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Author Topic: Republic Lore: Military Leadership  (Read 934 times)

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Republic Lore: Military Leadership
« on: 09/30/17, 11:28:50 AM »
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Supreme Commander

The Republic’s Supreme Commander is the military head of the entire Republic armed forces.  In this capacity, the Supreme Commander oversees the deployment, preparedness, policy, and other aspects of managing the Republic Army and Navy.  This figure reports directly to the Supreme Chancellor, but regularly interacts with members of the Galactic Senate as well.

Jace Malcom
Status: Unknown

Formerly a hero of the famed Havoc Squad in the Republic Army’s Special Forces Division, Malcom frequently saw action across multiple battlefields in the Great Galactic War.  In the Cold War, he returned to a previous battlefield, Alderaan, to coordinate Republic support for House Organa in their civil war with House Thul.  As Supreme Commander, he personally took an interest in the evacuation of civilians from Makeb, and more recently led Republic forces against the Sith Empire on Iokath.

Previous Supreme Commanders
NameDates Active
Rans – c. 10 ATC
– c. 13 ATC
Stantorrsc. 10 ATC


General Callan Grayne
Hoth campaign
Status: Unknown

During the Cold War, Grayne deployed to Hoth, where the Republic was stuck in an endless conflict with the Empire.

"War Trust"

An unofficial body of senior officers charged with exploring new military innovations and developing bold tactics for use against the Empire.  The entire War Trust was wiped out by Darth Baras' apprentice (the future Emperor's Wrath) during the Imperial occupation of Taris in the Cold War.

General Durant

General Faraire

General Elaxis Frellka

General Minst


General Elin Garza
Commander, Special Forces Division
Status: Unknown

One of the most prominent officers of the Republic military.  Garza is notable for co-founding SpecForce Division during the Great Galactic War.  In her capacity as SpecForce Division commander, she oversees the Republic Army's classified special operations against the Sith Empire and other threats to the Republic.  She is a controversial figure, but a highly decorated one.

General Var Suthra
weapons development
Status: Unknown

Another senior army officer who saw extensive service in the Great Galactic War.  The horrors of his experience drove Var Suthra to pursue the development of superweapons that would allow the Republic the edge it needed to survive a future conflict with the Sith Empire.  Var Suthra worked closely with the famed Hero of Tython in the Jedi's campaign against Darth Angral.

List of Generals
AakarsBalmorran resistanceDECEASED
AndoHoth campaignUNKNOWN
AvesCommander, Republic forces – CorelliaUNKNOWN
ConlathCommander, Republic forces – BelsavisUNKNOWN
DreesonTaris reconstructionDECEASED
GelrexBattle of IlumUNKNOWN
Karastace GonnOuter Rim diplomacyDECEASED
KashimCommander, Republic forces – Alderaan     UNKNOWN
KorvanCommander, Republic forces – QueshUNKNOWN
KrepkitHoth campaignUNKNOWN
Ilic NadabHoth campaignUNKNOWN
OriasBattle of IlumUNKNOWN
Thelonia Redrish     Voss diplomacyDECEASED
Amos Rikerogue, Eternal Alliance oppositionDECEASED
ShodarraHoth campaignUNKNOWN
SkylastBelsavis prison reclamationUNKNOWN
TaoChief Controller, Balmorran resistanceDECEASED
UchangHoth campaignUNKNOWN
VanderOrd Mantell Infantry CommandUNKNOWN


Fleet Admiral Bey'wan Aygo
Eternal Alliance military commander
Status: Discharged

Formerly the commander of the Republic's First Fleet.  Aygo distinguished himself at the Battle of Kuat.  During the invasion of the Eternal Empire, he attempted to mobilize his forces to oppose Zakuul's forces, but was constantly blocked by then Supreme Chancellor Saresh, who wanted to continue focusing on the Sith Empire.  Aygo was discharged from Republic military service and now commands the military forces of the Eternal Alliance.

Fleet Admiral Numinn
Commander, Fifth Assault Fleet
Status: Unknown

Numinn founded the elite Coruscant Aegis squadron during the Cold War to confront Sith aggression during the treaty period.  When Darth Malgus split from the Sith Empire, Numinn was called as a member of an emergency war council on Ilum to confront the new threat.

Other Fleet Admirals
Name     Position     Status

List of Admirals
Trede Bakvalen     UNKNOWNUNKNOWN
DabrinCommander, ValiantUNKNOWN
MonkDarth Baras spy network     DECEASED
RevaldHoth campaignUNKNOWN
ShaiBattle of IlumDECEASED
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