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January 2018
Jan 18: Jedi kNight (7:30 PST) - Kyri's Clinic!
Jan 19: Dancer's Palace 9pm PST
Jan 22: Return to Rishi - Indie Night (6:30)
Jan 25: Jedi kNight (7:30 PST)
Jan 26: Dancer's Palace 9pm PST


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A medical clinic on Doctor Kyri Orell's homeworld of Coruscant, this facility specializes in treatment of critical injuries. Intended to be an RP space for medical issues, especially given the number ...
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The Jedi Custodum have established a small temple on Coruscant, returning a small Jedi presence to the Republic capital. It functions not only as a base of operations for the enclave and other Jedi wh...
Views: 346
Comments: 1

Located in a highrise tower on Coruscant, the Akar Academy is the enclave's first dedicated training facility. Freshly renovated and still in the furnishing phase as decorations and equipment from the...
Views: 295
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Belonging to one of the leading Corellian ex-pat families of Nar Shaddaa, the Wysan Skyhold has offered hospitality, secure meeting space, excellent spirits, and premium custom ship repairs and constr...
Views: 658
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Home to the Corellian Embassy and Ambassador Urso Corazon. Medical Facilities as well as access to the Green Jedi Enclave are available here.
Views: 242
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The KHD Outpost is a Coruscant Stability Taskforce(CST) center located in the lower Kindron Historical District of the Senate Sector which provides medical services, emergency command hub, area survei...
Views: 198
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The Alderaanian Enclave is hosted on the north rim of Paisvallia, a large plateau city near Alderaan's equator, across the sea from Organa's alpine holdings. Paisvallia is the capital of an important ...
Views: 236
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Located in a sector on Coruscant that was hit particularly hard during the Sacking, Trade Emporium H-37 was condemned by inspectors three times on account of the state it was in. One such inspector qu...
Views: 129
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This Jedi sanctuary on the planet Talravin is maintained by Jedi Master Niarra Reymark, and is an echo, a...
Views: 158
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Following the Eternal Empire's conquest of the known galaxy, Jedi Master Alieth Taldir went into self-imposed exile to the desert world of Tatooine, setting up in a homestead along the edge of the Dun...
Views: 81
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The Republic Naval Service Orchestra is a Valor-class heavy cruiser that has undergone extensive modifications and operates as a non-militarized hospital ship. While she has retained most of her weapo...
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It becomes quickly apparent from the reception area that no expense was spared to make this lavish residence both beautiful and comfortable. Directly across from the entryway is a guard barracks for h...
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