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Greetings prospective buyer!

I am looking to sell a couple guilds (you may purchase separately  :grin: ), one on each faction.

 :lightside:REPUBLIC GUILD :lightside:
Bank: 2 vaults
Stronghold: Tatooine - Fully-unlocked!
Flagship: Fully-unlocked!
Prestige Rating: 57,984
Price: 200,000,000 credits

 :darkside: IMPERIAL GUILD  :darkside:
Bank: 2 vaults
Stronghold: Dromund Kaas - Fully-unlocked!
Flagship: none
Prestige Rating: 19,374
Price: 80,000,000 credits

Message me here, or ping me on Discord: Mei-mei#3559 if you are interested.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / "Isolation"
« on: 02/24/18, 01:00:06 PM »
((another small snippet of a scene :grin: ))



The breeze was slight, breaking the water’s surface into gentle waves that lapped softly against the synthetic shoreline of Sector 23. The man-made landmass sat atop the watery surface, isolated and untouched, just as IC-711 had been for a thousand years. The other Imperial settlements could barely be seen through the haze of distance that separated them by hundreds of kilometers. Yet the air was pure, free of pollutants that have come to plague the other Imperial worlds, giving the new Imperial colony a pristine light from the sun.

The H-type Nubian yacht descended quietly towards the sector’s platform. The vessel’s exterior was polished to a brilliant shine, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings; the crystal blue sky of the new world reflected from the surface. It was greeted with silence. Not a soul in sight.

Desolate. Isolated.


The ramp lowered with a soft hiss and Sergeant Bosque touched ground, his boots breaking the serene silence. He held his blaster rifle, alert and ready, as he scanned the sector with the scanner embedded in his helmet. There would be no risks taken on this mission, their cargo was far too valuable.

The sector was still, quiet… ghostly. If IC-711 wasn't a desolate water planet, he would easily be on edge. But as it was, it was this tranquility that the Sith Lord had desired.

“We're clear,” Sergeant Bosque called, his voice gruff, yet quiet as he addressed the medical team waiting inside the Sith Lord’s personal starship, the Ningjing zhi Guang. “Be careful,” he ordered them as they took extreme care lowering the enclosed case to the ground.

Inside their cargo, a young, mixed breed child of six years. Her raven hair reminiscent of her mother, while the red hue in her skin a vision of her pureblooded Sith father; the color dulled by her mother’s human genes. The child's eyes were closed, her breathing slow as she was in a deep slumber. She was unaware of her surroundings, yet felt the comforting presence of her mother around her.

Bosque’s eyes shifted deep inside the starship as Lady Bluedark came into view. She was a vision. A beauty of simple grace. Regal and refined. But her movement was laboured. Fatigued from the strain she had put herself under to comfort her daughter during the trip. She brushed a strand of black hair from her face and watched each step as she descended the ramp.

The Imperial sergeant offered her his hand, helping her down the ramp until she was on secure ground. She was a Sith Lord, yes, but there was fragility in her touch. She was careful and precise. What he knew, without a doubt, was that Mei'li Bluedark was unlike any Sith he had ever come across.

He watched as her gaze lifted, her emerald eyes sparkled in the vibrant light of the new world as she laid eyes on her new home. Her subdued expression was unchanged as she looked out at the vast ocean. There were no immediate landmasses. No spaceport. No bustling crowds. No starships in the sky. Even the personnel she required were minimal. It seemed all her specific requirements had been met.

The isolation was ideal.

“This way, my lady. It isn't far,” Bosque assured her.

“Thank you, Sergeant,” her voice was as soft as air, and she released her hand from his. He gave her a nod before taking the lead ahead of the small escort.

They made their way to the stronghold. It was a beautiful structure, simplistic in design. But it was a fortress. Security cameras, laser cannons, steal walls. The red banners of the Sith Empire hung high as they blew gently in the breeze. Alongside them, softening the appearance, were decorative wall fountains. The added touch added to the natural tranquility of the world.

“I had required millaflowers,” Lady Bluedark spoke up behind her escort, searching the sector for the little pink flowers that were native to Naboo. “I strictly required them.”

Bosque turned as he walked, rifle in hand, though it was clearly not needed. “Yes, my lady. They are on the way,” he assured her.

“They were to be here before we arrived,” she said, more upset than anything.

“I brought some with me,” a young medic, nurse Wynter, glanced back at her. “I will make sure she has them, my lady.”

The nurse was comforting, but Mei'li was still disappointed her full orders were not met. New Imperial colony or not, Moff Heermann never would have let her requirements be misplaced or delayed. He knew how particular and sensitive this situation was, and how important every detail was. His sudden promotion had put a negative ripple through her life.

Bosque unlocked the main entrance of the stronghold. The hallway was long and empty. Soft moss colored rugs lined the floor, with sparkling chandeliers lighting their way. Another touch of Lady Bluedark’s elegance. The building felt more like a palace than a Sith fortress, but these were her specifications. As were the way the walls absorb sound. Even their footsteps were quiet, and their ears rang with silence.

“There are two sections, as you specified,” Bosque said, reaching the elevator. “The main living quarters are down below the surface, and a second area for an indoor garden--”

“Have them move the garden outside by the water, please,” Mei requested. “Sartori will like to sit by the sea on her good days. I want her to be able to see it.” She was demanding, yet courteous.

“Yes, my lady,” Bosque said with a nod. “We'll get you and your daughter situated down below,” he added, turning to unlock the elevator.

Bosque let the medical team in first, then followed Lady Bluedark. He stood tall next to her, his gaze fixed forward, but she had a way of stealing his attention as she peered in at her daughter.

Sartori’s eyes had opened and Lady Bluedark had leaned over to greet her with a smile. Her reflection was visible on the glass casing. She we gorgeous, sincere. And he had to remind himself of his duty.

“We're almost home, my sweet,” her voice was like a songbird.

It was a short ride down, and not once did they feel the pressure change. Mei'li kept her focus on Sartori, and was pleased to see her daughter smile, unaffected by even the slightest changes. The doors opened to a dim living quarters. Bosque stepped out, holding the door for the medical team as they took the child to her room.

Mei'li followed, but slowed her pace as she observed the room. It was calm, not just in atmosphere, but from the soft scent of millaflowers. She appraised the room, approving even of the central viewing window at the center of the main floor. A detail she had not asked for, but knew Sartori would enjoy watching the marine life.

“And where will security and personnel be?” she asked, turning to face the sergeant.

“We will off the main building, my lady,” he explained. “Out of sight, but always around should you require us.”

Mei'li nodded, wandering the tight space.

“We understand your need to keep things as normal and comfortable as possible,” he continued. “The other settlements have general supplies and may be delivered to you fairly quickly. More specified items may take more time, but will not pose a problem.”

“My lady,” it was nurse Wynter, and Mei turned to her. “Ms. Sartori is responding well to her new surroundings. I'd like to monitor her for a few hours before we leave you.”

“Of course,” Mei nodded. “Thank you.”

“And if ever you need help,” Sergeant Bosque regained her attention, handing her a small pendant. “This gem, when pressed, will trigger an alert to me and I will be here.”

She looked at the gemstone and nodded. “I hope I never use this,” she said, walking away from him and to the doorway to watch her daughter.

Bosque seemed to straighten his posture. “If I am no longer needed, my lady--”

“--You're dismissed, sergeant, thank you.”

Bosque gave a salute she did not see and proceeded back to the elevator. His gaze lingered on Lady Bluedark. This was an unusual assignment, he thought, but the wife of a an absent Darth seemed to be a high priority. But he couldn't help but wonder how much of her was true. She was, after all, of Lord status with the Sith. Was her vulnerability a facade? Time would only tell.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / "Doubt"
« on: 02/22/18, 11:18:56 AM »
((little snippet of a scene since I play both Ke'rii and Alara. Needed to put this somewhere xD))


Alara woke when she heard the door shut with a quiet swoosh. Her eyes barely focused in the dim light of their room, but she knew he was up again. It was that time where he just couldn't sleep… or as he tended to say: couldn't shake a feeling.

And neither could she for that matter.

Maybe everyone had the Force in them. Or maybe they were just that connected that she could feel when something was bothering him.

Lazily, Alara sat up and found her robe at the foot of the bed and pulled it over her bare body as she went to the door. A cool breeze blew over her as she hovered in the door frame and saw him standing out on the balcony. He looked to be in deep thought, or perhaps he had picked up on mediation, or some other thing that was common for Jedi and other Force users.

She shivered, and began to turn back into their room. Tatooine was known for its dry lands and intense heat. But night was different. Night was colder, the sky glittered with a million stars. There was no other place in the galaxy that compared. There was no overpopulation. Life was hard, but it had its moments of ease. Desolate, yet tranquil.

“You're not bothering me,” Ke'rii said, his voice even and calm. He looked over his shoulder, and met her eyes as she turned back to him.

“I wasn't sure if you were doing some mystical Force thing,” Lara said.

Ke looked back towards the Dune Sea and shook his head. “No, no mystical Force thing,” he assured her.

“But something is keeping you up,” she said, coming out to him. There were a hundred things that could be keeping him up. It was a matter of whether or not he wanted to talk about any of them, “Want to talk about it?”

Ke was silent as he wrapped his lover in his arms. He contemplated his response, not sure where to begin. Should he even begin? he wondered, kissing Lara on the top of her head.

“I'm ruining people's lives,” he said simple, yet vague.

“How so?” she didn't agree.

“I promised Keiko a good life.”

“And you've done that.”

Ke shook his head. “For the first time she has a… friend... that she didn't put together with spare parts and who she actually liked and he's not an Imperial citizen.”

“I'm not an Imperial citizen,” she reminded him, her voice soft. The issue a regular argument between them, but not tonight.

“He was with the Jedi. She's been going places the Empire really wouldn't want her to go unless she was spying for them, which she's not. I mean, what Imperial citizen goes to Tython to sit in on a Jedi lecture and not report back to the Ministry of Intelligence?” Ke sighed. “I'm just worried it might be seen as treasonous.”

Alara understood where he was coming from. “And what of you? We service Republic and Imperial alike at the Lounge. Not to mention what were building now.” she looked up at him, “Oasis Industries has been running transport for the Republic. Not exactly running military cargo, but… still aiding the Republic citizens in some way.”

His gaze was fixed on the sandy sea. “I know,” he acknowledged. He knew everything he was doing was a risk. “But this is Keiko. She deserves a chance at life. A chance at happiness.”

“But she wants to be in the Imperial Navy,” she said. “She wants to be just like you… well,” she grinned. “almost like you. She'll make better first and second impressions.” she watched him, waiting to see if his expression would crack. But it did not. “We want what is best for her, right? What will make her happy?”

Ke nodded. “And what if that isn't in the Empire?” he said this as if he already knew. “You know, it's a lot harder to defect from the Empire. I mean, I think the Republic would take her back. Her citizenship was merely because of me and my affiliation. She's got a clean record, but I…”

“... don't,” she finished where his thought was going.

He merely tilted his head. “I can't go back, and I certainly can't leave. Not without having to live on the run. There's not an authoritative entity out there that would offer me protection.”

Alara wished he were wrong.

“I'm just that good at severing ties,” he added glumly.

“There might be an option, but I won't even suggest it because you won't do it,” Alara said, and wrapped her arms tighter around his waist.

“What is it?”

“Trade secrets. Buy immunity with information,” she felt him shaking his head. “Its only one way, not the way.”

“I couldn't do that. I couldn't do that to Mei and Kaatulf,” he was firm about this.

“There are other ways,” she said, hesitant.

Ke rested his chin on her head. “Like.... I don't know… we could get married?” he suggested, anticipating the usual rejected response. But this time she was quiet. He felt her embrace tighten on him.

“Maybe,” she mumbled quietly.

Ke let the silence grow comfortable between them. A small, somewhat lopsided smile had finally cracked his expression. He had proposed a thousand times, and each time she had told him ‘no'.

“You really want be married to a guy with so much instability?” he joked.

“Maybe,” she answered again.

He chuckled. “We’d have to do it quick before I go back and report to duty,” he doubted she was serious. “You know, elope to Nar Shaddaa or something.”

“And you’d wear the dress,” she added, holding her smile as she joked with him.

“You think I'd be pretty in a dress?” he looked down at her, amused.

Lara shook her head. “Nah, you’d look awful, but it would be a good disguise if we just ran away. Don't think anyone would be looking for Ke'rii Ogasawara in a flowery wedding dress.”

“It's flowery now?” he raised a brow. “I thought it’d be lacey.”

Lara beamed up at him. “You’d have to be gaudy. It's the only way to draw attention away from your face.”

Ke chuckled again. “You have this all planned out, don't you?”

She sighed quietly and rested her head back in his chest. She gazed out at the endless Dune Sea, which seemed so full of possibility. “Don't go,” she asked of him.

For the first time, he felt his duty and honor falter to his heart… and he wasn't sure what to do.

The Trading Floor / Mei's got a Wish List too!
« on: 01/28/18, 08:20:36 AM »
So this Wish List thing seems to be a thing and I'd like to get in on it. I know there is the GTN, but I'd rather give my creds to my peeps here :music:

Decoration: Arrangement: Cantina Lounge
Decoration: Cantina Loveseats
Decoration: Casino Tables (large)
Decoration: Arrangement: Spacer's Lounge
Decoration: Spacer's Couch
Decoration: Dejarik Table
Decorations: The Arneclin Masterpieces (decoration bundle)
Decoration: Imperial Worktable (Alert Status)
Decoration: Incomplete Skytrooper Chassis (2)
Decoration: Potted Plant: Weed Flowers
Decoration: Merchant's Work Table

Decoration: Red Cushioned Chair
Decoration: Scorpion TK Weapon Rack
Decoration: Voss-ka Couch
Decoration: Medical Droid (Republic)
Decoration: Serving Droid (astromech)
Decoration: Diagnostic Console (Orbital)
Decoration: Diagnostic Console (Power)
Decoration: D5-Mantis Patrol Craft
Decoration: XS Stock Light Freighter

Insidious Counselor Armor Set
Intelligence Officer Armor Set
Darth Andeddu's Armor Set

Firestorm HZ-77 Blaster
Firestorm HZ-77 Blaster Rifle
Firestorm HZ-77 Dualsaber
Firestorm HZ-77 Lightsaber

Forest Assault Tauntaun
Shadow Hand's Command Throne
Guardian Royale
Guardian Blasterbolt

TR-U4 Astromech Droid
Cyborg Sablefur Kowakian Monkey-Liszard
Forest Nekarr Cat

Yavin Combat Arena
Yavin Temple Fountain
Planter: Exotic Resort Flower
Copero Resort Rug

THE CRIMSON DREAD PIRATES placed an 8 million bounty on Ke'rii Ogasawara, and in their search for him, they have terrorized outer rim worlds and businesses. They ripped the Kol Darin Shipyards apart above Riflor and ate the survivors that remained. They destroyed the tibanna gas mines in Kril’Dor; destroying investments across the galaxy. They nearly dared to attack the Chiss on Csilla. There is no telling where they will strike next.

You have been called to help ambush and take these vile pirates down once and for all. Perhaps you were contacted by Darth Karmic herself. Or called in to aid Gharzog, the bounty hunter. Maybe you overheard a conversation at the Dancer's Palace, or your own personal business has been hurt by these pirates. Whatever brought you, the time has come to rid the galaxy of their terror...

OOC: This is the event to wrap up the “Hunting the Hunted” series.

Leading up to the event itself, there will be an open meeting to discuss the ambush at Dancer's Palace on Friday, 25 August. This is open to anyone, any faction, who wishes to be involved in the event.

Date: Saturday, 26 August 2017
Time: 8pm server time
GM: @Seraphie
Roll system: Stell’s Trait system
Location: Tatooine SH (supposed to be Hutta)

Please sign up soon so we know numbers!!

This event will be held in-game in a personal stronghold to pose as Hutta. The rolling system will be Stell’s Trait system. Please note that the GM reserves the right to tweak and adjust any part of the rolling system during the event to improve any part of the event.

When signing up, please specify which faction your character is on. Please PM your traits to the GM, @Seraphie

Outside Realm / Stargazing!
« on: 07/01/17, 09:13:43 PM »
Enjoying time with my dad and his new telescope, and grabbed this shot of the moon! Also saw, but unable to get a decent photo, Jupiter (could even see it's surface and not just a blob of light), and Saturn too. I need to steal this telescope before I go back home! :music:

((This journal is "playing catch up" with the story line first introduced in "Call of the Wind" (not required reading, but if you want to... :aww: ). The story itself took place a year ago, so this journal is documenting the progression of the illness introduced in the story.))

The Black Death
Research and Observations
By: Ke’rii Ogasawara

This journal is a collection of my research, studies and observations of a subject infected with, as I have come to call, the Black Death. To start, it must be known that this disease cannot be transferred to another outside of my own bloodline. The findings within the pages of this journal are of my niece, Sartori’li Bluedark.
The Black Death: Brief Summary
The Black Death was manufactured to target my family’s bloodline by Xia’li Ogasawara, a Jedi separated from the Order. It is my speculation that perhaps this virus, disease, whatever exactly it is, was created from her own DNA. It is also believed to specifically target those sensitive to the Force.
The First Victim
It’s first victim was my father, Hoban’ji Ogasawara. At the time of infection, he was 88 years old, 190cm tall and weighed approximately 127kg. He was of human genetics and was a Force sensitive attuned to the dark side. He spent his final years alone, working on his own medical research (I have yet to look into his work), and did not make many attempts to reach out to his family. Though I had personal conversations with him, we had our differences, but I did observe in him great suffering from depression, isolation and struggled with alcoholism.
In his final days, it is reported by Lufta Olie, Sihnon Ogasawara and Gung’chul Areum that my father became very weak, though still able to use the Force in a telepathic sense. He experienced great loss in muscle mass and body fat, weighing approximately 61.68kg in his final days. His skin had paled, was reported to be clammy and his eyes seemed sunken in. The hue of his eyes had lost all color, becoming grey. He was sensitive to touch. It is reported that he was struck by a dart containing the poison. The entry point had greyed the skin around the area. It seemed to spread from there, running through the bloodstream. Though we have no way of knowing for certain, it is estimated that the poison worked through him for a standard month.
About the Researcher: Ke’rii Ogasawara
It should also be known that I am not a medical professional beyond my own capabilities as a field medic from service in the Republic and Imperial Militaries. I have never worked with biological weapons, poisons, cognitive diseases, etc. My background is with science, technology and engineering. Though I do not possess the skill to wield the Force, it is imperative that I maintain honesty and full disclosure within the pages of this journal. Therefore, I do believe there is a sliver of Force sensitivity within me, but I have never trained nor do I possess the strength in as is seen in Jedi or Sith.
Lufta Olie
Mei’li Bluedark
Sihnon Ogasawara
Gung’chul Areum

Open Prompts / Scenes set to songs
« on: 06/23/17, 10:37:02 AM »
So, @Karmic and I were chatting the other week about a song and a scene and we thought it would be fun to open a post where all of us could write a scene to music. You know, like you would see in the movies or something like that. So, I'm opening this thread for others to include their own little scene set to music. It doesn't have to be plot driven, but you can if you want. Have fun with it!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / "That Which Lies In Wait"
« on: 06/19/17, 09:32:26 PM »
"That Which Lies In Wait"

Ningjing zhi Guang
Bluedark Estate
Yavin IV
Mei’li Bluedark’s personal starship, the Ningjing zhi Guang, made a soft, easy landing onto the estate’s platform. The H-type Nubian yacht glistened in the afternoon light. She was a beautiful ship, hardly a scratch on her, and an engine so quiet it had to be equipped with stealth technology. Hers was a ship of luxury and ease, not of combat and war.
She looked out the window as she shut the ship down and saw her beautiful half-human, half-Sith pureblood children. Her son, Wei’misini, was running across the grounds. He was in need of a haircut, Mei thought, but didn’t care. He was dressed in his ‘warrior clothing’, which mean he had probably been on the opposite wing of the estate with his father.
Behind Wei, far behind him, she saw her mother, Sihnon, and her little girl, Sartori’li. Sartori was in a pretty white dress with pink and yellow flowers stitched onto the fabric. Her hair was in pigtails, tied by pretty yellow ribbons. She was covering her ears with her hands, as even the soft vibrations of the Ningjing were too much for her sensitivity.
Mei felt content as she looked across the state. Finally, she was home. Her heart felt mended.
She laughed when she saw Wei jumping just outside the ship, and she gave him a wave before she hit the release to lower the ramp. She rushed out of the cockpit, off the ship and knelt down just as her son reached her and hugged her. She held him tightly, and wished to remain here for eternity.
“My little warrior,” she laughed and kissed him all over his face despite his scrunched expression
“Mom…” Wei whined and wiped his face from his mother’s kisses.
“How have you been?” she looked her son over as if it had been years since she had seen him, though it had only been a few months.  He looked bigger. Her heart cried a little as she realised he was growing bigger without her there. He looked stronger too.
“I’ve been watching dad and his men. I’m just about ready to fight too,” the six year old boy assured his mother.
Mei beamed at him. “That’s wonderful, my little warrior,” and she brought him into her arms again. She looked up as her mother and Sartori came up.
Sartori looked thinner than she remembered, and her crimson skin was less vibrant than her twin brother’s. The difference was especially noticeable when they two siblings stood side by side. Soft bandages were wrapped around her wrists, more for support than for an external wound. And in her hands was a small, stuffed, nerf toy.
“Mommy,” Sartori giggled and shifted her tiny feet in anticipation. She looked up at her grandmother, whose hand she was still holding  and her grin widened.

Sihnon let go of her granddaughter's hand and carefully assisted her forward, towards Mei’li. Wei moved away from his mother and let his sister by. He watched her carefully as she moved across the uneven stone, as if waiting to catch her should she lose her balance.
“My sweet angel,” Mei said softly, opening her arms to her little girl. Carefully, softly, she brought her fragile daughter into her arms. She wanted to squeeze her tightly, pour her heart into her embrace, but even the slightest touch would cause the girl discomfort.
Sartori’li rested her head on her mother’s shoulder, the toy nerf dangling from her hand as she closed her eyes and smiled. Her mother’s presence made the galaxy seem at peace and all she could think about was catching butterflies on the lawn. “I’ve missed you, mommy,” her words came out in a happy laugh.
“Oh my sweet,” Mei sighed, content. She pulled away to look at her little girl. “And how are you? I’ve missed you so much,” she looked to Wei. “Both of you so much,” oh please don’t cry!, she thought and her smile seemed to brighten the day.
“We planted millaflowers,” Sartori told her, nodding her head. “From Naboo.”
Mei could cry she was so happy and looked up at her mother.
Sihnon stepped forward, the older woman almost a spitting image of Mei. Graceful, refined. Her hair was a dark grey though, and her eyes were a gentle blue, not the vibrant emerald color Mei had inherited from her father. But still, the two were images of their past and future.
“I brought seeds from my last visit to Naboo,” Sihnon explained. “I thought the millaflowers might help… in some way.”
Wei made a face. He wasn’t much for flowers and pretty things. He wanted to go play in the dirt and spar with the trees and plantlife. Maybe even chase a small wild animal or two. He started to fidget.
Mei smiled at him. “You can go run along, Wei. But be sure to clean up for supper,” she nodded firmly.
“Okay,” he tried to be reluctant, then quickly ran to give his mother another hug before sprinting down the pathway towards the temple that had been made into their home.
“I love the flowers,” Sartori said, grabbing onto her mother’s hand as she stood. She looked up as her mother hugged her grandmother and just smiled.
“Thank you, mom,” Mei said softly and kissed her mother’s cheek.
“My pleasure,” Sihnon assured her and linked her arms around her daughter’s as they walked. “How long are you here for?”
Mei’li sighed. “Standard week before I have to report back,” she wished she could stay here forever, but she was need. She felt Sartori swing their hands lightly as the little girl hummed. Mei looked down and smiled. “Things are coming along nicely at the theatre. It’s going to be beautiful when it’s completed.”
“Can I see it too?” Sartori asked, her eyes fixing on her mother.
“Of course, my sweet,” Mei assured her, though she wasn’t certain the girl would find comfort in the travel. They had been to Dromund Kaas previously, and the strain left her fatigued, and she fell sicker than when they left. But one way or another she would let her daughter see a theatre performance… even if that meant she brought the show here to Yavin IV.
“And what of Ke’rii? Keiko?” Sihnon knew of her son’s recent bounty troubles.
“Well he got there safely,” Mei assured her, but her tone told the other the drama wasn’t over.

“Is Uncle Ke-ke coming here?” Sartori asked as they went up the stairs. Their pace slowed to match Sartori’s as she struggled with each step to lift her tiny figure to the next.
Mei’li smiled. “Not this trip, sweetheart.”
Sartori pouted. “I miss him too,” she mumbled and hugged her toy to her chest.
Mei’li stopped and knelt down to come face to face with her little girl. Sartori’s face lit up into a smile. Mei felt her daughter’s love and happiness. Her spirit was so vibrant, but even still… she could sense the Black Death deep within her.
“My sweet, why don’t you go into the library and pick out story for us to read,” Mei needed to talk without the ears of a child. “Would you like that?”
Her daughter gasped and her face brightened. A bit more color seemed to appear on her as she nodded. “Oh yes, oh yes! I would love that so much, mommy,” and she went to hug her and winced as her embrace was a little too tight.
Mei closed her eyes as she wrapped her arms around her, resting her hand on the back of Sartori’s head. The Force seeped out of her, transferring to her daughter to sooth her discomfort. The two pulled away and Mei nodded for her daughter to go.
“I will be right there, little one,” she assured her.
Sartori nodded and slowly turned to leave. Her eyes fell to the ground as she walked. Not out of sorrow or woe, but to ensure her security as she headed down the stairs into the library.
Mei’li stood, watching her daughter disappear from view before turning to her mother.
“Ke has gotten himself trapped at the Dancer’s Palace with a bounty hunter,” Mei said bluntly. She was tired of it. She was tired of her brother never getting a break. Dammit, he was on his way up and then this.
“Try not to be upset, Mei’li,” Sihnon assured her, placing a gentle hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “I’m sure he has a plan, and if he doesn’t yet, he will.”
“Nic had him get the Empire involved,” she sighed. “So that’s good, right?”
Sihnon nodded and once again linked her arm in Mei’s, leading her to the living room.
Mei could feel what her mother wanted to talk about .”How is Sar? Why are there bandages?”
The two women sat down on the couch next to the fireplace. Sihnon turned to face her. “She had a recent episode,” the woman explained carefully. “Nothing we weren’t able to maintain, but she… she is still a little girl who wants to play outside in the sun. She got a small burn.”
Mei sighed and felt tears sting her eyes. “She needs to be covered when she has an episode. She needs to stay insi--” she covered her face with her hands and let herself cry for a moment. “She’s just a little girl.”
Sihnon rubbed her back. “Shh…” she soothed. “How is the research coming on Iokath,” she hoped the topic would bring comforting news.
Mei sighed heavily and shook her head before looking up at her mother. “It’s all…” she really couldn’t discuss it and sighed again. “It’s all technology, but there is nothing there that I think will help her. No new medicines or plant life or… it’s… it--” she sighed again. “I don’t think that there is anything on the sphere that can help her.”
Sihnon continued to rub her daughter’s back. “Don’t give up hope, Mei’li. Maybe there is something there. Sometimes we become so consumed that we are blind to what might be in front of us. Maybe it is buried deep in this technology.”
“It’s hardly a priority to the Empire,” her words came out angry. “I went there for her and I feel like it is just taking her away from me.”
The elderly woman watched her for a moment. “Have you spoken to anyone how you feel?”
Mei just shook her head.
“Not even your brother?”
Again, her head shook. “I bury myself in my work. It’s the only way I can cope and then I start to feel that I lose sight of why I’m there. It’s mixed. It’s for the Empire, first and foremost, but to me it is about Sartori and I just… I feel so helpless, mom.” she looked at her mother. “Everyone is so ‘yes, sir’, ‘for the Empire’, ‘let’s crush those Pubs’, and I get it, I do, but… I… I don’t know. Maybe it is me. Maybe I’m just not cut out for war--I know I’m not.”
Mei’li fell silence as she felt Kaatulf. He had a way of imposing feelings on her and she felt herself calm. He believed in her. Her eyes closed and she drew in a slow breath.
Sihnon watched, knowing. She, herself, had been married to a man strong in the Force. And like Kaatulf, her husband had the ability to impress feelings on her, call to her… one didn’t need the Force to feel the other when there was love.
“There may be hope…” Mei said softly, her eyes opening. “But I just don’t know how to get there…” she thought of her meeting with Minnette and Se’brik at the Roze Garden while she was on Nar Shaddaa. Perhaps there was someone, but how could she possibly get Sartori all the way to the outer rim?
Mei sighed softly, and looked at her mother. “She found a book,” she said and slowly went to the library.

Storyboards / "Hunting the Hunted"
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((This post begins after “Hunted” (by myself) and “The Hunter” by @Kremon. We figured that since we were going back and forth we might as well place it here in to make it easier on everyone :grin: Feel free to hop in on the fun as well if you feel inclined to do so.))

"Hunting the Hunted"

The Dancer’s Palace was a floating haven in the skyline of Nar Shaddaa, but it was engulfed in flames and swallowed by smoke. The west end of the Palace had already broken apart and fallen to the city below. It was only a matter of time before the rest would crumble. Ke’rii stood on the balcony and felt the stronghold shudder beneath him. His skin was shimmering with a combination of sweat and blood as his cerulean eyes flashed about the balcony.
They were lined up dead. Keiko’li at his feet, her lifeless gaze staring up at him. The pool of her blood seeped around her, spilling around his own feet. Next to her was his sister, Mei’li. Her lightsabers disengaged by her hands. She was face down, her body covered in blood. Then there was Alara leaned up against the crumbling structure. Her blaster lying limp in her hand. Her eyes were open and shifted slightly towards him as he looked at her, but she remained lifeless. Scattered next was Tutix and his uncle Gung’chul. A vibroblade stuck out of the elder man’s body, having penetrated his Republic armor. Then his own mother, Sihnon… it was an endless trail that led him back inside, and he followed it.
He felt the souls of the dead following him, reaching out for him, accusing him.
Keiko, Mei, Lara, Tut, Gung, his mother, Kaatulf… even his sister, Xia’li. What the kriff was she doing here? He felt frantic and again the Palace shuddered. He ran inside and found Sol’ange dead. Moff Heermann, his white clad uniformed stained with his own blood. Wheelie a pile of rubble. Mr. Hat, as lifeless as Karmic lying next to him. Bodies of the usual patrons sprawled out across the ground and up the staircase, leading him up… and up… and up… Milo, a group of jawas… all dead… all leading up the endless staircase.
The walls… he looked at the walls, at the pictures hanging… The Shengli in flames. The Oasis Lounge flattened into dust and debris. The Kol Darin Shipyard torn apart, the lifeless bodies of the Advozse floating in space. The Ziost Avenger, abandoned and lifeless. His childhood home on Naboo, destroyed. The Lazy Luck Cantina, demolished. Fort Marr crumbled and crippled.
He couldn’t take it anymore and ran up the stairs. He would run until he found something.
“Help me,” whispered the voice of his niece, Sartori’li.
He looked up and saw the little pureblood child reaching out for him. Her skin was grey, sickly and her eyes were glazed over by the taunt of death.
“Help me, uncle Ke-ke...” the child begged again.
Behind her, the Force entity of his father, Hoban’ji, looked down at him. Disappointment.
“You killed them all,” his father said and reached out towards him with his hand. “Take responsibility…” his voice seemed to fade.
Ke’rii ran up the stairs. The words of the dead ringing in his ear. “You’re just a job.” “This isn’t all about you, Captain! You wear the uniform for an Imperial officer…” “A distracted soldier is a dead soldier…” “Help me, uncle…” “This is your mess. This is your fault. You have always been a screw up…”
“Daddy!” Keiko’s frightened cry seemed to echo above the rest.
Again, the Palace crumbled and he looked up. The ceiling was gone and the Blood Hound was hovering above them.
A blaster fired, and Ke’rii looked to the top of the staircase, and found Bloodthirst.
“I wanna taste your blood fresh as I kill you…” the pirate’s face was covered in Ke’s blood and he looked down at his prey with crazed eyes.
Ke went to pull his blaster, but “Bianhu’ren” wasn’t on his hip and he felt a blade penetrate his body. He looked down at the cool blade just before it ripped through his body...

...and he woke with a cry and sat up in bed. Goosebumps dotted his skin and he was covered in sweat. He tried to catch his breath as he looked down at his bare chest. He hadn’t been run through, but kriffin’ hell it sure felt real. He looked over at Keiko and saw she was still sound asleep. They were still on Nar Shaddaa. The Dancer’s Palace was still a safe haven, and he for the moment, he was still somewhat safe.
Ke’rii ran a hand slowly through his raven hair and knew he wouldn’t be sleeping much, if at all, tonight. He fell back into his bed and stared at the ceiling. The colorful night lights of Nar Shaddaa danced shadows above him and his muscles started to relax.

Time passed… slowly… the clock ticking… life ticking…

Ke’rii felt as if he had just fallen back asleep when he heard glass shatter to the ground just outside his room. He sat up quick, and heard Wheelie let out a surprised series of beeps and whoops.
Knowing that something must be wrong, Ke hopped out of bed and grabbed his blaster. It was useless to even attempt to use it here at the Palace, but he had habits. He ran to the door, forgetting about his boots or even a shirt for that matter, and quickly opened it
“Gah!” he cried as he stepped on broken glass. “Kriffin’, son-of-a,” he stifled his words so Keiko wouldn’t wake up. Carefully he lifted his foot from the ground and removed a small shard of glass.
Wheelie beeped at him and that’s when Ke noticed the little astromech was tangled in a tripwire.
A tripwire. A kriffin’ tripwire?
He untangled the little droid and could almost sense Mr. Hat...

Holocrons and Info Nodes / "Whispers"
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Koshkov Residence
Kaas City, Dromund Kaas

Ekaterina Koshkova  couldn't sleep in Dromund Kaas, and she found herself staring at the flyer in her hands for The Roze Garden's Soovada Bash. Of course Jessak would throw a party, and it would be wonderful and amazing. But a celebration just wasn't in her this year. The last Soovada she attended had been… perfect. And it was impossible that this one could be better.

Jack had been alive back then. They had been engaged and life was so full of possibilities.

She sighed and set the flyer down on her nightstand as she sunk into her bed. How soon was too soon? How would she know? There were days she just wanted to curl up in her bed and hide from the galaxy.

Thunder rumbled softly outside, and her eyes shift to stare out the window. She watched the droplets slide down the glass.

Ever falling. Always constant.

It always rained here.

Would it ever stop?

Dromund Kaas was depressing, but it was her home. Home was supposed to be where her heart was, but her heart lived in the past. It lived in the sun, in the old theatre with the large windows that overlooked Coruscant’s busy skyline. Her soul longed for sunsets and sunrises, and lazy afternoons.

But Katia had none of that here.

Here, her soul felt heavy. Haunted. She felt weighed down, and not from stress, but from… well she wasn't sure. There was something that brought her down. Something that pulled at her heart… and mind.

And it was only here.

She felt like a different person on Nar Shaddaa, on Hoth, and she preferred business trips these days. But her focus also had to be on the theatre.

Why was it so hard here?

Katia closed her eyes. She didn't want to think of it. This place was… dark… strong…

.... chains are broken…

Slowly, Katia's eyes opened and she looked around her room. She was alone despite the eerie whisper. Was it a whisper? She had heard something.

Her eyes went to Jessak’s flyer. Perhaps she needed to get away again.

She let out a frustrated sigh and stared up at the ceiling.

...there is only passion…

Yes, that was a whisper!

And with that, Katia didn't care what hour it was and she found herself dressing quickly. The theatre would keep her busy. The theatre would keep her mind in focus. The theatre would stop the whispers. She’d stay there for as long as she could. Even until after her feet bled if she had to.

Anything to escape the whispers.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / "Hunted"
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The Oasis Lounge
Dune Sea, Tatooine

Evening shadows were starting to cast over the courtyard of The Oasis Lounge, and Keiko’li Ogasawara had spent her day lounging around the pool, listening to music, and browsing the Holonet. At just nineteen year of age, she was just now reaching her rebellious stage in her life, and was glad her father, Ke’rii Ogasawara, was off playing hero to the Empire. For starters, he’d probably give her grief for wearing a bikini. But that was the least of their arguments.

The last time they spoke, they had a huge disagreement about Keiko’s boyfriend. Naturally, her father hated him. And that was part of the reason Keiko was still with “Tank”. Yes, he called himself “Tank” and when Ke had asked her if she even knew his real name, she had stormed out of the house and flew off to Rishi.

The truth was, she actually didn't know Tank’s real name, but, like her father, she was too stubborn to admit it. The fact was, Tank was the “bad boy”, the boyfriend that would give her father grey hair and stress lines. Keiko didn't necessarily think Tank was all that bright, but he was cute for the bad boy that he was, and she was more than happy to make out with him when she knew her father would find out.

Tank was jobless, for the most part, but he had a crummy ship, and sort of knew how to fly it. Keiko was a far superior pilot than Tank. She was better at a lot of things compared to him. Slicing, managing money, engines, even handling a blaster.

Of course, Keiko neglected to tell him that she had been at Fixer status with Sith Intelligence awhile back. In her alone moments, she felt guilty for falling out of the job. Perhaps another reflection of her father in her, though she did have a lot more, open, respect for Moff Heermann than her father first displayed.

She sighed at her thoughts. How did she let stupid, teenage, rebellion get her so far removed from Sith Intelligence? For all she knew, she could be off at Iokath too.

But alas, she was travelling the galaxy with Tank.

A soft beep on her datapad caught her attention and she reached over to the table, moving her glass of Ogasawara Blossom wine to the side. She looked at the incoming message…. It was from Ke’rii, and it started by addressing her as “daughter”.

“Shit,” she mumbled, sitting up to read the message in its entirety. It was never good when her dad simply addressed her as ‘daughter'.

In no way is it appropriate or acceptable to treat patrons of the Oasis Lounge as unequal to any other client. Be they: Sith Purebloods, Humans, Chiss, Twi’leks, and even ‘snotty Zygerrian princesses’. All are to be served and treated with respect and equality. I don't care what you think of them, they will be welcomed at the Lounge. It is a great disappointment that I even have to tell you that. Whether your message was meant as sarcasm or not, you know better.

Additionally, and effective immediately, we are no longer offering free samples in drinks. There was an incident that nearly put me in the hole. Alara knows all about this as well, and I've informed Tutix.

Speaking of Tut, he is on his way back with the ship. Given the delay in correspondence, he should already be there. Tut is to resume his duties as Operations Manager upon his arrival. If anyone has an issue with this, please have them send their complaints to me directly and I will handle it when I can.

I want you to know that I, and your aunt Mei, are safe, and we don't want you to worry about anything. I love you and miss you, and hope you take care of yourself while I am away. You are a smart and brave young woman, and despite our recent arguments, I am proud of you.


“Message from daddy dearest?” came the snide voice of Tank as he hovered over her shoulder.

Keiko quickly shut down her datapad and looked up at him. He was dressed as usual, in worn out leather jacket that hung open to show off his ripped up shirt. He had knifes and a blaster strapped to his belt, and heavy, durasteel plated boots. His hair was dyed an almost orangeish brown and appeared to have just woken up. He took a swig from a bottle of Mantellian brandy and smelled of deathsticks.

Keiko smiled at him, but she was starting to see why her father hated him. “Have you even eaten anything yet?” her eye went to the bottle.

Tank plopped down in the lounge chair next to her and appraised the young woman’s exposed body. He grinned at her.

“Nope,” he took another drink.

“Did you pay for that?” she doubted it as she asked.

“Pfft!” Tank snorted. “I thought your old man was rich as shit, and ‘sides, aren't samples free?”

Keiko frowned. “Not anymore,” she reached across the table and took the bottle mid-swig. “And this isn't a ‘sample’.”

“Aw, c’mon Keik,” Tank whined. “We're livin’ the dream.”

By “dream”, Keiko thought, he meant leeching off her and her father's profits.

“You know, when Tut gets here, you won't be able to act this way--”

Tank laughed, again. “Right, like some jawa’s gonna tell me what to do.”

Keiko stared at him, reality sinking in. Dammit, she hated when Ke was right.

“But,” Tank continued and grinned at her. It was a sly grin, the same one that she was first attracted to, but now…. “... we're gonna be rich,” he finished and handed her a printout of a bounty alert.

Keiko watched him as she took the alert. She froze when she saw her father’s picture.

“Guy’s offerin’ 500 big ones for him,” Tank smirked. “And wanted alive, so it ain't like you gotta kill ‘im,” he ignited a deathstick and leaned back in the lounge chair.

“This is my dad,” she said, and looked to him.

“And for 500,000 credits,” Tank pointed out again. “Easy money. Alls you gotta do is call him here, and we take him in. Wham, bam, and we got ourselves some cha-cha-ching.”

“He's my dad…” was all she could think to say.

“Don't flake out on me, Keik,” Tank had the audacity to even speak of this idea further. “We take his ship, his whole little thing here, and we rule the underworld. Do you know how much one of those D5-Mantis ships run for in the black market? Shit, we’d never have to take a job again.”

“We're not doing that,” she said firmly. “He's my dad. We may argue, but he's a good man, and I'm starting to see why he doesn't like you.”

Tank rolled his eyes. “You are such a tool,” he mumbled, then looked at her. “A good man doesn't ditch his little girl for five years. A good man doesn't wait ‘til you're ten years old to finally start trying to be a father to you. A good man doesn't hightail it and run to hide under the Empire’s skirt when he knows there's a bounty on him. A good man doesn't-”

Keiko got up from her seat and walked away. If she had her blaster in her person, she felt she could've shot him. Her dad wasn't perfect, but he had tried to be the best dad he could once he found out she even existed. It wasn't his fault her un-loving mother didn't tell him about her until she no longer wanted her,

Ugh! Keiko could scream she was so mad.

It wasn't her dad's fault he got stranded out in wild space for five years. The quest for that ‘abandoned' fleet had gone south.

Keiko stormed into her father's office and locked the door. For a moment she stood there, looking at the room. Everything was as Ke had left it when he and Tutix left to aid the Empire.

If only Tutix were here. He’s certainly have Tank thrown out…

...Tut… he should be here by now, but he wasn't…. where in the galaxy was he…?

Classifieds / BOUNTY ALERT: Ke'rii Ogasawara (IC)
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((the following would be posted across bounty boards and possibly printed publications on Tatooine, Nar Shaddaa, Ord Mantell, Coruscant, and Rishi. Contact name is completely made up, no in-game character to be contacted, but the bounty still stands.))


CONTACT: GORUBA DENK   034.8799.32790

Cantina / Chiss Language question
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Which is the more official or formal language of the Chiss: Cheunh or Minnisiat?


Guild Recruiting / Need 3 Imperials to build personal guild
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Hello patrons! I am currently looking for Imperial-sided, un-guilded folks to help me create my own personal guild. Membership in the guild itself is not a requirement, this is simply for my own personal use of adding another DK stronghold for IC RP-ness. Shout out to me on Imperialooc (I'll be needing this guild on Ekaterina Koshkova and Sergei Koshkov).

Thanks, and ♥s and hugs!!

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