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Work in progress

The marines attached to the Tenebrous Gospel will have their offices, supply rooms, etc here.

It currently has...
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A research outpost made for any loyal Imperial interested in improving the Empire through science.

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One of two ships operated by Task Force 'Vanguard'. The 'Retribution' serves as the Command Vessel of Darth Aeorna, and holds the bulk of 'Vanguard's' forces.

The ship is rarely seen at Va...
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The Sevellis Building is a forty story mixed-use skyscraper in Kaas City's exclusive Citadel Heights district.  From the outside, it is easily identified by a prominent, glowing...
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This public space is sponsored by House Necare, a portion of their Dromund Kaas Estate holdings devoted to The Empire for the purpose of advancing Imperial interests. It is located in a Dromund Kaas s...
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So, Kebby has lots of cash (No, Magius, she is not donating it to the cause, don't you even ask), and she has a fancy appartment, with lots of stuff. Including a bar for Erakleon. He brought the dance...
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((OOC Note: Once again, this property has been cleared out in favor of moving "elsewhere", so perhaps this can be considered an "out of date" entry. -J.))

The Temple of Introspection is loc...
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Fort Marr

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Located on the outskirts of Kaas City (and abutting the now long-aborted construction project that sought to expand its borders) Warehouse E-14 is a comparatively small structure that was initially bu...
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Darth Malaji Vaal's personal sanctum, named after a valiant martyr within her cult, is situated in one of the many dune fields scattered across Dromund Fels. The primary cliffside structure is what re...
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Crownwork Tower is a Ministry of War skyscraper in Kaas City, mostly known for housing Executor Csa'lir'idi's office as well as being a main logistics center for units under her command. The Imperial ...
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The apartment of the former Emperor's Wrath, this residence has all of the accoutrements you'd expect from a Sith Lord, including a full compliment of elite Imperial troops and royal bodyguards. The s...
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While he considers his ship to be his first home, these old temple ruins and the surrounding land was gifted to Ferrex by Darth Marr for his instrumental role in the battle on Yavin 4 to stop Revan. W...
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From the outside, this beautiful, luxurious estate appears to be owned by a wealthy Zakuul noble. While it does include modest defenses, nearly every decoration on the outside is appropriately Zakuul ...
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