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Outside Realm / Re: Video Game OST Appreciation Thread
« Last post by Darth.Eros on 03/22/19, 05:41:02 PM »
Love this song it is pure gold when you are playing the game and it has become one of my favorite Videogame OST tracks
SoulCalibur VI - Moon of Oblivion
Cantina / Premiere
« Last post by Darth.Eros on 03/16/19, 09:37:25 PM »
Its Finally here, I said Saturday...its technically Saturday Still  :grin:

The first Episode of Lost Archives is on my own character Darth Sestriss (layla versalla)

Next time Ill be covering my first submissions. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have an application for submissions.

In Advanced thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoy the first epidoe
Outside Realm / Re: recoveringgeek's All-Purpose Star Wars thread
« Last post by blingdenston on 03/16/19, 04:26:43 AM »
Jaade Swayze
Outside Realm / Re: recoveringgeek's All-Purpose Star Wars thread
« Last post by recoveringgeek on 03/16/19, 01:20:37 AM »
Captain Jaade is going to save Washington, D.C., even if he has to punch every last one of them to do it...

Cantina / Update: 1
« Last post by Darth.Eros on 03/12/19, 06:03:18 PM »

I want to thank everyone for their support and voicing there opinions and questions, and the few submission requests Ive had. Despite a submission system to being in place I have had some very positive feed back, and requests, and Id like to thank everyone for it, I just hope eventually ill be able to get to your characters,

I have decided on a tentative release schedule. Right now Im going to attempt to do twice a month. Once in the middle of the month and one at the end. This will give me time to review, write, voice, and edit and edit for the episode without feeling pressured (hopefully  :umm: ) But I'm going to try my best.

Again thank you everyone
Cantina / Re: Theme songs for your toons
« Last post by SquigglyV on 03/09/19, 12:17:46 AM »
I've finally done it! I've found songs that fit the feel and tone of all my important RP characters, and even most of the ones who aren't important too. The Sith are all scary, the pubs are mostly sad and action-y, the rest are whatever. Have been shuffling some around a bit but I think what I have now is the best character-theme matchups I can get, I even did all my Guild Wars 2 characters too lol.


Darth Malaji Vaal - Vampire Hunters (Bram Stoker's Dracula)
An ominous and foreboding track for the most depraved of alchemists. She never drinks... wine.

Darth Nefret - Ludwig, the Holy Blade (Bloodborne: The Old Hunters)
This is the right song for someone whose fighting style can be accurately described as a thunderstorm. It sounds like something you'd play whenever someone intrudes in your gothic mansion while it's raining and thundering outside, which is basically the story of her life.

Darth Hayal - Dance of the Cryptek (Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus)
The creepiest dubstep one can possibly find. Great for a cybernetics-obsessed darth!

Lord Zavy - The Four Horsemen (Battlefield 1: Apocalypse)
A soldier-turned-Sith gets some depressing, suspenseful ambience but in a way that almost sounds like a military march.

Lord Zamara - April 1945 (Fury)
She doesn't talk much, too busy systematically tormenting and oppressing rogue Sith or mischevious Jedi with extreme efficiency, fortunately this music says that without words.

Lord Arytis - The Old Blood (Wolfenstein: The Old Blood)
I knew this was the perfect theme for a Reclamation Service affiliated Sith as soon as I heard it in the game. It sounds like you're exploring an ancient haunted ruin, but evilly.

Phayri Vaal - The Mordrem (Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns)
She has her mother's sinister nature but a lot less dark side vampirism and much less training too.

Vacas - Necrons (Dawn of War)
A cybernetic chiss sith assassin apprenticed to a cybernetic pureblooded sith alchemist. The music is a good fit to describe how I never ever want to be anywhere near anything in that sentence.

Sadia Najat - Harbinger (Doom 2016)
She can stay calm for a minute or two on her master's orders. After that it's slicey lightsaber adrenaline time tho.

Alonni Lumiere - The Nightmare Court (Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns)
Too young and untrained to be a major threat, but she's the apprentice of Darth Tyria for good reason. Not an intense song, but a sinister one that builds up over time.

Adaliss Paran - Ravager (Terraria: Calamity Mod)
The hound of Darth Vaal, a fallen Jedi Knight, practically a slave but loyal until death. An intense track for a warrior with a very slight hint of sadness for her mental turmoil and fall from grace.

Zara Saitan - The Dark Eldar (Dawn of War)
The Mecrosa Order does not take prisoners, they take victims.

Moff Csa'lir'idi - Shatter the Empires (Hearts of Iron 4: Man the Guns)
I think this track has a very good sound for a naval officer, but with a bit of an oppressive or evil tone from the choir and such, so it fits nicely for my one high-ranking Imperial Military leader and R&D patron.

Captain Kiriona Aki - Corridor of Death 2 (Call of Duty 3)
An ISF commando gets the most sinister march, they're far beyond the half-hearted fodder of the Imperial Army in discipline and depravity.

Lieutenant Colonel Vasilla Alo - All the Fury
Corporal Akelsa Xeros - Adapt or Perish
Private Phaedra Vere - From Hell's Heart
All my 27th Airborne troopers have music from the same game, Crysis: Warhead, because it's the only one I could find with something fitting for all 3 lol. Vasilla, the frontline officer, deserves the most intense one because she's proven her abilities repeatedly under fire. Akelsa, the sniper, gets a fast-paced one because her job is to hunt and kill. The engineer, Phaedra, is more down to earth and usually blows things up before they can be threats, so she gets one with a slower pace but a strong beat.

Ziani Olosa - Agent Tex (Red vs Blue)
An agile dual-wielding rootin' tootin' mandalorian jetpack gunslinger in the service of a Sith gets some fast-paced western-esque guitar music.


Master Decilian Ansara - Glint's Legacy (Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns)
A Jedi who only barely held on through the last war, now starting to find herself again after getting a new padawan and some allies in the Republic Army.

Master Qelian Saida - London in Flames (Hearts of Iron 4: Together for Victory)
Another Jedi who's been through too much, slipping closer towards the dark side with every skirmish despite her desire to do what's right.

Padawan Asli Eliyara - The Fungal Planet (Civilization: Beyond Earth)
A young traditionalistic mirialan apprenticed to an old veteran, I think Beyond Earth has the best possible theme music for someone with so much to learn and explore.

Special Agent Serama Lirus - Covert Action (Fallout 4)
People working under the radar don't need action-y soundtracks, just a cheap apartment and some makeshift listening equipment.

Captain Lyara Idros - Iron Gods (Arma 3: Tanks)
Military music with a mildly sad tone for a widow fighting to ensure that nobody else suffers her loss.

Sergeant Zoe Adelia - The Storm (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)
One of my only pubs who isn't a nervous wreck, so she gets some energetic and upbeat military-esque orchestral music!

Dalia Al-Aziz - High Roller (Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire)
Filled the table! They're my credits now.

Guild Wars 2

Celeste Riviere - A Part of Their Story (Divinity Original Sin 2)
An aristocratic Ascalonian mesmer with a love for exploring, working alongside the Pact in recent times. This song has a nice adventurous feel and gets more intense over time, just like how she got more intense after deciding to help fight those mischevious little dragon things.

Samiyyah - A Brotherhood of Heroes (Call of Duty: WWII)
A Kournan elementalist of the Zaishen Order, devoted to mastering war and fire in the name of her god Balthazar. While wholeheartedly devoted to violence, she has a strong code of honour as well, something which I think the track catches well.

High Priestess Scyriss - Marauders Arrive (Solo: A Star Wars Story)
Epic choirs are required for ancient demons of forbidden knowledge, that's just how it works. Being fast-paced fits too since dervishes really like to whirl and nobody can keep track of anything a mesmer does.

Priestess Farayoun - Love Secret (by Mehmet F. Nalinci)
An Istani firebrand and priestess of Kormir with a troubled past, but she's come to peace with it for the most part.

Hierarch Zahra Vanak - Last Moments of Love (by Omar Faruk Tekbilek)
A disgraced spellbreaker previously in the service of King Joko's Mordant Crescent, now forced to forge her own path.

Slayer Vasai Zinghu - Stardust Crusaders (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)
A spy's extremely queer globe-trotting adventure to defeat evil creatures through the use of magic and martial arts while gathering a group of unlikely allies for help along the way? Yes! This track has action for a not-so-subtle spy and also enough jazz to sound a bit underworld-y, it's definitely the best character theme I have lol.

Now if only I could get faceclaims and voice actors for everyone...
Worldbuilding and Community / The Eos Library
« Last post by Toasty McGrath on 03/02/19, 06:12:14 PM »

Located a short shuttle ride from the Holy City of NiJedha, the Eos library is a small but immensely important reliquary of knowledge for the Jedi Order. It was carved into sandstone cliffs, in the center of the settlement of Jed'nais, and provides most of the income for the small village through tourist revenue. Jedi, Disciples of the Whills, and many other Force-worshiping orders throughout the Galaxy consider the library sacred, and visitors of all stripes can be seen perusing its halls. All are welcome in the Eos Library, should they only come in peace.

Eos the Defender

Spoiler: show
The Library takes its name from a Jedi Knight who sacrificed her life to save an ancient order of scholars and preserve their years of studies. Although the battle was lost to history, a statue of Eos Nayal marks the Library for visitors, her lightsaber lifted as a beacon of learning.

Statue of Abadesh

Spoiler: show
Equally important to the Library is the statue of Abadesh, the Jedi Master who oversaw its construction. In gratitude for his aid in founding the Library, the Disciples of the Whills erected a statue of him on its first centennial. Master Abadesh's grandchildren were among those who attended the celebration.

The Library

Spoiler: show
Thousands of years old, the Eos Library holds some of the most ancient knowledge in the Galaxy. Lectures and Force demonstrations are frequently held in its large courtyard, while dignitaries often meet in its the safety of its grounds. While most useful to those of the Force orders, the Library also contains some texts valued by secular travelers, from ancient treaties to recent compositions from obscure poets. While it lacks the resources of a research university, the Library is also home to a team of biologists studying desert farming techniques.

The Village

Spoiler: show
Jed'nais is a quiet community consisting primarily of low-scale farmers and groundskeepers for the Library of Eos. Its humble market square is frequently used to hold festivals, and the Fountain of Eos brings forth free water for all to drink.

Imgur collection:
Cantina / 'Lost Archives' Discussion
« Last post by Darth.Eros on 03/02/19, 05:47:16 PM »
Hello and Welcome to the discussion thread for Lost Archives. With this show I wanted to give back to the community that gave me such good time...while also getting back at Disney for deleting half of the universe we all love.  But mostly the first part. Here is a video and a Preview of the First Episode of Lost Archive.

So far for submissions all I have is my Email and am working on a more detailed system for submitting, characters, groups, organizations. But for now enjoy the show, and share it around other communities.
Please subscribe to the channel and leave a comment under the video, and ask me questions in this thread.
Thank you everyone.

Episode Zero | Lost Archives
Worldbuilding and Community / Re: Stronghold Decorating One Offs
« Last post by Imazi on 02/28/19, 04:45:58 AM »
The garden turned out pretty good despite how much I hate the hook layout up there.
Worldbuilding and Community / Re: Stronghold Decorating One Offs
« Last post by Joshmaul on 02/25/19, 11:09:39 AM »
My attentions are currently on a Rishi stronghold, particularly the storm carrier that came with it; I've had the idea of a sort of "mobile academy" mixed with Malagant's usual outdoor garden area with it, added to by the arena on the sky deck.

Spoiler: Academy Skydeck • show

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