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Storyboards / Paradise (II) Found
« on: 01/08/16, 09:18:47 PM »

~Kaas City - Shortly after the events on Ziost~

"What you say if I told you that I wanted to retire again? For really this time."

"...You're joking, right?"

He was not.


~On a ship somewhere in the Unknown Regions a few months after that~

"How about this? I found it a while ago on one of my 'I'm bored, gonna go explore' trips." He called up the data he had on the system, and the holoimage spread out before them. He pointed to one of the planets, a gas giant, and zoomed in on that. "This one has an inhabitable moon. It's pretty nice actually. Something lived there at one point, but nothing seemed to be left except for some ruins. Plants, animals, you know, stuff - all there and none of it really tried to kill me."

 She considered the map, played with it, zooming in and then back out past the local systems to the galaxy-at-large, noting that the system didn't even seem to have a designation. "Well. It's certainly remote enough." She continued to fiddle with the map, looking for any nearby hyperspace lanes. She didn't find any. "Let's go down and give it a look, I guess?"


~On the surface~

"You're really sure about this? You know this time it would mean not going back - they wouldn't take you back a second time, and I'm not in a position anymore to facilitate things this time, and I would refuse it it were demanded of me again. It would mean I can't go back either."  She bit her lip.

"I really am. The ship is going down, and I don't want to be on it when it crashes. Me or you. I mean, I'd be fine, I always am, but it would be boring and tedious and boring  and miserable and dumb and boring and stupid and maybe something would happen to you and then everything would suck." He bounced up and down on the balls of his feet a few times and sucked in a breath before exhaling his next words all in a rush. "Also-I-don't-want-to-Sith-anymore-I-want-to-start-my-own-Force-enclave-and-teach-people-to-Force-y-things-the-way-I-Force-y-things-and-Sithy-is-such-a-restrictive-way-to-look-at-it."  He looked up at her with that eager, puppyish please-don't-say-no expression on his face that he always got when he started to get carried away with his plans and was worried she'd veto them.

She sighed. "I feel like this is a terrible idea, you know." She looked around, not displeased with the place. The air tasted so fresh and clean. It wouldn't be a bad place to live. "Who else knows about this place? Have you told anyone?"

He shook his head. "Always a good idea to have somewhere safe to retreat to, and secret makes things safe, right, Ms. Agentpants?"

She made a gesture to indicate that she was rolling her eyes, but she smiled. "It will do. if I get to set up the security protocols, and you promise to abide by them."

He gave her a mildly affronted look. "I always listen to what you tell me, don't I?"

She tried not to laugh at that, and mostly succeeded. "Of course you do. What shall we call it?"

"Paradise?" He paused for a moment, "Paradise II, I guess, since there's another moon that isn't half as nice as this one."


OOC information:

Paradise II is a temperate moon orbiting a gas giant in a previously uncharted system rimward of a large-ish nebula somewhere in the Unknown Regions of the galactic northwest.  (The in-game location is a pair of Yavin strongholds: one representing the Taemple complex, with Taelios' and Livia's houses; and the Taecademy, with its classroom setup and dormitories.) By the timeskip, construction is more or less complete and its occupants are nicely settled in.

Security is extremely tight, although designed to be rather inconspicuous once one is on-world.  Access is via TGI ship only, and the astrogation data is heavily guarded as a corporate secret - however all one really  needs to secure transport via TGI vessel is clearance from Tae himself (which, let's be honest, is not hard to get). Visitors and residents are not given any information about the location of the world. The Taecademy sits down the cliff from the Taemple proper, and passage between the two is carefully controlled - students are often allowed into the Taemple area and grounds, but not without permission, and some not at all.  At the bottom of the cliff there is a small settlement providing agricultural and other support for the compounds above - security between the settlement and the rest of the compound is no less strict. Very nearly all of the compound is under constant surveillance, video and otherwise.

Cantina / MOVED: Portraits
« on: 11/10/15, 10:02:45 AM »

Roleplay Workshop / Adversarial RP
« on: 01/29/15, 11:12:54 PM »
It's been a week, and I find that I am still very upset about last week's whole surprise treason accusation incident. I am disappointed in the actions of all of the players who were a part of initiating it. I want to be clear here - I am not upset about whatever went on IC; actions have consequences, blah, blah - that's completely beside the point. I am upset because instead of inviting their targets to have a fun and enriching rp experience with them, they blindsided both players without so much as a heads-up that something interesting might happen if they showed up that night.

Your characters might be the most awful people ever (Sith and all, whatever) and might do the most unreasonable and terrible things, but that doesn't excuse you from being respectful of your fellow players on an OOC level. We've had this sort of behavior before, where a group of people from a guild showed up to an event of whatever sort and accused people of treason without any prior OOC warning, and the community rightfully called it out as bullying. It's not really any less so this time, even if the people on the giving end are more well integrated into the community than the last bunch.

While I am aware that Orell, at least, was in the right frame of mind and in enough of a lull in plot with Quarasha to be able to take it and roll with it and it has led to interesting rp - and that is great, it doesn't actually make the way that this was handled ok. Things like this make our community feel less safe and welcoming. Our characters (Imperial ones, especially) do not necessarily need to feel safe or secure, but our players should. This incident has made it more difficult for people to feel comfortable playing in our community.

I am sure that no one, going into this, said, "Oh boy! Let's make people feel uncomfortable and attacked!" I expect that it was much more something like "OMG! This will be some awesome rp and a fun surprise for people!" However, I can honestly only think of one, or maybe two players that I know for sure would actually be comfortable with that kind of surprise rp. There are probably more, but one doesn't know unless one asks, and it's not an assumption that I would care to make, or would care for someone else to make about me. I know that I, personally, would be amazingly upset if someone did that to me without talking to me first, and that it would seriously hinder my ability to feel comfortable playing with the community at all.

I am starting this thread because I don't want our community to be one that intimidates people and makes it difficult to join in and feel comfortable doing so. As cantankerous I can be sometimes, it's important to me to try and work towards making this community a place where people can feel safe, whether they are actively rping with the community, hanging out in chat or ooc, or even just popping in and reading things on the forum from time to time. This community (and by that I mean all of you) is deeply important to me. I would like us to take some time and think about how we treat other players, especially within the context of adversarial rp, and maybe discuss how we can do it better.

Trouble and Feedback / Articles?
« on: 10/23/14, 03:51:17 PM »
The articles seem to be missing. They are giving me a blank page when I click on them in the menu.

Trouble and Feedback / @ system settings?
« on: 09/23/14, 11:45:54 AM »
The Mentions System from the Fundraiser Goals is now live!

Whenever you're making a post, if you the @ symbol followed by the first three letters of the Display Name of a member, you will see a drop down with names! Select one of them, and you will notify them automatically via PM that they were tagged!

These settings can be turned off, altered, or shifted in the Profile menu.
Where are the settings to fiddle with this? I couldn't find them.

Trouble and Feedback / join a guild = lose sidebars?
« on: 04/22/14, 07:32:58 PM »
Semah and I just joined a guild through the guildnet (for the first time evar, go us), and now neither of us has the sidebars showing on the forums anymore. I use firefox, he uses chrome.

Trouble and Feedback / A thing that would make me happy
« on: 03/12/14, 09:53:07 AM »
(But also is something that is by no means important or necessarily useful to anyone but me.)

Could we get the sidebar with the calendar and shoutbox and etc. to show on the private messages page(s) too?

(Also, )

Trouble and Feedback / Is there an ignore option?
« on: 12/16/13, 07:25:26 PM »
As the title asks, is there an option to ignore/hide posts made by certain members, somewhere? If there is not, is it possible to have one implemented?

The Trading Floor / Looking for Calo Nord's Hat!
« on: 10/01/13, 04:23:40 PM »
This is one of the very few hats that I like on Livia, and I am kicking myself for not getting one when they were plentiful(ish) on the GTN. I would be willing to pay a fair amount of credits for it.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Lost and Found
« on: 08/23/13, 02:41:18 PM »
~A year or two ago~

     She came awake all at once, shaking, trying to stifle the scream whose beginnings had broken her from her dream. She couldn't quite hear her former lover in the passageway outside her door, but she knew he was there nonetheless. He hadn't stopped loving her in his quiet, gentle way even after she'd ruined everything between them. She hoped that he hadn't heard her cry out, but she expected that he had - his hearing was excellent, and it was more than likely, although he hadn't set foot in her room since that day, that there were some of the smaller, less obtrusive members of his hive keeping her company, reassuring him that she was okay.
     She wasn't, of course, by any objective measure, but she was trying to pretend she was. That she hadn't destroyed the happiness that she'd managed to find with him. That she hadn't, in the end, tried to betray everything she was sworn to protect just because her heart had betrayed her. That she hadn't failed utterly at the last assignment. That it hadn't completely broken her.

     She rolled over and looked blearily at the chronometer. It had only been about two and a half hours since she'd gone to bed. She sighed heavily and looked at the hypo-syringe on her nightstand. This stuff was supposed to keep her down for six to eight hours. She wondered, almost idly if it would kill her to take another dose so soon. She shrugged a shoulder and reached past the injector to the bottle standing behind it. She took a sip, and then a long, long swallow. She couldn't remember what this was, but it burned on the way down, and her eyes unfocused.
     A face swam before her, smiling, but with eyes that were as unreadable as her own. It shook slowly from side to side in negation of everything that she was pleading with him to accept. "No, Sweetness, that's not how it ends. This is," and then, still smiling at her, with something like a hint of triumph on his face, the light in his eyes slowly went out. A wail of pain and fury and confusion and loss erupted from her, and, gasping, she woke again, her eyes wet with tears. She grabbed the bottle and drained the rest of its contents.

    The last assignment. The more she thought about it the more convinced she became that that was what it had been. She didn't think she'd be able to do this kind of work anymore. She'd failed so completely - regardless of what the official records might say. She'd fallen in love with her target, and it had nearly cost her everything, to say nothing of the potential cost of her failure to the Empire. No, it had cost her everything. She had lost him, and she had lost the man who'd taught her what love was  - for all that he continued to stand by her, uncritical and compassionate. Worse still, she lost any confidence she'd had in her judgement and her abilities. She'd lost confidence in herself as well. She would never know the answer, never know why. Did he kill himself to save himself from her? To save her? For some other reason entirely? Had he loved her? Even a little? She thought... but she could never know.  It was eating her alive. She didn't think she'd be coming back from this leave of absence like she had from ones in the past. Whether she killed herself mixing spice, military grade stims, and alcohol; or ended up tossed away in some place like Shadow Town because her instability made her too much of a risk to be allowed freedom; or was simply written off and disposed of entirely remained to be seen. The best she thought she might have to look forward to was a deadly dull desk job, which would slowly sap whatever will to live she might still retain.
     She sighed again and yawned, curling herself tightly into a ball. She was immensely grateful when she felt the combination of the drugs she'd taken and the liquor she'd drunk start to drag her into unconsciousness again. She hope that this time there would be no dreams.


     The chronometer's alarm sounded, and the lights in the room began to brighten very slowly, simulating morning. She blinked herself awake, her eyes glowing dully in the still mostly darkened room. She'd woken three more times in the night, each time from a different nightmare. Some were new and strange, others were old, old friends, filling her with the extra horror of knowing what was coming and being unable to avoid it. Each time she'd awoken she'd looked longingly at the hypo-syringe on the nightstand, and each time she'd simply rolled over and tried to sleep without more. Bani's warning about the dosage ringing in her ears. If it was strong enough that that reckless lunatic was concerned about her overdosing, she thought she ought to listen.
     She staggered out of bed, heading for the refresher. As she passed by her mirror she caught sight of herself accidentally - and stopped, mid-step, shocked by what she saw. Her eyes were dim and almost lifeless, their usual soft red glow nearly gone. The dusky blue of her skin had turned ashen, almost gray. Her long hair hung down, tangled in knots. Her face had a haggard, malnourished look, which was only to be expected, given that she'd been unable or unwilling to eat for much of the past two months. She shuddered. She'd been carefully avoiding looking at herself all this time. Grief wasn't pretty, and she'd given herself over to hers fully.
     She was appalled by the person looking back at her. Her natural vanity demanded she stop letting herself look like this. It didn't strike her as odd at all that it was her vanity rather than some sense of self-preservation that prompted her decision to try and do something to keep her grief from killing her. She'd never really cared all that much about her well-being. But her appearance mattered to her. Her good looks and charm were the keys that had opened most doors for her. She didn't think she could do without them, even if the only company she wanted to keep was her own. She looked at an injector sitting on her desk, the mixture in this one intended to bestow a numb but conscious state, shook her head, and went to start cleaning herself up.


     Shaking with exhaustion, she stepped out of the luxurious real-water shower, dried off and quickly got dressed. She walked through the ship checking on various systems and settings that she was sure were fine - but she found the act of checking them soothing, and so did it anyway. She made herself eat something, aware of Tavin's glossy black eyes on her. She didn't need to look at him to know that his face wore the same gentle, worried expression it'd had for what seemed like forever now. She could even picture the tiny changes as he relaxed a bit, almost smiling, at seeing her eat something - even though she'd been making herself eat regularly for almost a month now. His love, which she had no right to anymore, and which made no demands on her, bathed her in a thick layer of guilt. She wished he'd leave her alone - but she wouldn't ask him to, and it was a small ship, which made it hard to avoid anyone except by hiding in her room, and she'd had enough of that. She needed to get out. She finished eating and went to the bridge. She examined the map and set a course for the nearest reasonable planet, some Hutt world she'd never heard of called Kwenn.

     As they approached the orbital station she started to get ready - pulled her hair back neatly, applied her make-up, contemplated what to wear. She paused for a moment, evaluating herself. She looked substantially better than she had a month ago. Her face had mostly filled back out, although to her critical eye she still looked a bit pale, it was nothing anyone who didn't know her well would notice. Her eyes, too, had regained some of their glow, no longer marking her as ill to anyone who happened to look at her. She didn't feel better, necessarily, but the changes she'd made lately - drastically cutting back on the drugs, making herself eat even though the food was still ashes on her tongue, trying to learn something akin to meditation - had made a significant difference on the outside. Inside she was still scoured hollow and empty as she'd been when Tavin had dragged her away, back to the ship, and thence to her debriefing and to make her end-of-mission reports. She'd gone through the motions then, as she was going through them now, taking no interest or pleasure in anything - in fact barely anything even seemed to touch her except her nightmares and her crushing guilt. She decided to wear one of her Imperial uniforms. She had about a dozen, from different branches and departments and with different ranks, most of which she had no right to, although with her clearance, no one was likely to call her bluff on any of them. She chose the one that made her look most like what she actually was: an agent of Imperial Intelligence. It didn't hurt that it was one of the ones that flattered her best - her tailor had altered it so that it fit her like a glove, and when coupled with her decidedly non-regulation boots she looked rather intimidating in more ways than one. She figured that the uniform would ensure that most people left her alone, and those who didn't... well, maybe a fight would make her feel something. It had been a while.

     They docked. Tavin started to ask if she wanted company, but Bani smacked him on the back of the head, hard. She disembarked while they were still occupied with their argument. She made a very official picture as she stepped out into the station, crisp uniform, high boots, very imposing rifle slung on its harness behind her. She looked around briefly and headed for the shuttle. The station itself was fairly unassuming - crates piled around, customs officers checking for contraband, nothing unusual, not even very busy. She walked into the shuttle bay and just... froze.
      She stood there for a minute or two, completely motionless, and then turned and walked not toward the shuttle, but off to the side behind some crates, eventually finding herself a small niche between some stacked containers and the wall of the shuttle bay.
     She sat down, shivering uncontrollably. This... she hadn't thought of this even as a possibility. She hadn't been out in public in months, hadn't even left her ship, had barely interacted with her crew. She found herself unable to face speaking to the shuttle pilot or getting on the shuttle. She felt faint, and nauseated, and like her heart was about to explode.  She drew her knees up to her chest and hugged them as tightly as she could, resting her head on them and rocking herself back and forth, back and forth. She stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity.
     When she started to feel like she could breathe again she slowly stopped rocking and loosened her death-grip on her knees. Much later still she leaned her head back against the crate behind her and shifted herself around so that she was in a more relaxed sitting position. The waves of panic having subsided somewhat, she began working on calming herself down using the breathing exercises she'd been learning. Eventually she got herself to a state where she could simply sit and be something like calm and normal. She wasn't at all sure that the whole thing wouldn't happen again if she tried to board the shuttle once more, so she didn't try. She also couldn't quite face the failure of going back to the ship without having gone down to the surface. She found herself at an impasse, and so she just waited, trying to think about nothing, until she thought of something better to do.


     She'd been there for quite some time, and had managed to find some measure of composure - and as long as she didn't think about getting up and leaving her hiding spot she was able to keep it. Instead she tried to take stock of herself. She tried to get some sense of what exactly she thought she was doing by hiding away on her ship, if forcing herself out was the right thing to do, of what she should do about Tavin. She wished she'd never met him. That he hadn't shown her what it meant to care about someone on a personal level. That he hadn't made her feel things that she didn't understand and couldn't control. That he hadn't been there to keep her from dying with her target when she couldn't save him. She hated him for making her whole, and for not being able to keep her from shattering and splintering apart. She began her breathing exercises again, and tried to think about less overtly painful things. She slowly regained her semblance of calm.

     She was startled out of her contemplations by the sound of a rather polite cough. She looked up and was rather alarmed to find that a diminutive Sith was standing before her wearing an expression that was a mixture of baffled concern and hopeful friendliness. She stiffened slightly, and she hoped, imperceptibly. She knew who this was, of course. He was considered to be one of the more capricious and thus more dangerous Darths - doubly so, in fact because he seemed to have no real ambitions, instead occupying himself with amusements. Intelligence had, more than once, had to clean things up after one of his amusements had gotten out of hand. She hadn't been a part of any of these efforts, but she'd heard things, most notably his enthusiasm for all things female, and especially his rather intense enthusiasm for those that were Chiss.
     "Excuse me, miss?" His voice sounded rather more tentative and certainly more shy than she'd expected.
     She responded with a not very forthcoming, "Yes?" and then surprised herself by being able to reply to his curiosity about her being in the corner with polite, evasive, distant but nearly friendly banter. He offered to buy her a drink if she cared to go down to the planet with him, or to stay and keep her company in her corner if not. She suggested that perhaps, at that point, introductions were in order.
     "Of course, of course," he answered. "Where are my manners? I am Darth Taelios, and it is my distinct pleasure to make your acquaintance." He smiled, and she found herself very uncharacteristically smiling back at him. She began to have an inkling as to why he was supposed to be so successful with women, and she was a little unnerved by it - someone with that much charisma was dangerous indeed. He continued, "And you are?"
     She replied without thinking, giving him her full Imperial name, Livia-Augusta Solanum. It wasn't her true name, of course, or at least most of it wasn't - she'd left that behind along with a great many other things when she came to the Empire years earlier. She continued to be caught off-kilter by his charm, flirting casually, easily, and emptily as if she hadn't been months out of practice. She found herself, much to her surprise, agreeing shortly thereafter to accompany him down to the surface.


     They took the shuttle down, sill talking about nothing at all. Kwenn, she was surprised to find, was actually quite lovely - or this part of it was at least.The town where the shuttle landed was full of picturesque buildings and surrounded by scenic vistas. As they headed toward the cantina Taelios started talking about the party that was awaiting him there. While she was finding herself still oddly comfortable with the little Sith, the idea of a crowded cantina made her feel trapped and panicky again. She slowed her steps, letting him get ahead of her. As soon as he'd gotten noticeably ahead of her, he stopped and turned, looking at her curiously, and asked, "Are you... " He paused and looked at her more closely, something like concern on his face now. "Do you still... You don't have to come if you don't want to. I'm not, I mean, I won't make you. If you don't want to." He sounded sincere.
   "I do want to," she replied, smiling what she knew to be one of her least convincing smiles. "I just... I don't think I could deal with a crowd just now." She fervently hoped that she didn't sound as desperate to get out of going as she was becoming. She didn't think he would hurt her for refusing to go, but Sith were Sith and all of them were, well, 'unpredictable' was a charitable way of thinking about it. 'Crazy and dangerous' was more accurate. Telling them 'no' was not generally a healthy choice. "You go on ahead, I'll try to catch up in a bit?"
     "Oh. Um, okay." He looked at the ground near her feet. He sounded crestfallen -  much more disappointed than she thought he really should. "It's not... I mean, I didn't..." He looked up at her, meeting her eyes. She was surprised by how bright and red the irises of his eyes were. He swallowed and after a moment continued, his voice betraying some nervousness (which she also found surprising), "It's not me that you're afraid of, is it? I would hate for you to be afraid of me, I mean, unless you like that sort of thing?" He finished with a slight, apologetic smile, just in case, she thought, that last bit offended.
     She shook her head and smiled, rather more convincingly this time. "No. It's not you. Please, don't let me keep you, especially if there are people waiting for you."
   He seemed about to say something, but nodded instead and, after looking torn for a moment, turned around and started to bound away. He'd only gone about three steps when he paused and turned back to her. "I do hope I'll see you later, you know." He flashed her a bright smile as he turned around again and then seemed to almost skip away in the direction in which they'd been heading.

     She stood there, watching him go, and then staring after him for a minute or two.  Eventually she realized that she was standing in the middle of the road like an idiot, shook her head briskly, as if to clear it, and started looking around her. She climbed up over a wall and wandered off, looking for somewhere  where she wouldn't be disturbed, finding her way to one of those scenic vistas she'd spied on her way down. There were no benches around, and she didn't want to be obvious to passers-by anyway, so she climbed down onto the rocks down near the cliff's edge.
     The rocks had been baking in the sun all day, and were slowly releasing their heat as the sun began its descent from the sky. She sat down, leaning back against the warm stone. Now that the rather alarming possibility of being an unexpected guest at a Sith party was receding, she found that she was feeling relaxed. Much more so than she had been in a long, long time. She wondered, as she sat there, contemplating the view, why exactly that was. Was it this place, warm and quiet, with its breathtaking view stretching out before her? Was it the rather overwhelming friendliness and charm of the odd little Sith? It was certainly interesting how he seemed to put her at ease when she ought to have been alert and on her guard. She'd never had that reaction to a Sith or any force-sensitive, for that matter - they usually made her feel quite uncomfortable and on edge. She wondered what it was about him that was different, and what, if anything, it meant.

     She was still considering the question when she heard a noise above and behind her, followed shortly by Taelios' appearance next to her. She was less startled by this than she should have been. He sat down next to her, and looked out. After what seemed like a very long time, in what seemed to be a companionable silence, she looked at him, and said, "Hi."
     "Enjoying the view?"
     "It's very peaceful," she replied, rather noncommittally.
     "Peace is a lie," he said, giggling softly.
     She shook her head. "Sith."
     "See, it was me being funny?"
     "I know."
     "You know, with the whole Sith Code and..." He broke off, frowning slightly.
     She felt, for a moment, as if she was being unkind by not laughing at his (not very good) joke. She smiled at him, and he looked slightly mollified, although he was beginning to fidget a bit. "I should go catch up with my friends, but I don't mind sitting and talking to you, either." He looked vaguely perplexed, as if he wasn't sure which course of action would be the right one. He temporized, "You're very good at finding hiding spots, you know." He paused, and then a smile growing on his face, continued, "You want me to bring you back something from the cantina? What would you like?"
     She made a vague reply that amounted to asking him to surprise her.
     As he started to climb back up, he turned to her and said, "Try not to fall."
     "I think I can manage that," she answered.
     "Lovely," he said, snickering to himself as he walked off.


     He returned, bring a bottle of wine and two glasses. He drank a glass with her and then went back to the party again, saying he'd return. She drank some of the wine, a nice Coruscanti Red and stared at the view. She wondered why it seemed that she was looking forward to his coming back. The idea of looking forward to anything felt so foreign, almost unreal. She found herself wondering for a while whether the whole situation was real or if she was back on her ship, in bed, having a spice dream. She thought that was just about as likely as it was that she was sitting here hoping for the company of a Sith.
     "Alright. It seems like things have died down over there a bit, so I can... you know, have an actual conversation with you."
     This time when he sat down next to her on the rocks he seemed to have a more settled air to him. He asked her about herself, and she replied with vague, noncommittal answers. She asked him about himself, and he sketched out an almost equally vague picture of himself. They continued talking for a while, about various things ranging from the superiority complexes both their species were prone to, to dancing, to what sort of things they liked to do for fun, to what exactly she was doing in the corner where he'd found her, to how pretty she looked, to how she should address him. She was vague and dissembling and, almost alarmingly, even honest about some things. He gave her his contact information. He asked if he could hug her without her stabbing him for it, and against her better judgement she said yes. He flattered her. He made her laugh. She found herself enjoying his company, even when the conversation had periodically drifted off to silence.
     Eventually the sun finished its slow fall behind the horizon and the light started to drain from the sky. He yawned. "Mmm. Gonna curl up and fall asleep right here on this rock."
     "Be careful not to roll off. It's a long way down."
     He he glanced around at her words and even though he had already started to curl himself up, he decided to take her warning seriously and relocated a bit further away from the edge. He circled in place and then settled down, moving several times, trying to find a comfortable position. "This... this isn't going to work. At all."
     She pointed behind him to the grassy place above the rocks. "That is probably softer."
     "Probably," he replied in a somewhat sulky manner, and climbed up and away from the cliff's edge and out of her sight.

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