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Author Topic: Port-in-a-Storm: The Complete Story of Kynett Va'likar...so far  (Read 337 times)

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Port-in-a-Storm: The Story of Kynett Va'likar

Kynett is the son of a Trooper and a Sentinel, both characters I have made. The Jedi, Brenna, was killed while defending the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. As a result, the Trooper, Kytonn, retired and became the Military adviser for Coruscant in the Senate. Kynett was fairly neglected growing up, but he understood why. His parents had important roles in the Galaxy, and his caretakers weren't the best, so even as a kid he'd sneak out and see what he could start collecting. After his mother's death, his father seemed to disappear entirely. He needed a source of income, now being a teenager, and where else would one look other than what they are skilled in? Being naturally agile and have almost unnatural reaction times, being quick on the draw was easy, and sleight of hand was all the more simple to pick up. Smuggling was just a job he fell into in the Underworld of Coruscant. He would get so good at it, that by 27, the Strategic Information Services would require his talents, and would pick him up. Reluctantly, he accepted--for the credits, of course. After a few years, he and his Wookiee companion, Gaarkazza [Bowdaar], would be doing dangerous operations on commission for the SIS and make BIG paydays, that is...until one operation.... Kynett was tasked to smuggle HIMSELF into an Imperial Dreadnaught and steal the most valuable thing onboard: a bomb with a payload so devastating, it could level entire cityscapes to dust. The operation, surprisingly enough, went flawlessly. He was back in even record time, and caught wind of his superiors' plan.....to use this bomb on Dromund Kaas, and cripple the Empire.

"But if we do this, how would that make us any different than them?" He protested as he entered the room. They didn't care for his opinions, but played along. Kynett and Gaarkazza [which means Fearless Spirit by the way] naturally never trust the Republic from their run ins when living in the Underworld, so they came up with their own plan to remotely deactivate the bomb from Kynett's Freighter. During this operation, Gaarkazza went home to Kashyyyk to visit his family, since Kynett would have the easier time blending in. Believe it or not, it was extremely difficult to have a Wookiee pass as an Imperial Soldier. I know. Shocking.

After knowing the SIS were not to be trusted, Kynett went to race toward his father in the Senate to let the entire Republic know of this treachery, but first he needed to picm up his best friend. That was when it happened. The SIS discreetly hired top notch Mandalorian Bounty hunters to take him down. Failing at the spaceport, the chase was on through the galaxy. Through Astroid Fields, Hutt Space, and even trying to lose them in Imperial Space, he finally made his way to Kashyyyk where the coast was clear....so he though....when he entered the Kashyyyk system, making a pass of one of the planets, he was shot down. Ambushed. The cockpit obliterated. His ship wasnt in any better condition. That's when they saw him.

The planet turned out to be one frequented by a clan of Mandalorians. They would hunt there frequently. They saw the last moments of the ship before it got ambushed. These Mandalorians recognized the attackers. A clan they have been warring with for years. Well if anyone was worth getting tracked down by this clan into their own space, the hunters decided to investigate the crash site, hoping to get scrap metal for armor upgraded and even to smelt for weapons. What they saw shocked them: a man, crawling out of the wreckage, missing his right hand and right eye, his right side of his face burned. They saw the fight to survive in this man, so the clan leader decided they would nurse him back to health. Using scrap metal from his ship, Kynett was able to get his crude robotic hand functioning, only improving it a little bit after, liking its simplistic, but effective design. The Mandalorians decided to adopt him into the clan after a few months of travelling together. Now being a Mandalorian, he quickly rose in ranks and even being there when the clan leader was mortally wounded in a hunting accident, gored by a nexu that jumped them. That was when the clan leader told Kynett to carry on her legacy and become the clan leader. This was when Clan Va'likar was established. Being so strong, the other members, with little opposition, agreed to her ruling and followed Clan Va'likar to continue this war against the other clan. After a while, Mandalore herself called upon him to ask a favor. She wanted him to become a Jedi Hunter, a part of an elite Mandalorian Task Force, with the job of killing the most difficult to kill: Force Users. And that is where Kynett Va'likar finds himself, training with his new Beskad and the lightsaber of his first kill. It seems as though he took after his mother more than he previously thought....to an extent.
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Here's my story, everyone :)
0̡͖̗͙̙͖͢ͅ1̶̢̘̫̤̣̦̘͘0̧̞̹̹̲̖͙̬̼͚1̢̺͖̟͚͉̯͠0̡͏̱̹0̧̲̮̬̰̗̀1҉̡͍͓͍͕̜1̪̤̟͖̤̺̭͎ ̡͉͖̬͇̩͖͝ͅ0͝͏̝̯̘̬̥̹̼̝1̖̖͙̞́1̧̙̗̳̣̻̗̘͘0̡͓͈̰̤͜͝1̵̘̩͔̤͕0̷̣̰̜̘͉̹͠0̫̳̘̯̰̻̺͕͔́͝1̟̭͢͠ ̭̙̰̲͖͠0̨͓̥͈̦̱̝͓1͜͏҉̥̭̳͉̩̘̱̙1͏̸̦̝̯̻̦̖̬̘1̗̜̬͎̳̟͈ͅ0҉̳̟̱̟̦̺̙͕͝1̵̴̠̣̦͉̙͔̩0̩̱͖̪͕̥̝͖̥͢͝0̛̦͕̼̺̕ ̘̙̦͚̼̤0͏̘͍͓͠1̩̪1̭̰͕̝̤̹0̵̛̺͔͕1̡̫̫̰̥͞0̴̝̼͉̲͇̤0̟͓̳̙͇͇̬̦̪́͡0̹̦͇͉͈

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It's nice to see you've put thought into Kynett's backstory Kyiore. I hope you develop the character more in future RPs. :)
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