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Events and Occasions / Operation: Heartbreaker
« on: 08/25/17, 05:52:50 PM »
(Suggested Reading: )

IC: Across the Galaxy- from Zakuul to Korriban and Tython- even littered about Iokath and Odessen- blowing about the streets of Coruscant and Dromund Kaas, a call has been posted for 'Heroes'. The posting is sparse, but dictates that participation may be influential in the safety of the galaxy.

It requests that interested adventurers be confident in their abilities, and anyone in command of war grade firepower contact Taelios directly. When the 'adventure' is to take place, adventurers will be provided with transportation and compensation, but should be prepared for 'high scale force shenanigans.'

OOC: It's time! I'm going to wrap up the Deep Space Dalliances arc I started some time ago and am eager to do so. This will be a series of chat events intended to topple the Heart of the Force and return some order to the galaxy. For the sake of expediency and real damn hero moments, combat will be handled free-form against npcs, and any pvp combat should be agreed upon OOC. If there are disputes, a coin flip or dice roll can be integrated. This event is open to characters of all allegiances, and if the fleet presence isn't arranged by PCs will be handled as an NPC!

Questions, comments, concerns and the like can be posted here or sent to me in a PM! I look forward to your attentions.

Event should start at 6:30 PM server or thereabouts.

Events and Occasions / Fool's Endeavor (Barge Party)
« on: 07/23/17, 09:10:59 AM »
Advertisements for a 'wondrously violent' social gathering have begun to pop up about the galaxy. Endorsed by Taelios' smiling face, they promise booze, beauty and bounteous prizes for all attendees. Drinks, most notably, will be comped for the night, and there is an expected appearance by Mittens, the Talking Cybernetic Rancor.

This event, if the last were any indicator, is sure to see a few blasters drawn and harsh words spoken.

This is just an interest-probing post for an Open World 'cantina' night, to take place on Nar Shaddaa's Lower Promenade!
Ideally, the event would center around Taelios' pleasure barge, the eponymous Fool's Endeavor, (represented in-game by the Pleasure Barge nearest the Republic Speeder) but this would be a brilliant time to spread out the entire promenade. Cuts and bruises are expected as I will not be enforcing any sort of Sacred Ground rules- just make sure to talk things out with your dance partner if you have one. I'll be around to host from approximately 6 server time until I fall asleep, but you are more than welcome to attend earlier or later.
The date is tentative, so if another time would work better for you let me know!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Cutting Through Red Tape
« on: 04/20/17, 03:46:08 PM »
((OOC Note: This thread will compile Taelios' adventures in offices, meeting rooms, and containers of similar nature on his quest to work openly in the Republic.))

Something to do. Taelios was always looking for something to do, and it was this fact that tended to get him into most of his trouble. This, coupled with his tendency to do favors for people more-or-less whenever they asked, and further exacerbated by his proximity to destructive, power-hungry personalities, usually resulted in chaos and destruction.

Spending time with more level heads, however, brought insight into his situation. It was never that he needed to fight and to break things, but rather that he simply needed a means to exert his influence over the Force. Entertaining conversations with a Moff aside, his trips to Coruscant and to visit Niarra had been most productive.

The Mirialan Master had suggested he could put his unique power to use for constructive purposes, instead of those destructive ones of which he was so fond. He had his doubts that "reclamation" and "Force-assisted Agriculture" could be nearly as entertaining as flying face-first through a Zakuul battlecruiser, but for the sake of peace he intended to give it a shot. 

That thought was what had brought him then, to stand in line after line at the senate tower, and to undergo the scrutiny he did upon every visit. Even with his assistance in the most recent battle in Coruscant airspace, he WAS a Sith at some point, and so he took the few odd curses and rude gestures in stride.

Tae's first stop was the Ministry of Licenses and Permits, an entirely utilitarian portable building on the outskirts of the Senate Tower. Thankfully, the Pureblood had started his day early, and so the line was only barely out the door when he arrived. After an excruciatingly uneventful wait in line, Tae was ushered to a kiosk, and sat down across from a sparkling aurodium protocol droid.

The droid extended a hand to accept Taelios' documentation, and offered a pleasant "please wait one moment" as it processed the information. Eventually, the droid continued. "Greetings, Independent Merchant. You are applying for a Personal Work Permit, correct?"

Taelios nodded. He took a moment to admire the droid's construction, and then continued. "And a Contractor's License for demolition and reclamation work."

The droid shifted into its disbelief tone as it responded. "Taelios Genetech Industries is already licensed for all non-military work, such a license would be redundant. "

Tae nodded. "I'm applying for a personal license, but the field was greyed out. I'm going to be taking these contracts personally."

The droid activated its humor processes. "If you want to spend your credits on a useless license, feel free. Contracts of this variety are typically on the scale of demolishing industrial complexes or retrieving vessels from the depths of space."

Tae nodded, handed the droid his processing fee, and even garnered a mechanical laugh from the droid as it printed his permit and license. As Taelios strode onward, his grin grew ever wider. "Now to figure out what I should NAME the place."

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Buying Influence
« on: 01/29/17, 09:31:38 PM »
"And to those in seats of power, whether Moff, Senator, Darth or Jedi Master... Taelios Genetech is offering a twenty-five percent discount on Clone Life Insurance policies, with that discount increasing to thirty-five with the purchase of five or more 'extra lives'."

Somewhere, Hyperspace

Taelios played and rewound the holofootage, reclined in his captain's chair-turned lounger aboard his Fury, the Vivisector. The Pureblood dismissed the image as he pushed to his feet, exhaled, and summoned his cosmetic maintenance droids. Machines hovered in and began to tend to the Sith's appearance, taking care of everything from brushing his teeth to buffing and filing his lengthy claws.

The Sith held his arms out to his sides as the droids dressed him in his glowing, flowing robes. Opening his mouth with an 'ah', the droids finished their routine with a breath freshener. Wandering down from the flight deck, he headed over to his holocommunicator and rifled through his contacts. "A Jedi Master, I suppose..."

Telosian Jedi Academy, Interior

Privy to many secrets as a benefit of his age, Taelios was able to arrange a meeting at this, a most secretive of locales. Cold, too. Leaning against a pillar, he took a long drag of his cigarra before tossing it into the snow. Footsteps approaching withdrew him from his reverie, and a white-cloaked figure carrying a lantern came to rest before him in what was once a meeting room.

The humanoid figure's form was obscured by the cloak, and its voice by a modulator.

"Taelios. Telos is an inspired choice for you. I commend you on your sense of theatre."

"Master Hydrean. I was not certain you would show, but I am glad you did."

"I saw your commercial. In uncertain times such as this, the force provides in... unexpected ways."

"Yes, yes, Hydrean. Say ah."

The robed figure extended its tongue, and Taelios took only a moment to swab it, deposit the swab into a datapad, and give the figure a thumbs-up.

"It won't be long now. Things are returning to a sense of normalcy, which means this all starts again soon."

Taelios shrugged, extending a hand to Hydrean. He was met with the offering of a credit chit, and as soon as it was accepted, patted the figure on the shoulder.

"I've set Coruscant as your respawn point. You get a freebie because I like you."

"You should go. I am certain the Jedi will return soon, and I do not think you are the most popular with all of us."

"I've made some friends. Watch the news."

Taelios clasped Hydrean's hand in his own, inclined his head, and departed the Telosian Academy in silence.

Author's Foreword:
I have had the utter delight of being acquainted with one Lolermelon Taelios for the better part of fifteen years. Our adventures throughout the greater known galaxy have shaped and influenced me in ways I cannot even begin to detail. In this relatively short time, I have barely managed to scratch the surface of what exactly "Taelios" means, but I hope to offer some insight into who must be one or several of the galaxy's most interesting individual collectives.
Ulon Lee, Treasurer of Taelios Genetech Industries

Events and Occasions / Fool's Endeavour
« on: 09/26/16, 08:02:18 AM »
On various holonetworks, commercials have been popping up advertising the grand opening of one Fool's Endeavour, a pleasure barge owned by the eclectic and sometimes unpredictable Taelios. In these advertisements, the Pureblood in question has made no end of exclamations of "fun, alcohol, and possibly even some violence". The entire display is accompanied by low, bassy dance music, and by the end of the advertisement you aren't sure exactly what you witnessed, though you are certain that Taelios hopes to see you there.

Physical advertisements for the event have begun to pop up in all corners of the galaxy- from the promenade of Nar Shaddaa hosting the barge itself, to signboards on Coruscant's skyways. A time, the word "free" in as many languages as will fit, and a location.

OOC: This will be an open, cross-faction social event taking place out in the wide-open world! Sign-ups are not necessary, but feel free to post your interest if you have such. I'll be available to host at around 9:30 PM server time, but show up whenever you like.  Hope to see you there!

Edit: This event is on the Nar Shaddaa Lower Promenade, in the PVE instance, at the barge closest to the Republic Speeder.

Events and Occasions / Fool's Endeavor Preview
« on: 08/29/16, 07:53:37 AM »
OOC: Hey, so! This is not an event requiring sign-up. This will be a social gathering on Nar Shaddaa's lower Promenade, by the Republic Taxi. People can arrive as early as they like, but I can't be committed to hosting until around 7PM server time. Don't worry if you can't make it due to short notice, this is simply a tester event to check for interest. You can comment here to let me know if you'll be going, but at the end of the day feel free just to show up.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / The Taelios Collective
« on: 10/29/15, 09:53:58 AM »
Quesh. A toxic sludgepit of a planet, but pretty enough.

Paradise II. For all intents and purposes suited to the name.

The Heart of the Force. A Station in deserted Wild Space, and home to madness and chaos.

Coruscant. His closest Jedi companion, attempting to rebuild a ruined home.

Dromund Kaas. The Core of a flawed Empire.

It was always like this. Quesh looked down at his white-haired ward, entrusted to him by someone cold and calculating. "Amita."

For as long as he could remember. Paradise II regarded his fledgling enclave, and the students arriving by the day, by the shuttleload, in droves. "Freedom."

The wasted talent, the foolish Pureblood. The Heart of the Force roiled and stewed, his power growing by the minute. It would be time, soon. Time to show them all what it meant to be Taelios. "Vengeance."

And it would be like this until he decided otherwise. Coruscant managed shipping and trade routes, and worked intently to furnish his office. This opportunity would not go to waste. "Hope."

Because that was how it had to be. Dromund Kaas worked hastily to extract his employees and important equipment. The Empire did not forgive retirees- those they would call traitors. Certainly not a second time.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Fall of the Rancorous- Play Date
« on: 08/18/15, 07:52:50 AM »
Mygeeto. In the short time since the Rancorous' spectacular fall, it had gone from a giant ice ball of money to a giant ice ball of money and violence. Eldarus would die here, and some would say his arrogance deserved it. Taelios held no interest in the man, and perhaps even hoped the crash would kill him. It would be a fitting end for the man, to go down with his ship. A slight worry for the others on board, brought down for his folly- but this was a common happening.

Taelios' participation would be minimal. A mind set on minimizing the damage caused by the incident was one hardly interested in combat. A casual conversation might have taken place while combating Jedi, but this did not hinder him from his goal. Dataspikes and terminal flashes, to prevent the disaster that would be the Republic recovering secure data from the Capitol ship.

When the time came to it, and the party had started, Taelios recognized several familiar presences. Qaardaks, an Yrzen, a Villem and more, all marching their way to the battle's front door. Pitched conflict at a fervent pace, all because a ship fell from outer space. There was no time to play, at least not today-

His mission was apparent and would be accomplished with ease- A Taelios on task would not be distracted for once in his career- this much was clear. The Fourth Wall remained out of system, awaiting orders to return. It would be needed soon. Salvage efforts would begin after some negotiations, after other ships were lost and retreats ordered, and it was the little man who stood to profit.

"Now it's just about the little matter of Cordae. I wonder, I wonder... how much wreckage he is under."

Eskenah, Taelios' favorite Darkspeaker. He hadn't heard from her in some time, ever since the unfortunate events of Ziost. He wondered where she was, what she was doing, and hoped that she was well despite her allegiance to the former Vitiate.

The thought struck him and stuck with him for far longer than a fleeting thought should, and so he decided to start with the most logical attempt. A secure holocomm line, and a call made to the last known frequency he had on her.

"Darkspeaker. It is my sincere wish that this message finds you well. In times like this, many people seek guidance. It is my hope that we can provide some such guidance to one another. Respond at your leisure."

Storyboards / Hoth and Cold (Closed, Lolermelon and Turari)
« on: 07/27/15, 10:15:49 AM »
Taelios shivered in anticipation, gazing down at the ice planet Hoth from aboard his Fury Class Interceptor. He bundled up in preparation, layering several sweaters and coats over his tiny form. He stared at his datapad for a few seconds, fiddling with it and bringing up his target.

The Pureblood was here, partially as a military action, and partially in the name of good business, to recover and restore a Taelios Genetech Industries power node, constructed for the Empire's use and hastily captured by the Republic. This node was critical to salvage operations in the Starship Graveyard, or so he was told, and so here he was. The "Taelios Guarantee" may or may not have had anything to do with him being here personally.

He had been in contact with Turari, and instructed her to meet him at an outpost adjacent to their entry point, and as the Sith landed on Hoth in all its frozen glory... he felt perhaps he could have layered a bit more.

Storyboards / Taelios Genetech Industries Job Fair! (Open RP)
« on: 05/09/15, 01:25:12 PM »
((I intend for this thread to be open to any character who would reasonably find themselves interested in working for Taelios Genetech Industries, Taelios'... "Business Enterprise". The Job Fair itself is taking place on Nar Shaddaa.))

Arrivals to the warehouse, rented out to three "Darth Taelios", "Mister Taelios", and "Count Taelios", would be greeted by a massive hand-drawn banner, the logo of TGI proudly emblazoned thereupon. Various booths and kiosks have been set up to inform people of what, exactly, Taelios Genetech Industries can offer them. Jawas, droids, and the odd Taelios himself shake hands and lead various groups to meeting rooms or other such backstage scenery.

The main greeter, one Ulon Lee, smiles intently at those arriving to the warehouse. He offers up pamphlets with an itinerary for the day.

Dromund Kaas. The Capitol of the Sith Empire, and also the rainiest place in the galaxy. Today, of course, was no exception, and the pointedly dressed Taelios hoisted an umbrella to shelter himself from the storm. Despite the conditions, he wore his usual eager smile, and only glanced at his wrist-mounted chrono rarely, as opposed to impatiently. In his left hand, he clutched two slender sheets of flimsiplast. Tickets to the Opera, for the evening's showing of "The Mask of Tulak Hord".

He stood, patiently, at the designated meeting point he had described to Zmaj in his holomessage.
"At the foot of the steps to the theatre, I'll be the one floating two inches off of the ground."

Basically what it says on the tin. I would be happy to run these for people if they are interested!

Scheduling being difficult and all, this could be fun?

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