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Author Topic: Hutt ship caper- Planning a grey Coalition epilogue  (Read 512 times)

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Hutt ship caper- Planning a grey Coalition epilogue
« on: 11/10/17, 09:41:34 AM »
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Hello folks I am mostly planning this as a solo piece to set up some more current plots,  but I wanted to let people know in case anyone wanted a cameo or input.   basically this will take place as a few scenes in the weeks and days after victory over Zakuul,  as our ships returned from the Core worlds and guilds started splitting off.   it will begin over Corellia and end at a mid-Rim fleet location.


 the plot is a follow up to this Agreement which loan our Fleet 2 Hutt warship/pleasure barges in exchange for vague acquiesance to future Hutt expansion.   the original guild is inactive but I would like to continue some of these plot threads with NPC Hutt politics. 

After the war ended the ship's owners presumably wanted them back and started looking at their possible options to annex weakened systems.  Some of my Mandelorians decided to grab a ship they'd been manning instead, and this will play out a few of the things that led to that.

Mostly planning to use my Wraith, Mando and wysan family chars.  But if anyone would like input or a brief cameo let me know.  Not looking for a long drawn out battle, but wanted to let people know what was happening if any of your characters might have had some roll to play.

 the main purpose of this is too establish a few things and set up some more current Hutt/Mando rivalries.
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