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  • Project Resurgence: 03/29/18

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Project Resurgence
« on: 03/22/18, 07:35:03 PM »
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The following is an excerpt from a datafile provided by Taelios to the Jedi Custodum enclave.

"...Project Resurgence is, in effect, an effort by one Darth Sauriens, to bolster Sith numbers after severe losses to Zakuul. By moving on Jedi in vulnerable positions, he seeks to transport them to Imperial space for conversion by any means necessary. It is with this in mind that I formally request the aid of the Jedi Custodum in neutralizing the threat posed by this Darth Sauriens, a villain possessed of formidable resources and motivation."

"By chasing the leads presented to me by previous opportunities, I have located what I believe to be the primary compound of Darth Sauriens. While cornered, he is anything but beaten- a direct assault is the most pertinent option, and I will make the necessary resources available, however I will still require capable volunteers."

Hi, there, interested parties! This event is the culmination of a series of smaller events in which leads were chased to locate one Darth Sauriens. In summary, this event will be held in a Nar Shaddaa stronghold, is open to Jedi and Republic aligned citizens.  I intend to run it Thursday, March 29th.