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Greetings prospective buyer!

I am looking to sell a couple guilds (you may purchase separately  :grin: ), one on each faction.

 :lightside:REPUBLIC GUILD :lightside:
Bank: 2 vaults
Stronghold: Tatooine - Fully-unlocked!
Flagship: Fully-unlocked!
Prestige Rating: 57,984
Price: 200,000,000 credits

 :darkside: IMPERIAL GUILD  :darkside:
Bank: 2 vaults
Stronghold: Dromund Kaas - Fully-unlocked!
Flagship: none
Prestige Rating: 19,374
Price: 80,000,000 credits

Message me here, or ping me on Discord: Mei-mei#3559 if you are interested.

Cantina / Re: Polling interest
« on: 07/31/18, 04:35:08 PM »
*sneaks in, almost ghost-like*
Always wanted to see what more was coming with the Iolath keys..... :from:

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 03/14/18, 12:03:19 PM »
Hello mes amies!

I have recently made a life changing decision that I foresee taking me away more than I already am... in fact, it already has. I accepted a new job, which is a very good change for me (Seriously!). But the transition out of the old place has been very exhausting (hence why I haven't been around). And of course this comes up when I start toying with ideas that I've had, but it is what it is. And in truth, my lack of availability, as it already is, has made focusing on SWTOR/RP difficult for me. There are just too many other things going on, too many variables that make scheduling in-game activities that much harder.

I have to make priorities.

And I hate letting people down. :cry:

I'm not sure when I will be back, but I guess we could call this a hiatus from SWTOR.

You can always find me in Discord, as this is the easiest/quickest way to reach me: Mei'li#3559

Until next time....

:aww: :aww: :aww:

Events and Occasions / Re: The Irmenuan Masquerade Gala
« on: 03/12/18, 10:51:16 AM »
Oh wow! I won something!! XD Thanks so much. I had a ton of fun coming up with outfits for this event. And now I get a drawing too??? This is amazing!! :aww: :music:

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 03/11/18, 11:54:54 AM »
@Auryn - I had a blast at the gala (only wish I could have stayed longer)! Thank you thank you for allowing the opportunity to do my little performances and allowing such freedom in doing so. Seriously. :aww: We'll have to do another even like this, that was fun!!

Events and Occasions / Re: Return to Rishi - Indie Night V3
« on: 03/05/18, 10:09:56 PM »
I personally love the idea of Indie/Rishi Night. I don't always have my Indie type characters ICly where they would need to be to attend such a thing, but I'm also working on that. XD

Are people not interested in this event? I totally am interested!
What's preventing people from coming and RPing on their own? I'm usually in bed earlier than I am tonight :grin: or I have Monday Brain and forget (or get caught up in personal RP).
Is it an issue with not having clear directions to locations? Not for me when I have come. Either very clear or I'm grouped and can find you :grin:
Is it an issue with the planet itself? Fie! I LOVE Rishi! Palm trees and beaches!! I've always wanted more RP on this rock. :aww:
Are people just not interested in their independent characters? This is not applicable to me. I love my Indie Characters (because they sort of are ALL my characters from a certain point of view).
Is the day a bad one for people? Mondays tend to be a hectic day for me, but my schedule is pretty 'tight'.
Is there any way I can clarify or improve the locations listing or the way this is advertized on the forums so that it's easier for people to attend on their own? Hm. I mean, I know its happening and sometimes I fail to look at the calendar. For some reason I thought it started at 7:30p PST, but it is an hour earlier (which is more ideal for me, so that's my own fail). I'll think on this and see if I can come up with something. I mean, for me, it's all very clear (except for on my own fails LOL).

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 03/03/18, 10:42:53 AM »
Thank you @Mei for... everything. Inspiration, decos, help with my SH, being a general lovely person, and for giving the clearest instructions (with IMAGES!) for the setting up of the decos. Seriously. Step by step image-instructions. You are every creator' dream client. :lightside: I have so much inspiration now.

Aww, thanks @Auryn ! :aww: I know how hectic life can get, so I'm more than happy to help out and offer inspiration and in general just lift some spirits here and there. Very happy to help out (and especially to be a part of the event you are throwing... seriously, I'm so giddy about it!).


PM'd you my interest on my character Saga. I've still got a fair few details to solidify on my end for her character, but I am definitely interested.

Got it, and super thanks for the support!!

Totes love the idea and definitely an attendee here.

Karmic sings but she'd have to see one performance and be "talked into" performing for the public again (bad memories and slavery and all  :nuu:).  But she'd definitely go!

And the SH listing only works for the side Mei is logged in on.  So it would help Impside but not Pub side.

I wish I could help with invites but right now my key list is full.  Once we hammer this all out I may can free up a slot temporarily to help out though :) cuz its awesome and I'd love to be able to help!  (Either Imp or Pub side as I have a pubbie Karmic alt for such things).

No! Not slavery and bad things!!! This would be a better public performance. Maybe Mei-mei needs to talk to her LOL

And yeah, keys... I can figure that out as we go. LOL

Will love to have you in the audience, I'll make sure Darth Karmic has the best seat reserved for her and a +1 when tickets go on sale.... because, you know... Mei would make sure her friend gets in!  :aww:

As I said already, I've already volunteered Z'ridia!

For the keys - You can simply list the SH publically, and people should be able to find it in the terminals when you are online.

XD PM me all her talents and such so I can get a feel for how to place her in my head count! :music:

I do plan to keep doors open before the performance, but once it starts I will close to the public and people will need a request (just so there isn't an issue with trolls or something #Paranoid). But yeah, pub-side keys will be needed as I want to keep all productions open to both factions.


So this idea has never left my mind, my life just sort of got crazy and I got side tracked.... But my interest is still here for it, so just curious if the community is still :grin:

While the theatre itself is ICly on Dromund Kaas, I do have (just a mental thought right now) a more Republic friendly environment if the occasion calls for it.  Though, I'm not against finding ways to ICly "pull strings" to make it safe for Republic citizens to attend/be smuggled. LOL

While my idea is still in the works I'm pretty psyched to actually do it (thanks Noth!) but will need a little help.... Looking for performers and people to help handle invites to the event.

Keys: Will need for cross faction, and I prefer a keyholder to be an audience member so performers are not distracted during the actual show. More details on this will follow as I get closer to an actual deadline, so I'm really looking to see that there are people interested in helping me out on this part. :grin:

Performers: PM me here if you would like to be a performer or if you have someone who is already an actor/singer/dancer. The first performance will focus on dance more so than acting/singing. I will provide further details outside of this thread. Performers can be from either faction and any class. Joining the <Imperial Theatre> guild is not required, but is an option if you think it would be cool to have the banner above your head. :grin: (it's imp side so...)

:grin: :music: :aww:

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 02/25/18, 08:44:44 AM »
@Mei @Noth thank you so much for the amazing RP tonight with the plot that was set up so long ago finally going a little bit faster. Might be a little sleep deprived but I needed to get all the feels out. Thank you both so much! :aww: :aww: :aww:

No, no, thank you @humanelf and @Noth for being such amazing RP collaborators. You guys are chipping away my "RP burned" fears.  :grin: :aww: :cheer:

Holocrons and Info Nodes / "Isolation"
« on: 02/24/18, 01:00:06 PM »
((another small snippet of a scene :grin: ))



The breeze was slight, breaking the water’s surface into gentle waves that lapped softly against the synthetic shoreline of Sector 23. The man-made landmass sat atop the watery surface, isolated and untouched, just as IC-711 had been for a thousand years. The other Imperial settlements could barely be seen through the haze of distance that separated them by hundreds of kilometers. Yet the air was pure, free of pollutants that have come to plague the other Imperial worlds, giving the new Imperial colony a pristine light from the sun.

The H-type Nubian yacht descended quietly towards the sector’s platform. The vessel’s exterior was polished to a brilliant shine, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings; the crystal blue sky of the new world reflected from the surface. It was greeted with silence. Not a soul in sight.

Desolate. Isolated.


The ramp lowered with a soft hiss and Sergeant Bosque touched ground, his boots breaking the serene silence. He held his blaster rifle, alert and ready, as he scanned the sector with the scanner embedded in his helmet. There would be no risks taken on this mission, their cargo was far too valuable.

The sector was still, quiet… ghostly. If IC-711 wasn't a desolate water planet, he would easily be on edge. But as it was, it was this tranquility that the Sith Lord had desired.

“We're clear,” Sergeant Bosque called, his voice gruff, yet quiet as he addressed the medical team waiting inside the Sith Lord’s personal starship, the Ningjing zhi Guang. “Be careful,” he ordered them as they took extreme care lowering the enclosed case to the ground.

Inside their cargo, a young, mixed breed child of six years. Her raven hair reminiscent of her mother, while the red hue in her skin a vision of her pureblooded Sith father; the color dulled by her mother’s human genes. The child's eyes were closed, her breathing slow as she was in a deep slumber. She was unaware of her surroundings, yet felt the comforting presence of her mother around her.

Bosque’s eyes shifted deep inside the starship as Lady Bluedark came into view. She was a vision. A beauty of simple grace. Regal and refined. But her movement was laboured. Fatigued from the strain she had put herself under to comfort her daughter during the trip. She brushed a strand of black hair from her face and watched each step as she descended the ramp.

The Imperial sergeant offered her his hand, helping her down the ramp until she was on secure ground. She was a Sith Lord, yes, but there was fragility in her touch. She was careful and precise. What he knew, without a doubt, was that Mei'li Bluedark was unlike any Sith he had ever come across.

He watched as her gaze lifted, her emerald eyes sparkled in the vibrant light of the new world as she laid eyes on her new home. Her subdued expression was unchanged as she looked out at the vast ocean. There were no immediate landmasses. No spaceport. No bustling crowds. No starships in the sky. Even the personnel she required were minimal. It seemed all her specific requirements had been met.

The isolation was ideal.

“This way, my lady. It isn't far,” Bosque assured her.

“Thank you, Sergeant,” her voice was as soft as air, and she released her hand from his. He gave her a nod before taking the lead ahead of the small escort.

They made their way to the stronghold. It was a beautiful structure, simplistic in design. But it was a fortress. Security cameras, laser cannons, steal walls. The red banners of the Sith Empire hung high as they blew gently in the breeze. Alongside them, softening the appearance, were decorative wall fountains. The added touch added to the natural tranquility of the world.

“I had required millaflowers,” Lady Bluedark spoke up behind her escort, searching the sector for the little pink flowers that were native to Naboo. “I strictly required them.”

Bosque turned as he walked, rifle in hand, though it was clearly not needed. “Yes, my lady. They are on the way,” he assured her.

“They were to be here before we arrived,” she said, more upset than anything.

“I brought some with me,” a young medic, nurse Wynter, glanced back at her. “I will make sure she has them, my lady.”

The nurse was comforting, but Mei'li was still disappointed her full orders were not met. New Imperial colony or not, Moff Heermann never would have let her requirements be misplaced or delayed. He knew how particular and sensitive this situation was, and how important every detail was. His sudden promotion had put a negative ripple through her life.

Bosque unlocked the main entrance of the stronghold. The hallway was long and empty. Soft moss colored rugs lined the floor, with sparkling chandeliers lighting their way. Another touch of Lady Bluedark’s elegance. The building felt more like a palace than a Sith fortress, but these were her specifications. As were the way the walls absorb sound. Even their footsteps were quiet, and their ears rang with silence.

“There are two sections, as you specified,” Bosque said, reaching the elevator. “The main living quarters are down below the surface, and a second area for an indoor garden--”

“Have them move the garden outside by the water, please,” Mei requested. “Sartori will like to sit by the sea on her good days. I want her to be able to see it.” She was demanding, yet courteous.

“Yes, my lady,” Bosque said with a nod. “We'll get you and your daughter situated down below,” he added, turning to unlock the elevator.

Bosque let the medical team in first, then followed Lady Bluedark. He stood tall next to her, his gaze fixed forward, but she had a way of stealing his attention as she peered in at her daughter.

Sartori’s eyes had opened and Lady Bluedark had leaned over to greet her with a smile. Her reflection was visible on the glass casing. She we gorgeous, sincere. And he had to remind himself of his duty.

“We're almost home, my sweet,” her voice was like a songbird.

It was a short ride down, and not once did they feel the pressure change. Mei'li kept her focus on Sartori, and was pleased to see her daughter smile, unaffected by even the slightest changes. The doors opened to a dim living quarters. Bosque stepped out, holding the door for the medical team as they took the child to her room.

Mei'li followed, but slowed her pace as she observed the room. It was calm, not just in atmosphere, but from the soft scent of millaflowers. She appraised the room, approving even of the central viewing window at the center of the main floor. A detail she had not asked for, but knew Sartori would enjoy watching the marine life.

“And where will security and personnel be?” she asked, turning to face the sergeant.

“We will off the main building, my lady,” he explained. “Out of sight, but always around should you require us.”

Mei'li nodded, wandering the tight space.

“We understand your need to keep things as normal and comfortable as possible,” he continued. “The other settlements have general supplies and may be delivered to you fairly quickly. More specified items may take more time, but will not pose a problem.”

“My lady,” it was nurse Wynter, and Mei turned to her. “Ms. Sartori is responding well to her new surroundings. I'd like to monitor her for a few hours before we leave you.”

“Of course,” Mei nodded. “Thank you.”

“And if ever you need help,” Sergeant Bosque regained her attention, handing her a small pendant. “This gem, when pressed, will trigger an alert to me and I will be here.”

She looked at the gemstone and nodded. “I hope I never use this,” she said, walking away from him and to the doorway to watch her daughter.

Bosque seemed to straighten his posture. “If I am no longer needed, my lady--”

“--You're dismissed, sergeant, thank you.”

Bosque gave a salute she did not see and proceeded back to the elevator. His gaze lingered on Lady Bluedark. This was an unusual assignment, he thought, but the wife of a an absent Darth seemed to be a high priority. But he couldn't help but wonder how much of her was true. She was, after all, of Lord status with the Sith. Was her vulnerability a facade? Time would only tell.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / "Doubt"
« on: 02/22/18, 11:18:56 AM »
((little snippet of a scene since I play both Ke'rii and Alara. Needed to put this somewhere xD))


Alara woke when she heard the door shut with a quiet swoosh. Her eyes barely focused in the dim light of their room, but she knew he was up again. It was that time where he just couldn't sleep… or as he tended to say: couldn't shake a feeling.

And neither could she for that matter.

Maybe everyone had the Force in them. Or maybe they were just that connected that she could feel when something was bothering him.

Lazily, Alara sat up and found her robe at the foot of the bed and pulled it over her bare body as she went to the door. A cool breeze blew over her as she hovered in the door frame and saw him standing out on the balcony. He looked to be in deep thought, or perhaps he had picked up on mediation, or some other thing that was common for Jedi and other Force users.

She shivered, and began to turn back into their room. Tatooine was known for its dry lands and intense heat. But night was different. Night was colder, the sky glittered with a million stars. There was no other place in the galaxy that compared. There was no overpopulation. Life was hard, but it had its moments of ease. Desolate, yet tranquil.

“You're not bothering me,” Ke'rii said, his voice even and calm. He looked over his shoulder, and met her eyes as she turned back to him.

“I wasn't sure if you were doing some mystical Force thing,” Lara said.

Ke looked back towards the Dune Sea and shook his head. “No, no mystical Force thing,” he assured her.

“But something is keeping you up,” she said, coming out to him. There were a hundred things that could be keeping him up. It was a matter of whether or not he wanted to talk about any of them, “Want to talk about it?”

Ke was silent as he wrapped his lover in his arms. He contemplated his response, not sure where to begin. Should he even begin? he wondered, kissing Lara on the top of her head.

“I'm ruining people's lives,” he said simple, yet vague.

“How so?” she didn't agree.

“I promised Keiko a good life.”

“And you've done that.”

Ke shook his head. “For the first time she has a… friend... that she didn't put together with spare parts and who she actually liked and he's not an Imperial citizen.”

“I'm not an Imperial citizen,” she reminded him, her voice soft. The issue a regular argument between them, but not tonight.

“He was with the Jedi. She's been going places the Empire really wouldn't want her to go unless she was spying for them, which she's not. I mean, what Imperial citizen goes to Tython to sit in on a Jedi lecture and not report back to the Ministry of Intelligence?” Ke sighed. “I'm just worried it might be seen as treasonous.”

Alara understood where he was coming from. “And what of you? We service Republic and Imperial alike at the Lounge. Not to mention what were building now.” she looked up at him, “Oasis Industries has been running transport for the Republic. Not exactly running military cargo, but… still aiding the Republic citizens in some way.”

His gaze was fixed on the sandy sea. “I know,” he acknowledged. He knew everything he was doing was a risk. “But this is Keiko. She deserves a chance at life. A chance at happiness.”

“But she wants to be in the Imperial Navy,” she said. “She wants to be just like you… well,” she grinned. “almost like you. She'll make better first and second impressions.” she watched him, waiting to see if his expression would crack. But it did not. “We want what is best for her, right? What will make her happy?”

Ke nodded. “And what if that isn't in the Empire?” he said this as if he already knew. “You know, it's a lot harder to defect from the Empire. I mean, I think the Republic would take her back. Her citizenship was merely because of me and my affiliation. She's got a clean record, but I…”

“... don't,” she finished where his thought was going.

He merely tilted his head. “I can't go back, and I certainly can't leave. Not without having to live on the run. There's not an authoritative entity out there that would offer me protection.”

Alara wished he were wrong.

“I'm just that good at severing ties,” he added glumly.

“There might be an option, but I won't even suggest it because you won't do it,” Alara said, and wrapped her arms tighter around his waist.

“What is it?”

“Trade secrets. Buy immunity with information,” she felt him shaking his head. “Its only one way, not the way.”

“I couldn't do that. I couldn't do that to Mei and Kaatulf,” he was firm about this.

“There are other ways,” she said, hesitant.

Ke rested his chin on her head. “Like.... I don't know… we could get married?” he suggested, anticipating the usual rejected response. But this time she was quiet. He felt her embrace tighten on him.

“Maybe,” she mumbled quietly.

Ke let the silence grow comfortable between them. A small, somewhat lopsided smile had finally cracked his expression. He had proposed a thousand times, and each time she had told him ‘no'.

“You really want be married to a guy with so much instability?” he joked.

“Maybe,” she answered again.

He chuckled. “We’d have to do it quick before I go back and report to duty,” he doubted she was serious. “You know, elope to Nar Shaddaa or something.”

“And you’d wear the dress,” she added, holding her smile as she joked with him.

“You think I'd be pretty in a dress?” he looked down at her, amused.

Lara shook her head. “Nah, you’d look awful, but it would be a good disguise if we just ran away. Don't think anyone would be looking for Ke'rii Ogasawara in a flowery wedding dress.”

“It's flowery now?” he raised a brow. “I thought it’d be lacey.”

Lara beamed up at him. “You’d have to be gaudy. It's the only way to draw attention away from your face.”

Ke chuckled again. “You have this all planned out, don't you?”

She sighed quietly and rested her head back in his chest. She gazed out at the endless Dune Sea, which seemed so full of possibility. “Don't go,” she asked of him.

For the first time, he felt his duty and honor falter to his heart… and he wasn't sure what to do.

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 02/21/18, 05:55:43 PM »
No, no, @Noth , thank you! Gung'chul has been in my stories but never unleashed for in-game RP until we started randomly chatting when I was offering up guild donations LOL So very happy to be developing stories and characters with you. And I loved how we were able to work in your most recent installment together. Was so much fun!! *gives an Olympic-sized hug* :grin:

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