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Storyboards / The Iron Dragon - The Interrogation
« on: 01/28/18, 01:22:45 PM »
Dromund Fels, Maximun Security Prison. 2700 Hours.

The dimmed lights eased his eyes as he sat on the chair. He eyed the large room he was in. Almost empty except for the blackened glasses and the speakers, along with the secured chair and the microphone in the middle of it. Several booths seemed to be around the glass, as Imperial Guards surrounded and pointed their blaster guns around him.

"So, my interrogators will see me through this, I gather?" His words fell in deaf ears. No response, but I guess that silence was a confirmation. He looks at glasses, seemingly awaiting for anyone to speak to him.

He finally accommodated himself, and crossed his legs. He gazed upwards, then let out a long sigh.

"Well then. What does the Empire requires of one of it's servants?"

((OOC: Hello! As sort of a introductory hook ICly, the Empire has arranged an Open Interrogation session for anyone wishing to question Darth Haar. Although the clearing level and power needed to attend such session is high, nothing a good bribe, a small pull here and there, or just being lucky, wouldn't get you into. This serves as some sort of bridge for outsiders to enter and get to know the full situation, told by the man himself. Wether lie or truth, he will surely keep his guests entertained! ))

As I said on the shoutbox, and finding myself with more free time than a human should have (Trust me, that does exist), and seeing I delayed things mainly because I was badly unsure people would actually be interested in what I written here as of late (which, trust me, it's barely a part of what I wrote as a whole a few months ago), I've been curious to see if people would be participating in the plotline I've developed as of now for the infamous Darth Haar and his conspiracies.

So, I come here to check interest and discuss! With the main plotline now open for anyone to read, I shall just bulletpoint it to have a quick refresher of most things, and add little details that I may not have written in just yet but are pivotal in understanding the story as a whole:

-Darth Haar, accused of multiple charges of treason, war crimes, sabotage, genocide and assassination, is imprisoned in an Imperial Prison. An investigation led by Darth Ruix, new member of the Inquisition, is set on discovering the reasons behinds his actions.

-The powerbase of Darth Haar begins to work in obtaining clues for Haar's main defense card; The Iron Dragon. Tyrgunn and Thrachta, known Bounty Hunters in the Empire's employ, are the front of such actions

-Tyrgunn offers the aid of Darth Haar, even in prison, to the Shadren Hegemony in their troubles, hoping to secure political support from the Hegemony and the Imperial Sith who support them.

-In a display of power, Darth Haar crumbles his accusers defenses and takes overs the Maximum Security Prison of Dromund Fels, only to show his card to the present Sith and officials. Inquisitor Ruix and his troops are now put in charge to investigate Haar's claims. A Trial will still happen to judge Haar in the coming weeks, only after a interrogation is done.

And that's about it of what's public. Although the plot has a certain line I want to follow, the results are still open and I'm very curios if anyone has any ideas and I'm very open for discussing them. Althought a few people have approached me with interest (SORRY KARMIC :cry:) I was still hesitant to actually open the storyline.

Thank you for your interest!

Outside Realm / Hell opened it's gates...
« on: 01/26/17, 06:39:01 PM »
And it had to be in Chile.

If anyone could help, for as little it seems, even social media awareness and sharing, it will make a difference this doesn't become more of a catastrophe than it already is. A chilean, in representation of my fellow chileans, ask for help.

We need it, badly.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Ash to ash, dust to dust...
« on: 01/17/17, 11:34:03 AM »
(OOC: The sound that inspired this paragraph: )

"You do not know what is to be left out, Ryshias!
You were chosen from the start, you had a powerful Sith Lord on your back, talent, and that thing...I had nothing.
Now I am mad, and I'm going to kill you"

"It is my duty to stop you, Lord Haar. Your crimes against the Republic have gone too far.
To murder innocent with fire, to purge houses in the name of your cruel empire.
I'll take you to Justice."

Always in my trail.
They whisper my name.
But I do not want to answer.
For I am the dark omen they dreaded.
And I was slave to monsters.
But no longer.
My chains are free, and my soul is enraged.
I am vengeance incarnate.
I am Haar.

The Sith slightly opened his restless eyes, bags of sleepless night just accumulating slowly into his gaze. His emerald iris wandered around the metallic waiting room in the Imperial Citadel, decorated with diverse Imperial iconography and fancy red cloths and leather that decorated the couches, floor and the robes of the Imperial Guard. He slowly rolled his shoulder, uncomfortable as always in the code dress to this kind of meeting. Armor is more comfortable, for him it was almost as a second, more durable, replaceable skin, that could last longer.

"My lord, just a few minutes, the Ministers ar-" An almost invisible attache approached him, seemingly watching several other datapads at the same time.

"Just warn me when she's ready." He cut her off.

"Yes, my lord." The attache, almost as fast as he surprised the Sith, left through the labyrinth of durasteel hallways.

Ryshias leaned back on the couch, as his memory reminisced of his last months out the grid. Almost a full year of war, death, ravage and destruction. Lost blood in a now ending conflict that reached his climax, but he couldn't place what was missing. He felt guilt, sadness, the blind rage of losing so much, the stomach wrenching that kids feel once they step in their first day at the educational systems. No, it was more.

"I don't feel...regrets." He whispered to himself, as his conscience wandered in the memories. He had seen all his soldier's faces, man, woman, alien, every single one of them, but he did not feel the struggle of losing them. Just numbers. Just names. Replaceable. Disposable.

"You once were my tool, my apprentice, a machine I used to dispose of my enemies.
Now, you're a liability that turned into a threat, a hound who turned against it's master..
But I still hold the collar on your neck, Valeus, and I can still make you bow at my feet."

"I love you, Ryshias, and we shall be together, for eternity."

"She has decided to afford an audience to your request, Lord Cirtas will be here shortly to listen to your case. Lord Haar, please come this way." An Honor Guard woke him up from his trance.

Ryshias opened his eyes, then smirked.. "Well, it seems the former Councilor still remembers the name of her old soldiers."

"It's Empress now, Lord Haar." The Guard quickly corrected, almost in a way a droid would. They were programmed for obedience, it seems.

"Empress Acina...I like the sound of that. As well as Emperor Haar does, don't you think?" He chuckled, as he raised from his seat. The 6''8 of the man towered against the almost standard frame of the guard, who just stood still.

"Now, let's go see the new Empress' lackey, I have a few reasons to believe the rebuilt of the old unit will be something she would like to hear." His steps echoed in the room, as he strode towards the Throne room, a step in the right direction, towards rebuilding, towards his rise again to the top of the food chain. Darth Haar, Ryshias Valeus, was back in the Empire, and he would make sure everyone knew that now.

The Wolf has come back to the forest.

The Inquisitorius needs you!
Loyalist Imperials needed for operation. Show your prowess to the Empire's enforcers!

The acquiescence of the Harrower-class Dreadnought, the Invisible, has become a need for the Empire's return to power. If we are to defeat the Eternal Empire, we need to destroy their advantages over us. One of them is the fact that their radar technology is far greater than ours. To this, the Invisible, outfitted with a Stealth Field generator, is our greatest answer, but we need your help to return this ship to Imperial service. Join us, and bring victory to the Empire!


SIS has discovered the smuggling of Imperial forces into the planet Balmorra, massive opposition expected. Deathmarks droid had shown maximun efficiency into creating chaos and exterminating vectors of opposition. Infiltration team will carry on with the mission as soon as they are allowed to move from their current location.

(( Hey! The event didn't conclude the said day so we're making a two parts event! The event will be set at 5 PM PST time so it has enough time to end for WR, or if it doesn't, to be wrapped up by that time. Chatroom again! Whomever couldn't attend last time, or now wishes to do so, is welcomed to join our heroes into uncovering secrets of the Empire, and getting loot and shiny stuff back home))

The Inquisitorius needs you!
Loyalist Imperials needed for operation. Show your prowess to the Empire's enforcers!

The acquiescence of the Harrower-class Dreadnought, the Invisible, has become a need for the Empire's return to power. If we are to defeat the Eternal Empire, we need to destroy their advantages over us. One of them is the fact that their radar technology is far greater than ours. To this, the Invisible, outfitted with a Stealth Field generator, is our greatest answer, but we need your help to return this ship to Imperial service. Join us, and bring victory to the Empire!

(( OOCly, the event will be hosted on chatroom, January the 30th, Saturday. 9 PM PST with possibilities of being early or later, if enough people demand it. We will use normal Base 100 system for this event, though more decision making will come into the play than other things. I'm leaving a limit of 10 people, but will expand if more people turn out interested! Leave a comment below with any questions or concerns about it! ))

Outside Realm / The odds are high enough...
« on: 03/27/14, 01:12:44 PM »
Hello, i'm pretty sure not much people here know me, or at least have heard about me, but i consider this community one of the greatest one i have ever been in my 4 years of RPing experience.

Anyway, i'm forced to have a undeterminated time break of the game, due a torned ACL in the right left, and the following surgery. Soo, this is a small goodbye meanwhile i recover from this. To the ones who i was planning, RPing and such, i tell you that i might take a long time and maybe i will not be allowed to participate in such events, i'm deeply sorry for it.

So, great community of, i take my leave under i get my body work at the same phase my mind is. Thank you for those awesome moments, awesome RP's, and amazing characters and people that there are around. Cheers for you all!.

Outside Realm / Internet finded it bottom
« on: 01/21/14, 07:13:30 AM »
There's 9gag

There's NFSW

There's cats

And at the bottom, this video:

Introductions / Hey There!
« on: 10/17/13, 02:30:24 PM »
Hey, Ryshias here, well, i will do this OOC for now, because i want to introduce myself first and then i will present my characters, with that sayede, let's get started thsi thing then. I has been RPing for a while now (perhaps someone here has RPed with me, or not?) and ,well, i found out there was this community in the server, and i just say "What the hell?, let's do it!", and here i am, posting this, introducing myself to the RPing community.

I consider myself a heavy RPer, even with the difficulty for not being an English native talker (I'm Chilean if you ask btw), and well, that means i RP a lot, but i always have time to help others and do some PVP or PVE, even soo, RP is has been always my passion, and i look forward to make this game one of my fav's for that.

My main here is Darth Ryshias Noctunal (Level 55), an Sith Marauder, Officer of the Death Rising guild, and member of the diplomatic team of the guild.
He's a intelligent, mysterious and curious men, a thing he has earned from his past in the Imperial Intelligence,he's always looking his datapad or talking in his holocom, always vigilant for treaths to the Empire or his guild.
Capable of overwhelming even the most powerful Sith he has encountered, he has no problem with showing his power, but he always look for a way to talk things over, even if he's dealing with a Bounty Hunter, or a Jedi Knight.
Follower of Darth Malgus toughts, he looks for the integration of more alien cultures to the Sith Empire, and the unity of it, by the power of diplomacy, or by the power of his lightsaber.
He's always willing to look for the most favorable result for the Empire, but that has generated to him some serious problems, even from one word he has sayed, battles has been waged, and lives has been lost in the void. But he hold no remorse for his actions, and he will always willing to pay a price for the Empire, and he has lost many friends for that.

For now, this is all, i will post the resume of my others alts, when i level them up, or i just got the inspiration to do it.

Well, this is it, as i sayed before, i'm glad to join this community, and i will look forward to meet all of you Ingame!.

Farewell, and May the Force set you Free!.

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