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The Trading Floor / Re: Looking for These Decos
« on: 12/07/17, 08:19:59 PM »
Thank you karmic. Wouldn't you know I don't have the money when it finally drops below 6 mil. Oh well, maybe I'll find something by the weekend when I may be able to play.

Sent two to Imazi's mail on Pubside.

Outside Realm / Re: So, Lootboxes
« on: 11/27/17, 12:16:21 PM »
I also found it...interesting... that this is "ok" for phone games (which are also marketed to children?) but not for a Star Wars title?

Dont know if that's ignorance on the part of the speaker about just how much money these "phone games" make on those RNG loot boxes (and with kids); or if they really think its different.

But that's what that guy was saying... "We first saw this ..." (ha no you didn't AAA games been doing this for years but ...anyway...)"..or you see this most often on the ipad/phone games...but now its the big event." 

No.  Not just Now.  Not new. Anyone remember what AAA/MMO did this first?  I know Overwatch didn't start it, and neither did SWTOR - who had the first rng loot box store? 

But if its ok for phone games why is it not also ok for "bigger games."   I'd argue all are marketed equally to children when it comes to commercials (star wars vs. candy balls and toy animals).  Is there a difference?  Guess politicians are going to decide..heh.

Could've been a Counter Strike or Team Fortress variant?

Counter Strike is definitely closer to gambling though, as you can sell the skins you get for real money.

Outside Realm / Re: So, Lootboxes
« on: 11/16/17, 05:26:18 PM »
@Karmic access to all DLC maps that get released.  Most all DICE/EA multiplayer games have followed that model for the last few years, as have others.

Single player too, such as the witcher or assassin's creed origins.  Usually refers to future expansions in those cases.

Outside Realm / Re: So, Lootboxes
« on: 11/15/17, 09:51:46 PM »

Though I will say as you list all those prices - play on PC - no extra cost for the online crap.  I looked through that whole list and was like "we.. didn't pay that..."

The games I listed?  That's not for online access.  Season pass isn't online access, season pass is for DLC, often times day one DLC.

For the Battlefield games, if you want the full game at launch, along with the season pass to be able to play on the maps they release after launch, that is the price you pay.  Or you wait 9 months and pay 30-50 for all of it.

Outside Realm / Re: So, Lootboxes
« on: 11/15/17, 05:09:25 PM »
But Noth, that was SWTOR before F2P was released.  You had to buy the game to play it, then pay subscription on top of that.  Neither are you guaranteed anything worthwhile in TOR's lootboxes. 

3 and 4 do sound crappy though, are mounts really that rare and hard to get?  I've been looking at ESO recently.

This is not their current system though! It might've been crappy to start with, but they have made it not so since. ESO hasn't to my knowledge. ESO's model brings money, but hurts players, and that's a model companies will want to follow. :/ Cynical, yeah, but it is logical to want to follow the model that rakes in money short-term but cuts out players with less money. If they switched to something like SWTOR I'd probably start playing again. The point is what the system is like now.

SWTOR was forced to go F2P for revenue, not because they suddenly became a charity.  That's usually how buy2play games work, they end up F2P because the current model doesn't support profits. 

If ESO's model really hurt players bad enough, then it would hurt revenue too, and then ESO would go F2P.  But it hasn't yet, and from reading Karmic's post above, she seems to have high opinions of the game (could be misreading though). 

Outside Realm / Re: So, Lootboxes
« on: 11/15/17, 05:00:17 PM »
But Noth, that was SWTOR before F2P was released.  You had to buy the game to play it, then pay subscription on top of that.  Neither are you guaranteed anything worthwhile in TOR's lootboxes. 

3 and 4 do sound crappy though, are mounts really that rare and hard to get?  I've been looking at ESO recently. 

Overall, SWTOR has a good system. You are able to trade for items you want. The RNG gets you cool stuff, which you can either keep or sell for credits to get the actual things you want. And you will never have a crate that only gives you XP buffs and consumables (which is something that's pretty common when you open a lootbox in ESO). The new crates are particularly balanced, IMO. If they reintroduced old crates to the market more regularly (perhaps as a fixture of the market in its own pane?) then I would have zero complaints about it. The gamble box is fun, if everyone is winning! And in SWTOR everyone is winning: The company gets money, and the player gets cool items and/or the ability to sell those items for credits or gift them to friends.

I have to say this is simply not true though.  I and other have most certainly opened packs before with nothing but consumables and XP buffs.  It's quite often we get exactly what we don't want, and some of the worthless stuff can't be traded at all (jawa scrap)

But perhaps that's a discussion for another thread.

Outside Realm / Re: So, Lootboxes
« on: 11/15/17, 01:05:56 PM »
I know this discussion was started due to all the recent Battlefront 2 drama, and I'll be honest, I don't really get what all the fuss is about.

When EA announced no season pass for Battlefront 2, there were only a few of us trying to explain that that wasn't going to be something good.  EA were obviously going to make their money back some other way - microtransactions.

For $60, you get a lot of game with Battlefront 2.  A decent campaign, multiplayer, amazing visuals and sounds.  For 60 bucks.  That's a damn good price when you consider that triple A titles haven't been $60 for awhile now, especially from DICE/EA.

Base price of Battlefront 1 + Season pass = $90
Base price of Battlefield 1 + Season pass = $90-130
Base price of Battlefield 3 + Season pass = $110
Base price of Battlefield 4 + season pass = $90
Base price of The Witcher 3 + DLC = $90
Base price of Call of Duty WW2 + season pass = $110
Base price of Assassin's Creed Origins + Season pass = $90

Just like Battlefront 2 , GTA V is $60, but includes microtransactions too in the form of shark cards.  Those are both two games with great gameplay, visuals, sound, immersiveness, and they include microtransactions why?  Because they're both at the low cost of $60, so they make their money back in other ways.

If we as consumers don't want to continue seeing games riddled with microtransactions (lootboxes included) or season pass, then the industry needs to raise the base price of a game to at least $80-90 bucks.  The last price hike was in 2005 with the release of the Xbox, when triple A titles moved from $50 to $60.  That same 60 bucks then is now about $75 today.  (

$60 today really only gets you the "base edition" or "lite edition" of the game, as it should be.  All these "deluxe editions" or season passes push the game up to where the price really should be,  otherwise that money is made back through microtransactions like shark cards or loot boxes. 

As consumers we want bigger and better games.  We expect a higher level of graphics than we did in 2005, higher level of immersion, audio quality, immersiveness, we're a demanding group of consumers.  Yet we want to pay the same $60 that we've been paying the last 10 years, even though the quality of games has increased ten fold (plus accounting for inflation places that 60 at 75 today.)

The simple fact of today is, the true price of a triple A title is not $60 if you want everything it includes, like DLC.  $60 is the lite edition.  Season pass or deluxe editions around $80-100 is the true price of these games.  The problem is all the consumers who only purchase the lite edition and then whine about not having everything. 

Pushing the actual base price of a game up to $80-90 is pretty much the same system we have now, except it removes all the whining that comes with needing to buy a season pass for the DLC. 

At the end of the day, a company is a company.  Video game publishers make money.  Publishers like EA need to have a financial incentive to meet these increased demands of consumers, or else why would they release a higher quality product for the same price as their 10 year old lower quality product? 

If we want to stop with season pass and pay to win crap, games should be advertised for $90.

Battlefront 2 is one hell of a game for $60.  Even if you don't enjoy the gameplay, you have to realize that a single player experience + multiplayer + top level visuals and sound is not something you see often nowadays for only $60.  Obviously they're going to make up that lost revenue somehow.

Events and Occasions / Re: Begeren Colony group photo
« on: 11/05/17, 07:39:03 PM »
Since Seraph will try to make it, I will try too. 

Cantina / Re: The Nuts and Bolts of "Us"
« on: 10/04/17, 05:01:06 PM »
I don't even play anymore but even I am concerned about name changes.  I don't want some shitter running around with "Stun-locked" and completely destroying that name.   :umm:

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/02/17, 02:19:08 PM »
So, uh, bit of news...

Roadmap for the rest of the year. There's some notable QoL changes and word on upcoming content updates, but the big thing is the thing everyone's been expecting (hoping?) for for a while: Server merge.

Begeren Colony will be part of the new "The Hot Prospect" server, having merged with Harbinger and Bastion servers:

Merges seem based on region, of course. So, probably some new blood to come in early November... although we won't be linking up with Ebon Hawk, which is sad :(.

Also, prepare for all the name changes...

Sounds like is in need of a domain name change then.

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 09/28/17, 07:35:02 PM »
I should probably also let people know that I'm absent both from game and RP as it stands, and most likely permanently.

Still good for me.

Cantina / Re: Thinking of coming back
« on: 07/21/17, 09:38:51 PM »

Media Gallery / Re: Question: Is This Temple Roof Metal?
« on: 07/17/17, 11:26:02 PM »
Hmm, I think it's stone.

Would love to come again, but July 29th is Hannith's giveaway event on the fleet.

I've never been to one of Hannith's give-aways so I don't know how long they take, but the Port of Call event is scheduled for four hours so hopefully you'll be able to make at least some of it!

Unfortunately there's really no way to move the date on this one. This Saturday had RL conflicts for the hosts, next Saturday is Zmaj's Empire Day, the first Saturday of August is our Ops group run, and the Saturday after that there are RL conflicts for the hosts again. So July the 29th it needs to be!  :umm:

Usually goes on for 3-5 hours.  Oh well.  Make it a fun one!

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