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Events and Occasions / The Cron Adrift No More
« on: 11/10/18, 07:11:51 PM »

Yavin 4

All good things must come to an end.
- Geoffrey Chaucer

"It lasted for a long time, I believe. A very long time.
It was a great success, but even great successes come to a natural end."
- Issac Asimov, Robots and Empire

Mace Windu: "The Council has assembled. They are eager to hear your report."
Yoda: "Afraid, not much there is to say of my journey."
Obi Wan Kenobi: "So nothing significant happened to you out there?"
Yoda: "Yes... and no. To the end, we are coming now."
Mace Windu: "Did your journey give you insight on how to win the war?"
Yoda: "No longer certain that one ever does win a war, I am.
For in fighting the battles, the bloodshed, already lost we have.
Yet open to us a path remains, that unknown to the Sith is.
Through this path victory we may yet find.
Not victory in the Clone Wars, but victory for all time."
- Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 6, Episode 13

Date: November 17, 2018
Time: 4:00PM P.S.T./7:00PM E.S.T. (start and end time is fluid, players are encouraged to join at any time)
Location: Yavin 4, Republic Landing Zone, Coalition Staging Area
  • The Republic Landing Zone is our primary role-play locale, and has a shuttle, pilots, black market merchants, refugee tent, operations tent, speeders, and a few aliens for window dressing.
  • The Coalition Staging Area will be our overflow area, complete with a few Jedi, Sith, and mercenaries as needed.

Invitations to Players:
  • The Event post will allow for multiple character sign ups, so please use your character name when you register so everyone can see which characters may make an appearance.

Invitation to other Gamemasters:
  • Bring your side plots, sub-plots, preludes and denouements to your other stories. This is not a heavily scripted Event, and everyone is encouraged to use this as a springboard for any pre-Ossus stories underway.
  • Please make use of any available Non-Player Characters nearby for your own scenes or teasers.


What Jedi Knight player-characters may know;
  • Rogue Jedi may be arranging for secret transport on Yavin 4 of Galactic refugees and displaced Jedi settlements somewhere through the Cron Drift, a massive, highly dangerous asteroid field infested with pirates, smugglers, and slavers.

What Republic player-characters may know;
  • Rogue Jedi - not fully aligned with the Republic - may be hiring smugglers on Yavin 4 for secret shipments somewhere through the Cron Drift. Sith warships have been reported in the same Sector and may also be en route.

What Independent player-characters may know;
  • The call has gone out for skilled pilots willing to risk navigating the dangerous Cron Drift. Their cargo is rumoured to be mostly passengers, and supposedly the Run isn't for Hutt Slavers. The congregation of so many scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells will be ripe with open bounties and ships in need of mercenaries to protect their crews and cargo against pirates and slavers.

What Sith Empire player-characters may know;
  • Naval ships have been ordered to jump to lightspeed and plot a course to the Auril Sector at once. They are ordered to ferret out Republic warships that may already be in the Sector, aiding a Jedi subterfuge plot against the Sith Empire.

What Sith Lord player-characters may know;
  • Jedi Knights may be en route to Yavin 4, or even already in the System, infiltrating the local black markets. Something is happening near the Cron Drift, and there is a great disturbance in the Force...

  • The rise and then slow decline of the Alliance, means that factions are meaningless now, and defections between Republic and Sith keep the lines blurred. Who is on Yavin 4 to help the Jedi? Who is there to hinder them? Who will follow them to their destination, and who will fight to keep their secrets safe?
  • Is this the end of your story? Is this where you cement your Legacy?
  • Or is this the flashpoint that sparks a new conflict? Are the lessons of the past lost to the future?

For those strong in the Force, there are no coincidences. There is only Destiny.

Cantina / recoveringgeek's Event plots and thoughts.
« on: 10/27/18, 04:02:10 PM »
Participation in this thread is encouraged, please keep replies on topic.

So right now Saturday November 17 is edging out in the poll, however voting remains open, so please continue to remind players to vote if they haven't already. Invite back those naysayers who say they've moved on to other games. One night back with old friends would be welcome.

That said, we've got 14 players who've voted, which is both appreciated, and a wonder at how low our returning site visitors have dwindled.

Open-world, cross-faction is also currently the preference, only just behind a Republic-only Event. However only 8 players have voted for Event preference, so apparently the Poll choices were not inviting enough to another 6 or so players?

Republic-only opens up a lot of Faction-locked areas for an adventure, however I want to give anyone a chance to play their favourite Imperial if that's most important to them.

I posted before I'm leaning towards an update 5.10 Prelude. Obviously there are some story spoilers online if you go seeking them out, however I'm more interested in the decay of the "Alliance" as the two major Galactic powers ramp up their military engines once again.

What actually interests me though is us, our characters. Most of us that remain know each other from one galaxy-ending Event or another. We've fought against each other and side-by-side, as needs dictated. Unless a player is bringing in a wet behind the ears Rookie, our characters represent the last of the veterans of the Galaxy. (I like to tie the dwindling player base to our old allies and friends drifting away or becoming lost in the chaos of the never-ending wars.)

However I want to invite anyone who is keen to attend to add their story-related thoughts or plot hooks to the discussion. I don't just want to dictate my version of the story, but incorporate elements from everyone else's personal stories that impact your character.

I'm pretty good at taking even a rough idea and running with it.  :rush:

Cantina / recoveringgeek's Event Poll #2
« on: 10/23/18, 09:36:54 AM »
The Choose Your Date poll is still open, please vote now!

Some definitions;
  • in-game, open world: We use the game engine to enjoy a Star wars adventure with role-playing, exploration, battles with mooks, monsters, and sometimes each other... trolls be damned. Blasters and lightsabers and Outfits
  • in-game, stronghold: We use a stronghold as a destination for the Event, complete with NPC's, decorations, and some Mind's Eye Theatre combat, with lots of Emotes and Toys to help with immersion
  • Chat Room: A role-player's dream, and a little R.N.G. courtesy of the dice roller as desired. Links to music and sound effects are appreciated

Cantina / recoveringgeek's Event Poll #1
« on: 10/20/18, 02:12:29 PM »
Anyone interested in a one-shot?
  • First we choose the best date.
  • Then we choose the best format.
  • Then we choose the damn Event.

Events and Occasions / A Dread Mind
« on: 06/30/18, 04:58:16 PM »


  • Date: Thursday July 19, 2018
  • Time: 6:00PM P.S.T. (start time can be flexible upon request) Updated: 5:00PM P.S.T.
  • Location: Ziost, in-game, post-Vitiate storyline
  • Timeline: Current, 3630 BBY, seven years since the Invasion of Ziost (spoiler warning)
Prelude: A Dread Mind

This Event is being held on the traditional Jedi Night Event time slot, however it is open to Jedi and Sith characters alike. Other Force-Sensitive characters may also attend, please post a reply with your character request. Non-Force Sensitive characters can also attend, however I am requesting they have a meaningful connection to one of the attending Jedi or Sith characters. (eg. Personal assistant, personal pilot, security, spouse) 

Story hook: Two weak distress beacons broadcasting on Republic/Sith channels have been picked up, and traced back to Ziost. The signals are old Jedi/Sith distress codes, not used in decades. Despite its' coordinates within the Sith Empire, Ziost is a barren world, avoided by most space traffic, and even the Republic and the Sith Empire have long since abandoned any survey sites, due to the inhospitable climate, terrain, and the surviving Sith Monoliths that still stalk the ash-filled plains.

The Republic cannot risk sending a sizable rescue mission, and the Sith Empire remains too fractured to coordinate any meaningful effort utilizing large fleet ships. Small task forces of volunteers are all they can muster on what could just be a ghost signal bouncing across the Galaxy.

Out-of-Character: It is important that characters have completed the Ziost storyline in-game, as the game world is now devoid of mobs. It is perfect for exploration and role-play, with the potential for occasional Player-vs.-Environment.

As with many of my prior Events, I will permit Player-vs.-Player scenes, if the players involved find consensual dance partners prior to the start of the Event. PvP is not a focus of this Event, however character conflict will remain a core theme, so put on your role-play shoes.

Choose an outfit suitable for a barren, ash-strewn world haunted by the echoes of a dying world, yet remarkably, still maintains a strong connection to the Force.

I Disappear
- Metallica

Do you bury when I'm gone?
Do you teach me while I'm here?
Just as soon as I belong,
then it's time I disappear

Holocrons and Info Nodes / [Prelude] A Dread Mind
« on: 06/30/18, 04:08:03 PM »
When fear makes your choices for you, no security measures on earth will keep the things you dread from finding you. But if you can avoid avoidance - if you can choose to embrace experiences out of passion, enthusiasm, and a readiness to feel whatever arises - then nothing, nothing in all this dangerous world, can keep you from being safe.
- Martha Beck


"Calphayus, is that you?"

"Calphayus, no time for slumber."

"I am awake... Witch."

"Calphayus, do not use their names. They use words to describe that which is beyond description. I am older than Title or Name."

"You are old enough to have been forgotten. As it should be."

"Are you certain you are Calphayus? I did not recognize you without your face?"

"That is not my face, Witch. It was a mask. A shield. A symbol of one who failed. I hear you, yet not see you. You may just be another memory from the past."

"I am of the Past. I am Now. I will be with you for what comes Next. Tell me Calphayus, how long has it been since you shed your old face for your new?"

"It has been... it has been... it has... it is a year now. Yes, my vision clears more each day."

"Poor Calphayus. It has been nine years, as they measure space, and time."

"Nine? No, not possible... it has only been... "

"It is possible, because it is true. It is true, because it is already in the past. We can only see the Past Calphayus, not revisit it, not relive it, not revise it."

"We can regret it."

"Why Calphayus? Why regret that which cannot change? Do you fear the past? Only the Jedi know such fears. Fear to repeat mistakes long passed. Fear to forget loves long gone."

"The Jedi control their fear Witch,  even you know this."

"Do they Calphayus? Is that what guides their hands now? Confidence? Surety? Conviction. No, they are not so certain."

"Only a Sith holds his fear close. I know this well. It gave me power."

"The bond with your fellow Masters gave you strength, yet it was fleeting, limited. You used it to destroy, yes, but look at you now. Broken, alone. You have forgotten as many years as you reigned, and you are losing time now, even as we speak."

"Then tell me why we speak, Witch. I know these lessons already. I speak of them with the Jedi. We deconstruct each moment, each choice, until we find wisdom, and serenity. I enjoy those moments. They are fleeting. Then we begin again, and the darkness returns."

"Poor Calphayus. So many years, and still you do not understand. They did not bring you to their celestial body to teach you."

"They gave me mercy, Witch. Through their instruction, I remember, I heal. I do not want to spend my remaining years, few as they are, in darkness and pain."

"Calphayus, if it is redemption you seek. Forgiveness, perhaps? You need not atone. You need only to speak. You are their instructor. Only you can teach them how to survive what is coming."

"Your riddles betray you, Witch. Your mind is as lost as mine."

"Calphayus. Brother. There is no riddle here. Only a warning. They are few, and the end is coming. Their numbers dwindle, their attachments disturb, and their rivalries distract. Jedi, Sith. The Light. The Dark. These are constructs. You gazed into the heart of the Phobis. Your mind survived. Revealed to you was past, present, and future. They were as One once before, and to survive, to endure, they must become as One again."

"If they cannot, Witch? I have not known you to gloat or grovel. You neither find peace nor seek harm. What cause have you in their survival?"

"I have dwelled long on the Past Calphayus, perhaps this Old Witch as you say it, has her own regrets. The End is coming, and with it, all of their accomplishment, knowledge, and potential will be gone. It slips away now, each day, as fewer and fewer of them remain to resist it."

"Change cannot be avoided, Witch. Loss cannot be prevented. Those that stay, endure. Those that wander, may never return. Those that fall, are remembered. There is no Death, there is the Force."

"No Calphayus. Not death."

"What then?"

"Can you not feel it brother?"


Cantina / Roll Call - How active are you?
« on: 05/10/18, 04:00:33 PM »
If you are a Gamemaster, and actively plan or run Role-Play Events, please add a comment. While most of us are here for the Role-Play, how many of us are crafting new stories in addition to passive role-play?

I'm curious to see what the Poll tells us about the size of our mighty but dwindling community.  :think:

Storyboards / The Race through Roche - Epilogue
« on: 04/14/18, 12:52:58 AM »
Out-of-character: Everyone in the community is invited to add their own personalized post to this thread to share the Race through Roche through their eyes. It can be reflections before, during, or after.

  • Did your bets go wrong?
  • Did you get entangled with Verpine security forces during the escape?
  • Are you inspired to issue a new challenge to the next round of hot shot chair jockeys?

Events and Occasions / The Race through Roche - Conclusion
« on: 04/09/18, 08:28:54 PM »
They say if you sit the chair long enough, you learn there is no such thing as good luck, or bad luck.

Just Spacer's Luck.

Do everything right, plan the run to the smallest detail, and you still blow your hyperdrive upon re-entry. Spacer's Luck.

Make it up as you go along, catch every stray blaster bolt or turbolaser aimed your way, and still land with a profit. Spacer's Luck.

Despite long odds, defying all common sense, and enduring dangerous flying conditions, Captains Pehn Qardaak and Augustus Jaade have miraculously managed to land their ships at Slayn Colony, a Verpine trading and mining stronghold inside the infamous Roche Asteroid Field. Not only did the Captains manage to survive the flight, they even made landing with their cargo (mostly) intact.

To the frustration of odds makers across the Sector, they also managed to set down at practically the same time, within the margin for error. Now with ship hulls (and tempers) smoking, the matter of who is the fastest must be settled by tie-breaker. Count the credits, and place new bets, because the fastest Spacer is also usually the one who throws the fastest jab...


  • Date: (Lucky) Friday April 13, 2018
  • Location: Cantina on Odessen

Important: With the blessing of @Seraphie, we are preempting the normal Friday Night Dancer's Palace cantina night, so more of the community can participate. Bring your usual Friday night plots, preening, and pedantry...

The cantina on Odessen with its' rock walls is a fantastic visual stand-in for an asteroid colony. Odessen is dual-faction, accessible by all players who have access to Knights of the Fallen Empire. We will be using the back-half of the cantina, which is well spaced, contains several decorated side chambers, and even has a stage for anyone wanting to bring out their performers and get some much needed use of their Sing and Holo-Instrument Emotes.

@blingdenston and @recoveringgeek will be co-GMing again, so please message us if you want to jump into the mix regarding the conclusion of the infamous Race through Roche.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / The Race through Roche
« on: 04/05/18, 12:04:20 AM »
Part 1

Rocks Fall, Everyone Flies

blingdenston: ~The Roche Asteroid Field...home of the insectoid Verpine colonies and their isolated, but lucrative, enclaves! To those daring enough to traverse the duratite rocks and pockets of volatile gas, a fortune can be made...or a vendetta can be settled! Comm-buoys carry the subspace radio signal clearly, though, as the competitors arrive...~
recoveringgeek: Jaade settles into his chair, studying the spinning, whirling, menacing asteroids as the Roche Field rushes up to meet them as they exit hyperspace.
recoveringgeek:   "Hey Kettur, you know what they say about asteroid fields?"
Niarra: "What are you doing going in there, we're all going to die?"
recoveringgeek: "Close. Don't fly them angry. Don't fly them slowly. Don't fly them for credits, or pride, or for revenge. It's a Spacer's curse."
Niarra: "Sounds like a good pornographic vid teaser, but I'll take your word for it."
Imazi: Jessak strides into a lavish room filled with partygoers of various stripes. Her dress glitters in the ambient lighting common to Nar Shaddaa as she addresses the crowd.
Jessak: Welcome to the game. Remember the refreshments are going to be as generous as you are so bet large and often.
Jessak gives the room bright smile then reclines on the Hutt skiff floating in middle the room. She is afforded the best seat in the house with a clear view of the large holoscreen displaying both contestants.
Jessak speaks through the comm: May the best Captain survive.
recoveringgeek: "Maybe, except for most pilots, there's no happy ending." Jaade accelerates his sublight engines, and keys on the local comm channel to wide-receive, listening for chatter.
blingdenston: "You get all that blather from the old spacer's home, you rusty ol' scow?" ~The Dynamene winks out of hyperspace at the edge of the asteroid field, all smooth lines, organic curves, and hydroplasma-lensing nozzles.
recoveringgeek: "I'm sitting in the old Spacer's home. So tell me again how exactly you intend to slip those rocks when you have no depth perception? You going to kiss each one and ask them nicely to move?"
Karmic sits solo in a plush loveseat by one of the windows as she sees Jessak arrive. Having already place her one bet, she sits with her drink and watches the holoscreens as well as one just in front of her. She waves to Jessa as she's done talking, nodding to her, but says nothing. ...
Karmic *already placed...)
Niarra: In his post at the sensor station aboard the Dream, Kettur smirks at the depth perception comment but keeps mum on the channel.
blingdenston: "You don't need depth when you've got style, 'Augie'! First one to the slips at Slayn or Korpil scores the point for the race!" *Pehn turns the belly of his ray-like ship towards the engines of the larger Cruiser heading towards the rocks, then zips over a gaseous aura and tears hell into the field, igniting the gases in a flaming salute on his way in!
Dassalya: Nulaa's voice crackles over the universal channel. "Well, he's excited. Try not to let him get too much of a head start, Jaade."
Imazi: Jessak waves to Karmic from her skiff before grabbing a handful of small fruit from a nearby floating bowl and eating it in anticipation of the race starting.
recoveringgeek: "He's confusing flash with style. Hang on Kettur, we're going to ride in his wake, let him make the first mista- "
recoveringgeek: "Hey, clear the channel, or at least make it seem like you think I can win."
Karmic smiles to herself as Pehn zips off. Idly playing with a leather and gold collar around her neck she settles back in her comfy seat, waving to a nearby waiter droid she orders something sweet. ...
Orell: Kyri rushes into the room, looking around. "Kriff, did they start already? Kriffin' docking extortioneers!"
Karmic raises her eyes from the pad on her lap and grins over at Kyri, waving her fingers at her in greeting. "Just now..."

Pehn - Leg 1
blingdenston: *Pehn sits in his chair, surrounded by the flowing, water-like screens of his Mon Calamari freighter. The knobbled yoke at his fingers turns easily, his feet stomping on squelching pedals to control flight axis, a wire attached to his temple-port allowing him cyberbrain access to the ship's slaved systems.*
recoveringgeek: Unfortunately for Jaade and the Jaded Dream, there's style, and then there's substance. The Dynamene has both in spades. A Mon Cal freighter filled to the bulkheads with Calamarian engineering, Zakuul upgrades, and a surprise or two still.
recoveringgeek: Pehn, roll three dice lasers as you open up the sensor array on the Dynamene.
blingdenston: /roll 3d6 ( Result: 4,2,6, Total: 12 )
recoveringgeek: Success, and you have Laser Feelings! Ask a question and I'll answer honestly.
blingdenston: (Let's I getting that bushwhacky-feeling, like there are armed raiders out there?)
Dassalya: Nulaa smiles to herself as the image of the Dynamene flashing into the asteroid field lights up the large holoscreen set up in the centre of Phalanx Station’s arena. The seats are filled with rowdy spacers and ex-soldiers, and the betting is going nicely.
“There you have it, folks!” she says with a grand gesture at the screen. “Qardaak’s taking the lead!” Shouts of excitement and disappointment fill the air.
recoveringgeek: Jaade murmurs to himself. "Damn that ship can jink the field."
recoveringgeek: ((No Bushwackers, but your instincts are correct, there's something waiting in the field for an unwary - or unwelcome - freighter.))
blingdenston: *Pehn uses his cyberlink to bring up his deflectors, checking the return pulse of his sensor-waves for any lurking threats* "The best idea we had was definitely to advertise this."
recoveringgeek: The signals are so faint, you'd mistake them for sensor buoys, or something else small. Any other ship would miss the signals entirely, however the Dynamene isn't any ship. You detect multiple bogeys homing in on the Dynamene's location... are they jumping from asteroid to astero... oh boy.
Karmic snickers at Pehn's comment as she takes what appears to be a dessert sample plate from the droid and setting it down nearby. She starts typing on the datapad in her lap as she takes a few bites. ...
blingdenston: "Hoo, doggy. Those psycho Verps...wouldn't know a welcome mat from a pit trap!" Pehn grits his teeth and whirls his ship into a tight barrel-roll, preparing to deal with the onslaught from all directions through sheer agility (and a little bit of Mon Calamari shielding!)
Imazi: Jessak says through the comm, "Make it a good show boys. Wouldn't want to disappoint your adoring fans." In the background booing, cheering, and indecipherable emotions can be heard from the gathered crowd.
recoveringgeek: ((Pehn, roll three dice Lasers to avoid the Combat Droids.))
blingdenston: /roll 3d6 ( Result: 4,3,3, Total: 10 )
Karmic: Pehn always puts on a good show... *she winks, grinning over at Jessa* "Good cake by the way...!"
recoveringgeek: Critical Success! and Laser Feelings! Ask me a question and I'll answer honestly.
blingdenston: (Are these guys here for all 'unwelcome' visitors, or just for yours truly? Did I accidentally insult the hive or something?)
recoveringgeek: ((As much as Pehn would love to take credit, it's not personal. Pehn appears to flown into a Mining Colony, and the Droids appear primed to deter any unauthorized visitors.))
recoveringgeek: "Kettur, are you picking up any defense systems out there? I lost his damn ship, he jinked like a mad man... maybe you better scan for ship debris instead?"
blingdenston: *The Dynamene's shields deflect Verpine blaster bolts like droplets of water as he spins and dodges through their line. He even manages to bait a few of them into blasting each other as he clears through the enfilade unscathed, his bottom jets hissing with green fire as he makes incredible time through the mining colony's veriest edge!*
blingdenston: "Sorry, sorry, sorry...ooh, not sorry 'bout that one! My bad."
Imazi: Jessak smiles at Karmic and says to her, "That's where my bet is. I'm not spending all of this money for nothing. I'll be taking a cut of the proceeds. Hopefully we get a few nail biters tonight." In the background, on the comm, bets can be heard for both Pehn besting the droids and for succumbing to them.
Orell: "...kriffin'..." Kyri sighs. "...folk are tryin' to kill 'em, they could at least take it a lil' seriously..."
Niarra: "Uh... not picking up any degree." Kettur grimaces, then thwacks the sensor console once. "Not picking up much but gibberish. What the kriff are these rocks made of? Hold on, let me do some recalibrating here..."
recoveringgeek: "Only the damn Verpine could drill these rocks deep enough to want to nest in them. Anyone else got some sense and gave up centuries ago."
Karmic: Mine too of course.. *she smirks at Jessa* But forgive me if I'm hoping for an easy, fast, win. *chuckles over at Kyri* You know Pehn takes nothing seriously. *takes a bite of what appears to be space-ice cream*

Jaade - Leg 1
blingdenston: ~The rocks...the thing about asteroid fields is: they're fairly stable, UNLESS someone starts messing with them. Space-tidal people hyperjumping in and out around them...stellar ray bursts...gravity wells passing by...those turbulate them, but they're otherwise fairly stable. The REAL trick is finding a way through that isn't tighter than a savrip's grip...and doesn't lead you through a volatile area. Jaade, how're you gonna find a path through this space-murk?~
recoveringgeek: "Alright, in typical fashion, he's stirred up a nest. I'm finding a different route."
recoveringgeek: "There's gotta be some anchored stones on this beach, let's find a shuttle corridor."
blingdenston: ~A sensible plan, and one you're good at! Roll 2 dice Lasers to stick to the Verpine-colonized rocks!~
recoveringgeek: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 1,1, Total: 2 )
blingdenston: ~CRRNCH~
blingdenston: ~Sensors indicate that there's been in impact with a small vessel near the forecastle! Damage is the Dream.~
Dassalya: Nulaa runs a tongue over her teeth as she watches the holoscreen. Above her and to the right, a gaggle of drunken spacers sing an old shanty about running cargo, spiting the villainous Empire, and winning the affections of the lovely Alderaanian prince(ss). As Jaade's ship crunches into the vessel before it, a cry of "oooooh!" drowns out the song.
recoveringgeek: "What the hell was that? Who the hell was that? Kettur, wide-scan, short burst, I'm easing off the accelerator and bringing us around.
Niarra: "Don't look now, but I think we mulched someone." Kettur tries to see if he can get a better reading on WHAT they just hit.
Karmic flinches hearing and seeing the crunch on the holoscreens. "Oooohhh..." *she hisses softly* ...
blingdenston: ~Sensor readings indicate that it's a small, vaguely-beehive shaped vehicle with a single occupant. The ship...or maybe star-coracle?... appears to be made of some layers of folded composite. A hail brings a holo-image of a Verpine to the screen. It releases a series of chitters and clicks over the audio line~
Imazi: Jessak watches the screen intently for any sign of what is going on.
Niarra: "Kriff," Kettur mutters, hastily tweaking the settings on his universal translator and feeding it into his comms set. "Pretty sure I got Verpine in here."
recoveringgeek: *keys the shio-to-ship Comm* "Look, I'm sorry about that. Isn't this a shipping lane? Look, file a complaint with the Roche Control Port and I'll transfer a payment. I don't know what you're complaining about, how can you tell what's impact damage and what's... architecture?"
recoveringgeek: Jaade replies regardless of his complete lack of understanding Verpine.
blingdenston: [Snahffo]: "Ah! Very upwards! Thank you for the scoop! My [transator error] basket crutch met a gruesome dinner earlier!"
recoveringgeek: Jaade opens his mouth wordlessly, then looks back at Kettur and shrugs.
recoveringgeek: "Happy eating friend?"
recoveringgeek: Jaade keys off the comm. "Let's get the hell out of here."
Niarra: "Uh..." Kettur gives Jaade a baffled look, then sighs and checks sensors again, to double check their collision victim hasn't somehow attached itself to their hull for the ride.
recoveringgeek: The sublight engines on the Jaded Dream flare to live, and the Old Man reorients himself before hitting the accelerator to make up time.
blingdenston: [Snahffo]: "Negates, theatrically. Ultrahug {translator error} my basket crutch, no kale salad this three minute two evenings! Are you available to assist my return to sender?"
recoveringgeek: Jaade keys the comm, "On my return trip friend, for certain!"
recoveringgeek: Keys off the comm. "Bugs."
blingdenston: [Snahffo]: "Would I be welcome to inject you with -"
blingdenston: ~The smashed hive, which causes no trouble at all for the ship's maneuvering, is attempting to send a file to the ship's navicomputer! Will you ignore it and continue on your way, or download it before going forth?~
Niarra: Kettur mutters something under his breath about not paying enough attention in linguistics training, and keys his translator unit to start a syntax upgrade in the background while he turns his attention back to the sensors. "See if you can not paste the locals on the next run, yeah? As a favor to our ears.'
recoveringgeek: ((Kettur, that's your call! The Old Man is preoccupied with not getting mashed!))
Niarra: Kettur's curiosity gets the better of him and he accepts the message, although he does his best to quarantine it on receipt.
blingdenston: ~The bizarre file, full of alien syntax and holographic-memory errors, APPEARS to be a local's trail-map of the surrounding asteroids! With this as a guide, you could make your way through the asteroids the way the locals do!~
recoveringgeek: Jaade murmurs. "I don't know how I'm going to catch his aft now."
blingdenston: ~Injustice rains down on Jaade's bearded face just the way micrometeors are pelting the hull and deflectors.~
Niarra: "Uh... our salad-loving friend may have just given you a gift. Beamed over a map... best as I can tell." Kettur gives Jaade a look. "You wanna trust it?"
recoveringgeek: "I got more red lights up here than a Nar Shaddaa brothel."
recoveringgeek: "Map? Send it to my display."
blingdenston: ~Jaade, roll 1 die Feelings and 2 dice Lasers to try and make use of the carry-on's trail map!~
Niarra: "Got about as much noise in it as our friend's translation did,"  Kettur warns as the sends it over
Dassalya: Nulaa frowns at the holoscreen. She casts a glance at the dark-haired, human woman beside her, who is currently tapping away at datapad with a bored expression. Her lekku flicks. The woman glances at her, sighs, and goes back to tapping. Nulaa huffs and turns back to the screen.
recoveringgeek: /roll 1d6 ( Result: 1, Total: 1 )
recoveringgeek: Lasers:
recoveringgeek: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 1,5, Total: 6 )
recoveringgeek: "Wait, what does that symbol mean? Wait, what does THAT symbol mean?"
Niarra: "Visually? Hive orgy, I'm guessing. -Actually?- Kriffed if I know."
recoveringgeek: "Why does the Legend have two bugs mating?"
Niarra: "Seems to be a theme?"
recoveringgeek: "I don't want to know."
blingdenston: *Partial success! You're having a devil of a time figuring out this buggie's dumb map...but you're matching a trail pointed out through it to some distinctive local asteroids! It's not gonna be easy, but it's a chance!*
recoveringgeek: "Great, it's taking us in deeper. Here's where the fun begins."
Niarra: "Question is does -this- route here look like a safe bet to fly, or is it something you buy at a novelty store?"

Pehn - Leg 2
Karmic whistles as Pehn is clearly outdistancing The Old Man, cheering and ordering another drink. ...
Dassalya: As the Dynamene speeds through the asteroid field with Jaade far behind, a sudden alarm blares in Pehn's mind—less heard so much as felt through the cybernetic connection with his ship. Error//sensor array non-functional//Error//sensor array non-functional. Pehn's readouts display only a looping feed of the last sensor wave.
blingdenston: *Pehn cuts thrusters and hits the space-brakes* "What the..." *He turns to the console to his right and brings up engineering probes, trying to figure out how he lost his bloody sensors*
recoveringgeek: Pehn, roll 2 Dice Lasers to cut the feedback loop.
blingdenston: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 6,5, Total: 11 )
Dassalya: The lights suddenly cut out in the Dynamene's cockpit. Red emergency lighting gives the room a soft glow as it kicks in a few seconds later. Error//sensor array non-fuctional//Warning//navigational systems compromised//Error//sensor array non-functional...
Dassalya: Pehn's comm light begins to blink, indicating an incoming call. Does he accept it?
recoveringgeek: "You know, he's probably half way across the damn field by now."
blingdenston: "If this is a nightmare, I'd better be naked an' about to be late for a test at the learnin' creche..." Pehn clicks the 'Receive' button on the comm-unit hanging on his chest.
Dassalya: “Looks like you’re in a bit of trouble, Qardaak," Nulaa's voice says over the comm, ternse and annoyed. "Unless you got a reason for giving the Old Man a chance to catch up?”
Dassalya: *terse and annoyed))
Karmic frowns and watches the screens just in front of her seat, intently. ...
blingdenston: "I'm takin' a break to have some cheese an' Tulari wine. For my health. Whatta you think?" Pehn sneers, then stands up and begins pacing back to the circuit-plexus near the cockpit, cybereye focusing to counter the darkness of the emerency lighting.
recoveringgeek: Pehn, roll 2 Dice laser to fix the problem, and 1 Dice Feelings to ignore Nulaa's distracting banter.
Dassalya: Back on Phalanx Station, Nulaa casts an eye on the holoscreen, watching Jaade's progress as he gains on the Dynamene.
blingdenston: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 3,2, Total: 5 )
blingdenston: /roll 1d6 ( Result: 1, Total: 1 )
Dassalya: "Is it technical trouble or mechanical?"
blingdenston: "Are you askin' if my ship's crisped, or if I'm crisped, 'cause I find both insinuations insultin' an' unwarranted. Obviously I just...uh...I dunno...quantum...filaments?"
Karmic mutters under her breath, "...just ignore her...ignore her..." *she glances between the different screens, also watching Jaade's progress, as her foot bobs nervously at the edge of her robes. ...
Dassalya: Error//sensor array non-functional//Warning//navigational systems compromised... A new alarm appears alongside the rest: invasive code detected.
Dassalya: Nulaa snorts. "Right. You sound real on top of things. Look. I might be willing to help you out. But you gotta help me out, you see?"
blingdenston: "Well, burn my brisket an' quantum my filaments!" Pehn reaches into his belt to pull out a nasty black plastic spike, which he jacks into a nearby scomplink and activates to 'inject' counter-code into his central core. "Listen, I'd love to teach you how to do the Two-Dug tango, but I'm a LI'L busy right now..."
recoveringgeek: Pehn, roll 2 Dice Lasers to counter-Slice
blingdenston: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 5,3, Total: 8 )
recoveringgeek: Partial Success! You're countering the Slice, but it's eating precious, precious time.
Dassalya: "Well, if you want to let Jaade keep closing the gap on you... I'm watching him on the feed right now. He's making pretty good time."
blingdenston: Pehn's eye moves back and forth, seeing the super-wiz slicing attack's full breadth finally with slightly restored systems. He decides to bluff. "OK, OK...why don't you lay out what you need, an' I'll give you a yea or nay?" He carefully watches the comm-cycles to figure out when Nulaa's signal is weakest, then tries to take advantage of the lightsecond-delay and his seeming acquiescence to reboot his cache and clear the Dynamene of foreign influence!
recoveringgeek: Pehn, roll 3 Dice Lasers - after Nuula's reply - to purge your Systems.
Dassalya: “Look, I’m thinking you’re, what, about halfway through the race? Throw me fifty percent of your winnings from this and I’ll help you out. I’ve got a nice slicer on standby. She’s supposed to be keeping the rabble here from getting any ideas about hacking the betting droids, but I could turn her over to you if you play nice.”
blingdenston: /roll 3d6 ( Result: 4,3,3, Total: 10 )
recoveringgeek: Critical Success! and Laser Feelings! Ask me a question and I'll answer honestly.
blingdenston: "Ahh, right there, huh? Thanks, just needed to know where you was slicin' from..." *Pehn hooks the scomplink to his cyberbrain and commands the Dynamene's central core to reflect Nulaa's comm-signals and purge the recent cache, rebooting the system!*
blingdenston: (Let's see...for my question I'll I know a ludicrously dangerous shortcut from here that I could take in order to cut my lost time down somewhat?)
recoveringgeek: ((Absolutely. Right through the tractor beam tug farm where they are constantly moving the asteroids around for mining and Hive Construction.))
Dassalya: "Seriously, Qardaak? You really think I'm the one who's—" There's a frustrated shout from somewhere near her end of the call. "Hey, cut that ou—!" And then the line goes dead.
blingdenston: "Never kid a kidder, kid." Pehn hops back into his chair, checks the time, grimaces, and then retargets his path to cut through that tug-farm and try to reclaim some of his lead!
Niarra: Meanwhile, back on the Dream, Kettur has been heads down at the console, struck by inspiration. His fingers fly over the controls, making the ship's sometimes temperamental systems fly like they're state of the art.
Karmic Yesss.. *she hisses, stomping one wrapped foot on the ground and popping some sort of candy into her mouth* Moi' Capitan! *laughs softly, shaking her head - hoping he's not about to do something too stupid*

Jaade - Leg 2
recoveringgeek: Jaade grimaces as the asteroids seems to get bigger, and yet their spin is slower, their path easier. "I don't believe it. That hyper little drone may have been on to something."
recoveringgeek: The Jaaded Dream arcs easily into each swaying turn, skimming an almost invisible corridor.
04:49:36   3   blingdenston   Room   ~Relays whirr and sensor-pings illumine the surroundings as they make impressive time, despite the nonsensical text of the map. Micrometeoroids glance from the Gozanti's hull like drumbeats, giving the whole affair a staccato ring. Patter, pitter, patter, plop...tap, rap, snap, pop...ring, ding, splat...splat?~
recoveringgeek: "Did you say something?"
blingdenston: ~Jaade's cockpit starshield is suddenly covered in slime as, somehow, he gets a bugsplat on it in space~
recoveringgeek: "Uh oh, I hope whoever that was didn't try and say something."
Niarra: "Jaade," Kettur speaks up. "I think I might be able to create a sensor ghost. Mask our transponder signal, project a false silhouette out there in that tug field Qardaak just threw himself into. If I can make it look like we've managed to cut through right where the tractor beam gridlock is worst, like we got ahead of him somehow, might goad him into following. At worst, might slow him down trying to figure out how we got there."
Karmic :rofl:
Dassalya: Back on Phalanx Station, Nulaa glares at the dark-haired woman who's currently scowling at her lost hand of online sabacc. Nulaa crosses her arms. "Really, Queenie? Really?"
The woman casts Nulaa a bored, unimpressed glance in turn. "I did what you wanted. You didn't pay me to counter-slice his counter-slice."
Nulaa turns back to the holoscreen with an irritated flick of her lekku. “Come on, Jaade!” she calls, adding her voice to the mess of shouts and jubilations.
blingdenston: ~Splat, splat, splat, splat, splat, splat, splat...more slime, more impacts. What the hell are they hitting?~
recoveringgeek: "Please tell me we didn't just fly through a Verpine wedding party."
Niarra: "Uhh.." Kettur peers out the viewport, distracted from his proposed plan by the gruesome possibilities. "Uhh... better than a nursery... ?"
recoveringgeek: Jaade eases off the accelerator, and flips the heat vents on the viewports to burn away the scum and residue.
blingdenston: ~Jaade, give us a 2 die Lasers roll to clear away some of that grue and get your bearings~
recoveringgeek: "Are we in a mynock colony?"
recoveringgeek: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 3,2, Total: 5 )
Niarra: "Seriously? Karked if I know, Jaade. I specialize in wiring, not extra-terrestrial xeno-biology."
blingdenston: ~Waste heat from the engines washes over the starshield and, after a briefly blinding corona, clears the view...for a few moments. Then more splats hit it, now sizzling against the superheated hull and plaz-skin.~
recoveringgeek: "Damn it, quit flapping your Lekku and give me something on a scan!"
recoveringgeek: Jaade reverse his thrust, and starts easing into the shadow of one of the larger asteroids to avoid a mynock migration path...
Niarra: Kettur turns back to sensors with a grimace. After a few moments of readings and some clever quick-reference algorithms he developed back in the day, he finally hits on a correlation between sensors and the database. "Oh for... NOT a xeno-biologist, I said! Uh... astroplankton?" In a tone of voice like one reading from a particularly drab textbook, he recites, "Cosmozoan lifeforms that float through space on the... kriff, point is, they can glut up the ramscoops."
recoveringgeek: "Well that's just perfect."
blingdenston: ~Jaade turns the Dream into a curve to evade the little amorphous space-buggers...roll 2d6 lasers to avoid gumming up the works!~
Niarra: "Better than invoking Verpine blood feud for a creche annihilation? Maybe we can adjust the particle deflectors.."
recoveringgeek: "If the ramscoops loose all intake, listen for the loud sound coming from engineering. That's the sublight drive using the escape pod."
recoveringgeek: Jaade murmurs. "Alright, just... like... so... "
recoveringgeek: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 2,5, Total: 7 )
blingdenston: Partial Success! Jaade manages to clear the plankton-swarm, but the jury-rigged systems of the ship provide plenty of spaces for the little fleshlings to nest in...the ship's life-support systems suddenly hiccup, and the temperature begins dropping in the cabins!
recoveringgeek: "I'm getting the cold shoulder Kettur!"
Niarra: "Yeah, I feel it," Kettur mutters, already focused on trying to initiate a atmospheric scrubber system purge, sealing life support on the bridge for the duration of the flash burst through the ventilation and temperature control systems.
blingdenston: ~The asteroid that the Dream ducked under suddenly lights though some sort of luminous coral has absorbed some of the waste-heat and turned it into bioluminescence. A subspace wave suddenly passes through the ship, setting off alarms. Jaade realizes, suddenly, that the kind of place without the plankton would either have to be outside of their school...or near a predator!~
recoveringgeek: ((Awesome.))
Karmic eyes get big seeing the giant many armed...creature. ((And we got storms here so if I go poof without saying good night, sorry! but that's why :) ...
Niarra: "I am not seeing what I'm seeing. I am not seeing what I'm seeing."
blingdenston: ~The comm-console suddenly flashes~ [Squeffo]: "Ultrahug! Ultrahug! I tried to inject you! Ultrahug {translator failure
Dassalya: On Phalanx Station, Nulaa facepalms.
Niarra: "I think maybe... maybe I need to update my translation software," Kettur says weakly.
recoveringgeek: Jaade swears in Huttese and slams home the accelerator. "Shields up! Divert all power to the stabilizers. If we lose maneuverin- " Jaade's voice is cut off as a massive tentacle that dwarfs the Gozanti slaps past the cockpit.
recoveringgeek: The Jaded Dream roars to life as her Captain accelerates with all available power.
Karmic (HA! that's exactly the scene I was imagining XD)
blingdenston: ~The massive, powerful engines of the Jaded Dream light up the massive monster as it tears ass away from the creature, which detaches from the bottom of the asteroid and, freakishly, JETS like a squid in pursuit! Roll 3 dice Lasers, thanks to your expertise and Fast quality!~
Niarra: Kettur does his best to execute Jaade's orders as quickly as possible, while also still trying to purge the atmospheric scrubbers, while also still trying to keep an eye on the sensors, while pretending very hard that massive space tentacles are really no big deal, just the usual fare...
recoveringgeek: Jaade murmurs. "I wonder if that thing saw the advertising too... "
recoveringgeek: /roll 3d6 ( Result: 3,3,3, Total: 9 )
Niarra: "And this is why I keep saying COVERT. COVERT operations."
recoveringgeek: "Don't worry, when it eats us, you'll have all the deep cover you wa- "
recoveringgeek: Jaade grunt away his reply as he slips two BIG ONES
blingdenston: ~Critical Success! The Ultrahug jets after the Jaded Dream, keeping pace despite the powerful sublight drive...but no creature has stamina like Jaade's Gozanti, and eventually it falls back, pulsing subspace waves at it in protest at the lost meal. However...the ship's internals grow colder and colder as the plankton merrily slime they way through the systems. Breath now comes in chilly clouds, and the chill of the vacuum threatens to freeze the crew to icecubes! What do you do?~
recoveringgeek: Jaade's breath floats in front of his face.
recoveringgeek: "Get over here! Sit the Chair!"
recoveringgeek: Jaade scrambles out of his Captain's seat.
Karmic lets out a breath she was only partially aware she'd been holding. As much as she didn't care for The Old Man she didn't want to see anyone and their crew get devoured by some giant space creature. She looks over to grab a droid to order another drink. ...
Niarra: "Or I could, you know, initiate an atmospheric scrubber system... never mind." Kettur takes Jaade's seat with a sigh.
recoveringgeek: "Now, see those big, spinning ice rocks? Don't fly into one."
Niarra: "High speed obstacle avoidance isn't exactly my field of... right."
recoveringgeek: Jaade grabs an arctic jacket and disappears into the gloomy depths of the ship towards the environmental controls.
recoveringgeek: Jaade stares at the blinking, winking console, at least the controls that aren't already offline.
Niarra: Kettur mutters to himself in Ryl about eccentric spacers always wanting to take the route that involves old hydrospanners and an emergency change of pants instead of common technical sense, and just does the best he can at flying the sihp.
blingdenston: ~Jaade's an expert when it comes to doodling, but he's not terribly well prepared to cleanse astroplankton from the ship's guts...still, roll 2 dice Lasers and 1 die Feelings to scoop that goo outta the ship's internals and try to regain some heat!~
recoveringgeek: Feelings:
recoveringgeek: /roll 1d6 ( Result: 5, Total: 5 )
blingdenston: *comes to fiddling, (I have no idea what his skills at drawing are!)
recoveringgeek: Lasers:
recoveringgeek: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 5,5, Total: 10 )
blingdenston: Partial Success! Every tech solution Jaade can think of just won't work with this things...but he knows one solution: pick up a belaying pin and beat these little scummers 'til they scurry outta his ship's internals! Valuable time is wasted, but the plankton are eventually beaten into the airlock where they can go back out into space where they belong!~
recoveringgeek: "What is that smell? That's never coming off the grate plates."
blingdenston: ~With that done, Jaade makes his way back up to the cockpit, and the journey can continue!~

Pehn - Leg 3
recoveringgeek: The tractor beam tugs are a menace, appearing and disappearing with flashes of momentary spotlights and ion drive flares.
recoveringgeek: The massive asteroids they move are lethal however.
recoveringgeek: Pehn, roll 2 Dice Lasers to jink your way to stardom.
blingdenston: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 5,5, Total: 10 )
blingdenston: (Ha!)
Karmic snorts at the small lead, wanting there to be a bigger difference. She starts swaying her foot nervously watching Pehn navigate the tug channels. ...
recoveringgeek: The good news the Dynamene is nimble enough to hug the BIG ONES rather than circle around them, unfortunately sometimes the Tugs have the same idea and you trade hull colours as the two of you glance off each other.
blingdenston: Pehn grimaces, watching his shield energy percentage dip and watching the redlines on hull integrity get sharper. "Hey! Quit rippin' my idears off!"
recoveringgeek: The Dynamene is a Mon Cal, which means her Hull is capable of withstanding the crushing depths of submersible flight, but your maneuvering thrusters took a beating.
Dassalya: Nulaa raises an eyebrow at the close encounter on the feeds, quietly pleased at Pehn's struggle. Around her, jeers and cries of alarm cloud the air and the betting droids whir with steady business.
recoveringgeek: Then you see it. A beacon of hope in a field of spinning, rocky death. The Verpine have cleared a massive field of asteroids. It extends all the way from their farm to the edge of the Roche field. Long range scan puts the distance at thousands of meters, which is incredible. They practically laid out the welcome mat.
recoveringgeek: Roll 2 dice Lasers and 1 Dice Feelings.
blingdenston: "Pulverizers, I could kiss you! I would, too, 'cept for the mandibles an' such." Pehn jukes the dinged freighter around a pair of tractor-tugs and sticks close to the skin of one of the nearby asteroids, skimming from its gravity field to give himself a slingshot-boost into the big empty field ahead!
blingdenston: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 5,6, Total: 11 )
blingdenston: /roll 1d6 ( Result: 5, Total: 5 )
blingdenston: (Yeesh!)
recoveringgeek: You get a suspicious feeling about that long range scan, and check the readings again... is that a Gozanti cruiser crossing the field ahead of you!
recoveringgeek: BANG! Another Tug slams into your Stern, this time solidly.
blingdenston: "Grife!" *Pehn watches yet more of his deflectors buckle, along with fractures webbing across the wireframe of his ship. Still, as he cuts the thrusters and lets the momentum of the last impact push the ship along, he rechecks that last scan...there's no WAY Jaade could have outpaced him that much!~
recoveringgeek: Roll 3 dice Lasers to drift with the intertia and calibrate your sensor readings.
blingdenston: /roll 3d6 ( Result: 4,1,4, Total: 9 )
recoveringgeek: Critical Success and Laser Feelings! Ask me a two questions and I'll answer both honestly!
blingdenston: (First: is that a REAL image, or just a sensor ghost/psychotic hallucination? Second question (if first question is 'real'): How much trouble is Jaade in? (or, if first question is 'fake'): Is the cleared field ahead actually safe, or hiding some sort of danger>)
recoveringgeek: The sensor reading is in fact the transponder signal of the Jaded Dream ghosted ahead of you. Probably by a talented Twi'lek Slicer.
recoveringgeek: The cleared field is safe, there are no hidden ships, sensor nets, or Heavy Combat Droids disguised as rocky debris. It is a big space though... why would they clear so many asteroids?
blingdenston: ~Pehn taps his fingers along the console, before dismissing the 'Dream' as a figment and pushing both feet down to bear along the central axis of the cleared field in a tangent AWAY from the bait-ghost's heading..."It's probably for...I dunno. Space hockey? Who cares!"
Karmic grits her teeth as the room erupts in debate as to whether this is some sort of 'trick' somehow - the field, the Dream, the whole thing... ...
recoveringgeek: The Dynamene exits hostile territory and into the safety of the black. No more jinking allows you to really open her up and gain back some time...
recoveringgeek: /Roll 2 Dice Lasers
blingdenston: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 6,2, Total: 8 )
recoveringgeek: The Dynamene's exceptional sensor array warns you of the hyperspace shadow moments before it exits back into realspace... and right into your flight path!
recoveringgeek: My god someone just jumped a city into Roche?!
recoveringgeek: It's an Ithorian Herd Ship!
blingdenston: "Hockey. Of course. Hyperspace hockey!" *Pehn moves on pure instinct, deploying his strained movement thrusters fully to the belly of the ship to arrest his mad dash forward and try to arc up over the domed garden of the ship ahead* "It IS puck shaped! Gimme some credit, Galaxy!"
recoveringgeek: It's no use, the strained maneuvering thrusters from the Tug impacts can't compensate in time. You can't go around.
recoveringgeek: You can go... through.
Dassalya: A cry of shock and surprise rocks the arena. Nulaa stares at the screen with raised eyebrows.
Karmic starts to question the wisdom of watching the race at a party as the entire room seems to be screaming, in various dialects, as the ship comes out of hyperspace and Pehn veers. She slightly shakes her head, not believing he can miss that huge ship but unable to look away as she holds her breath again. ...
blingdenston: "They're gonna be soooooo pissed I didn't pay the recommended visitor's donation..." *Pehn grits his teeth as his wired reflexes spring to life and he begins make minutely-efficient movements on his controls to pass over the massive Gamunga trees and between the skyscrapers of the Ithorian skyline*
recoveringgeek: A docking chute presents itself to Pehn, enabling him to avoid the g-force turns, and instead thread the needle. The Dynamene is swallowed into blackness... and then, sunshine?
recoveringgeek: Sensor readings start pinging off balmy temperature readings, slight humidity, and increased oxygen levels.
recoveringgeek: Welcome to the Jungle.
blingdenston: *Pehn clenches his jaw, his cyberbrain forcing the slaved deflectors to an atmospheric entry setting as he begins to shake in his seat with the impact of the Dynamene making contact with the internal biosphere. He barely registers the nearby Hammerheads waving their shillelaghs at him as he throttles up the repulsors to push against the grav-well of the ship all around him and, like a flaming manta ray, scream through the sky past tree and vine*
recoveringgeek: A flock of Thranta's glide in to momentarily keep pace with the Dynamene, calling out with their throaty echoes of curiousity.
recoveringgeek: Roll 2 Dice Lasers to skim the tree tops, and 1 Dice Feelings to choose. up to the air vent, or below to the waste water systems for your escape vector.
blingdenston: *Pehn grins, letting out the aerofoils and dipping his 'wings' in salute to the massive beasts. He depresses the 'horn' and plays a little salute on his outside speakers to the thrantas*
blingdenston: search 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' to hear it
blingdenston: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 6,4, Total: 10 )
blingdenston: /roll 1d6 ( Result: 6, Total: 6 )
recoveringgeek: There is wind resistance inside the biospehere! You fight the controls a little, but keep your heading. You also roll Laser Feelings! Ask me a question and I will answer it honestly.
blingdenston: (My laser feelings question is: which way's gonna get me outta here faster? Vent or flush?)(
recoveringgeek: ((Flush to the finish.))
blingdenston: "Don't follow this one, birdies..." *Pehn brings in the aerofoils and dives straight down into the waste-water pool, the submersible Mon Calamari starship cutting through the water like a high-diver as the ship's cavitation hyperdrive activates to create a tunnel of hyperturbulated water ahead and behind the ship to move silent and swift through the pools*
Karmic tension is only slightly eased by Pehn's playfulness with the thrantas. She manages to sit back down in her seat, even if stiffly, gripping the overstuffed cushion's arm with flexed claws - as if she could will Pehn out of the biosphere. ...
recoveringgeek: That's one for the Ithorian log books. The Dynamene ends up in the waste water systems, swimming down massive pipes that dwarf the Mon Cal freighter... now you just need to trigger the release valve to flush the tanks. You probably don't have time to land and find the manual crank system?
blingdenston: "Hrmmm....hmm...hmm...lessee...howsabout..." Pehn snaps his fingers, then thumbs open the trigger on his yoke and brings up his targeting reticule. He opens up one of the concussion missile ports on the front of his ship, and a supercavitating torpedo (programmed on the fly to only detonate by subspace radio command) blasts forth, heading for the closed valve. A bluff...if they don't open the valve, looks like there's gonna be a boom!*
blingdenston: Pehn thumbs the open comm lines. "Oops! I whoopsied a boom-boom...better pop open that valve, quick!"
recoveringgeek: The Ithorians are master horticulturists, expert biologists, and legendary pacifists... but don't mess with the Herd.
recoveringgeek: The release valve triggers and the massive doors swing wide, flushing all the water, rotted flora, and slimy Smugglers with it.
blingdenston: "Yeeeeeee-hawwwww!" *The Dynamene emerges from the streaming effusion like a flopping fish. The tensions of this maneuver would tear any other ship to bits...but a Mon Cal freighter is made for this, and the inertial dampeners churn the chop smooth as butter as Pehn reactivates the sublight thrusters and burns away from the 'hockey puck'!* "Thanks! Love the greenery, by the by."
Karmic pants, catching her breath as the room erupts in cheers at Pehn's survival and reemergence onto the 'field.' She downs her drink in one long gulp as she collapses against the back of the couch. ...

Jaade - Leg 3
blingdenston: ~The chill aboard the Dream slowly gets better as the life-support systems defrigerate the internal chambers, but gloves and coats are still a good idea for everyone...but Jaade. Sweat crawls all over him, as the post-Ultrahug field has grown tightly packed with gas clouds and smooth asteroids, protected from impacts by their location deep within the field. The trail-map indicates that he's getting closer and closer to Slayn Colony...but it provides no clear path there, and the constant readjustments and close-calls have Jaade's hackles up and his blood running hot~
recoveringgeek: "So do you want the good news, or the bad news?"
Iaera: ((who's winning???))
Hawking: ((Society, thusfar))
Dassalya: ((At the end of the second leg, it was Pehn by one point!))
Niarra: "There's good news?" Kettur asks dubiously.
recoveringgeek: "We're almost there."
blingdenston has had a slight lead the whole time...but there's one leg left to go for the Dream! ...
Niarra: "This isn't filling with me confidence."
recoveringgeek: "The bad news is there is an asteroid field in the way."
blingdenston: ~The comm-light flashes red again...yet another interpolation from the hive-ship~
Niarra: "Is this going to be an existential joke, or something about those horrible nested Thissipasian puzzle boxes?"
recoveringgeek: Jaade keys the comm open so Kettur can hear.
Niarra: "Since I was pretty sure we were already in one."
blingdenston: [Jheffu]: "Ah! We are at radius central central central to clutch hole and chum facility! Please untie your propeller arrow and set Jheffu back wherefrom he spumed!'
recoveringgeek: Jaade exhales slowly and looks back to Kettur.
Niarra: Kettur, paranoid, checks once again to be sure they didn't acquire a buggy stowaway adhered to their hull.
blingdenston: ~Just the one you've had since you've been carrying that hive-ship since you crashed into it, it hasn't dislodged even with the hard-burns and plankton-storm. He's just been sitting there, near the forecastle~
Niarra: "I kriffin' knew it."
LVT: ((Silivia cheering at the too of her lungs!)(
Niarra: "I think... he wants us to cut engines so he can get off," Kettur says with a sigh.
Iaera: ((Iaera offers unenthusiastic and non-committal bland utterances of nebulous endorsement to no party in particular, and trusts in the Force that no one will slam into an asteroid and explode. Busy day, now off to bed. Night guys, and have fun!))
recoveringgeek: "I think B.O.S.S. has a rule about salvage if you tow a ship outside her registered flight path."
blingdenston: [Jheffu]: "Many hoseas to you burly foreigners for your bizarre ratiocination and clumsy tackles, but Jheffu would very much like to impugn to his hive that the Ultrahug did not ingest Jheffu completely."
Niarra: "Yeah, that's great, you pass on the good news about your survival, and you're welcome for the tow, you - " Kettur inserts various curses in Huttese. "Now can you make your map show us the quickest way OUT rather than the best TAXI route!?"
recoveringgeek: Keys the comm "Jheffu, I'll take your whole Hive on a guided tour of the honeycombs of the Dune Sea if you can plot me a course to Slayn Colony."
blingdenston: [Jheffu]: "Out? To Slayn Colony? There is no way from here to Slayn Colony...rock clear for Hammerhead bio-puck required Slayn dislodge asteroids somewhere. Put between here and Slayn! If to Slayn you must go, either you must return to whence you found my escape-seed...or dare the Grinder."
blingdenston: ~The Verpine releases a chitter that sounds like laughter~ "Would need to be Suicide Doll to enter Grinder, organically."
recoveringgeek: Jaade punches the console.
LVT: ((is pehn not playing pehn?))
Niarra: Kettur rubs his forehead. "Grinder," he murmurs, in a strained voice. "Of course it's the Grinder. With a big G."
Karmic ((they are alternating GMs for each other LVT))
recoveringgeek: "Jheffu, you seem to forget that if I go to the Grinder, so do you. So if you know a way through without losing your chitin, now's the time."
blingdenston: [Jheffu]: "Please, return Jheffu to hive...hive will reward! Mythra, thunder-gems, much Ultrahug meat!"
Niarra: "The secret to how to pass the Grinder, maybe?"
blingdenston: ~The choice is Jaade's...give up the race to Pehn and receive a massive bounty in Verpine treasure (likely enough to win the profits contest)...or face 'the Grinder'!~
LVT: ((hmm that's pretty cool))
blingdenston: [Jheffu]: "Ehm, Ahem. I suppose...shift gravity field to counteract Grinder's tidal forces? Please, only a brain-deranged half-shell would face the Grinder! It is...the Grinder!"
recoveringgeek: "The Grinder has its' own gravity well. That's probably of interest to an ex-Republic spymaster, isn't it?"
Niarra: Kettur actually looks suddenly rather intrigued by Jheffu's reply. He turns to his console and starts doing a diagnostic on their repulsors.
Niarra: Kettur throws Jaade a smirk. "Normally I'd argue for pragmatism... but a man's gotta have professional pride, Captain. If you, uh... want to try to the Grinder... kriff, I can't believe I'm saying this..."
blingdenston: *It is literally insane to face the Grinder. That said, insanity has never stopped the Jaded Dream before...and its a tough ship. Kettur would give it a good chance of coming out the other side, considering the Gozanti's massive inertial systems*
recoveringgeek: "Well, let's face it, the most important person to not disappoint is me."
blingdenston: [Jheffu]: "Mad! Madbrains! Deranged bile floods your every hole!"
recoveringgeek: "Jheffu, send us the coordinates for the Grinder, and buckle in back there."
Niarra: "We're not letting him off first?"
recoveringgeek: "Take too long. If we fly him back now we have to pass your friend sleeping in the plankton, and navigate the corridor in reverse."
blingdenston: *The Verpine reluctantly sends the coordinates to 'the Grinder' to the's just past his hive...with a little help from the Gozanti's tractor-beam, his smashed beehive-shaped escape pod can be shuffled off and float towards his home as the Dream burns its way towards...the Grinder~
recoveringgeek: "See? Our luck is improving already."
recoveringgeek: Jaade murmurs. "Buckle in yourself Qardaak, here I come."
recoveringgeek: Jaade accelerates to full speed, watching the bug map unfold before him.
blingdenston: ~As promised, the area nearby is choked with asteroids from some other part of the Roche close together they're packed like pieces of excelsior in a delivery box. However, as they get closer to 'the Grinder', they can visibly be seen to be moving...being sucked along. As Jaade presses the ship forward, they can see why: a massive structure, made in the Verpine style, is using carefully-modulated gravity fields to draw chunks of asteroids in, tear them apart at an atomic level, and them spew the remains into a small black void on the other side of the asteroid field...a clear shot to Slayn Colony beyond*
recoveringgeek: "Right. Ride the gravity field, don't get sucked into the disintegrator ring, sail to victory on the far side."
blingdenston: ~The other side...the entire ship RATTLES like a skeleton as the 'iris' of the Grinder opens and sucks in a massive chunk of space rock. Roll 2 dice Lasers to approach the Grinder without being shredded!~
recoveringgeek: "I'm going to need you to scan that modulation field and keep a steady hand on on our gravity well. Make sure you're strapped in."
recoveringgeek: Jaade grips the stick with one hand, the accelerator with the other, and his furrowed brow watches the Grinder Iris fiercely.
Niarra: "Shift gravity field to counteract tidal forces," Kettur murmurs to himself, mulling the Verpine's advice. He straps in on command, but still has the look about him of someone trying to solve a fascinating math equation. "Might be able to pinpoint direct the repulsors too, deflect some of the asteroids to clear our path."
recoveringgeek: "I'm transferring repulsor control to your station. Don't bounce us too hard."
Niarra: Kettur glances up from his ruminations, spots the iris of the Grinder drawing close, and decides he'd rather not watch his imminent death after all, keeping his eyes instead on the controls and readings for the hyperdrive's gravity envelope and the repulsor engines.
recoveringgeek: The Jaded Dream buckles before it starts groaning, the reinforced hull protesting. Loudly.
recoveringgeek: "If you're still flyin', then you ain't dyin'."
blingdenston: ~The gravity of the iris' 'tractor' effect threatens to JERK the flight-stick from Jaade's hands as they move closer. I need that 2 dice Lasers!~
recoveringgeek: /roll 2d6 ( Result: 6,1, Total: 7 )
Hawking: (Enjoy, guys! #TeamPehn)
blingdenston: Partial Success! With Kettur's help, the internal gravity field keeps from jerking against the Grinder's field and tearing the ship apart. Still, Jaade's having tremendous difficulty keeping the damn ship on course...and it gets worse when the 'suction' turns to 'repulsion' as the 'fangs' of the iris close and light begins to bend around the fields near the center, the rock becoming pulverised as though by magic ahead. Jaade, the Fast engines of the Dream are helpful here! Roll 3 dice Lasers to keep going ahead!!~
06:34:45   3   LVT   Room   ((sorry Jade :())
recoveringgeek: "Whoa... Whoa... WHOA... fine, you want me, come GET ME."
recoveringgeek: /roll 3d6 ( Result: 3,3,6, Total: 12 )
blingdenston: ~Success! Jaade pushes against the tidal vortex with all the ship's got, and she pushes in closer and closer. Light and time begin to warp and stretch as the gravity-generators close in and devastate the asteroid, sucking the pulverized material out the other side. The ship makes strange, aggravated noises around them, and their lekku and hair moves strangely, as though invisible winds are playing with them. Suddenly, the iris opens and begins sucking in the next rock...smaller micrometeoroids pinging against the sublights and back of the vessel. Jaade, roll 3 dice Lasers to throw up the shields at the right time to keep the Reinforced Hull from being devastated!~
recoveringgeek: "The hard part about dancing with a Hutt is avoiding the kiss goodnight at the end... NOW!"
recoveringgeek: /roll 3d6 ( Result: 2,2,4, Total: 8 )
blingdenston: ~Critical Success! No harm at all! And, Laser Feelings! Feel free to ask a question, and I will answer it honestly before you pass through the Iris!~
recoveringgeek: ((Question: Can Kettur use the Verpine codes he got to spoof us a priority landing approach?))
blingdenston: (Unfortunately, no...Slayn Colony is not allied with Jheffu's hive! Good idea, though!)
blingdenston: ~The moment of truth! The iris is closing...the weird graviton-sensors perfectly 'folding' a gravity-field to tear the Dream apart.'s not prepared to counter another gravity field! The real trick is knowing when to move forward...and that's all gonna be instinct! Roll 1 die Lasers, 2 dice Feelings to pass through the Iris!~
blingdenston: *I die Lasers, 1 die Feelings
recoveringgeek: Lasers:
recoveringgeek: /roll 1d6 ( Result: 2, Total: 2 )
recoveringgeek: Feelings:
recoveringgeek: /roll 1d6 ( Result: 3, Total: 3 )
blingdenston: Partial Success! The gravity field is almost impossible to predict, and Kettur's lekku lash around wildly as he watches the sensors try to describe it...but he massages the controls, and the gravity-well of the ship counters the crushing force from outside. Still, the hull screams, and large pieces of it tear away and are rendered into particles as the Dream passes through the iris to the other side!~ Blackness surrounds the aching Dream...and beyond, Slayn Colony!~
recoveringgeek: Jaade calms the worst of the proximity alarms, and seals the bulkhead door where the vacuum of space stole some cargo.
blingdenston: ~Moments pass, as light and time and gravity slowly readjust...and they realize...they did it! They survived the Grinder! Now, to make time to Slayn Colony...Jaade, gimme a three Laser roll to finish the run!~
recoveringgeek: "Grind this."
recoveringgeek: /roll 3d6 ( Result: 4,6,1, Total: 11 )
Niarra: Kettur massages his gravity-shear abused lekku and tries to take stock of how many pieces of hull they've actually lost.
blingdenston: ~ROUND 3 COMPLETE! SCORE: PEHN 18, JAADE 18! IT'S A TIE!~
Dassalya: ((Wooooooooo!))
LVT: Silivia let's out an excited squeeze in the comm
LVT: ((kinda wasted sorry
blingdenston: *The Dynamene, trailing ice-flakes from the water still ejecting from its vents, blazes towards Slayn the exact same time that the Jaded Dream, bits of hull spinning at hair-ends from its wounded carapace chugs along towards the colony. At almost literally the same time, both ships signal their landings and touch down...a holo-finish! Who won? Who lost? How does a tie get broken in one of these things, anyway? We'll find out next week with the finale of: The Race Through Roche!~

Dassalya: ((D'aww... Guess we have to wait.))
blingdenston: ((I did the seriously came out to a tie on the race.))
recoveringgeek: /scene
recoveringgeek: Outstanding.
Dassalya: ((The best outcome, obviously.))
Niarra: ((Couldn't have asked for better, for drama's sake.))
blingdenston: The weirdest freakin' outcome. There'll be more next week! And, not to give away the game, f'
Niarra: ((... wow. Geek... would you believe that was... actually what I was already listening to right at this moment? Except a different host. Crazy.))
recoveringgeek: Great minds and all that.
blingdenston: 'tiebreaking' is spacer slang for a straight-up brawl! But first: the profits. Me and Jaade'll update the thread, and we'll see as many of you as we can next week!
Dassalya: ...I actually just finished listening to that. I don't know how to feel about this conspiracy.
Dassalya: Thanks for letting me participate and observe! Looking forward to the results next week.
LVT: oooh should be able to make that. Also rp with sil))
Dassalya: And with that, I am off. T'is late. Take care, all!
recoveringgeek: Thanks Dass, thanks for staying up! I bet no one copied this chat, did they?

Events and Occasions / The Race through Roche
« on: 03/29/18, 01:41:02 AM »

Pehn Qardaak, Captain of the Mon Cal freighter Dynamene and Augustus Jaade, Captain of the Gozanti Cruiser Jaded Dream have talked themselves into a race to settle once and for all - until next Season - who is the fastest Smuggler to sit the chair, and who can turn the most credits on a single run.

The race will take them from one end of the infamous Roche Asteroid Field to the other, hauling freight for the fastest delivery time at the greatest profit. There's only one or two obstacles... namely the legendary Verpine hives, their bleeding-edge technology, rogue Pirate elements, and the asteroid belt itself.

Word is spreading quickly, bets are being made, odds-makers are divided, and there may be a Crime Lord or two with a vested interest in one outcome or another. It's time to sit the chair, place your bets, dial in the comms, and make your choice.

Team Pehn


Team Jaade

Cantina / The Begeren Colony Community Timeline.
« on: 12/24/17, 11:15:44 PM »
Thanks to extremely helpful links from @Dassalya, we now have an editable Excel timeline for Star Wars: The Old Republic and an (mostly?) official timeline to base it on.

Now, Dassalya has invited contributions, thus embarking on a goal I had a few years ago, to start creating a Timeline for our community, noting major community role-play events and as close to the actual timeline dates as we can approximate. I abandoned the idea as I felt it was too big to try and put together solo, and we've lost many Players who were once significant contributors.

I don't know if our forum has ever lost any Event postings, or if we can still scour that forum for every major Event that's been posted?

However, I also thought it would be really amazing to add in major events for each of our characters. That's why I created this thread, so we can discuss if this feasible, and any ground rules we'd like to try and voluntarily adhere to.

I wouldn't want to be the one updating Dassayla's Excel timeline, for fear of messing something up. However I would totally scour my own Events and character background to add in memorable details about characters I felt contributed to our Community storyline.

We all have secondary Alts who are important to us, but we may want to not include every single minor Event for the sake of sanity. Some years on the timeline might have multiple Events from multiple player contributors, so it would be helpful for everyone to start with the biggest Events first, and then slowly add in more content as we go.

I just think it would be wonderful to be able to go back and read the Timeline and remember some of the amazing Events and character moments we all shared (and may have forgotten!). I also think it would be nifty to see our Events overlaid on the main game timeline, and we can feel like our stories are part of the Galaxy-at-Large.


Date: December 12, 2017
Time: 8:00PM P.S.T.
Location - Updated: Nizek's District Stronghold (Nar Shaddaa)
  • Player vs. Player must be consensual and you must bring your dance partner.
  • Use of the in-game Duel function is for colour and role-playing only, not to settle Duel outcomes
  • Duel outcomes should be predetermined and agreed upon by both dance partners
  • This is an open invitation event for the community to build on the success of last week's open world community role-play which was held on short notice at the Slippery Slopes cantina.
  • This Event has a sign-up so Players can clear their schedules. Players can also sign-up with multiple characters to allow them to change characters for scenes as needed.
  • This Event is designed for players wanting to interact with cross-faction characters, or advance their personal storylines by dropping plot hooks or cameos for upcoming Events.
  • Event Location will be announced as soon as possible for Players to scout for role-play scenes as needed.


"It's the gaping maw of Nal Hutta, swallowing all the cargo and space port thugs the galaxy has to offer."
"Nar Shaddaa's a rough place, and easy to get lost in... or for someone to get lost."
"The beautiful Jedi has run for years... she will not stay on this moon forever."
"It does not matter where we go... if what we seek is here, we shall come upon it in due time."
"Finding a Jedi or anyone else touched by the Force here will be difficult... the mass of people, the rush of their emotions... it makes detection difficult."

Captain Augustus Jaade made an appearance very recently in the infamous Slippery Slopes cantina, and he wasn't alone. Accompanied a motley crew consisting of a Bounty Hunter, a retired Spy, and a former Jedi Grandmaster, the Old Man's company has gotten even more eccentric - and dangerous - since his days flying with the Smuggler's Coalition.

It's been years since the renegade Captain was frozen in carbonite as punishment for his desperate plan to rescue his daughter from the Jedi Custodum sanctuary. He spent the ensuring years lost as cargo, thawed and wounded, before finally sitting the chair once more and navigating a very different Galaxy from the one he had last flown.

A chance confrontation with a fierce Jedi over his past crimes caused tensions to flair, and a disturbance in the Force. The appearance of more Jedi - and Sith - were like mynocks to an exposed power cable, impossible to resist. Such a gathering of noteable characters did not go unnoticed, as agents and spies from numerous factions lurked in the shadows, observing, and preparing.

Fueled by alcohol, anger, and regret, Jaade departed the 'Slopes demanding his shipmates find their own way off Nar Shaddaa. Yet soon after the 'Crew discovered he hadn't return to his ship the Jaded Dream, and now there are fears he has descended deeper into the Vertical City, to dark places where broken men reach the depths of despair.

While Jaade left alone, he may have been followed. By friend and foe alike, seeking to take advantage of the situation. Worse still, A Motley Crew follows, and the appearance of Jedi Master Iaera Farworlder did not go unnoticed. The Jedi have many enemies in Hutt Space, and even the Jedi themselves are in disagreement about the fate of one single Smuggler, and the future of their own Order.

Now Jedi and Sith, Bounty Hunters and Outlaws, Spies and Assassins descend into the crime-fueled depths of the criminal Underworld. Do they come to help, or hinder? Galactic Events are rapidly coming to a head, and the galaxy will need the strength and wisdom of its' heroes to survive.

First they have to survive the dangers of the ecumenopolis... and each other.

Cantina / Upgrades to the Appearance Modification Station?
« on: 10/22/17, 01:06:11 PM »
So one of two things happened.

  • Either they subtly improved some of the details on the Head selections,


  • When I upgraded my video card at the start of the year, I discovered when I maxed out my Graphics settings, there was a whole other level of detail visible to me.

Since the start of the game, Jaade has mostly looked like this (except prior to this screenshot, he had hair, etc). His features were still pretty smooth and young-looking.

The gray hair and beard where how I projected him to other players as the "aging smuggler". There wasn't much in the way of "older" character options. I lamented this when I created Eldarus Villem, my Imperial Admiral who also sported gray mutton chops, etc.

I had decided to give Jaade his hair back, and I realized I hadn't played with the Appearance Modification Station in a while, and some of the faces looked older.

This resulted in adjusting Jaade to look like this;

His nose got wider (which makes sense given the number of times it's been broken) however I was also able to give him lines on his face, and a furrowed brow. I always had to change his Mood to Annoyed to achieve this prior.

He just looks older. He looks better.

Anyone else notice such a change?

Outside Realm / recoveringgeek's All-Purpose Star Wars thread
« on: 10/21/17, 01:12:36 PM »
When Photobucket updated their terms of service in 2017 and no longer permitted free accounts to use their site for third-party hosting, I lost all my picture links in my various role-playing and story threads (including my long-standing Legacy Thread) since I joined our site!

I have my own Google Photos account now, which should allow me to link to my own photos. I just have to upload my screenshots as I take them if I intend to make any new story threads.

I also have a bunch of cool photos I keep intending to share, and I also want to recreate my Walt Disney World thread from my January 2017 trip as well.

I've copied and pasted my W.D.W. post into this thread, complete with defunct Photobucket links, so I'm aware the links are broken for now until I update the pictures again with updated links! I also have some new stuff to share with you all as I re-organize my photos.

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