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Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« Last post by SquigglyV on 12/14/18, 04:47:36 PM »

Arshia and Lyara

The Republic Navy may not have an entire branch dedicated to fielding elite troops like the army's Special Forces Division, but they do maintain quite a few of their own commandos for when basic marines won't cut it. From heavily armed Marine Raiders and jump troopers to more covert Force Reconnaissance teams and paramarines, there's no shortage of options to get a job done right.

Captain Lyara Idros, also known as the Hero of New Cov or just "that lady from the marine pinups", is a Mirialan from Dantooine serving in the Republic Navy's elite 251st Special Reconnaissance Regiment. Her second in command is Lieutenant Arshia Thali, a Corellian corpsman famed for earning first class Bloodstripes at just 17 years old during the Battle of Corellia.

Cantina / BC.org Under Seige!
« Last post by Ela on 12/09/18, 06:45:20 PM »
Happy Sunday Lovelies,

Since the next story chapter is going to attack us on Tuesday, if anyone needs any help preparing or just gathering random giggles tomorrow I would be more than happy to help with anything you need :) And if that goofy "reorganizing data" monster doesn't melt my computer (which I honestly worry about) I'll be one of the first few on Ossus in the morning on Tuesday, so just holler in /republicooc /imperialooc if you need anything.
Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« Last post by SquigglyV on 12/08/18, 06:12:33 PM »

Lady Varuni and Legionary-Corporal Yara

Voidsuits are one of the most essential parts of any stellar adventurer's wardrobe, offering solace from the many environmental hazards found on unexplored worlds. They protect their wearer from intense pressures, extreme temperatures, dangerous energy sources, toxic atmospheres, and hazardous liquids among other things, making them useful not only in the vacuum of space but also deep underwater or on a hostile planet.


Sunspears or sunblades are traditional Aqylan polearms which mount an intense source of energy, such as a cutting torch or heat ray, between one to four sharp adamantine blades on the tip of the weapon. They were originally wielded by the elite Ansar warriors of Astrid Iovan's empire nearly 1,700 years ago, used to pierce through heavily armoured infantry and vehicles in melee when other portable anti-tank weapons failed to have an effect.

Modern versions are tremendously advanced, often fitted with particle beams or plasma guns which make them effective at much longer ranges than the more traditional designs. Sunspears have become fairly common today, if still somewhat specialized, most famously used as the primary weapon of the Aegis of Valora and in a smaller form by some Mantle units.

Questing and Leveling / Re: How to Super-Level Your Imps!
« Last post by Lolermelon on 12/06/18, 08:41:28 AM »
A question of motivation on Balmorra is also a good choice. Same concept. There is a pub version, but I think it is Jedi hunting on NS. Not sure which heroic offhand.
Questing and Leveling / How to Super-Level Your Imps!
« Last post by Ela on 12/05/18, 06:22:03 AM »
Hi lovelies,

If any of you have Impsies that aren't level 70/CL 300, there's a super quick (and actually fun) way to get them there coming up. And it's perfectly legal according to BW :)

The next double-XP/CXP event starts up on December 20, so here's what you do...

  • Pop an XP or CXP consumable boost
  • Head to Alderaan
  • Grab the Imperial heroic mission "Into the Kilik Warrens"
  • Listen in the planet general chat for people calling out for "Bug Hunt"
  • JOIN!
  • Warp to the heroic location, meet up with your new ops friends, and enjoy the carnage :)

Basically, you stand in a room with all of your new friends and slaughter wave after wave of super-quick-respawning bugs. To give you an idea of how quick and effective this is, I leveled Maladous, Julan, and Aubrey Anna from like level 30ish all the way up to like CL 50 in a single weekend. With maybe three hours bug hunting on each. It's NUTS!

A few points of etiquette to watch out for to keep your new ops friends from getting frosty and kicking you from the fun...

  • Don't AFK; if you need a bathroom break, or to grab a snack or drink, make sure to let everyone know. They're actually super vigilant about booting people who don't help.
  • About helping...pay attention to how and from where your friends pull the bugs, and once you get the pattern join in!
  • Helping part 2...if you're a healer, please heal people :) And if you have the character perk for field repairs and/or field trainers, pop them as often as you can and make sure to let everyone know so that they can use them.
  • And of course, be nice :)

Sadly, there's no Republic equivalent.

Enjoy :evil:
Cantina / Re: State of the Galaxy
« Last post by Niarra on 12/03/18, 03:41:21 PM »
My interpretation of the article is that the difference in the pre-war state of the galaxy is more significant than just whether or not it's Acina or Vowran in power.

For example, on the Republic side, the article lays out that if Malcom is alive then Chancellor Rans has managed to militarily strengthen the Republic so that they are strongly positioned to defend against an Imperial attack. Whereas if Malcom is dead it states the Republic is weakened and not well-equipped to defend against a Sith invasion.

On the Imperial side, if Acina is alive then the Empire is stable, in-fighting is at a minimum, and Imperial strength has been built up to a point where the Empire is strongly positioned for an offensive (and in this case it's strongly positioned for an offensive against a weakened Republic). Whereas if Vowrawn is Emperor then Sith in-fighting is back in play and the Empire is in a weaker state and not ready to commit itself to an offensive (in this case against a Republic that is well fortified).

So aside from the significant question of who is leading the Empire, this set-up could potentially mean that one power is in a losing position and the other in a superior one. This changes the motivations and sense of urgency for characters attempting to defend either faction.

My guess would be that the devs will at some point in the expansion storyline put in events that will force the two powers onto more even footing, if only because in faction-based MMOs it's very hard to let one faction come out definitively on top without angering half of your player base. However, KOTFE/KOTET established that they are also willing to shift the storyline heavily into single player territory so there's no guarantee they won't let things further schism.

As for whether or not we as a community want to agree on a community canon, I would put out for consideration that maybe a good way to go would be to say that no one died on Iokath. Sure the Outlander might have sided with one faction or another, but since it's most likely that most players sided with their own faction it's probably a safe bet that most players have as their personal head canon that either Malcom or Acina are still alive depending on their main's faction. So maybe we all agree that both characters are alive, and as such both faction governments are stable in such a way that we can hang plots off of it. (Alternatively, if we want to create more urgency and drama for faction defenders, maybe we agree that both Malcom and Acina died. That seems less likely to align with most individuals' head-canons, though.)

I don't see much of a need to codify an Outlander, honestly, as the Outlander themselves feels sort of... irrelevant? Certainly it's more or less irrelevant to anyone who isn't RPing their characters as deeply involved with the Eternal Alliance. And though I know some people have attached their characters to the Alliance in the past, the Alliance's growing irrelevance to the plot along with the long-established understanding that no one is the Outlander/Barsen'thor/Wrath etc has already made it so that no one has ever really introduced the Outlander as a significant RP element in community stories. (Though if we were ever to establish one, I'm all for Pehn-generated chaos.)

It might behoove us to revisit these questions after Jedi Under Siege drops, though, in case that gives us plot elements that start to even out the faction power imbalance again. Of course, that still won't solve the Empress/Emperor question.  :sigh:
Cantina / Re: State of the Galaxy
« Last post by Ela on 12/01/18, 09:22:04 AM »
The first that jumps out at me is that I *love* that they actually put the time and effort into writing this. Too much has been completely frizzy over the past couple of years, and it's nice to finally have some clarity.

Otherwise, I plan to continue doing my very best Ostrich impression, which I've become very good at, and basically not even acknowledge any "outlander" until the story people bring that chapter to a final close. I'd like to wish and believe that'll happen in 6.0, and I actually think 5.10 is a super big step into unifying all of the stray cats into a single super funky cat. I can hope, right?
Cantina / Re: State of the Galaxy
« Last post by Toasty McGrath on 12/01/18, 09:01:09 AM »
I mean, basically the only real difference between the two reports is the Empire being ruled by Darth Acina versus Darth Vowrawn. Unfortunately, that's a pretty big detail for RPers. That being said, I suspect even Sith players might be okay with taking the Republic-choice storyline due to Vowrawn having a dynamic background and more facetime with the player over the course of TOR. At least for the Sith Warrior class.

As for the other details, I'm happy to report that with a newly-neutral Hutt Cartel, B'abbo the Huttfather is now again open for business with the Empire at his Golden Palace on Nar Shaddaa...
Cantina / Re: State of the Galaxy
« Last post by SquigglyV on 11/30/18, 11:35:46 PM »
On the positive side I like that they've found a way to make the Hutt Cartel neutral again and not just a Republic puppet. Means I don't have to constantly correct people about it anymore lol. I feel like siding with the Republic is probably going to turn out more canon in the end, because siding with the Empire is shaping up to look like the Republic's death sentence more than the other way around. o.o

I don't think the Jedi being scattered (or having the appearance of being scattered) necessarily means they're broken, I imagine they keep in contact and it's just done less conspicuously now. For most of them it's probably business as usual, they don't really need the High Council to tell them to go help the Senate or the Army or whoever else needs help and i'm sure the more local councils would try to stick together even if it's somewhat covertly. The galaxy may struggle to see what they're doing but it's far from a KOTOR 2 situation.

I do think a solid solution to Schrodinger's galaxy is kind of needed, imo those first three options seem good. We're already just leaving it kinda vague, it's easy I guess but annoying to reconcile if people happen to assume different things for their characters' stories and certainly difficult for anyone who wants to be close to galactic politics. The one upside of a shrinking community means options 2 and 3 would actually be feasible for once, it would be very fun being able to interact with the important in-universe characters played by other people here.

I think making up an NPC outlander would be the best probably tho, since you'd really only have to vote on the major stuff like who they sided with on Iokath. Could easily avoid the minor stuff like their species and sex and such. It wouldn't be as fun as option 3 or especially option 2, but also less likely to step on toes because I know there's roleplayers on the server who don't use this site.

Will have to wait and see how all the new content/story stuff turns out I guess.
Cantina / Re: State of the Galaxy
« Last post by Orell on 11/30/18, 10:49:39 PM »
That they're merging some of the branches is a bit of a good sign, at least. I wonder if the upcoming content is going to merge more of them, especially when it comes to who's in charge of the Empire...

Shall have to see what happens to Acina when the update comes. If I were them, I'd go to the old standby for the "sided with Acina" storyline: "Empire's on the verge of defeated the hated Republic and Jedi, time to stab other Sith in the back!" :D
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