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Author Topic: Looking for an RP-centric guild for my Trooper! Character concept inside.  (Read 412 times)

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Offline Sutorei

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Hey-o! Romy is a SPEC-5 reconnaissance specialist and sniper who belonged/belongs to the Advanced Pursuit Unit, 'The Stormwalkers'. While the name may sound cool - they certainly decided it did -, the Stormwalker APU squad did very little walking and even less of it in storms. The Stormwalkers and Romy were stationed on the planet Cadannia thanks in no small part to a sizable brigade of pirates who were interested in the flora that naturally grew there. Particularly the capabilities of weaponize a particularly virulent one that caused neural paralysis.

The Stormwalker's post on Cadannia's tepid, jungle-covered surface only recently changed as a new detachment took up post and the Stormwalker APU transferred off-world. Romy is now on shore-leave, which is the perfect time for her to get grabbed up by someone!

As a character, Romy isn't particularly strong in the social department. Which is largely the reason she volunteered to join the Stormwalkers - something few did - and take up post as the resident sniper. She spent less time with people on a remote world where her usual interactions were staring at them down the sights of her rifle.

I'm open to military-themed guilds, as well as any others that have a spot open for an out-of-her-element trooper. :)

Offline SquigglyV

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I'm not representing a guild, but if you're interested in non-guild RP I would love to do something with you! I have a ton of military characters of all kinds on both sides.

That being said, I know the Wraiths are recruiting. They might be a good fit because they do a lot of military-themed stuff.

Offline Sutorei

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Of course I'm interested in non-Guild RP! I can be found under 'Auvury', since I can't afford a name change at the moment. As for the Wraiths, Black Ops isn't really what I'm looking for. Romy is more jughead than blackhat. I'm sure I'll RP with them in some capacity nonetheless!