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Cantina / Re: [SPOILERS] Jedi Under Siege
« on: 12/18/18, 12:57:40 PM »
Thank you @Ela.

I suppose my shorter question is, even if our community isn't returning to consistently weekly role-play, has this Expansion sparked anyone's desire for some new bite-size Events?

Is it interesting enough?

Cantina / [SPOILERS] Jedi Under Siege
« on: 12/17/18, 10:33:27 PM »
It might behoove us to revisit these questions after Jedi Under Siege drops, though, in case that gives us plot elements that start to even out the faction power imbalance again.

I've completed the main story Republic-side adventure only, it was definitely shorter than I expected, and I have not run all the Dailies/Weeklies which may include some additional details.

There are some beautiful sets, definitely worth considering for an Event(s) if anyone has an itch to scratch?

I get the general gist of the Imperial-side adventure, however for those who have completed one or both Factions, should we discuss the new State of the Galaxy?

I'm ignoring the "Commander" and the "Alliance" for now.

Am I right to assume that with the Republic ending, they maintain a token presence on Ossus, continue to defend the Jedi Library, and fight off Sith Empire assaults on an ongoing basis? That makes for a nice Hot War setting, and the dueling Jedi/Sith on the various maps make for some nifty in-game role-play sites.

Am I right to assume, that with the Imperial ending, they drive off the surviving Jedi, who escape with the help of the Republic (and Story!Smugglers), and capture Master Gnost-Dural and seize the Jedi Library? The escape of the survivors makes for some rolling conflict when and where we would choose to role-play it. This ending would basically make Ossus an Imperial-blockaded world now.

Some of the colonists and Jedi relocate to set up farms on Tanaab? Tau's comment that she doesn't speak for the Jedi when volunteering to help the Republic fight the Sith Empire leaves open the possibility that the Jedi and the Republic are not formally aligned... yet?

What did I miss?

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 11/18/18, 04:33:27 PM »
Thank you to everyone who attended my Event last night.  I appreciated the participation and enthusiasm. I hope everyone enjoyed a fast and loose format.

There are one or two characters whom I didn't know their player handle,  so perhaps someone can tag them in for me.


Events and Occasions / Re: The Cron Adrift No More
« on: 11/10/18, 07:20:36 PM »
Open invitation to a few old friends, near and far. Maybe they come, maybe they don't, but don't let anyone say they weren't welcome;

@Bolas or @Concrete or any other handle
@livia (and spouse!)

Events and Occasions / The Cron Adrift No More
« on: 11/10/18, 07:11:51 PM »

Yavin 4

All good things must come to an end.
- Geoffrey Chaucer

"It lasted for a long time, I believe. A very long time.
It was a great success, but even great successes come to a natural end."
- Issac Asimov, Robots and Empire

Mace Windu: "The Council has assembled. They are eager to hear your report."
Yoda: "Afraid, not much there is to say of my journey."
Obi Wan Kenobi: "So nothing significant happened to you out there?"
Yoda: "Yes... and no. To the end, we are coming now."
Mace Windu: "Did your journey give you insight on how to win the war?"
Yoda: "No longer certain that one ever does win a war, I am.
For in fighting the battles, the bloodshed, already lost we have.
Yet open to us a path remains, that unknown to the Sith is.
Through this path victory we may yet find.
Not victory in the Clone Wars, but victory for all time."
- Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 6, Episode 13

Date: November 17, 2018
Time: 4:00PM P.S.T./7:00PM E.S.T. (start and end time is fluid, players are encouraged to join at any time)
Location: Yavin 4, Republic Landing Zone, Coalition Staging Area
  • The Republic Landing Zone is our primary role-play locale, and has a shuttle, pilots, black market merchants, refugee tent, operations tent, speeders, and a few aliens for window dressing.
  • The Coalition Staging Area will be our overflow area, complete with a few Jedi, Sith, and mercenaries as needed.

Invitations to Players:
  • The Event post will allow for multiple character sign ups, so please use your character name when you register so everyone can see which characters may make an appearance.

Invitation to other Gamemasters:
  • Bring your side plots, sub-plots, preludes and denouements to your other stories. This is not a heavily scripted Event, and everyone is encouraged to use this as a springboard for any pre-Ossus stories underway.
  • Please make use of any available Non-Player Characters nearby for your own scenes or teasers.


What Jedi Knight player-characters may know;
  • Rogue Jedi may be arranging for secret transport on Yavin 4 of Galactic refugees and displaced Jedi settlements somewhere through the Cron Drift, a massive, highly dangerous asteroid field infested with pirates, smugglers, and slavers.

What Republic player-characters may know;
  • Rogue Jedi - not fully aligned with the Republic - may be hiring smugglers on Yavin 4 for secret shipments somewhere through the Cron Drift. Sith warships have been reported in the same Sector and may also be en route.

What Independent player-characters may know;
  • The call has gone out for skilled pilots willing to risk navigating the dangerous Cron Drift. Their cargo is rumoured to be mostly passengers, and supposedly the Run isn't for Hutt Slavers. The congregation of so many scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells will be ripe with open bounties and ships in need of mercenaries to protect their crews and cargo against pirates and slavers.

What Sith Empire player-characters may know;
  • Naval ships have been ordered to jump to lightspeed and plot a course to the Auril Sector at once. They are ordered to ferret out Republic warships that may already be in the Sector, aiding a Jedi subterfuge plot against the Sith Empire.

What Sith Lord player-characters may know;
  • Jedi Knights may be en route to Yavin 4, or even already in the System, infiltrating the local black markets. Something is happening near the Cron Drift, and there is a great disturbance in the Force...

  • The rise and then slow decline of the Alliance, means that factions are meaningless now, and defections between Republic and Sith keep the lines blurred. Who is on Yavin 4 to help the Jedi? Who is there to hinder them? Who will follow them to their destination, and who will fight to keep their secrets safe?
  • Is this the end of your story? Is this where you cement your Legacy?
  • Or is this the flashpoint that sparks a new conflict? Are the lessons of the past lost to the future?

For those strong in the Force, there are no coincidences. There is only Destiny.

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Event plots and thoughts.
« on: 11/06/18, 11:36:12 AM »
There are multiple posts in the Rumour Mill now as feeder for various Factions. I will post an Event thread soon for sign ups and to formalize who is attending.

Does anyone have a good, better, best window for a start time?

  • 4:00PM P.S.T. / 7:00PM E.S.T.
  • 5:00PM P.S.T. / 8:00PM E.S.T.
  • 6:00PM P.S.T. / 9:00PM E.S.T.

Storyboards / Re: The Rumor Mill
« on: 11/06/18, 12:20:24 AM »

Storyboards / Re: The Rumor Mill
« on: 11/05/18, 11:56:19 PM »


"Speak, worm."

"Yes my Mistress. I bring word of Republic fleet movement."

"Our Admirals patrol our Sectors even now, and you have news I have not heard? Did you find it in the sand where you kneel? I can put your head much closer to the sand to aid your search... "

"No Mistress! The Auril Sector. Republic warships have been sighted, their hyperspace jumps are coordinated. We have spies in the Cron Drift Asteroid Belt, slavers loyal to our cause... "

"Loyal? You mean when they pluck your credits from your pockets as you hold out your hand. If you paid for this information I will fill your skull with sand... "

"My Mistress, there are Dark Lords already in the Sector, tracking wayward Jedi vessels. We thin... we believe the Republic warships seek to intercept them."

"Your insight is clouded and dim. You have sand in your eyes already. Why would Jedi not already travel with the Republic ships my young Apprentice? Unless the Alliance has driven a wedge between them that has not healed. The Republic needs their Jedi warriors back in their fold if they have any hope of surviving."

"Yes Mistress."

"Unless... unless they are not fleeing. Unless... they are seeking."


"Fear and doubt my young Apprentice. The Jedi dwindle and despair while we regain our strength. The Alliance cannot help them now, and the Republic stands tall, with no shield to protect them. Fools."

"Yes Mistress, we have agents heading for Yavin 4 now to learn mor... "

"Begone worm."

"Yes Mistress."

"Contact our Admirals near the Auril Sector, let us verify these sightings. Have our spies report any sudden surge of activity. Make sure our Dark Lords scour the Black Markets on Yavin 4. The Jedi may already be there... "

Storyboards / Re: The Rumor Mill
« on: 11/05/18, 11:28:08 PM »

Republic Valor-Class Cruiser Endless Vigil

"Where are we jumping to?"

"He didn't say."

"What's the mission?"

"He didn't say."

"Some of the boys said there could be Sith Empire Dreadnaughts in the Sector."

"He didn't say."

"I heard someone in the Mess mention that we might be tracking down lost Jedi?"

"He didn't say."

"Thing is, think about it. Have you ever seen a lost Jedi? I swear they could open a bottle of Corellian whiskey in a cantina with no power, and pick the right tumbler and the perfect pour just on scent alone."

" ... "

"We run into some of those Alliance boys, they run in mixed packs. Be hard to know who's who. Stun 'em all, let the Corporal sort them out."

"He didn't say."

"This is going to be great... "

Storyboards / Re: The Rumor Mill
« on: 11/05/18, 11:09:14 PM »


"The Cron Drift?"

"That's what he said."

"How about I just drop my credits on the floor and smash them with my boot?"

"Stop being such a whiny Chadra-Fan. You just said you're looking to haul?"

"You do realize that the asteroids aren't the worst part about flying the Cron Drift right? I mean, the pirates, they'd just take my cargo, maybe my ship. The slavers, well, I like my neck right where it is, thanks."

"There's got to be an angle, I asked. Weapons? Spice? Crystals? None of the above. Just passengers and as much survival gear and tools you can fit in your hold."

"Oh, good. Hauling slaves for the slavers then. Your nose for finding a Run is worse than a Garindan with a cold."

"Stow it, let the man talk."

"I'm telling you, it's above the line. It's not easy, or safe. They wouldn't tell me the destination. They said they have anchored nav-buoys on a pre-set frequency. Whoever it is they want us to haul, they're getting them away somewhere, not delivering them to auction."

"How much?"

"That depends on the size of your hold, and the silver of your tongue. Whatever they offer, it's always the start of the negotiation."

"Why not just hire a bulk cruiser and plot the long course?"

"See, that's where it gets interesting. I got my guy hauling technical parts on a blue milk run between Voss and Taris. He says there have been reports of Capital Ships in the Sector. The Wife and the Neighbours."

"That's supposed to make me want to sign on?"

"How do you even remember which end of the connector goes to the fuel pump and which end to your tanks? That's the point. It's just like the old days. They're too big and slow to follow anyone into the 'Drift, and if they bump into each other in the same System, it might scare off the smaller birds nesting in the asteroids, waiting to take a bite out of our hulls."

"Yavin 4?"

"Mmhmm. Look, you make planetfall, sample the market, order some Beer and Pie, and if it stinks, you refuel and go back to delivering astromechs to your Brother-in-Law at cost."

"I thought Yavin 4 was an Alliance rock?"

"Nah, they did what all big, dumb operations do. Moved their entire outfit at twice the cost to Odessen, and left behind half their gear in the process. Now it's a Black Market with a view. Just don't bite into a Death Stick by mistake... "

Storyboards / Re: The Rumor Mill
« on: 11/05/18, 10:37:50 PM »


"I'm telling you, I saw the data logs. Master Hors has me studying astrogation logs as a concentration exercise."

"Concentration? You?"

"Save it for the sparring circle you two."

"An old transport, previously flying Republic colours and its' last berth was Tython, before the Eternal Empire, of course."

"Before the double E? That ship could have been bought and sold have a dozen times since then."

"That's the thing, it still registered under an old transponder. It was a Jedi transport, tagged near Yavin 4."

"So what?"

"There hasn't been a Republic or Jedi presence on Yavin 4 in years, not since the Alliance settled on Odessen."

"A padawan in my artifact studies course told me that an entire Agri-Corps settlement vanished a few years ago."

"Farmers? You think farmers are flying around the Galaxy in an old Jedi shuttlecraft?"

"Don't be dense. Concentration studies, remember?"

"I'm telling you, there are Jedi out there, and they're not aligned with the Republic, not fully. Every time we hear about another Jedi settlement found abandoned, everyone assumes the double E got their first, but I know a pilot who said there are refugees arriving on Yavin 4 on small shuttles, old freighters, even some re-purposed military ships."

"What if there is another temple? How many times are they going to try and rebuild Tython? This place still hasn't recovered from the last attack. If the Jedi were coming back into the fold, why not Coruscant after all this time? Why stay so far out?"

"Would you return to so many bad memories?"

"Is it the memory that is bad? Or the feeling it invokes inside you?"


"Master... "

"Our emotions are not defined purely by good and evil Padawans. It is the consequences of acting on those emotions that can alter our path."

"Yes Master."

"Of course, Master."

"Now, tell me about your progress in Astrogation, and what you have discovered my young Padawan."

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Event plots and thoughts.
« on: 10/28/18, 07:10:37 PM »
I'm afraid the 17th and 18th are hard impossibles for me (the "might" being more to do with whether or not the 17th ends up being the chosen date).

The irony being if I bump it to the 24th, you can make it however someone else can't...

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Event plots and thoughts.
« on: 10/28/18, 06:42:35 PM »
Although the 17th and the 18th are literally the only two days I absolutely for certain can't make an event,


Or, in a different vein, perhaps some diplomats from either (or both) faction(s) have, sensing the storm clouds building, set up a peace summit with still receptive (even if only to a limited degree) counterparts on the other side. The setting can be ostensibly a diplomats' one, but with tensions building both sides are probably bringing some muscle and spies along. And maybe some independents are trying to sneak in to gather valuable intel for selling to interested black market parties later.

:think:  :write:

(especially as it seems I might not be able to attend 'Geek's event on the 17th)

Just... try?  :cry:

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Event plots and thoughts.
« on: 10/28/18, 06:37:25 PM »
so I'll just PM you the relevant information, lickety-split!

You're a Prince and a Scholar. Or in Pehn's case, a Rogue and a Shifty Bastard.

Cantina / Re: recoveringgeek's Event plots and thoughts.
« on: 10/28/18, 05:18:45 PM »
All the others are some manner of independent or mercenary, so it's not such a great hook for them.

To clarify, I fully intend for this to be open for independents and mercenaries. When I say I am interested in the build up of military strength again, that definitely affects Smugglers and Spacers having to navigate new (old?) boundaries and space lanes. Mercenary or Bounty Hunter contracts could be picked up or dropped at the snap of a finger. Never mind if you signed on with the Alliance and suddenly find their power and influence waning?

The Event may be dealing with the ramifications of changing military actions in the Galaxy, however it is not only for military-minded characters. Galactic War, or even cold war, affects everyone. That's what I'm hoping to explore...

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