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Author Topic: Themaya - The Approach - Class Mission  (Read 1239 times)

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Re: Themaya - The Approach - Class Mission
« Reply #15 on: 04/03/18, 07:16:15 PM »
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Empowered One: It may yet take weeks. The proposal must travel through multiple committees. Further those committees may ask for changes to the proposal which have to also be approved before being submitted back to you.


The ship lurched to the side from an impact. The Empowered One flickered.

Empowered One: What is...


The ship creaked and leaned even further causing the crew to lose their footing.
Bowdaar: <We are under attack!>

Akaavi, Risha, and Bowdaar rushed to man ship systems.

Corso: Who's firing at us now? We're the good guys.

Guss: Good guys, bad guys, who cares? They're already firing.

Smuggler: Later. Both of you get ready.

The Captain joined Risha in the cockpit just as she steered the ship out of the way of a fresh shot.

Risha: I can't pin down who is shooting at us yet, but whoever they are they're fast.

Smuggler: I guess the locals don't appreciate visitors.

Risha: That or we've got some territorial tourists trying to keep us out. Take the ship while I figure out what's going on.

The Captain pulled the ship around to clear a shot for the guns.

Smuggler: Bowdaar, you on the guns?

Bowdaar roared his affirmative.

Smuggler: Good! keep your eyes open. We're going hunting.

The smuggler used every flight trick to try to pull the attacking ship in view. Each time they came close to seeing more than the black, angular side, the opposing ship pulled just out of line of sight.

Risha: Got it! It's an Imperial fighter. Looks like we can confirm that rumor.

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Correction, It was an Imperial fighter.
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Smuggler: You mean it was an Imperial fighter. It's about to be shimming space debris just as soon as we get a good shot.

Risha: Make it quick then. They've gotten more good shots in that we have, and I don't plan on dying here.

Smuggler: Neither do I.

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This is why I hate dealing with Imps.
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Smuggler: Imperials, always getting in my way. If they're not shooting at me, it's secret prisons and and labs, or horrible mutated experiments. These guys really need to give it a break.

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What gives?
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Smuggler: Why are they shooting at us now? That wasn't supposed to start until after we got to the planet. We weren't even supposed to be hanging out here long enough for them to notice us!

Risha: Looks like they found out anyway. Keep trying to bring us around enough for Bowdaar to get a good shot.

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That ship will look good in my collection.
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Smuggler: You mean it was Imperial. I think that ship will look good in my personal collection.

Risha: Don't show off. We need to get out of this with as few holes as possible.

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Re: Themaya - The Approach - Class Mission
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The freighter and the Imperial fighter dogged each other through Themayan space. Each ship looped in and out of the other's line of fire. Skillful piloting kept the the freighter from taking more direct hits but the other ship had only been grazed.


A shot streaked across the viewport.

Risha: Something isn't right.

The comm chimed as she activated it.

Risha: Akaavi I'm sending the flight patterns for this ship. I want you to look them over.

The Smuggler jerked the ship out of the way of a spray of red weapons fire as Akaavi made her analysis.

Akaavi: These are not imperial tactics. They are haphazard and unconventional, not unlike the Captain's.

Smuggler: Hey! It doesn't matter, it's getting the job do-


Risha and the Captain winced at the sound, but the impact had not hit the Smuggler's ship. Bowdaar's triumphant roar reverberated from up in the gun turret.

Smuggler: Correction, they were getting the job done.

The attacking ship sped by the viewport just in time for the occupants of the cockpit to see it's parting shot as it plunged towards the planet.


It connected with the freighter. Warning lights went off on the cockpit. Risha immediately started checking ship reports to find out where the shot landed.

Risha: Oh you've got to be kidding me. They hit the engines. Looks like we'll be visiting Themaya ahead of schedule. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

Smuggler: Everybody, hold on!

Two bright fireballs trailed through Themaya's atmosphere. They passed rocky peaks and jagged outcroppings on the way down. The Imperial ship exploded in a large burst of flames as it connected with the face a mountain. The Captain used what maneuvering capability was left to dodge the fatal peaks. Nevertheless, the ship bucked when it hit the smaller rocks.

Smuggler: We need to pick a spot and scrub before we get to those large mountains up ahead. We're not getting around those. Everyone hang on, we'll be cutting it close.

Risha: There's an empty spot nearby. Whether they like it or not we've got to stop there.

Smuggler: Hope they got the guest room ready then. Looks like were coming for a visit.

The captain brought the circular cargo ship down. The ship skipped and skidded across the rocky ground breaking off chunks of rocks as it went. Slowly it lost momentum and rested on a somewhat flat bit of ground overlooking a valley hiding a small settlement.

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