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Cantina / Re: The Next Time I'm In Town
« on: 09/27/18, 03:31:44 PM »
Seraphie and I are in ESO. I'm sure we'll bump into each other there.

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 06/02/18, 06:48:38 PM »
Thank you to all who came out to the last Dancer's Palace event tonight! It was great to have a crowd, a fight on the docks and even a trigger of the security stasis field on the dance floor thanks to some particularly clumsy dancing!

Thank you to all of you! It's been a great run for me! So many plots have intersected there over the years, so many people I've met, some real life friends made, and most of all, it brough @Sebrik and I together!

ICly, Dancer's Palace is still open and still available for bookings! I'm just a pm away!

Thank you to  -you- Seraphie, who hosted DP/barge for 6 years! 

Events and Occasions / Re: Dancer's Palace Aurevoir
« on: 05/27/18, 12:21:12 PM »
Truthfully, I don't think cantina RP has ever really been my thing.  Before I left SWTOR for good, I was coming up with new character ideas almost daily, creating them in what was probably some desperate attempt at enjoying SWTOR again, and enjoying my time at cantina RP events such as DP. 

But I respect DP and how long you've hosted DP/barge, Seraphie.  I remember the earlier days, 2013ish (ballparking here) when there was easily 30+ people at barge night.  The community together in Raidcall chatting and joking and running their events like fight night alongside the barge.  Guilds intertwining and creating new plots or friends.  Clan Bes'uliik, Smuggler's Coalition, Moraie, etc.  Friday nights brought us all together and strengthened our community.

Even now as SWTOR's numbers dwindle, and BC as a community slowly gets smaller and smaller, DP still has its consistent patrons.  6 years.  6 years of every Friday and your event still brings people in.  That's a hell of a run.

And while I pulled away from SWTOR and from DP, I still owe your event something tremendous.  After a two year hiatus from the game I came back and took my characters to the Palace.  One night, Seb kicked a jukebox and got a talking to from Minnette-Hostess-At-The-Time.  That led to RP, to real life friends, to best friends, and to now my girlfriend.  Coming back, attending DP, and having Seb kick that jukebox was one of the best decisions I've made in my life.  Maybe even the best. 

DP has been one hell of a wingman.  I'll salute to that o7

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 03/19/18, 12:24:15 PM »
I guess that makes sense. I hope we do get more neat things to spend credits on, like decorations or outfits.

And apparently I could buy a phone with all of my SWTOR money lol.

Or hopefully the return of heavier fees for respeccing, repairing, etc.

And yeah, MMO gold selling is a lot bigger than people think.  In Venezuela, many people play OldSchool Runescape as a job and sell their gold each week so that they can eat.  A typical day of farming gold in that game earns more money than most anything else they can do in their current economic crisis. 

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 03/19/18, 11:53:02 AM »
Anyway, can someone explain how slightly increasing the GTN tax rate will do anything? It seems kind of insignificant.

I don't play anymore so I've not spoken to market friends for quite a while, so these numbers will be quite inaccurate.

But say for example, 100 billion credits move through the GTN yearly. 

Previously, at a 6% tax rate, the GTN removes 6,000,000,000 (100,000,000,000 * 0.6) credits from the game each year.

At 8%, the GTN now removes 8,000,000,000 (100,000,000,000 * 0.8) credits yearly. 

The idea is to make it feel slightly insignificant, except now 2billion more credits per every 100billion are now gone.  The economy in this game was royally fucked up years ago.  Bioware were too scared to rollback immediately and the players faced the consequences.  Credits mean nothing now.

But if all of a sudden they tried to up the tax rate to 50%, no one would play anymore.  You could try to explain that yes, inflation would begin to reverse, but no one would want to use the GTN anymore.  No one -really- cares about a 2% increase because it doesn't affect anyone that greatly.  If Bioware is clever though, they'll be implementing more credit sinks, as this is the only way to combat the ever-decreasing value of credits.

So yes, insignificant to individuals, but we should expect more sinks along with it.

Also, as a fun fact, 2billion credits is about $10,000 irl.  (Credit sites vary greatly in their prices but on average you can find $5 per 1mil)

Noth, I donated the following items:

Mandalorian Floor Tile x 4
Mandalorian Floor Torch x 4
Mandalorian Specialist x 4
Mandalorian War Tent x 4
Bounty Holding Cell x 4
Bounty Terminal x 4
Rishi Tribal Banner x 4
Massive Ribcage x 2
Banner Mandalorian (Large) x 10

I'd have donated in larger quantities but like I said, I can only do so many at a time being preferred.  I have to log on to different characters to be able to deposit 350k in my Legacy bank, so that I can pull out those increments on my Mando character.  And I only have so many characters, and the 350k doesn't refill when I deposit into the legacy bank.  So my millions are unfortunately in escrow and cannot donate en masse.

Also, Mei, I had no idea Lipnitskaya and Sotnikova weren't going to be at the Olympics this year.  Here I was waiting to get to see them...

*dusts off this very old thread*

I'm looking for at least one copy each of the following decos. Bold ones are prioritized over the others.

Bounty Holding Cell
Bounty Terminal
Mandalorian Weapon Rack
Mandalorian Floor Torch
Mandalorian Tracker
Mandalorian Specialist

Slicer's Planning Table
Hunter's Planning Table
Mandalorian Wall Sconce
Banner: Mandalorian (Large)

Flesh Raider Camp
Sandbag Barricade
Massive Hanging Rib
Massive Ribcage
Rishi Tribal Banner

Most of these are to have them just so that I can donate en masse to my Mando guild. If you have any of these and are willing to part with them let me know!

I've got quite a few of these that I have unlocked on myself, however, I could get an alt in your guild and direct donate that way =)

As do I, but I've dropped down to preferred due to not playing SWTOR anymore, so not sure it'd be very efficient seeing as I can only do 350k worth at a time.  If you are still missing some items though after Mei donates, update the thread and we can work something out, should I have the remaining items.

Cantina / Re: Can one resign from a Mandalorian Clan?
« on: 02/04/18, 03:07:14 PM »
I was wondering in the context of avoiding divided loyalties, including but not limited to marriage.  I.e., if a Mandalorian reaches adulthood and marries -- I dunno -- an Alderaanian, or someone else with a culture that's largely non-compatible with Mandalorian culture, for instance.  Or just reaches adulthood and decides, "Y'know what?  I don't want to be a space Mongol, thanks."

My understanding of Mandalorian culture is that there's a premium value placed on personal freedom; does that include the freedom to choose to not be a Mandalorian?

Divided loyalties can work as long as the Resol'nare is followed.  That's what makes a Mandalorian a Mandalorian.  Anyone who follows the Resol'nare can call themselves a Mandalorian.  The freedom to -choose- not to be a Mandalorian would make them....not a Mandalorian.  If someone decides to just give it up, then they stop following the Resol'nare and they're known as dar'manda to everyone else, or no longer a Mandalorian.

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 02/01/18, 12:02:54 PM »
Ok, so, you may or may not know this already, but I am a HUGE nerd about the Olympics. Especially the winter games... you know, the obvious being figure skating.... and so, with the games just around the corner, I will be MIA on and off depending on the coverage I will get. Just an FYI!

Not to derail but do you know what date the actual women's singles is?

Cantina / Re: Can one resign from a Mandalorian Clan?
« on: 01/31/18, 09:43:05 AM »

Mandalorian civilization might be conservative and strict, but they're not idiots

When I used to RP I saw this type of stuff all the time.  People RPing Mandos as these infallible brutes who only walk around swearing and hating everyone else.  It got to the point where I saw it and hated it so often, I found myself missing a certain clan leader of ours....

Mandos are people too.  I think what Orell says sums it up. 

The Trading Floor / Re: Looking for These Decos
« on: 12/07/17, 08:19:59 PM »
Thank you karmic. Wouldn't you know I don't have the money when it finally drops below 6 mil. Oh well, maybe I'll find something by the weekend when I may be able to play.

Sent two to Imazi's mail on Pubside.

Outside Realm / Re: So, Lootboxes
« on: 11/27/17, 12:16:21 PM »
I also found it...interesting... that this is "ok" for phone games (which are also marketed to children?) but not for a Star Wars title?

Dont know if that's ignorance on the part of the speaker about just how much money these "phone games" make on those RNG loot boxes (and with kids); or if they really think its different.

But that's what that guy was saying... "We first saw this ..." (ha no you didn't AAA games been doing this for years but ...anyway...)"..or you see this most often on the ipad/phone games...but now its the big event." 

No.  Not just Now.  Not new. Anyone remember what AAA/MMO did this first?  I know Overwatch didn't start it, and neither did SWTOR - who had the first rng loot box store? 

But if its ok for phone games why is it not also ok for "bigger games."   I'd argue all are marketed equally to children when it comes to commercials (star wars vs. candy balls and toy animals).  Is there a difference?  Guess politicians are going to decide..heh.

Could've been a Counter Strike or Team Fortress variant?

Counter Strike is definitely closer to gambling though, as you can sell the skins you get for real money.

Outside Realm / Re: So, Lootboxes
« on: 11/16/17, 05:26:18 PM »
@Karmic access to all DLC maps that get released.  Most all DICE/EA multiplayer games have followed that model for the last few years, as have others.

Single player too, such as the witcher or assassin's creed origins.  Usually refers to future expansions in those cases.

Outside Realm / Re: So, Lootboxes
« on: 11/15/17, 09:51:46 PM »

Though I will say as you list all those prices - play on PC - no extra cost for the online crap.  I looked through that whole list and was like "we.. didn't pay that..."

The games I listed?  That's not for online access.  Season pass isn't online access, season pass is for DLC, often times day one DLC.

For the Battlefield games, if you want the full game at launch, along with the season pass to be able to play on the maps they release after launch, that is the price you pay.  Or you wait 9 months and pay 30-50 for all of it.

Outside Realm / Re: So, Lootboxes
« on: 11/15/17, 05:09:25 PM »
But Noth, that was SWTOR before F2P was released.  You had to buy the game to play it, then pay subscription on top of that.  Neither are you guaranteed anything worthwhile in TOR's lootboxes. 

3 and 4 do sound crappy though, are mounts really that rare and hard to get?  I've been looking at ESO recently.

This is not their current system though! It might've been crappy to start with, but they have made it not so since. ESO hasn't to my knowledge. ESO's model brings money, but hurts players, and that's a model companies will want to follow. :/ Cynical, yeah, but it is logical to want to follow the model that rakes in money short-term but cuts out players with less money. If they switched to something like SWTOR I'd probably start playing again. The point is what the system is like now.

SWTOR was forced to go F2P for revenue, not because they suddenly became a charity.  That's usually how buy2play games work, they end up F2P because the current model doesn't support profits. 

If ESO's model really hurt players bad enough, then it would hurt revenue too, and then ESO would go F2P.  But it hasn't yet, and from reading Karmic's post above, she seems to have high opinions of the game (could be misreading though). 

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