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I've got some more decos I'd like to get for a flagship revamp; you available sometime, Niarra?


Great! I'll be on Admiralnerf, or maybe Legolover (both Pub side here on BC) in Resurgent Remnants. I'm available pretty much any time this week; I'll be gone for the weekend but after that, next week is free as well.

As far as the list goes, after a bit of discussion with the other officers, I'll probably be skipping out on the Sith Sarcophogi and maybe only getting two Sith statues, but other than that, the list is good to go. I guess I might see a really nice deco on some other guild ship before you donate, in which case I'll just tell you when we meet and add that to the payment. One thing that I suggested to the others was the NiM DP wall trophy (those are 1 million each to donate, IIRC).


Edit: Might also be a couple personnel, too. We'll see :P

Admiralnerf here, if we could have some donations that would be great. My discord is Admiralnerf#9647 if you want to contact me there; the items I'd like to have donated are:

Dark Eternal Throne x10

Oriconian Torch x20

Asylum Experimental Tank x10

Reclaimed Treasure of the Emperor x2

Forgotten Sith Sarcophagus x10

Zakuulan Water Sculpture x10

Generator (blue) x2

Medical Monitor x2

Sith Tomb Column Statue (x10)

Imperial Command Center x2

Slicer's Planning Table x1

Battle-Worn Republic Placard x10

Planter: Voss Shrub x20

Fountain of Blood and Fire x4

Sign: City of Zakuul (Blue) x10

Not sure what it will come out to; which are 25, 50, 75 and 100k to donate and such.

Shadow's pilgrim, to Admiralnerf on pubside. Thanks!

The Trading Floor / Re: CM Give Away - Pets, Crystals, Toys
« on: 08/08/17, 05:58:23 PM »
Desert Green Eviscerating, please :)

admiralnerf, pubside. Thanks!

Could I have the Stronghold label Chamber of Deception?

Toon name: Admiralnerf
Faction: Pub

thank you!!

Hey there!

I have a friend on Reddit who would love to get some of the Ops decos in his guild, if you could mail him in-game on one of the following characters, that would be great (best is Savaja).

Savaja (Empire)
Kiralyn (Republic)
Reyari (Republic)
Malikyra (Republic)
Mirosha (Empire)
Zulmari (Empire)

Thank you!

The Trading Floor / Re: CM Give Away - Armor and Weapons
« on: 04/03/17, 11:31:44 AM »
If I could have the Casual Connoisseur upper body armor, that would be great!

admiralnerf in-game, pubside.

Thank you!

The Trading Floor / Re: CM Give Away - Vehicles
« on: 04/01/17, 07:59:10 PM »
I'd love that Minas Iris, if you don't mind.

Character name is admiralnerf, just like my username, no special characters.

Thank you for doing this!

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