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Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 01/12/18, 12:46:31 AM »
Nor can I, I'm afraid, though god knows I wanted to.

Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 01/10/18, 03:46:02 PM »
"Carrie Poppins." Heh, that's good. Yeah I'm sorry that was... really dumb, and bad. It's dumb just conceptually, not taking into account how poorly it was executed, and its impact on the universe as a whole. I've always hated the idea that the true Force is just superpowers and godhood, and this was the ultimate assertion of that. I'd like to think that, all being at least in some capacity roleplayers here, we can at least appreciate the massive impact this has on the pure architecture of the Star Wars' universe from that perspective, regardless of whether you feel that's good or bad. Execution wise, it was pointless, totally pointless. It's 100% fanservice and a poorly chosen outlet for it at that, in my opinion. I heard someone say in a video I watched, speaking positively of the "event," saying "we've been waiting so long for Leia to really use the Force." To which my gut reaction, "...Really? Have we?" Because I certainly haven't. Leia has always been a character defined "on her own terms" as I would put it. She is a "princess" but her royalty doesn't make her important, her intelligence, leadership, and capability does. She is the daughter of Anakin and member of the "holy Skywalker lineage," but that was never what made her important, doesn't even come up in the foundations of the character, and she never needed it to accomplish all the heroic feats she accomplishes. This was just a needless deification of a character previously powerful for not being a deity, which succinctly ruins the whole bloody point of that. I'm not saying I think she shouldn't be able to or have used the Force, but there are infinite other more sensible, nuanced, and intelligent ways to have done that which wouldn't have made me balk and practically laugh at their sheer ridiculousness.

Which is really where the poor cinematography and storytelling of it comes in. From a cinematography perspective, it's just poorly shot. The big wideout makes it look goofy and surreal, the closeups draw things out only to have that intimate, nuanced feeling completely blown away and send you spiraling out of the moment even as Leia flies effortlessly back to safety... in the decompressed wreck of a ship that she somehow safely re-enters via a conveniently intact airlock. From a storytelling perspective, it doesn't make sense, the pacing is jarring and awkward, the reactions to it seem odd and unfitting, the followup is lackluster and mostly hand-waved away, and it's totally pointless. It has no impact on the story other than to take Leia out of it so they could replace her with Holdo, who is totally unnecessary to the movie herself and has no character other than being a weirdly aloof and mean Leia clone. And just... she is literally blown out of a ship and into space. The question here is not "oh people can survive in space for a sec especially with the Force" it's that she was on the bridge of starship that was hit with such firepower as to completely blow it the frak up and cause the whole section to explosively decompress into space. I'm sorry, but that's too much. I'm a comicbook lover and a fantasy geek, I by no means require realism and I am more than willing to suspend disbelief, but it has to fit, and there has to be some reason, even if it's just "eh it's cool." Which I guess is how some people feel, but not I.

It felt silly, and cheap. It took me out of the movie, and in hindsight, took away the character for me. She was the princess who rescued herself, the mere emissary who defies Lord Vader to his face and sets in motion the end of the Empire, she was General Organa of the Rebel Alliance. Now she's, what, holy mother and space angel? Boo. I wasn't waiting all this time for Leia to "really use the Force" because the fact that she didn't, that she was a Skywalker who wasn't defined by superpowers and godhood, made her powerful and uniquely relevant in the series. She helped embody a message I feel is more and more sadly lost that was originally at the core of Star Wars, which is that the Force works in everything. It's not being able to throw crap with your mind and do flips and coerce people, it's the power of fate, and the ability of heroes to change it. Leia's been using the Force since the moment we first saw that blockade runner in its seemingly hopeless flight from the overwhelming mass of the star destroyer. Now, as far as I'm concerned, Leia, the character, is dead, and so is what she represented in the world of Star Wars.

...and I told myself I wasn't going to do this. :sigh:

And to finish this out, because I just have to say it seeing it have come up in here:

SOMEBODY PULL THAT GOD DAMN X-WING OUT OF THE WATER AND FLY OFF TO BE A HERO FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS STAR WARS. It legitimately upsets me that they would take that, take time to show it to us, to draw all these comparisons, to Dagoba to Yoda to all of that, put it in the forefront of our minds, that ultimate, iconic, epitomizing scene of faith and hope and triumph and things not being as they seem and you know all the stuff this movie was nominally about just to do absolutely frak all with it. Nothing. Nada. Never comes up again. Just wanted to be cheeky and put Checkhov's gun on the wall only to leave it there because we're so very clever and that's what this is all about, subvert everything forever.

Are. You. Kidding. Me. NO. I didn't want to see the Falcon swoop in to save the day in a shot-for-shot copypasta of the asteroid field escape cut together with the destruction of the second Death Star because we already saw that then and—the real point here—seeing the Falcon fly again was our symbolic, heart-soaring, cheer-drawing, stand-up-and-do-a-real-life-fistpump moment from THE LAST MOVIE. You can't just do that again, and why even would you when you already took time to set up the perfect sequal. I do not even CARE who it is who does it, who flies it, to where, or even if it bloody flies at all really and if you want to get cute with that be my guest, but you pull that god damn starfighter out of the water and make me smile. Why on Earth would you not? What purpose does it serve to give us that only to let it linger? Isn't that what people were so mad about JJ Abrams supposedly doing? Why is it stupid when he does it but brilliant when someone else does it, only without a reason?

And as for the realism of it, I'm sorry but who freaking cares!? This is my comparison, the other side of the coin, it isn't like the Leia thing. It's not an outlandish, out-of-the-blue universe-breaking moment of WTF'ery that has no purpose being there, it's the ultimate heartwarming reward of fan faith and a powerful moment to say "hey, this is Star Wars." And again, what better way to underscore all these themes this movie was supposed to be about than in that one, simple, powerful action. That's the whole frickin' point of continuing a saga, particularly one that is predicated at its very core on the idea of purposeful, building repetition and the great cycle. You have all this history, all this emotion and investment and explanation and detail, you've built all of this brick by brick so why would you just waste it, or worse, go out of your way to tear it down?

Why does Leia fly and the X-Wing of hope stay at the bottom of the sea?

Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 01/07/18, 06:42:28 PM »
If only that fight scene's excellent choreography had been backed up by any substance at all. Imagine, if you will, that instead of these two practically prophetic characters of Rey and Kylo—repeatedly said and shown to be just about the two most powerful Force users around and our only laser-sword wielders outside of ex-Luke—struggling with and nearly being beaten at several points by a bunch of literal red-shirt randos after the battle with any actual stakes was already over, that those were the Knights of Ren. You know, all those other renegade students of Luke Skywalker himself we keep hearing about for no apparent reason other than that the words "Knights of Ren" sound cool coming out of different people's mouths. That would have been neat, and actually had meaning and impact as well as magnifying that of the dialogue and context of the situation that was there already. But I guess I'll take a nifty and pointless fight scene over nothing.

...oh the things I have to say about this movie. The many, many varied things. I wish I had the energy and the focus to read all the stuff in this thread so far, respond to it all point by point, and then rephrase and post here the virtual manifesto that is the culmination of all the discussions and rants and epic text bombs I've composed and dropped on this subject already (much less keep up with the ensuing results and discussion). Alas, I have no such mental resources at this time. I am virtually exhausted on that front already.

Then again, I suppose in a way that might be the closest I can get to summing up how I ultimately felt and feel about this movie in a sentence (brevity is NOT my strong suit): it makes me tired, confused, and conflicted just thinking about it.


Having just read @Semah's post there, I can at least say I dig the sentiment in a big way. Helps me reconcile at least some of my own qualms as well. I am all about the wonderful diversity of geekdom.

...I just wish it felt like a Star Wars movie to me, and not so very opposite to that.

Guild Recruiting / Re: Looking for BH guild
« on: 12/29/17, 02:35:36 AM »
My god there he is. In the e-flesh! :omg:


Guild Recruiting / Re: Looking for BH guild
« on: 12/29/17, 02:24:03 AM »
Short answer? None that I know of, at least none that are exclusively bounty hunter-focused. That being said, my knowledge of the current overall state of things is somewhat limited, particularly after the merger.

What I can tell you is there is still plenty of RP to be had, and for bounty hunters as well! @Noth, @Dassalya and I host a weekly "Independents Night" event on Rishi on Mondays, and folks ought to gather at that even when we're not around. "Independents" in this case being a broad descriptor generally meaning characters that are not directly or primarily faction-oriented or are linked to causes other than the Republic and the Empire—though those that are are also welcome to turn up, it's just more geared toward the former. That tends to be a gathering of rough-types, like bounty bunters, that may be well suited to you! Also in the list as far as good weekly RP to be had is the infamous Dancer's Palace, a weekly cantina event held on Fridays at an open stronghold to which you can receive invites easily through the RepublicOOC or ImperialOOC channels in-game, or by looking at the public listings for "Minette's Stronghold."

Dancer's is a good place to meet people and make connections, and if you're looking for a guild/group to join I'd say you ought to try your luck poking around there! Otherwise there is a Satele Shan community Discord you can be added to where you can advertise to the broader post-merger server.

Lastly, I'll throw out there that I am actually the de-facto in-game placeholder leader for a pair of mirror guilds that form the Krayt's Jaw Cartel, whose actual leadership lies in semi-absentee but still active roleplayers @ThyssenKrupp and @Cirsei. The former of those can describe with more concise accuracy than I what the guild is all about, and if you're interested perhaps you could find a place there with us, all parties willing!

Honestly not sure what my schedule will look like around the 20th, but I'd sure love to attend and I'll let you know details as they come to me! As for character details:

Korvael Cyone - Hunting, Surveying

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 11/22/17, 02:14:15 PM »
Yeah, what they said! know, minus the part about me. Because that would be kind of shallow and self-congratulatory. But yes. Great fun all! Hope we can make this a regular thing!

Events and Occasions / Re: Begeren Colony group photo
« on: 11/08/17, 09:03:34 PM »
Alas, it appears I too have missed this.

I am so very lost. :umm:

Outside Realm / Re: Nanowrimo 2017
« on: 11/05/17, 05:30:33 AM »
Why do all of these weird little events happen in November? What is it about November!?

It's the little things that'll drive you mad, I tell ya.

Outside Realm / Re: Editing - Everyone Needs It
« on: 11/05/17, 05:27:42 AM »
Ooh ooh! Pick me, pick me! I have one! Ooooh pick me! Pick me!


So I actually just looked this one up, and while it's a tad on the trivial and esoteric side, perhaps it will prove of value to others as it already has to me this very morning.

Speak now or forever hold your peace vs. Speak now or forever hold your piece.

Now I know what you're thinking. As it turns out, yes, there is a difference! I know, right? Got me too. But there's a logic to it, and while I haven't reeeaaaally done my homework (I never do, homework is for suckers and people who don't enjoy the excitement of wild improvisation and aren't intellectually reckless) I'd wager that the same logic applies to a few other confusable idioms that make use of the words as well.

It seems, according to a wee blurb I read (on the Merriam-Webster website, for those of you who really must know) that to "speak your piece" is specifically to state your view or opinion. Put in your two bits or what have you. So in this way, "speak now or forever hold your piece" would mean to toss those two bits in now, make your case, or table them and it for good.

On the other hand, "hold your peace" would mean "hold your tongue" or to keep silent about something. As the writer of the blurb I've been rather effortlessly paraphrasing this entire time put it quite nicely for example,

"You must hold your peace and accept the changes."

It seems one could almost think of it literally as keeping your own personal peace. Not making conflict with the thing in question. It's like a proverbial agreement to be ok with something.

So the difference, in short, appears to be that one is about making a case immediately or forfeiting that case and the other is about submitting objection or agreeing not to object or to live with it, in a sense. Perhaps I could have phrased that better, but that would take more work than I'm willing to put into this.

Did I lose anybody? Irritate them with my horrible lazy formatting? Become a totally unwelcome invader into this thread? Make a fool of myself somehow? Was this helpful? Interesting? I hope not, and not, and not, and not, and so, and so. In that order.

Events and Occasions / Re: Return to Rishi - Indie Night V3
« on: 11/05/17, 04:53:21 AM »
finally wrestles himself out from the gaping maw of Destiny 2 for one whole moment to respond to this like he ought to have days ago

Ehem. Yes. Fear not, citizens, for I am here now. For this; the culmination of the planning that I have been doing with @Noth for some time now—as he mentioned—and the subject of much thought and interest of my own since well before that. Seriously, this is actually something I have a great deal of investment in, despite what my total absence hitherto would indicate (I really am addicted to Destiny and it has laid claim to a great deal of my leisure time at the computer of late, so I apologize retroactively and in advance for that).

Just felt I ought to get that said.

Now then, to the matter at hand. It sounds like timing is going to be a bit complicated. Kind of expected that. That being said, I don't know that there's a good answer to that other than the poll we've already instituted, whose results I feel we are somewhat obligated adhere to. As far as other options for days go, however, I've had a thought that we could potentially run the occasional adventure/supplementary event (again as Noth mentioned being a possibility) on another day if there was a runner-up time that would work for some folks who aren't able to make the normal time to attend. So if you end up one of those folks, don't despair! I know that rather complicates matters, but I figure it might help give more people more opportunity to participate, and participation is the goal! As for the start time, on Mondays I personally can make whatever work, and generally the same with Saturdays. Sundays are more complicated, as they are often claimed by all the many other things that have to happen on weekends because of other people's schedules, though a late option could potentially be viable. But that's me.

As I alluded to previously I think with the results of the poll being pretty clearly in favor of Mondays, that's what I would declare as the official day. Democracy! Woo! If there are any radical objections by those with significant interest, speak now or forever hold your peace! Provided there are none, the next issue would indeed be the specific timing of the event, which it sounds like would optimally be around 6 or 6:30 PST? Aye? Nay? (Hint: this is also going to default to "aye" unless there are objections or unless Noth tells me to stop dictating things willy-nilly).

Right then. Go ahead and put up the Cyonesignal again when next I am needed.

is snapped back up and swallowed whole by the Destiny monster again without a moment's delay

Well, not that I'm of particular relevance here, but I'll weigh in and say I far prefer anything that can be done in-game be done in-game. Really takes the wind out of my sails, personally, to default to chatroom RP. Perhaps availability problems can be scheduled around?

Woo! I shall do this. I am psyched! :whee:

I'm interested in this! From what I've skimmed here it seems at least either Xemithes or Arcuro might be able to fit into this somehow, with the latter being one I've been hoping to get out again for a looooooong time (he's been trapped in nothing and nowhere land since pre-Zakuul, he's a real nowhere man :sigh:). Anywho, not sure how exactly they'd fit in, but Xem is an ex-Jedi Knight with direct current ties to the Custodum and Arcuro is a career SpecForce marine with a shiny record up until a recently troubled history stemming from the state of the Republic during Zakuul. I figure that makes both of them decent options for bit players or side characters in people's stuff!

I'll do my best to force myself to actually pay attention to the forums and put the energy into keeping up with all the planning this time...

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