans as I go' way?" The girl smiled. "I'm mostly worried he will try to dig up my past to get to me. Somehow he sensed the loss of my brother."

Her mother looked concerned. “You think he will attack your family then?”

"Maybe. I'm not sure. Last time I had a Sith like him in my life a lot of people got hurt..."

“Last time, you were different.” Sasmi leaned forward to remind Fal. “You've grown up so much since I met you on the shores and you will be able to stop him somehow. I know it.”

"I'll do my best. I won't let another Sith manipulate me like Thrax did."

“I know you won't, sweetie. Quar will never let you hear the end of it if you do.” The mother chuckled a bit.

"Don't remind me..." The girl sighed. "But yeah, those are the news over here. How's home?"

“The war has been affecting us here a bit. I've been going to the villages in the mountains to provide medical aid more often. We have reports coming in more and more lately and your mothers…” The woman sighed. “I seem to attract those that want to dive into action.”

"On our defense, we're also very good at chores." The girl chuckled. "I can't speak for them, but I couldn't just sit while people hurt... If we go technical, we can blame Miller for this!"

Sasmi rolled her eyes. “Another trait you share with the Viatrusos, I swear.” She chuckled after it.

"He does butt into people's lives." She the grumbles. "And is a butt himself..."

“But he's a butt that was concerned about you. Don't discount that so quickly.”

"Moooom, can't I dislike him without getting guilty?" The girl pouted.

“Oh you can complain all you like. Just remember that he would be willing to help you.” The mother playfully chided at Fal.

"Well I haven't seen him in forever, so I doubt it." There was a slight sound of disappointment in Fal's voice. "Besides, as far as I know, the Jedi went missing. Maybe he didn't make it..."

“Don't count them gone so quickly little one. *she smiles softly as her voice sounds a bit distant* They linger on more than you'd realize.

"Maybe, but shouldn't they be defending the Galaxy? We need them... I... want them back..." The girl mumbled. "I know I said I dislike them... and that I wish they were gone, but... I really want them back."

“Who knows.” She looked at the little ones. “Maybe you are saving some of the future Jedi right now.”

"Who am I, Meetra Surik? Besides, it will be up to them. Jedi, Sith or neither. So long they do right." Fal didn’t say it outloud, but a part of her was pleased with the idea of training the children in the Jedi way for some reason.

“They will look to you for guidance, sweetie. You will influence them greatly when you teach them and raise them.”

"Uhh.... I don't even know where I stand..."

“You know more than you realize. They will help you find it.”

Fal sighed, rubbing the back of her neck. "I guess. Ugh... I kinda miss being just a kid..."

“You'll find the nicer aspects of being an adult as you grew old, sweetie.” Sasmi smiled and looked at her ring. “Your life gets filled with many happy memories.” She looked at Fal as she leaned closer in the viewer. “And new ones come into your life that make it all the more wonderful.”

"You are right. I'm just too focused on the past, I suppose. Anyway, I should get back to guard duty before someone hits me."

“And I need to prepare for two little babies.”

"Yeah... I'll ask a friend to drop them. Shouldn't be more than a day or two."

“Oh goodness, it's going to be busy around here.” Sasmi smiled. “And you should come home sometime too. You look very tired.”

"I am, but I still have a lot of things to do before I can rest. Don't worry, I'll be home before you know it. I'll make you guys, my brother, Miller and all my friends proud."

“Sweetie, you've been making us proud all the times we've known you.” Her mother smiled.

"Guess I just need to raise the bar even more." The girl waved. "I'll see you soon, promise."

“Take care, Little One.” Sasmi waved a smiling goodbye.

With the call ended, Fal turned to the children in her care. "A new generation of Jedi... Guess... it wouldn't be so bad... right, big brother?"

With silence to answer, Fal chuckled and went for a walk. Despite her good mood, a strange weight held her from truly being happy. Running her fingers over the scar Ryshias had left her with, she began wondering what the Sith wanted with her.

Her musings were stop when a tiny hand held to her fingers. Looking down, she noticed the small Miraluka boy, followed closely by Fal's giant bird.

"I can't sleep, sister..." The boy complained as he got even closer and hug to Fal's leg. "I keep getting bad dreams."

With a sigh, Fal picked the child and walked to the fire. "Think a story would help?"

The boy nodded silently as Fal sat near the fire cradling him in arms.

"Alright... Let's see... How about we talk about the Jedi?"

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The Burden of War
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(I originally planned to introduce another villain, buuuuut... RP has a thing... Friends got together, we were hyped with the new movie and also because an old friend returned. So, instead here is The General~ and I officially love the Clarion in-game. Design and feel and I don't get motion sick with it xD)

“The base on Zaloriis got obliterated, so did the ones in Eirrauus and Radix. Honestly, we’re low on everything now.”

Fal glanced at the hologram of an elder human in a military uniform and nodded with a sigh. “I know, General… I know…”

“Antel, we need to go into the defensive. Without direct support from a major power, we’re living on scraps. We need to group up and hold until we have a more stable situation. We are not an army.” The General pleaded.

“Alright, I’ll send the twins and the younglings to Dusk Outpost 23. Have everyone rendezvous there and we’ll built from what we have.”

“And you?”

Fal brushed the back of her head. “I got unfinished business somewhere else. I’ll get that done with then rejoin you. Inform Shadow Six and Ten, and make sure they don’t try to kill each other.”

“Very well. What transport are you taking?” The General opened a datapad.

“I don’t need much, so I’ll take a fighter. The Clarion will do.” The Tholothian responded. “If Kayee can make it work.”

“You want to pilot that ship? What changed your mind?”

“Mostly will be passenger. Kayee is better at the piloting thing and I'm slow with machines.”

The General nodded. “Well... He would be glad you are using his ship. May the Force be with you, Antel.”

“And you, General. I’ll see you on the other side.”

As the hologram cut, Fal rested her forehead against the cool metal of the holo-projector. “Him, huh... It's not like we have much history... Unlike...” She pulled a small hologram projector and activated it.

The hologram of a Pureblood woman appeared and soon she was joined by an Echani, a human, a Zeltron and a small holographic Fal. The played and teased each other, laughing as good friends. A small smile spread on Fal’s face, and she chuckled softly.

“It’s nice to see you laugh. Even if it's a little.” She heard Mor talk from a corner. “I’ll get things settle, but I think you taking off on your own is foolish and completely unnecessary.”

“Mor, I have to find out. I’ve been postponing for too long. This is the perfect chance. You guys head out, I get time to go to Kashyyyk and possibly keep that Sith off the little ones. It’s just a matter of time before Darth Ryshias finds out about them.” The girl tried to explain.

Another voice almost identical to Mor’s joined in. “Which is why we should stay together. The bruises you had were no joke. You are lucky you got back here before Kareld left, or you’ll be one leg short right now.”

Fal took a deep breath at the mention of the Miraluka and seemed to drift away.

“You can’t just leave him! He’s your son!”, Fal growled in frustration.

Kareld sighed resting his hands on the Tholothian’s shoulders. “He doesn’t know and doesn’t need to know.”

“He does need to. You can’t just abandon him, Kareld! Doesn’t he deserves to know there is someone in this Galaxy that cares for him?”

The Miraluka pulled Fal into a hug, burying his face in the Tholothian’s ebony locks. “He has you. Fal, I can’t let Ifalnha find him. I need you to keep him safe.”

Fal took a deep breath, a few tears escaping her eyes. “Please don’t go…”

Kareld took a few steps back, cleaning the tears from his friend’s face. “You will both be fine, Fal. I could never think of anyone better to trust Ophre with.”

Fal sighed at the memory. The yelp of pain from Nis drove her back to the present and she covered her feelings as best as she could.

“Listen, right now we have no support. Take the children to safety and I’ll join as soon as I can. It’ll work, you’ll see.”

Mor sighed and nodded. “Alright. I still have a bad feeling about this.”

“C’mon, when have my plans gone wrong?”

Nis ruffled her hair with a smirk. “You want a sincere answer.”

“Go get ready to leave.” The girl chuckled and walked out.

A barrage of angry binary whistles surrounded Fal as her fighter drifted over an abandoned Republic satellite base.

“I know, I know. I didn’t think the Republic had abandoned this one. Intel we got is pretty kriffed. Let’s see if they forgot some fuel behind. Think you can make it safe for me to walk around.” Fal tried to calm her astromech.

The little droid made even more angry whistles as the ship landed, the detached to close the satellite’s hangar. With a little play, Kayee somehow found a way to re-activate the artificial gravity and oxygen. Once safe, Fal opened the cockpit.

“Thanks, buddy. Seems they left in a hurry, which might be good for us.” The Tholothian chuckled, turning to the small compartment behind her chair. She opened it and brought out a satchel, before jumping off her starfighter. “Hey, Kayee, any word from twins? Heard they had to give HK command of one of the ships. Something about Nis getting shitfaced drunk… again.”

The droid chirped back, moving to the girl’s side.

“Yeah, HK probably is finding some dogfight somewhere. Hopefully they didn’t give him the Defender. I like that one.” Fal chuckled, as she opened a few compartments in search of supplies. “Try to see if there’s something in the satellite’s computer, Kayee.”

An unamused whistle escaped the astromech as it connected to an interface in search for the much needed provisions.

“Well, sorry I don’t give you enough excitement, but I’m not good enough as a pilot to dogfight. Just half a year ago I was blind, remember?”

The droid made a rude chirp.

“Excuse me? Hey, just because you can fly the bird doesn’t mean you can do everything. Team effort, tin can. Give me a while, I’ll learn.” The girl assured.

Kayee ‘shook his head’ then poked Fal’s right leg.

Fal rolled her eyes. “Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence. It was an accident, alright? I said sorry! Even got you new parts.” She set some medpacs on her satchel. “Besides, it’s not like we have a squadron. Just an old relic and a couple of scrap ships.”

The droid moved to Fal’s side, purposely stepping over her foot then whistling annoyingly.

“Ouch! Why you little-”

The droid continue his angry sounds, then stared at the girl.

“Kayee, I know I shouldn’t talk like that about the Clarion, but… give me a break… I didn’t know my father. Even when I had my memory, I never met him. He died a day after I was born…” The girl sighed, then knelt. “C’mon, what do you have on this satellite?”

The droid whirled and moved around.

“Wow… that’s before the Treaty of Coruscant. A bit before I was born, actually.” The girl exclaimed. “Guess that explains a lot. Got any names on who was the commander?”

The droid chirped and caused the girl to go wide eyed.

“There…. there has to be a mistake… C’mon, Kayee, I’m not up for these jokes.”

The droid beeped aggressively, stepping again on the Tholothian’s foot.

“Ugh! Fine, you think you can prove it, go ahead, you tin can!”

The droid plugged again, then started one of the old holorecordings. A Tholothian man dressed in a Jedi robe. He seemed tired but stood proud and solemn. Fal’s eyes widened as she recognize the same eyes she once had in him.

Fal stared dumbfounded as the image soon included various other pilots and soldiers, followed suit by the same starfighter she had been given. “That… that is my dad? Heh… Ehe…” The girl chuckled slowly as tears fell of her eyes. “I… never really knew how he looked…” Her eyes settled on a Tholothian woman also dressed in a Jedi robe. “And… that must be…” The woman had her same face, her same smile and even tilted her head in a way that resembled Fal. “That’s my… my mom…”

The girl fell back, taking deep, ragged breaths. “W-when was… when was that taken?”

The droid got closer, as if trying to be a sort of comfort. A kind beep escaped the astromech, making the girl’s tears thicken.

“That was… seven months before he died…”

Kayee made a motion that seemed like a nod, then played a recording.

“The burden of war might seemed steep, protecting the freedoms of those we held dear is worth our sacrifice. Stand with your heads held high and never lose hope,-”

“-for one day the fight will be over… May the Force be with you…” The girl chuckles got stronger, before she started sobbing. “I never heard his voice… but I… I know those words… Guess I was listening that day…”

The droid made a triumphant noise as Fal cleaned her tears and hugged the small machine.

“Yeah, bud, you showed me… Thank you…” She sniffled, cleaning her face with her glove and stood up. “C’mon, let’s find fuel and food. We got stuff to be doing.”

Kayee made another whistle, as if prodding for more from the girl.

"Of course I'm happy... but... I didn't really know them, K. Truth is it's nice to see I'm a bit like them, but I'm also not a Jedi. Not to mention... I got so many questions now."

Fal connected a fuel line to her fighter, than sat to wait with a chipper Kayee.

"Well... for starters why did the General recruited me? Or how did he have my dad's starfighter... or what really is his connection to me? C'mon, this is a classic case of a man with an agenda!" She sighed. "I know he means well... I know he is trying to guide me into becoming something good, but I... I'm so confused..."

Kayee whirled, and rested by the girl's side. The machine bumped on her side a bit.

"Wow, thanks. Do I really look like a moody teen?"

A nod from the droid and a binary laugh made her pout.

"What?! It has nothing to do with my emotional state! I just like to part my hair like this! Besides, you are a rust bucket, what do you know about fashion!"

The droid sent a bolt to the girl from his electroshock prod, then ran away.

With a yelp, the girl shook her head and growled. "Why you! Come back here! I'm gonna make scrap parts out of you!"
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Re: Linked Road
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(This is non-canon and spoilery and REALLY SAD. But I like it. After this is mandatory to go give your mom a hug, call, send flowers or plainly accept moms are great. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Based on all the posts involving Death (Mainly Semah's and Aolanni's) and this mini manga WHICH I TOTALLY BLAME ARMERIA FOR LINKING IT IN HER TUMBLR! http://comic.manga-audition.com/entries/thirty-and-a-half-minutes-by-snippy-mj/#1 )

It hurt. It really hurt. As she lay on the medical bed listening to the screaming doctors around, Fal felt unbearable pain. She knew they were speaking to her, but their voices got lost in her cries of anguish. No battle wound hurt as much as bringing her child, her daughter into the world. She reached for some support, but she knew she was alone with strangers in a cold medical room far from her mothers… and Kareld… he was long gone.

Her tears of pain mixed with her tears of anguish at the memory of the father of her baby. He should have been there, holding her hand. Later, holding their baby. Discussing with her over why the name he wanted was better, or how she should sleep. And she would have been stubborn and shush him, resting her head on his shoulder like she had done many times.

Another high pitched scream. There was so much blood. She could see it through her glassy eyes. Was it hers? Was her baby alright? Why couldn’t she hear the cries of  the infant?

And then she heard her. Her little Aysel entered the world crying, announcing her presence to all those around her and her mother. Fal could not hold back the smile as a nurse let her hold the infant for a few seconds before taking her away to be cleaned.

The pain didn’t end. On the contrary, it continued, but she was quiet. She had already seen it. A skeleton looming over her with a clock in its hand. Counting the seconds.

“Please… Just one minute… One minute with her…”

Death, as it was no doubt the being present, turned its expressionless facade to the dying Tholothian.

It can’t be done. Your time is almost over.

“I beg you… Let me… tell her I love her…”, the silver haired alien pleaded, “Just once…”

Whatever move Death to comply, it didn’t say. It took the clock and added one minute.

The time started again, and the baby was returned to the warm embrace of her mother’s arms. Fal smiled at her Aysel, delighted to see the baby barely open her eyes to see her mother’s face. Red and purple eyes met with the bright lilac of the half-Miraluka half-Tholothian child. Fal marveled at how perfect her daughter was, her face decorated by a knowingly sad smile. She kissed her daughter’s forehead, nuzzling the infant’s cheek with her nose.

“I… won’t be around much, love… But… you have an amazing group of grandmothers… and extraordinary uncle that will protect you… and your father and I… we both love you very much. Even if we can’t be there with you…” The Tholothian whispered only for her baby to hear.

As the nurse took Aysel to check her weight, Fal leaned back on the pillows and gave one last sigh. A continuous line signaled her passing and the room went silent.

Death stared silently as doctors rushed to try to undo his work to no avail, then turn at the child. He felt… remorse from separating the daughter from her loving mother. It was its job. As it turn around to leave it saw the mother standing in front of it. Healthy, with ebony hair and equally bright purple eyes. The woman bowed her head slightly.

“Thank  you.” The spirit whispered.

I took you from her.

“You gave me one last minute.”

The girl moved to kiss Death’s cheek, then walk away towards a Miraluka man. They held hands as they disappeared into the light of the window.

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