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If I am free that day I miiiight dust off Katz and give her a whirl. :halo:

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 03/16/18, 04:58:08 AM »
Your Most Trusted Planetary Newsfeed


In an overdue statement made this morning local time, Irmenuan representative Tasha Fortzigar finally revealed in a much anticipated announcement concerning the future of Irmenu's trade market, that a recently blasted underwater mine has revealed fresh veins of Adegan Crystal. Promising that the much sought-after crystal would be on the table for exportation, she stipulated that the price per metric canister would vary depending on what each faction could offer in return.

This good news could not come sooner, as we have been experiencing a galactic-wide shortage of the crystal, which is essential in the construction of lightsabers, the tool for Jedi, Sith and Zakuul Knights alike.

However it appears that the Republic may have finally run out of good faith on the neutral trading stage. Previously, the Valefor had open trading with the Republic at an increased tax rate; good for business, but not for their shaky allegiance with the Empire, from which the independent system of Sith warlords broke off soon after Emperor Vitiate's betrayal.

Warlord Protector Bælfir Yosoth stepped forward to explain that, due to the unfortunate breakdown of communication in regards to the unlawful detention of Queen Vedriat of the Shadren Hegemony, there will be no trade negotiations with the Republic.

Quote from:  Lord Bælfir Yosoth, Prince of the Shadren Hegemony, Warlord Protector and Regent of Irmenu
"There will be no negotiations. Not until the Republic do the right thing, and respond to Valefor's request for a just and fair dialogue concerning the imprisonment of our beloved Queen involving circumstances for her immediate release. They have the audacity to call my great allies in the Empire for unlawful, chaotic and cruel; and yet they respond not to our attempts at diplomatic relations. I have spoken recently with the awoken King Dorian - he worries deeply for his wife, and the royal children miss their mother."

Bælfir looks directly into the camera.

"If you see this, my Queen, know that your people love you, and that we work tirelessly to recover you from this disgusting obstruction of justice."

The Holonet Intertgalactic has reached out to Republic officials for comment.

Events and Occasions / Re: The Irmenuan Masquerade Gala
« on: 03/12/18, 12:09:14 AM »

So, we had to drop one category - The 'Most Impressive Cheap-Ass Outfit' - because no one qualified, but other than that WOW. Such pretties, very win. Here are the winners of the costume comp:

Most Creative Ensemble

I was absolutely in love with this the moment I saw it, @Mei ! :aww: Each part works so incredibly well to make up the whole,and though you can't see them too well in this image the black fin-like material up the sides of her arms really polishes it off.

Best Ridiculous Get-up That Actually Works

@Orell , I'm really not sure what's going on here, but you pulled it off, man.  :grin:
I'm pretty sure this is one of those dyes that everyone previews every now and then just for a laugh. It looks like something that maybe a kid vomited up after eating some crayons. And yet - maybe it's the outfit choice, or the gold decoration on the skirt matching the yellow - and the way the mask binds to the dye - but it just works somehow. Well done.

Best Use of Dye

This is apparently just sum green leg-piece I've never seen before - or at least, it looks ugly usually, and damn fine with this inky, bloody-red dye on. I LOVE this outfit @Noth , as it is, but the dye-job really polishes it off for me. It also really added to her character, and I don't think the outfit would've had the same impact without that colour combination.

As for your prizes - You each are going to get a chibi bust of your character all glammed up for the gala, drawn by yours truly.  :halo:

Thanks again EVERYONE for coming. Your company and your outfits were all amazing - this was a hard trio to choose. I'll have to up the stakes at the next one! :aww:

I'm in a similar boat to Jay; more than happy to help, incentive rewards or no; just am unable to spare the moolah atm, due to contractual work and long-term illness. I used to donate to the site when I could back when I had steady work, and it's on my list of things to do once the steady work (and my health) returns.

That said, if you want to give out decos and creds when that day comes, I'm not going to say no.  :halo:

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 03/11/18, 05:03:24 AM »
Wow, everyone! What a long day of RP. But so totally, totally amazing and worth it. I am exhausted in the best possible way.

I have so many of you to thank, I mean, other than ALL OF YOU. :aww: This totally exceeded my expectations. People got plots going, engaged with characters they hadn't seen in a while, there was a little bit of casual Sith politiking, alt-hopping... and THE COSTUMES. SO many wonderful costumes. :aww:

I want to thank @Mei personally for her invaluable help with the Stronghold and all of the thought and effort that went into that performance by Katia. Music, emotes and text all so on-point. I don't think the event would've gone nearly as well without all your help.

@Cyone , I am so incredibly excited for our alchemy plot! What a wonderful surprise to finally be able to have Bae stretch his alchemy muskles.

@Noth for encouraging me to do this whole thing in the first place. WORTH.

@Jaydek for helping me host - I was freaking out and worried about my attention span and how to put myself everywhere at once and having lil' Selaan there to people-welcome and help OOC manage was a life saver.

@Rivoso for rolling with the ridiculous 'Hyacinth From Hell' script I decided on the spot Leslie's cover-persona would be at the event. Comedy gold.

And just, everyone. You were all an absolute pleasure to have there. Here's to many more funtastic events  :coffee:

Media Gallery / Re: Dassalya's Thread of Artsy Things
« on: 03/10/18, 05:50:22 PM »
So pretty :aww: love their thoughtful expressions.

Events and Occasions / Re: The Irmenuan Masquerade Gala
« on: 03/10/18, 05:58:24 AM »
Yay yay it's today! For both Americans _and_ Aussies, now :D

Republic Attendees
If you would like to bring a Republic-side toon, we don't have an official invite-rer. So hop on Imp and whisper Bælfir (or drop a line in OOC if I'm on an alt) with the name of your pub-side toon, and I'll hop over to deliver a quick one.

Prizes for the listed categories are a surprise until after the fact. ;) Only clue; not in-game items.

When you arrive
If no one is there to greet you at the platform, just head on through to the lift and take it to the 'Rooftop Garden', where the event will be taking place in both the interior and exterior rooms there :)

Here is a playlist I've made to set the mood! @Mei will also be providing some additional music for when her character's performances are up:

Singing: "Dark Waltz" 
Synth-Viol: "Warm Air" 
Dance: "Yearning"

See you all there! :aww:

No worries Niarra! Absolutely no need to apologise :aww: Totally understand too, sounds like you've got a lot on your plate.

Events and Occasions / Re: Return to Rishi - Indie Night V3
« on: 03/08/18, 12:27:30 AM »
Hi Nothiroth! I don't come to these often - it's just been bad timing lately - but the one time I did come I really enjoyed the snippy back-and-forth between Feyda and Urz!

I ticked Tuesday (server I assume) as my preferred day, because that's Wed for me and I think it's generally free-er than my Tuesday.

For the record I don't think it's entirely fair to put so much onus on Noth to keep things running - y'all have brains, the space is there, ready and waiting, don't be shy! :aww: I don't think there's supposed to be an expectation for whoever is 'hosting' Rishi Night to have to run it like a GM. at DP its Hosts don't micromanage everyone, they let people do their thing, I don't see why it isn't/can't be the same on Rishi. Grow! Learn! Run into the cantina screaming saying a Houk is chasing you with a laser canon and 'OH PLEASE GOD HELP!' and see what happens! Throw random ideas down and let the RP write itself :D

F2P players can get a pass to run ops but those are expensive.

Passes of any kind for non-subs were removed with KOTET, so there is no way for F2P players to do ops anymore.

That is very disappointing :(

And thanks, LVT! IDK how many tanks an Op usually needs, so far I think we have two. I can also come tank on Bælfir if necessary, though I do prefer to DPS on my lil mean green fightin' bean. I finally have rotation down pat~ Only took me four years

Anyone who hasn't yet stated their availabilities, please do so, in Server Time if you can :)

@Niarra , tagging you! :aww: Interested?

Will definitely be Impside, @Ash ! :)

Alrighty, well I think that puts us at around-abouts 8-9 people, availability pending. The more the merrier of course, I have no experience to scale difficulty by smaller groups.

One extra thing I just wanted to note is that there will be newbies there, myself included (I've done one Op about 3-4 years ago) so keep in mind we'll probably be taking it slow, and patience for us filthy casuals is apprecied ;D

I wasn't aware F2P can't do Ops, that kind of sucks :/

Would any of you plan on bringing a healer, or are we still lacking in that regard?  :rush:

No idea yet, so keen to work around whatever schedules people have :) I do contract work from home atm so I'm easy.

Flashpoints and Operations / LFG Impside Dread Masters Ops!
« on: 03/06/18, 02:13:33 AM »
HAI GAIS. So myself and @Jaydek are looking to do the Dread Masters Ops on Oricon, for a number of reasons. First being, there's some decorations we'd like that are super rare that we wanna see if they'll drop, second because I have never actually 'completed' Oricon before because I have done either of the Ops; though also because, why not?

So far we have myself as a DPS, and Jay can use her Sin to tank. Who would like to join us? :D  :darkside:

Media Gallery / Re: Auryn of Worlds
« on: 03/04/18, 07:44:41 PM »
Think I might use this thread for my image manip stuff in general and not just planets... title still suits :D

Want to show a before and after look at what went into the image I used in 'A Corrupted Prize', and a bit of my process :)

Why? Partly for anyone who is curious, partly because process is exciting, and also partly for those who say it's 'amazing and magic I could never do that' - because you can, it's easy and just takes a bit of practice, and some good tools. If anyone shows any interest, would happily put together some Screenshot Fancy-Uppering tutorials.


Final Image:


The first thing I always do is clean up any rogue elements in the image. This includes things like clipping hair or clothing or fingers, and smoothing out the edges of the character's mesh. Sometimes it's a quick job, sometimes I'll agonize over it for hours, but the Clone Stamp tool and the Smudge Tool is always my friend.

I did do an overall cleanup, but; problem areas, in this case, were mainly the thumb clipping through the holo-projection unit and them pointy elbows. Arms are usually the worst perps, followed closely by hair:


Aaand done:

Physical Presence in a Scene:

This is the smallest but most important aspect to really add more dimension.

Your character is influenced by about three 'layers' of lighting in the game - dynamic lighting, which is usually only present in cut scenes; global illumination, which is the lighting scheme you are affected by depending on location (Rishi vs. Nar Shaddaa); and your 'personal' light, which follows you around as you run about in game so you never have too much trouble being able to see your character, and which also casts your shadow while you go running about in the world (it changes depending on the area, but its sole purpose is to light you up, baby!).
This is the cheapest way to run lighting in an engine and seems to be the extent of SWTOR's capabilities - if every element of your environment was to have a different lighting effect on your character, your computer would crash before you could say 'Nox!'

However this can make characters stick out from a background as though they are an artificial element, floating above the influence of the world. It isn't too bad in an MMO, where you kinda want your character to pop off the screen a bit, but it can make your character look strangely 'not-present' in a screenshot. For instance, as you'll note from the original screenie above, Feyda's body is not interacting with the hologram at all, which should be casting light on him. Again - fine for the game, but really makes the image look flat.

The quickest way to add more depth is a simple reflective glow in the eyes. Watch here how much the eyes pop and add mood and presence to the scene just after adding some reaction:


I did add some glow on his body after too, but honestly if I'd been lazy or pressed for time I could have left it like this and it would have been fine. He instantly feels more present in the scene, holding that hologram, and it even sharpens the emotion on his face.

After that, I in no particular (or great) order:
- Added Belsavis to the hologram itself. Did this with a screenshot of the Belsavis planetary display deco, and added some layer effects to mimic the holo-look as you can see in the 'Belsavis_Overlay' layer.
- Added some photo filters to give the impression of night. Be careful with this in PS as things will look lighter in the program prior to exporting and compressing a file. Originally my image was too dark, and will still look too dark on some monitors - in the end I went with the preview of it I saw on my housemate's Retina display.
- Added a border. A simple 1px thick black line helps an image pop from the webpage.

Things I wanted to do but didn't:
- Added body tattoos to Feyda. He has them, and I didn't draw them in, 'cuz I got lazy busy.
- Be super massively picky about perfectly blocking in the glow. Could have been better, but post-filter you barely notice the mistakes unless you're looking for them, or me.

And that's about it! If you've bothered to read this, thanks for taking an interest in my workflow :) I don't pretend to be any kind of expert, but I love sharing process as I love being able to see the process of others, as well.

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