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Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 01/17/18, 05:19:59 AM »
Echoing the thoughts of @Miller.

Big props to @recoveringgeek for proving (yet again) why he's the best in the biz, always a pleasure to be on your rides, old man!

And, of course, it helps to have a good crew to ride with; shout outs to @Miller, @Niarra and the concussed and sassy @Iaera for a great evening.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Tales from the Shatari Legacy
« on: 01/15/18, 02:08:32 PM »
He’d looked for her.

High, low, near, far; she’d eluded him all the way. Sometimes he’d been close (he’d seen her on the far side of a crowd, once), and other times the trail had stopped cold and dead. But he trusted the Force; it had created a bond between he and Zarasmina that extended beyond the words they’d spoken to begin the apprenticeship, as it did with all students and masters of the Jedi. No matter how thin the thread of that bond may have seemed at times, Master Hawking Shatari had never doubted that it would finally lead him and his Padawan back together again. The universe, however, was a rather big and random place that tended to do as it saw fit as part of fulfilling the Force’s greater plan, and as such was not a particularly conducive place for one man searching for his (formerly) teenaged student.


Hawking flopped into the pilot’s seat of his too big and too empty Corvette, the Aurochs. The angry looking security forces were barrelling into the dusty private hanger with their weapons raised, but Hawking wasn’t bothered. He flipped a switch, raising the boarding ramp mounted in the ship’s underbelly, which elicited a chorus of swearing in thick, nigh indecipherable Huttese from the rabble below. A blaster bolt slammed into his viewport, fizzling away against the hardened plexiglass. The good Hutts, he’d learned today, had long memories for their friends, and even longer memories for their enemies. The planet his search had lead him to, a delightful hellhole called Diyu, was full of slaves and criminals who lacked a sense of humour. None of them had lacked a sense of humour more than the head honcho, a particularly slimy Hutt called Geero who had a thing for young slave girls. Word on the street had been that he was haemorrhaging “cattle”; someone had been working from the inside to help slaves get off-world. Hawking had come dressed in some “liberated” fine dress wear, putting on the airs of a private royal buyer. As he’d found out, however, tuxedos did not make for good fighting gear. Worst of all, he reflected flatly as he begun to prime the engines, his bowtie hadn’t survived the adventure.
A series of beeps from behind him distracted him from his grumbling. Hawking craned his neck over the back of the seat. “Hello Teeseven.” Hawking said with a smile. The diminutive astromech droid lazily rolled in through the doorway to the cockpit, beeping what the Jedi took to be the droid equivalent of a grunt.
“[Bearded Jedi = alive. T7 Emotions and Logic Core readout = mild surprise, mild relief.]”
“Good to see you too.” Hawking muttered. More blaster shots pinged off the viewscreen as he double checked that his ailerons hadn’t been ripped off by that Gundark after all.
Neither of them said anything for a long few moments. Hawking heard the mooks beneath him trying to bash away at his landing stalks with the butts of their rifles. The less intrepid security personnel continued shooting.
“[Bearded Jedi = Found leads on Z?]” T7 beeped, rolling himself over to regard Hawking with a penetrating glare from his red optical lens. Hawking paused, wondering if he should bother sugar coating it for the droid.
“No. Nothing.” He admitted, offering the droid a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry, buddy. She wasn’t here, and I didn’t find anything out from the slaves or the slavers that we didn’t already know.”
T7 beeped sadly. He had belonged to Zarasmina. Or maybe they’d belonged to each other? Hawking had been shocked when he’d returned to find T7 still with the ship. The droid would have followed her anywhere.

There was a sudden bang from across the far side of the hangar. Hawking glanced up from his instruments.
“Ah. Speaking of the slaves…” He said with a smile. The Hutt goons stopped shooting at his ship. Nice of them. Whooping and hollering echoed off the walls of the hangar, audible even inside the cockpit. A sea of people of all shapes, sizes and species dressed in brown surged through the door. Blasterfire streaked out from the crowd. Ah, so they had found the armoury. Hawking heard a series of girlish screams, and glanced at the Aurochs’ proximity cameras. The security guards had dropped their weapons and were running around like headless chickens.
“Probably time we make our exit.”
“[Slaves = free. Geophysical location of Hutt criminal elements = ?]”
“Not our problem,” Hawking smiled, “I just let them out and had a few quiet words with them. Geero is in for quite the evening.” Hawking keyed the engines. The Corvette lifted off the ground and lazily turned around, the nose pointing out of the hangar towards the star filled sky that lay above the harsh dunes of the planet.
“Still haven’t quite fixed the starboard traversal thrusters, huh?” He inquired, glancing at the camera to check whether they were firing. A Hutt goon accidentally tripped and disappeared off the sheer drop outside the hangar in an attempt to grab onto the Aurochs’ retracting landing stalks. The rest of the security force had been rounded up and secured in a shipping container. Hawking had made sure to impart onto the leader of the revolt that most of the mooks were just hired guns and wouldn’t be too interested in dying for Geero. He hoped the slaves would remember that.
“[Task difficulty magnitude = 8.5x without Z.]” The droid retorted.
“Spot on.” Hawking murmured in reply, hitting the thrusters. The Defender Corvette streaked out of the hangar and turned starside. Diyu had been a bust, like every other world before it. Maybe he needed to vet his information better. And yet, every lead he had said she was in Hutt Space.
“All yours, Teeseven,” He said as he spun around in the chair to get up, “stay the course for now. I’m going to make some calls and meditate, figure out our next move.” The droid beeped a flat, unenthusiastic reply as he plugged into the central flight systems. He hadn’t been the same since she’d gone. Hawking knew how he felt.

He wandered the ship aimlessly for a time, trying to get all the information straight in his head. The bathroom held no answers, nor did the meeting room. The holoroom had long been silent (an emitter of that size was too easy to track), and his own quarters had laid largely untouched for half a decade now. The ornaments, souvenirs and other exciting things that adorned his walls had once been milestones for him; all taken from battlefields and strange far flung worlds and ancient ruins. Now, they were mundane, barely more than curios fit for sale at a strange stall in a Nar Shaddaa market, perhaps. Of course that couldn’t be allowed to happen, at least 7 of these things had the potential to decimate entire populations, but-

He ran a hand through his hair. He had valued the quiet of his ship, for a long time. It made thinking easy. In a galaxy torn apart by warfare, it was a peaceful place. But now the war he’d grown up with was done. Replaced with another, which had in turn been replaced with another, which had in turn given way to total subjugation of the galaxy, which had then, finally, ended with the uneasy period of calm they now found themselves in. But it wasn’t victory. In some ways it was even more of a challenge. Tython was devastated, the Order shattered and scattered. The few remaining Jedi could have been anywhere. The whispers he’d heard indicated that many were still hiding; some in the wilderness of fringe worlds, others in the impossibly big crowds of megacities. And yet…he’d abandoned the ones he could locate. The Custodum Enclave. Hawking sighed. That was going to be an awkward reunion. He’d told himself that he was doing the right thing, that more Jedi needed to be found and returned to the fold lest the Order collapse. He’d start with his own student, to prove he could do it, and to make finding the others easier…stupid. Iaera wouldn’t have a bar of that. Maybe it was time to admit he’d been lost in his own hubris.

And yet, Zarasmina was out there. The Force told him that for certain. She was alive, although severely lost. But lost where? Certainly no more lost than he himself felt now. No, if he knew his Padawan, she’d be right in the thick of it. She wouldn’t let something as pesky as total collapse of the civilized galactic order get in the way of helping people who needed help, whether they wanted said help or not. Maybe it was time to check out Lead Whynot, so named due to his belief that had he not found Zarasmina by the time this place looked likely, that was the only thing left to say. It was a tragic place. In truth now half a place, after the planet had shaken itself apart. Between the plight of its original inhabitants in the old war, and now the overwhelming burden placed on its already shattered surface by the hopeless refugees of the new war, it was a place that seemed to attract suffering. Hawking paused on the cold steel bulkheads of the Corvette, and then spun on his heel, heading for the cockpit with new determination. It was just the kind of place you might find a Jedi.

“Teeseven, plot us a course for Makeb.”
The droid seemed unimpressed. “[Makeb = structurally unsound. Value since extraction of isotope5 reserves = little. Calculated likelihood of encountering Z = 0.0054%. Bearded Jedi = sure of planned action?]”
Hell, why not? 

Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 01/08/18, 11:27:28 PM »
i mean

he could've done that by lifting his x-wing out of the water and blowin' up some first order goons and then flippin' out of his cockpit with the zwang zwoo bzzzzh (re-ignitin' indeed) and bein' all "your unspecified tyranny is at an end kylo!!!"

just sayin'

I would have liked that too; but not sure that would have come off any better :).

I still don't really get the point of him projecting a force ghost there, presumably so he doesn't physically die in battle and to make a point, only to physically kill him off anyway? Just have him do a Ben Kenobi, go there in the flesh, do some heroics, and then sacrifice himself. You wouldn't even really need to change the dialogue or even the action scenes, he could still do his art-of-zen dodging and refusal to hit back thing...just have him actually be there. I disagree with the notion that having him stay and die on Ahch-To while also sorta being on Craite was the best way to do it. There was no reason for him to stay on that island. Yoda basically says as much in the film!

Outside Realm / Re: Video Game OST Appreciation Thread
« on: 01/07/18, 01:17:04 AM »
Sort of cheating, but Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson did a live rendition of Wayfaring Stranger by Johnny Cash recently, apparently in relation to The Last of Us Part II:

Could be in the game!

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 01/05/18, 12:42:45 AM »
A big thanks to everyone who was hanging out tonight at JNight! Enthralling stuff, as per the usual. Special shout-out to @Orell and @Iaera for demonstrating the proper technique for grilling Jedi.

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 12/29/17, 12:11:25 AM »
Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to everyone I've RP'd with over the last week or so, particularly all the folks from the JC. It's reminded me why I had so much fun with this place and this game to begin with. You guys are the best. Very special sneaky shoutout to @Noth for being such a wonderful gatekeeper of all things Jedi, I have no doubt that the recent resurgence is a result of your hard work. Sincerely, thank you. Another big call-out to @Iaera and @Miller, I've missed jamming with the grizzled old guard.


Cantina / Re: in which iaera posts about the force
« on: 12/26/17, 12:56:56 AM »
Just realised that this guy is the same bloke who did the excellent video analysis of Kreia that a mate showed me. Very cool.

Cantina / Re: A Fallen Empire, a Fresh Start.
« on: 12/23/17, 04:04:13 PM »
Killing everyone and rerolling on Jung Ma as "Darth Face-Eater" from the Face-Eater Legacy, of <Sith Face Eating League>.

Just wanted to quickly mention that I stumbled across this post last night while deciding what to do with my character boost.

Outside Realm / Re: A return (sort of) and an overdue apology
« on: 12/21/17, 02:55:25 AM »
I’ll expect Porkwing on the flight deck at 0’500, maggot

While you're at it @Hawking,  dust off your robes and find that runt of a Jedi @Miller and get caught up.

Jaade is having to defend himself against gross exaggerations of having hurt Miller.  I mean, he redirected my own shot back at me!  If anyone has a apology to make grievance to air it's me!

I see the heinous injustices have continued in my absence. @Miller never sleeps, and neither does justice.

Dust off your jumpsuit, old man, we're hitting the hyperlanes.

(and thanks for the warm reception, guys, it's good to be back!)

Outside Realm / A return (sort of) and an overdue apology
« on: 12/20/17, 04:55:36 PM »
Begerenites, long time no see. Come, take a seat, sample the whisky, breathe in the air of change, admire the carpet. I see there's a fancy new server which is not actually Begeren Colony, and now people on the fleet have weird shit adorning their names, and the cartel market is somehow even more aggressive than it once was.

Howdy folks! I'll try and keep this brief and to the point, as I could waffle endlessly about this. Firstly, and most importantly, I'm sorry. A year and a half ago (or something, life moves quick these days), I basically vanished without a trace or a word from BC. I don't regret leaving. Life was kicking my arse and accelerating into lightspeed, my interests had waned or migrated, and frankly, the game was proving negative to my general health and productivity. Leaving was the right call at the time. What I do regret, and do apologise for more than I can convey in a forum post, is how I left. I said nothing, I left people hanging, and most frustratingly for the people in the guilds and communities I was involved in, basically halted everything by up and quitting the game while still retaining GM rights and technical oversight on the forums and such. That was a shitty thing to do, and I do wish I'd handled it differently. It's understandable if you guys are keen to cast me into the Pit of Doom™.

But, onto the brighter news. Having finished Uni for the year, embarked on a fresh tabletop adventure with some mates, and finding myself with a huge steaming lot of free time into the new year (and the nostalgia/hype that accompanies the release of a new SW film, irrespective of the film itself) I thought I'd resub for a month or so and give SWTOR the send-off I probably never did. I'll be around for a bit to dip my toes back into the game, RP and SWTOR itself inclusive. If you're keen to abuse me to my e-Face, looking to tie up plots we left hanging in the previous aeons, or just keen to play Internet Star Wars Puppets for old times sake, feel free to drop me a line on this thread, via PM or in-game.

Missed you guys. Sorry for being literally the worst.

I'll be there! (Unless work explodes in my face and I have been laid low by nervous exhaustion. It's been that sort of month.)

So will we be resetting the weeks, decreeing that this week will be the new Week B and follow on from there? Or will next week still be Week B, with this week's Week A just being unconventional?

Next week will still be week B, just throwing off the order for this week!

Host: @Hawking
Week: B (Off Ship)
Date: Thursday 1st of September, 2016
Location: Beginning on the Custodian's Watch, before travelling to Voss, which will represent a more temperate part of Bakarda.
Requirements: Access to Voss
Title: Heart of Darkness

Lord Whitehart has been strangely quiet as of late.
The grain shipments, whilst steady, have slowed, and no explanation has been given to the rebuilding Jedi aboard the Watch. Work to restore and upgrade the mothership to fighting shape continues, but a few have raised concerns about the reliability of the Jedi's Sith benefactor. Young Arella has not said anything on the matter, but it is clear that the girl is troubled.

Strange and dark things have been set into motion on Bakarda. Perhaps the Jedi are one unannounced social call overdue...

((Hey folks, apologies for the cancellation last week. I'm neck deep in assessment currently, mid-exams. This event will be run this thursday (8th Sept.) instead! I hear you; "It's week A!" Buck tradition.))

Outside Realm / Re: IT'S TIME FOR STAR WARS
« on: 08/29/16, 03:42:03 PM »
Begone, heathen! Return to the hellpit from whence you crawled!

(Good to see you back, Ared!)

Host: @Hawking
Week: B (Off Ship)
Date: Thursday 1st of September, 2016
Location: Beginning on the Custodian's Watch, before travelling to Voss, which will represent a more temperate part of Bakarda.
Requirements: Access to Voss
Title: Heart of Darkness

Lord Whitehart has been strangely quiet as of late.
The grain shipments, whilst steady, have slowed, and no explanation has been given to the rebuilding Jedi aboard the Watch. Work to restore and upgrade the mothership to fighting shape continues, but a few have raised concerns about the reliability of the Jedi's Sith benefactor. Young Arella has not said anything on the matter, but it is clear that the girl is troubled.

Strange and dark things have been set into motion on Bakarda. Perhaps the Jedi are one unannounced social call overdue...

Outside Realm / Re: Potentially AWOL until further notice.
« on: 08/17/16, 09:59:46 PM »
Be well, Thyssen! Hope to see you back soon!

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