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(( Somewhat of a continuation of the boot camp posts;topicseen#new))

Two weeks after completion of Infantry AIT
Remote farmer's village 3 miles away from Fort Garnik

The AT-TAT came to a stop just outside the village, too large to travel through it.  Its rear ramp opened and twelve armoured troopers stepped out onto the rocky, sandy terrain.  They split into pairs, then began their patrol through the village, cautious fingers on the safety switches of their rifles. 

"Hey Fulton, keep an eye on the mountainside for me.  Shit's making me twitch."

"Roger that.  Make sure I don't trip over something then."

"I got'chu." 

"Shouldn't we be sweeping?"

"Nah, they only bomb the main roads.  Never been hit this far east of Garnik."  The trooper paired with Jorahn reassured him.  "I really don't like this village though.  Something about it being deserted and that mountain over there just creeps me the kriff out."

"I don't see anything."  Jorahn the Zabrak's eyes were glued to the mountainside to their right that loomed over the village.  Its peak was wide, flat, and stood about one hundred feet above them.  "We should get someone up there though."  He remarked as they walked.

"Agreed, call it in."

Jorahn switched the com on within his helmet.  "Hey Sarge, can we get someone up on that mountain?"

"That's a plateau chief."  The sergeant radioed back, from the very front of the patrol.  "Where'd you go to school?"

"Hey, Dommen thought it was a mountain too."

"Yeah but Dommen failed infantry school twice so he's not exactly what you wanna be modeling yourself as.  But hey, if you're volunteering, get your ass up there Fulton."

Jorahn Fulton managed to switch his com off just before he swore.  "Roger that."  He shrugged his shoulders to reposition the pack that was too loose on his back before looking back at Dommen.  "I'll send you a postcard."

"Please don't."

The trooper began walking back to the village entrance, where the AT-TAT sat.  The rocky mountain, or plateau, seemed to even out with the ground back here, which would provide Jorahn a way up to the top that overlooked the middle of the village.  As he rounded the rear of the armoured transport, a man stood frozen, hands above his head and staring at Jorahn.  "Don't shoot!"

The trooper's rifle was already raised at the man.  "Farmer?"

"Yes!  Terrorists!  Lemme go!"

With a nod of his head, Jorahn gestured for the scarfed man to run away from the village.  He watched him go for a moment, then turned back to the slope of the plateau and radioed in.  "Just ran into a civvie.  Said there's Seps about.  He was right around our vehicle."

"He say where?"  The sergeant replied back.

"Negative.  Just yelled terrorists and - Incoming!"  Fulton dove to the side as a rocket spiraled its way towards the armoured transport, impacting against its side in a fiery boom.  "Rocket fire!"  He yelled as he picked himself up and ran behind the AT-TAT, the side that provided cover against the slope of the plateau. 

"Stay put, we're coming to you.  We have visual on Seps." 

The lone trooper looked back over into the village, spotting the soldiers firing their weapons at the plateau and beginning to make their way to his position.  "I don't have visual!  Where are they?"

"Other side of transport...Rocks on the slope and on the plateau."

"Roger!"  Jorahn shouldered his rifle and and peered around the leg of the transport, searching for movement.  He saw nothing, so peered further until he made his way to the rear of the vehicle, one angle away from the slope of the plateau.  Before he could move further, another rocket impacted against the exposed side of the vehicle.  "Ah, kriff!"  The blast jolted right through the trooper's body and threw him into the ground. 

"Fulton come in!"

The ringing didn't stop, it only became the background.  "I'm good, I'm good."  He wanted to tell them the transport couldn't take much more, but his mouth didn't let the words out.  He quickly backburned the thought, his analytical approach beginning to fall away as his training began kicking in.

Taking fire.  Can't see enemy.  I have cover.  Now find enemy.

The soldier picked himself back up again, dirt and dust covering almost every inch of his previously white armour.  Again he shouldered his rifle and peered around the back of the AT-TAT, moving up to finally get an angle on the slope. 

Behind a boulder, two heads bobbed up and down, a thick barrel sticking up between them. 

"I see two of them, don't fire at the slope, I'm moving in."

"Roger that, Fulton."

Suddenly, the ringing stopped and he heard everyone else's coms through his helmet, as if his mind was letting in background noise again.

"Moving up to the transport!"

"Reloading!  Dommen, cover me!"

"Two more on the other side of the plateau!"

He didn't stop to wonder how he managed to only focus on the sergeant's coms, but crouched low and moved up while the two behind the boulder continued reloading.  Once he stepped onto the slope, he was about twenty feet away from the pair of Seps, who both looked up, startled.  One yelled and scrambled for something behind the boulder, but Jorahn stopped, fired, then ran towards the remaining attacker as his buddy dropped dead. 

"Mantell will be free!"  The Separatist screamed before getting slammed to the ground by the trooper.  The missile launcher he held rolled onto the ground and off the other side of the slope.  Jorahn raised the butt of his rifle up before slamming it down into the Sep's face.

He took cover as he heard more yelling up the slope, at the top of the plateau, no doubt aware of the trooper's presence.  Breathing heavily, he radioed in, "Two down, rocket down."

"Get back off the mountain Fulton!  Dommen's hit, there's too many up there, they're coming in from the far end of the village too.  Get back in the transport!"

Jorahn ran back down off of the slope as Separatists at the top pointed their rifles and fired at him.  The rest of the soldiers were kneeling around the now open AT-TAT ramp, safely concealed from fire for now. 

"We gotta get out, get in!"  The sergeant ushered them up the ramp until the last kneeling soldier ran up and into the vehicle as those inside covered him.  When the ramp pulled up and closed, the only sounds filling Jorahn's ears were the small arms shots bouncing off the top of their transport and the ringing that returned.  He was then suddenly very aware of how sweaty he was inside his armour, and then how much he shook as his body still pumped adrenaline through him. 

The soldiers were quieter on the way back than they were on the way in.  When their damaged transport practically limped its way back into Fort Garnik, only then did Jorahn ask if everyone was okay, and if the ringing would ever stop.  He was glad to hear his first answer, but not so much the second.

And later that night in his bunk, the ringing paired with the face of the man he bashed in whenever he'd try to close his eyes.  He didn't get much sleep.

It was his first taste of combat since he'd signed up, and the first time since age four that he wet his bed.

Trouble and Feedback / Dark Theme Suggestion
« on: 05/11/17, 07:40:32 PM »
A lot of popular websites are releasing dark mode/theme toggles, which simply switch bright whites to darker grey or blacks.  It's very pleasant on the eyes at night.  Seeing as this site is primarily white and bright, a dark mode would be nice!

EDIT: I suggested a toggle, not that the whole site should just be turned to dark colours.  Obviously the choice would be up to the user.

Cantina / Twitch Prime Codes for SWTOR
« on: 05/02/17, 11:51:19 PM »
The following codes are one use only and are redeemed on the SWTOR site under My Account, then Redeem a Code.

They get you a walker mount, a level 60/65 character, and access to KOTET for a while if you do not already have access to it.  Creating this thread so I don't spam chatbox with codes.  This thread will be updated with more codes so if you don't manage to grab one, don't fret and check back fairly often!

All I ask is that if you take a code(or one is already taken), you comment and let me know which code you took so I can cross it off the list.  Thanks!









EDIT: More codes tomorrow, 5/4/2017.






Warzones and Ranked PVP / Simple PVP Tips and Tricks
« on: 03/25/17, 07:17:52 PM »
I've wanted an excuse to revive the PvP board here, so I thought I could easily do that with some quick and simple tips and tricks for PvP.  Experienced PvPers will probably know all or most of these.  The goal here is to provide a little reading material for RPers who want to get better at PvP.  I'll add more tips as time goes on.

Random Tips

Resolve Resolve is a game mechanic designed to protect against being stun-locked.  Each stun and root placed on you fills up your resolve bar.  The resolve bar is found on the outer ring of your character portrait and fills up white once it is filled.  Two stuns will fill it.  Once it is filled, you have immunity to CC (Crowd control ie; stun, root, pushback) for a short duration until resolve is lost and you are stunnable again.
Don't Break Sleep Dart There is rarely reason to break an out of combat stun from a stealther.  Breaking the stun is a waste of your escape.  Just let your resolve bar fill up.

Learn When To Use Your Stun(CC) Breaker Try to keep it for the moment you absolutely need it.  Having your stun breaker on cooldown is an easy way to get killed or let the enemy cap a node after they've stunned you.  There is no need to try to break every single stun that comes your way.

Keybind If you cannot map all of your abilities to keybinds, at the very least, keybind your most used or most important abilities.  If you're still clicking your hot bar, you're at a severe disadvantage.  Keyboard turning is slow, and you will be outplayed by a PvPer who knows how to strafe.

Node Defense  Keep your camera panned on the node you're supposed to be defending.  Never look away for more than 8 seconds.  I've seen it all too many times - a defender standing in front of his node and not looking behind him.  It leads to an easy cap and also ties into a lesson in tunnel vision.

Tunnel Vision Awareness is a major key to PvP.  You should be aware of what/who is coming at you, where your teammates are, the score, and where you're positioned.  You should never be so focused on something that you lose sight of all else.  Unless you're in an arena, there are probably more important things you should be doing than having your vision tunneled by an intense 1v1.

It's Not Just Numbers  Objective based maps aren't just numbers farming.  Sitting in mid as a Jug and farming 4 million damage at the end of the round is probably not doing much for your team.  Stay objective focused.  It's how you win warzones.

Stun Capping If you're a stealther trying to cap a node, your goal is to either kill the defender or stun him and cap.  The latter can be achieved easily if the defender is an inexperienced player.  If you sleep dart/mind trap (Out of Combat stealth stun) the defender and he breaks it with his stun breaker, you can CC him again and most likely get an easy cap.  In any circumstance, you want to be able to stun the defender as long as possible if you know he doesn't have his stun breaker available. 

You could attempt this by opening combat with him and attempting to force him to break a stun in any way possible.  Once he's done this, make sure his resolve bar isn't filled, then flashbang (If Operative/Scoundrel) and cap.  Or stealth out and sleep dart/mind trap (If Operative/Scoundrel and Sin/Shadow).  You'll need to be quick and have good positioning, because these stuns don't last longer than the time it takes to cap.

Map Related


1. Pass the ball.  No, really.  You have a team.   You have a huttball passing ability.  Use it!  Don't be the guy or girl who refuses to pass when they're at 5% HP and being ganked by 7 enemies. Pass the ball before you lose the ball!

2. Your leap, holotraverse/shadow stride, and movement speed increasing abilities can be used with the ball.  You should always be looking ahead as a ball carrier, searching for enemies or friendlies that you can jump or teleport to.  There are not many things more satisfying than jumping to an enemy who just left his spawn, using him to gain an easy goal.

3. When attacking a player with the ball, there's no need to randomly stun or root him.  Save your stuns and roots for times when the ball carrier is running over an inactive fire pit or sludge trap.  It also gives your teammates chances to use their pushback abilities at important times.  If he's already been stunned countless times for no reason, his resolve bar is going to be full and he won't get knocked back.


Bridge Defense  On the bridge section of the map, when attackers attempt to extend the bridges to get across to the next set of doors, defenders only have one chance to stop them at those bridges.  If a defender dies, he's sent to the set of doors past the bridges and is forced to watch his teammates fight for their lives and slowly die off.

However, defenders can get back to the fight at the bridges by jumping, teleporting, or being pulled by a friendly or enemy over the gap below.  There is a small area in the center of the map where this can be done.  Here is a clip from Snave so you can see exactly what I mean at this part.

Defense Stop chasing away from the doors.  Every defender far away from the door is one less defender a would-be bomb planter has to go through.  A team who fights on the doors never loses the doors.

Alderaan Civil War

Now It....Might Be About Numbers? and Stalling This map can potentially get very strategic and mathematical.  If you attack a node alone, and the enemy team has 2 players on that node, somewhere else on the map your team should have a player advantage. 

If you attack a node and the enemy team draws 3 of their players back to defend that node, your team now has a 2 player advantage somewhere else on the map.  See where I'm going with this?

A very valid strategy that good stealth players can pull off is stalling their* node at the beginning of the round.  A stealther need not even cap this node, but can stall them from capping for as long as he can.  Should the plan go smoothly, your team should have at least one node of their own while your teammates battle it out for mid control.  The node you own slowly eats away at their points until they can cap nodes for themselves.

If you can stall long enough, the enemy team may have even asked for reinforcements, bringing two or even three players to the node to try to kill you and cap.  Most likely you will not be able to keep them from capping for too much longer at that point but again, a major benefit to this is you drawing as much of their team away from the rest of the map as possible, giving your teammates the advantage on the other 2 nodes.

*Typically in Alderaan Civil War, each team will send one or two players to cap "their" node on their right hand side.

Novare Coast 

Same tactics with stalling and numbers applies here. 

4v4 Arenas

Sudden Death  When the timer runs out in the 4v4 arenas, sudden death begins.  In this situation, toxic gas will appear on the outer edges of the map and swiftly make its way inward to the center of the map.  A cunning stealth player could potentially hide from 4 enemies until sudden death and win the round. 

To do this, you must make sure to not be on the outer edges when sudden death begins.  You will take damage.  You need to make your way to the middle, where you won't take damage from the gas until it reaches that spot.  When it does, you cannot heal through it or force-barrier your way through it.  You need to make sure you have the most health possible because once the gas hits the middle, everyone loses health quickly and begins to die.  The last one standing (or falling to their knees as the death is inevitable) wins.

If the enemy team is oblivious to sudden death, there is nothing you need to do except sit in the middle and watch the gas kill them before it kills you, as they most likely won't be sitting in the very middle of the map.

If the enemy team is aware, you need to damage them as much as you can and protect yourself as much as possible, in order to lessen their health and sustain yours.  The goal is to be at a higher HP than they are, if you're all sat in the middle, before you all get hit by the toxic gas.  Those with lower HP to start with will of course die first.


Disregarding objectives for a moment:

Healers Your role is to keep your teammates and yourself alive.

Tanks  Your role is to protect your healer so he or she can keep you and your friends alive.

DPS  Your role is also to protect your healer and kill enemy players.

Everyone should be interrupting enemy healers or attempting to distance them from their teammates.  An easy way to keep tabs on enemy healers is to Focus Target them.  You'll be able to see whenever they start casting.  A good player can turn around, interrupt or stun the healer, turn back to his opponent and continue the fight. 

Often times focusing a healer in a PUG doesn't work, because tanks simply taunt, and DPS are left free to batter you and your teammates while you try to kill a healer who sits healing himself.  Rather than waste time doing this, your team can shut a healer down by multi-tasking.  Interrupt and disrupt healers but keep fighting whoever else you're fighting. 

Class Specific Tips

The following are Imperial but of course apply to their Republic counterparts.

Concealment Operatives

 Exfiltrate(roll)  In the Concealment Operative discipline, Exfiltrate gives 200% dodge chance during the ability.  This is 1.5 seconds of dodging pretty much everything.  You can use this ability twice every 10 seconds which translates to 3 seconds of damage immunity every 10 seconds.  This is not just a mobility ability.  It is one of your most important  defensive cooldowns and you should learn to use it often during fights.


The Trading Floor / Dread Council Statue (SOLD)
« on: 01/15/17, 08:37:20 PM »
Selling a Commemorative Statue of the Dread Council.  GTN prices are bleh, so giving you RPers a chance to grab it for cheap.  20mil and it's yours.


Guild Recruiting / <Mutes> is Recruiting
« on: 12/15/16, 09:37:15 PM »
Do you like the game but hate the players?

Do you identify as a 'silent but deadly' Sith, Agent, or Bounty Hunter?

<Mutes> is recruiting on the Imp side.  We're a guild of quiet players who don't talk.  Players who use guild chat will be kicked from the guild.  Absolutely no talking at all.

PM "Stun-bubbled" on Imp-side, or send a mail for an invite.  Alternatively, ask around in ImpOOC, I'll probably be on an alt.

The time is upon us once again for Hannith's annual 12 days of giveaways!  Join us on the Imperial fleet at 7pm server time for 12 consecutive days, beginning tonight, for the fun.

If you like trivia, hide and seek, word games, and general fun that brings the Begeren Colony together, then come on down!  Prizes range from cartel packs, mounts, emotes, and anything else!

If you're interested in snapping up a few extra prizes, this year's song is something you'll want to remember:

12 decorations
11 modules dyeing
10 CM crystals
9 hundred thousand
8 toys for healing
7 folks a-mounting
6 fun emotes
5 cartel packs
4 armor sets
3 art gifts
2 species unlocks
Aaaand not just one ning, but tu.

Hope to see some of you there for a night or more!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Boot Camp
« on: 12/03/16, 01:30:38 PM »
(( From the perspective, many years ago, of my trooper Jorahn Fulton.  As always, don't expect this to be finished or updated regularly.  I have commitment issues.))


I, Jorahn Fulton, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Republic in its entirety, against all threats foreign and domestic.  I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Republic, and obey the orders of my superiors.  I will respect and follow all regulations and policies of the Uniform Code of Republic Military Justice.

I, Jorahn Fulton, do solemnly swear that I will serve the Republic for 8 years and 0 months.  I understand that failure to do so will result in a discharge, and legal action, which could result in felony charges.

"Welcome to the Republic Army, son."

Day One
Republic Army Training Facilities - Coruscant

An eager, but nervous eighteen year old sat patiently in his seat on the tram.  Beside him sat a black dufflebag that looked as it it were about to burst.  A week ago, the Zabrak was sleeping in his bed, in his parents' house.  Warm, comfortable, familiar.  Yesterday he slept at a cheap hotel near a military processing station.  Cold, hard, and foreign.
And now, sat in a tram with a hundred or so other men and women.  They were all silent, staring out their windows in anticipation.  Nerves growing in the pit of their stomachs.  Jorahn found it odd.  No matter how badly he wanted this, how long he'd waited, he was still nervous.  As if cold, he shook slightly.  His mind a mess, somewhere between attempting calming thoughts and racing from one thought to the next.  He was so preoccupied with his internal battle that he didn't notice the tram slowly coming to a stop outside a large, box-like grey building.  Unseen by Jorahn, five men in black fatigues stood in the courtyard in front of the building.  As the tram halted, the men marched forward to the rails.

A booming voice, amplified by a speaker blast through the tram, startling Jorahn and many others.  "YOU HAVE FORTY-FIVE SECONDS TO GET OFF THIS TRAM AND YOU JUST WASTED FIFTEEN OF THEM!"

Jorahn Fulton jumped up, grabbed his pack, and began quickly following others out of the tram.  When he neared the front, he peered out a window and spotted the man he assumed had just yelled at them, walking briskly out of frame.  Jorahn finally stepped off the tram, and into the chaos of the hundred or so others trying to figure out what to do.  In front of them all stood the line of five men in fatigues, faces as hard as durasteel and void of emotion.
About twenty seconds of chaos later, the men sprung into action, jumping forward and yelling.



The group of recruits seemed to understand at last, as the men in fatigues yelled and pointed at the ground.  Yellow lines of tape littered the ground, and men and women began rushing towards them to stand at attention.  It took them about two minutes of further yelling and pointing for everyone there to be stood on a yellow line.  Jorahn was second from the front in one of the lines, with recruits to his left and right.
For a short moment, there was relative peace and quiet.  The recruits fell completely silent, awaiting judgement and instruction.  Jorahn had a good opportunity to size up the five men who were currently thumbing through datapads.  They were dressed in black from head to toe.  From the black combat boots, to the fatigues and their caps.  They looked menacing.

The moment was over quickly however, as datapads fell to their sides, and the men began yelling and walking through lines of recruits again.
"Keep your eyes on the back of the head in front of you!  If you're first in line, picture a head in front of you and stare at it!"  The shortest of the five men yelled.  "You will call me Drill Sergeant Revvits, or Sir, or nothing at all.  We will call you Recruits, Kriffers, or anything we damn well please.  Is that clear Recruits?"

About a hundred voices spoke out. "Sir, yes Sir."


"Sir, yes, Sir!"  The voices nearly unified as one.

"You kriffs are the lowest of the low!  You are no one!  My job is to turn you into someone.  Inside that building contains all the knowledge and equipment that I know of, to turn you into that someone.  I am -not- your recruiter.  Your recruiter receives commission on each recruit he sends to basic training.  I receive pay no matter if you all fail or succeed.  I do -not- care about any of you.  Is that clear Recruits?"

"Sir, yes, Sir!"

"When I say so, we will go inside and form two neat lines at the entrance.  Left line will go left, and right line will go right.  To the left, recruits will go through medical.  You will get your shots, you will sign your name, you will get your head shaved until I don't see a single greasy strand of civilian hair on your heads.  Then you will exit the building, and join the right line.  The right line will follow the hallway to the holocoms.  You will have forty-five seconds to call your parents, or your wife or husband.  You will say exactly what you are told to say.  It will be written on a poster in front of each holocom.  Is that clear Recruits?"

"Sir, yes Sir!"

"I suggest none of you kriff around.  I suggest you move as fast as your worthless little legs can carry you in there.  The staff in there will -not- tolerate any tom-kriffery.  Compared to them, I am most -certainly- the nice guy."

Drill Sergeant Revvits fell silent.  There was a moment of peace once again, until he barked out once more.  "What the kriff are you waiting for?  Two lines you kriffs!  RUN!"

Jorahn and the other recruits ran ahead to the building, packs slung over shoulders and at their sides.  Two lines began forming at the door, Jorahn in the left.  Revvits and the four other men stormed through them and opened the door.  "Go go go!"

Jorahn was third in line, and quick to go through the door.  There was a hallway to the left, one to the right, and a set of stairs in front.  His gut turned suddenly, wondering at the lack of elevators so far.  The grey building was tall.  In his opinion, too tall for stairs.  He quickly refocused however, as the white hallway reached a corner.  When he turned through it, he was presented with a room full of waiting doctors.  Seven cubicles, seven doctors stood ready with clipboards and needles hanging from their belts.  He took the third cubicle, stepping into it as the doctor closed the flimsy door behind him.

"Name." The white-coated doctor said, as Jorahn sat down on a chair. 

"Jorahn Fulton."  He quickly added a "Sir."

"Fulton....Fulton...Ful...Here we are.  Zabrak male, green eyes, five foot eleven, one-hundred fifty-five pounds.  Any medication?"

"No, Sir."

"Open your mouth."

Jorahn did so, and the doctor peered in with a small light.  "No cavities.  All right, looks good.  You're due for.....Three shots today.  Do you pass out at the sight of blood or needles?"

"No, Sir."

The doctor prepped a vaccine as he told Jorahn to roll up his sleeves.  The plain white shirt was rolled up and he received three shots in quick succession.  "You're set kid.  Out the door, follow the yellow tape.  Welcome to the army."

Jorahn hopped up and exited the room.  He positioned his pack on his other shoulder, as the strap was uncomfortable against his now sore right arm.  As he followed the yellow tape, he felt a lot more calm now that the medical part was out of the way, even as he could hear the yelling down the hallway.  The yellow tape finally ended at a white door, which he opened and stepped inside.  The room looked very much like a traditional barber shop.  A man in black fatigues, presumably another drill sergeant nearly pounced on Jorahn.  The Zabrak stood motionless at attention as the man began yelling in his face.


"Drill Sergeant Revvits said to, Sir!"


"Sir, no Sir!"


Jorahn stammered, unsure of what to say.  The drill sergeant was quick on his case.


"Sir, yes Sir!"

Jorahn almost ran out the room.  He followed the yellow tape again, back through the medical room, until he reached the first hallway.  He slowed to a brisk walk as he passed recruits going the other way.  When the door was in sight, he let out a small sigh of relief and joined the line on the right.  He barely had time to process what happened and what was going on before he was walking through another hallway, this time on the right.  It led to a room bursting with noise; recruits yelling into holocoms and drill sergeants screaming at them to hurry up.
The Zabrak spotted an empty holocom booth and rushed forward to occupy it.  The instructions were posted on the wall in front of him.  He read them three, four times before nodding to himself and making the call to his parents.  They didn't pick up.  It was nearly six in the morning, he figured they'd still be alseep.  He left a message,

"This is Recruit Fulton!  I have arrived safely at Coruscant Training Facility.  I will contact you again in ten days with my new mailing address.  Do not send bulky items.  Thank you for your support and goodbye for now."

It felt odd to yell into a holocom message that was destined for your parents, but he shrugged it off as he hung up.  It seemed only moments ago he was boarding a tram, but now he was a recruit, formally saying goodbye to his parents, even if it was only for ten days.  It was all moving so fast and it was only the first day.
This is going to be a tough fifteen weeks....He thought to himself, as he began to rush out of the holocom room.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Darth Haalander
« on: 10/24/16, 11:02:02 PM »
(( Add this to my posts that I'll never finish ))


        "We'll meet again."  He remembered telling them.  As he strode down the ramp, exiting their ship and beginning his journey across the Tatooine sands to the Imperial outpost, that is what he said to them.  The eyes of the Jedi master and his padawan could be felt on Haalander's back.  They'd rescued the Darth from an ice planet, amidst the ruins of Imperial dreadnoughts and cruisers. 

"The Zakuul invasion...."  The mustached Darth pondered the event as he leaned back in his pilot's seat, a foot resting on the console in front of him, a hand rolling some odd piece of metal between his fingers.  The Fury-class Interceptor wasn't his.  It was a loan from the outpost on Tatooine.  No one there greeted him with pleasantries nor offered him a ride home.  He had to actually negotiate a price for the ship, which, without any physical credits on him at the time, was a difficult feat to accomplish. 

Had the Zakuul invasion never happened, Darth Haalander would've been greeted by loyal servants and brown-nosing rivals.  In fact, he wouldn't have even been on Tatooine, he commanded his own dreadnought.  "The Victory.  Her ruins lay with the rest..."  And they did.  The ship lie in pieces, mangled and destroyed beyond repair on the ice planet.  The superior Zakuulan ships toyed with the Imperial fleet like a toddler would play with its model ships.  The Empire lost sorely that day.  Darth Haalander seemed to have lost his entire crew along with the ship.  And if he hadn't, well, none of them came to his aid when he spent weeks alone in the bitter cold, no food to eat, no warmth to be had, only the Force to keep him alive. 

He feared that in his absence, his power base had diminished too.  None on Tatooine recognized him.

The Interceptor hurled through hyperspace, only minutes away from its target coordinates now.  While he resided on Dromund Kaas, Haalander couldn't return there this instant.  He had work to do.  With his power base seemingly gone, he needed to rebuild from the ground up.  That starts with an apprentice, and that leads to Korriban.

Blue streaked stars turned to motionless white specks as the ship lurched its way out of hyperspace.  In the center of the viewport now sat Korriban's orbital station.  Larger and larger it grew, until Haalander's ship docked and the vacuum seal hissed itself shut around the exit ramp. 

It was a short ride in the station's shuttle down to the planet.  Again, he was greeted by no servants, rivals, nor his name.  Only the occasional "M'lord".  It was disconcerting to say the least.  Would anyone at the academy recognize him?  The overseer?  Would he even be granted an apprentice, if he wasn't even sure he could prove his identity as a Darth?

"Nonsense." He spat in the sands as he strolled between the towering Sith Lords who stood watch over Korriban.  "Those who dare question my power will never question again."  The Darth's boots suddenly became audible as the terrain transitioned from the soft sand, to the hard stone of the academy's entrance.

His eye took a moment to adjust to the change in light.  The academy was dimly lit, and it contrasted heavily from the radiating sunlight outside.  His other eye was useless, covered by eye-patch which connected behind his head, underneath his dark brown hair. 

Academy guards bowed but whispered no name, for they didn't know it.  Disdain poured from his eye as Haalander regarded them on his way past, making his way to an overseer's room.  He needn't look at the etchings on the walls to guide his way.  He'd made this walk all too often years ago as an acolyte here.  But this time, instead of knocking on the door of the overseer, he simply opened it.

The overseer answered to him.  And it was time to build his power base up once again.

The time is finally here.  A month ago, a group of us took down Golden Fury in the Toborro's Courtyard operation.  The idea of that operation was to bring along new people, to help them get over their fear or feelings of inadequacy in operations.

Same idea this time.

The Eyeless is the instanced boss related to the Rakghoul Resurgence event.  Much like Toborro's Courtyard, we need 8 people.  Unlike Toborro's Courtyard, there are actually no real mechanics to this fight.  It's very straightforward, and I think the new people (if they sign up again) will find it very easy.  It's a tank and spank, stay out of AOEs fight.  That being said, if you want to watch a video of Dulfy being carried taking it down - here's the vid

I'm unavailable Saturday, so this is scheduled for Sunday 25th at 7 PM server time.  Imp side .  Help from experienced players is appreciated, same deal as the last run.






This thread is the official signup for the SM Toborro's Courtyard run.  This run will take place at 7PM (server time/pst) on Saturday 13th of this month.  Imp side.

We will either meet on Makeb outside the Operation phase, or one of our group members can summon via flagship summons.

We want 2 healers, 2 tanks, and 4 DPS(3, after my slot).  I will update this post with each addition to the team.  Those of you who posted on the original Toborro's Courtyard 'gauging interest' thread will receive priority over those who did not.  Other-wise, role slots (dps,tank,healer) are first come first served.

I implore and encourage those of you who are new to operations in general, to sign up for the role you want, not the role you think you'll be best at or the one you think you should take.  I intend for this run to be a learning experience.  This is the perfect chance for anyone who wants to learn how to heal in ops, to tank, or to DPS to do so.  So please, sign up for the slot you want.

Final Team

LVT (Lashila)

Sebrik (Stun)
Seraphie (Huritt)


Karmic - Possible Tank
Niarra - Heal or Tank

On the day of the run, I will explain mechanics.  However, if you want to read over, or watch a video of Toborro's Courtyard in action,  will be useful to you.  Although that guide is old, the mechanics are still the same.  Reading or watching the video in that link though is not necessary if you don't want to, because again, I will explain mechanics completely.  I will also explain a few terms before we take on the boss.

During the run, I will also sit in's Discord, which can be conveniently found to your left on that panel, thanks to the site admins.  Voice will not be necessary, but know I'll be in there in case you have any questions or concerns during the raid! 

I look forward to running through this SM operation with you all.  Remember to have fun with it.  It's a learning experience for most of you!

Events and Occasions / (POLL)Toborro's Courtyard Newbie Run
« on: 08/05/16, 12:10:36 PM »
The purpose of this thread is to gauge interest.

After speaking to a close friend of mine, I have realized how intimidating operations can be for people who have never done them before.  It's been an interest of mine to run people through operations, explain mechanics, and ultimately leave them feeling they could do it again without me.

Toborro's Courtyard is an SM and HM operation located on Makeb.  It consists of just one boss, so I believe it is the best place for new raiders to start.  We would do SM, and I would explain all the mechanics, as well as link a guide if you wished to read it yourself.

While this run is intended for people new to operations, there is no reason a more experienced raider shouldn't sign up.  We would want some good tanks or healers to make things easier and less frightening.

So, if you have thought about operations before - sign up! If you are intimidated by them, or experienced and would like to help out - sign up!  The run would take place sometime next week, probably a Wednesday or a Thursday.
It will take place Imp side!
Let me know your thoughts below.

((Sand People RP/stories is something I rarely see.  After creating my Sand Person character, I decided to take a deep look into their lore, and found it to be quite rich.  Their society is actually quite similar to the Dothraki, from GoT, which I'm a big fan of.  While I'm no writer, I'd like to create something rarely seen here.  I do not know how often this will be updated, or if it will at all, but without further ado; here is my story. ))

Threatened Grains

Golden rays of light poured into the opening of the hut, assaulting every wavering shadow cast by the dying embers of the firepit in the center of the room.  Two chairs stood by it, low and circular, created from the stretched leather of a Dewback.  In front, just to the side of the opening, a figure wrapped in sand coloured garb lay on a simple Bantha hide roll, with no pillow supporting his head.  As more light poured in, the figure stirred until he sat upright, stretching out his arms and arching his back.  He stood up and kicked at the sand with his brown hide boots, blanketing the dying embers completely, a thin wisp of grey smoke now rising from the pit. 

Picking up his long barreled rifle, he walked outside, momentarily blinded by the second sun now creeping up over the horizon.  Tatoo-II, he knew, chasing after his brother - the other sun above him known as Tatoo-I.  Slinging the rifle over his shoulder, he readjusted his goggles as he walked through the sand, leaving a trail of prints in his wake.  Similarly dressed figures emerged from huts around him, some carrying rifles, some carrying spiked poles known as Gaffi sticks, and some both.  They were not all set on the same path as him however, he seemed to be the only one heading to the great hut at the back of their settlement.  Many leather flags engraved with the traditional Ghorfa insignia lined the perimeter, perhaps fifty or so, though this hut had nearly double that amount erected around it. 

As he approached the opening, a figure stepped out, calling to him. "Aargh, Urororu'ru."

Urororu'ru stepped closer to the hut, placing a hand on the figure's broad shoulder and bowing his head.  "Aargh."  He replied, in the language native to Sand People.  To outsiders it would sound like a series of grunts, cries, and other incomprehensible forms of communication, but to the Ghorfa, the Sand People, it was their own language.  A language outsiders rarely knew or understood.  "Chieftain." He continued, the low, but loud noises required to speak said language resonating through his throat.

"We raid at sundown.  Join me, Blood-Guard." The Chieftain responded, before raising a Hubba gourd to the small opening in his mask.  He tipped the melon-like fruit back, along with his head, drinking the juice from a hole.  Urororu'ru grunted, the request not one to deny.  Being Blood-Guard to your chieftain was a prestigious position, few Sand People held the title.  Most chieftains had two or three Blood-Guards, this particular one having two.  Urororu'ru being one and the chieftain's own brother, Uruk'RuuR being the other.  The honour does not come lightly, however.  If a chieftain were to die, his guards must die with him.  The guards must not mate with another until the chieftain's own mate carried child, a fate which Urororu'ru was reminded of as the chieftain's mate exited the hut. 

Like the language, outsiders would not be able to distinguish the Sand People women from the men from afar.  Urororu'ru could.  He noted the different style of mask, how the humidifier had a wide piece of leather attached to it, which would hang down to her stomach.  He noted the natural curves of her hips as she stood beside her chieftain, her mate.  For a moment, he wanted to see what was beneath her clothing, what she could show only her mate and no one else.  He remembered back years ago, the ritual they performed after the chieftain chose his mate.  They had stepped into the oasis, moving to the center of the small body of water so everyone could see.  It was forbidden for Sand People to expose their flesh to anyone but their mate, but the murky water hid those parts of the couple as they fornicated, the tribe watching, dancing, celebrating, cheering them on.  After they were done, they emerged from the water fully clothed, dripping precious water into the sand as the chieftain carried her into his hut.  Then, the entire tribe was expected to drink from the oasis.  It unified the tribe greatly, he remembered.

Urororu'ru exchanged greetings with her before the couple walked away, presumably to meet with their Banthas.  Those animals would not be roaming around the settlement like the other Banthas were, but would be enclosed in their own area together, free to mate, which was expected of them.  Every Sand Person receives their own Bantha companion from birth.  The blood-bond between Bantha and Sand Person is nearly unbreakable.  When Sand People mate, their respective Bantha's often mate too, an important act which is also watched by the tribe.

"Orukak! Oru uru kak!" A voice from behind shouted. Danger, drop your weapon!  Urororu'ru the Blood-Guard turned, the barrel of a rifle in his face, wielded by a Sand Person much larger and bulkier than him.  He swatted aside the barrel and began laughing as he stepped forward.  Both of them placed a hand on the other's shoulder, bowing their heads as Urororu'ru had done with the chieftain.

"Uror, my blood.  Have you eaten?" The larger one asked, grunting and crying out in their language.

"Not yet, Uruk'RuuR, my blood." Urororu'ru stepped back, crossing his arms over his chest and cocking his head. "You don't have your eye on the chieftain's mate for breakfast, do you?"  They both laughed again, though an outsider might hear such a sound and mistake it for a battle-cry.

"Hu raka." I surrender, you got me.  The larger Blood-Guard replied. "But Uror, the farm we spotted two nights ago.  More Humans moved in. Two women, three men, one boy.  Easy take.  Black Melons and water."

Uror nodded, no need to say anything more as he turned back to his hut, Uruk'RuuR, the larger Blood-Guard following close behind.  Rather than stepping inside once he reached his home, he walked around it, where his Bantha lie resting in the warm sand.  It reached its long tongue out to lick Urororu'ru as he approached.  "Aargh." He greeted the creature as he mounted it.

The Bantha let out a low noise, not unlike a quiet roar as it stood, raising Uror into the air, towering above his hut.  Uruk'RuuR had left for his own Bantha at this point, who would be found close to the chieftain's hut.  Uror waited for the other Blood-Guard, then began to move when he appeared. 

"Good girl." The smaller Blood-Guard patted his Bantha and shifted in the saddle.  The creature's huge, fur covered horns curved up past its head near Urororu'ru's knees, then back down.  Its tail swept away the large prints that its feet left behind in the sand as it walked, leaving behind a new trail that resembled a large snake slithering through the settlement.  The Blood-Guards checked their rifles in tandem as they exited their settlement, and switched to single file rather than side-by-side.  Both Banthas carried sacks fashioned from Womp Rat stomachs, filled with water for them and their rider to drink. 

Soon enough, neither Blood-Guard could see their home behind them, the waves of sand dunes concealing it.  The view in front was similar too, nothing but the vast desert landscape - hills, mounds, mountains, and dunes of sand.  They moved on still, neither of them disconcerted, lost, nor worried in the slighest.  Tatooine was their home, and the Sand People traversed it better than anyone.  Even the settlers who steal their land, their water, and their supplies.  The ones who had been doing so for hundreds of years.  The ones who they were on their way to kill and steal from this very moment.....


Holocrons and Info Nodes / A Trip to the Lower Levels
« on: 01/17/16, 05:37:56 PM »
(( This post was inspired by some RP a few days ago.  I've never been a writer but here goes. ))

Beep beep beep.  Beep beep beep.

Beep beep beep.  Beep beep beep.

Beep beep beep.  Beep beep beep.

Get up you kriffing baby.  You've been up way earlier than this before, get the kriff up!  Se'brik pushed back his violet duvet.  Artificial golden rays of light hit him as he rubbed the night's sleep from his eyes.  With a half yawn and a long sigh, he pulled himself out of bed.  His bare feet scuffed along the red carpet as he made his way to the bathroom, a mere ten feet from his bed.  The automatic door slid open before he stepped inside to take care of business.

Ten minutes later he was at his dresser pulling on his signature look; red trousers, a shirt, and a black vest.  As he tucked in the shirt, his stomach rumbled and moaned, begging for food.  Se'brik ignored the pleas, he never ate breakfast.  He glanced at the clock by his bed. 

0730.  On a non work day.  He shook his head and walked towards the stairs.  When he reached the top, the circle ceiling raised high above him, revealing more stairs and finally a flat ground.  After moving on up, he turned around and watched the water fountain sink back into the ground, hiding the stairs leading down to his bedroom.  One trip to the cockpit to retrieve some credit chits, and a run back down to his bedroom to step into his forgotten boots, and he was ready to leave.  His astromech droid whirred and beeped as it followed Se'brik off the ship, no doubt complaining about the lack of breakfast.

"You don't even eat, shut up.  I'll eat when I'm damn ready and you can stare at the food."  They were still arguing as the two of them walked into a store a few minutes walk from the dock. 

"Now, I need blankets and socks.  Any colour, but make sure they're thick and warm looking." Seb told the droid as it went whizzing off to do its owner's bidding.  He showed the storekeeper a credit chit. "As many ration packs as this gets me."

5 minutes, five thousand credits, and a small hoversled later, Seb and his droid were on their way to the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa.  Their route lead them to a series of elevators owned by gangs, hutts, and cartels.  A friendly nod and a small bribe was enough for an escort down into the sub-levels.  The air was thicker, yet colder as the elevator doors opened.  His two man escort promptly pushed them out into the street (if you could call it that) and closed the doors.  Se'brik, the droid, and their hoversled were left standing in a very narrow road.  The sub-level's sky was metal and square, the bottoms of buildings and sky-rises.  They walked for an hour, seeing no one and hearing nothing but exhaust vents above them.  They reached another set of elevators, these ones left unguarded. 

As the doors slid open at the bottom, Se'brik stared in astonishment.  Where the sub-levels were barren and deserted, the lower levels were a forest.  People were its trees.  He felt eyes from everywhere as he pushed his sled out of the elevator. 

I'm going to get mugged, that's it.  I'm dead.  Se'brik glanced down at the blankets and ration packs that lined the sled.  He decided to rest a hand on the blaster at his thigh, which gave him the courage to walk out further and look around.  The droid followed close behind.

The lower levels of Nar Shaddaa were a place where the homeless, jobless, or sick would go to attempt to live out their lives.  Their were many communities all around the planet's lower levels, but each group was usually small.  Now however, it was just the opposite.  The war with the Zakuul had pushed many into trouble and hard times.  Refugees lined the streets, sleeping in the open.  Families with sickly young children huddled in lean-to shelters, sharing with each other what little food they had.  Babies and toddlers screamed with fear.  Fear of starvation and fear of losing their equally hungry parents and siblings.  Women sobbed as their breast could not nurture their own children, men swore over their incapability of providing for their family.

Se'brik let out his breath after he realized he'd been holding it.  He tapped the sled's brakes, picked off a blanket and a ration pack, and dropped it by the feet of a sleeping refugee closest to him.  Seb sighed as his stomach rumbled again.  He dared not eat now, the place stank, and he couldn't take a ration pack.  Not after seeing these people.

He made his rounds, delivering blankets, socks, and ration packs to shivering, hungry men, women, and children.  Most said nothing, few gave him thanks, and even fewer offered him items in return.  Pieces of metal that looked suspiciously sharpened, stale bread, or clothes from their own back.  One even offered her own body.  Se'brik refused all offers (the last he refused rather quickly), and moved on, further into this community.  The narrow road lead to a dead end, where the ones strong, or lucky enough to claim spots up against the huge wall that the road led to, were cooking....'food' over trash container fires.  Along the wall were small sheds made with any and every material the builders could get their hands on.  This was a "wealthier" area, Se'brik decided.  Fires, "houses", and he had to admit, healthier looking people.  He went on though, now pushing his hoversled closer to the wall, his droid still tailing him. 

Hands shook his, and mouths spoke gentle and genuine gratitude as Seb delivered his gifts.  Most of the people over here were human, and spoke fluent basic.  He smiled alike at partners hugging underneath blankets, finding love and warmth, and at those unfortunate enough to have no one but themselves, their arms wrapped about their torsos searching for love and warmth.  He smiled and conversed with men cooking their 'food' (which Se'brik discovered was bug paste) over their fires.  Flames licked up cups of boiling water and sludge. 

Se'brik's sled was one ration pack away from becoming a useless, floating slab of metal.  The pack found its way to a young man sitting on a mattress inside his shed against the wall.  He wore a loose black shirt, and dirty brown form fitting trousers. 

"Bantha steak with gravy." The young man said, reading the back of the pack. "I can't remember the last real steak I had."

"Steak would've been cold by the time I brought it down here.  I mean, I know you're desperate but cold steak.  Eh.  Ration pack flavouring is the next best choice." Seb joked.

The man laughed a croaky, gritty laugh.  "They call me Warden.  It's not my name but," He shrugged. "That's what they call me." Warden began opening the ration pack.  He beckoned to Se'brik and they both walked from his shed to a nearby fire. Warden tipped a cup of boiling water into the pack.

"How long have you been here?" Se'brik asked, watching the man finger the contents of the packet.  Kriffing spoons. For kriff's sake Se'brik.  You bring food but no kriffing way to eat it.

Warden sucked on his fore-finger for a moment, closing his eyes to savour the taste.  "Six years now, before the Zakuul forced all these new refugees down here." He opened his eyes and began eating more from the packet, using his finger to curl the sludgy food into his mouth.  "I had a wife to be.  She was down here with me, we fell on hard times.  She died though.  Caught a sickness.  We have no medicine of course, and the few people here trained in that area can't do much but bandage up cuts.  What can you do?" Warden shrugged.

"I'm sorry."  Look at me.  I whine about not being able to score a date, and this guy down here lost his wife, starves every day.... "Do you see many...outsiders down here?" Se'brik inquired.

"What, you mean your people?  Fortunate ones? Yeah, the occasional.  The do-gooders delivering supplies now and then." A smile revealed yellowing teeth.  They were straight however, and Seb had the feeling they were once white as pearls.  "We appreciate it by the way.  Of course we know you can't get us out of here and into a home, but blankets and food...They help."

Seb nodded slowly before dropping his gaze.  Guilt overwhelmed him for a mere second.  "I couldn't give anything to a lot of these people.  Most.  I tried to give as much as I could.  There's a lot more down here than I thought..."

Warden tossed the now empty ration pack into the fire, feeding the orange blaze.  "No one can help them all.  You did a good thing today, don't beat yourself up over the ones you can't save.  Perhaps you could come back.  Bring us scrap metal, large sheets.  Anything people could use to make lean to shelters, or even sheds." A calloused hand rest on Seb's shoulder. "Just don't abandon us.  You've seen us here, don't forget us."  His hand dropped from Seb's shoulder.

They spoke for nearly two hours.  Sharing stories and jokes.  When that natural lull in their conversation came, they shook hands and parted with a promise.  A promise to see each other again.  Se'brik walked past his hoversled, deciding to leave it for whoever would claim it.  He figured it could be used for something.  The wall, the sheds, and Warden were now long behind him as he strode closer to the elevator.  He made his way again past those sleeping in the open, screaming babies and weeping mothers. 

The elevator ride up was silent, but Se'brik's mind wasn't.  He was thinking hard.  Thinking about how easy he had it, and how hard it could get.  How disgusted he felt with himself for whining about women days ago. 

He walked again through the sub-levels, and back to the set of elevators where he would find the two men at the top.  He nodded and bribed again as he stepped out, astromech at his side.  The walk back to the dock was longer than it seemed on the way.   

An hour and a half later, he reached his ship.  He paid the dock-master, loaded up, and flew off, heading back to his private landing bay. 

Se'brik smiled after he landed.  Home.  He stayed seated in his pilot's chair for a while.  His mind brought to him the scene that he played over and over in his head the last few days.  Thank you, he told her.

Cantina / Level 60 Token Notes
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I was doing a little testing with the Level 60 Tokens regarding titles, crew skills, and achievements.  Here is what I've found.  (Placing this here because I found nothing else like this online).  I used one Level 60 Token.  No more.

Cew Skills

As a subscriber, using a level 60 token grants 3 max level crew skills. 

Force Users get Synthweaving, Archaeology, and Underworld Training.

Non Force Users get Armormech, Scavenging, and Underworld Training.

No class/advanced class is given*; Armstech, Artifice, Bioanalysis, Biochem,  Cybertech, Diplomacy, Investigation, Slicing,  or Treasure Hunting. 

*as far as I'm aware.  I created an advanced class in all classes.

Token Notes

I created all 16 classes using just 1 token.  As far as I am aware, there is an unlimited amount of times you can re-use your level 60 token, without going over level 61 of course.

The crew skills and "level" achievements you gain from insta level 60s stay with your legacy, even after deleting that insta level 60.


The "Level" achievements in the "Legacy" section benefit from insta level 60s too.  You can get 100% completion if you create every class using the same Level 60 Token. (By deleting and re-creating).

Under the same achievement tab, this means you can also get the following titles; "Republic Legend, Imperial Legend, Imperial Diehard, Republic Diehard."

The "Crew" achievements in the "Starfighter" section benefit too.  By creating every class you will get 100% Imperial and Republic finished.  The miscellaneous section under the same achievements may give you a title.  Before I started this test I already had Treek, but not HK-51.  For whatever reason, the game decided that I did have HK-51 as well, which gave me the "Wing Commander" title. (Requirements: All Imp Crew, All Repub Crew, and all General Crew (hk51 +treek)).
I can't say whether the same will happen for you with the treek and HK51 business.  But the above crew member achievements that don't deal with HK and Treek are tested, and will work for you.

Species Unlocks
Unlocking species by creating a certain species of level 60 does not work.  Example: If I create a level 60 Twi'lek, Twi'leks are not unlocked for every other class.

If I find anything else out I will update this post.  This information may or may not be use to any of you, but I decided to post it because my original intention was to use a level 60 token to get all the Crew Skills maxxed out(not possible), but I found no list of the crew skills you gain from each class.

Again, this achievements and titles all came from just one token, by deleting and re-creating characters.

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