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Look, I admit I kind of dozed off at times. But I think I got through it!

Still, I have to say I think my mind might have been playing this video essay by Rocket Jump.

I like to appreciate that the story was difficult to really throw in together. It makes you appreciate Lucas because when you really think about it -- the thing was a *mess*. But putting it together was soooooo worth it.

Cantina / Re: The Begeren Colony Community Timeline.
« on: 12/26/17, 12:21:49 AM »
oooOh! Thanks for this. Gives me good motivation to actually finish my wikis too. <3 @Dassalya

Cantina / Re: in which iaera posts about the force
« on: 12/26/17, 12:16:12 AM »
I remember throwing a few of this guy's videos up in discord:

A few points I know someone pointed out: they disagree with a few of his points.

To that: yup. I do too -- but he covers the content really well.

On Gray Jedi:

I... disagree. The whole Black/Gray/White scale kind of moves drastically -- it's like using the whole left/right scale in politics -- it's insufficient to clearly state what a "gray Jedi" is. It changes with the time/over time.

Is Luke a gray Jedi? I guess? If we're talking the old Legends/EU Luke, then yeah. Although we should point out that how much of Jedi principles survive from the whole... "jedi book burning" kind of says something about that. I think of Luke as having his own idealized if grounded version of the Jedi and sort of... feeling it out as they go along.

tldr; kinda with bling on this.

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/07/17, 09:58:17 PM »
I'm with Noth on this -- the new blood is always welcome. My time is erratic and as far as NA times are concerned -- I'm an alien so no stakes there.

I welcome toxic personalities. When PVP is no challenge at all, it's quite something to be the mute arbiter of their incoming doom. For RP we already have the tools to self-police. Open world RP has, for me, been like an RPer's dating service where we get the feel of things then cozy up in more intimate environments.

Cantina / Re: SWTOR: Canon or Legends?
« on: 07/09/17, 04:02:04 AM »
They might, but remember when it comes to Sith lore, Bane kind of trumps Revan in terms of importance to Rebels.

With the events that lead up to magic-daddy and the pseudo-sith, I wouldn't so much as look at Revan anymore.

And Revan used to be my EU gospel...

Haha, I really forgot to account for alts.
*twitch* Dang it...

Media Gallery / Re: SPACELING: Art of Li Didkovsky
« on: 07/02/17, 07:23:11 PM »

Cantina / Re: Star Wars Curse Words?
« on: 07/01/17, 04:39:00 PM »
Just swear. Only avoid swearing? Like you would in real life.

Around children.

"You karking fruitaking moff-herding rancorous ...."

Caps lock is a thing. I think the annunciation of the British sticks out if you're Imperial...

Stang is a good one.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 06/28/17, 12:59:01 AM »
xD Thanks so much! I do have to thank @Niarra, @Noth and @Maryck for letting me sit in their RP session while I recover my muse.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Cultural Influence, Part 2
« on: 06/27/17, 11:51:14 PM »
KDY EE-470 Assault Shuttle "Call of Dis" - Imperial Orbital Station, Korriban
23 ATC - Present, just after investigation of The Morti Vanta
Kirins was cautious for what felt like the first time in a while. As the door to his shuttle closed, he immediately began his bug sweep. From the cockpit to the passenger's bay, he made it a mission to check and scan for all signals he could find; from fuselage to seating cushion, there wasn't a single thing from the shuttle's interior that had avoided his scrutiny. The cloak and dagger wasn't his stock and trade, but he'd had enough jobs demanding discretion that he knew what he was doing.
As he encrypted the holoterminal he took off his helmet and gave his head a quick comb through. The sealing of his armor was tight but with all the sand on Korriban, he had to make sure. It was coarse, after all and it got everywhere.
He made his call only to be greeted by his reflection. Plus the tattoo and facial scarring. Minus the heavy armor and cybernetics.
"Caius? You look like osik."
His elder brother only folded his arms. But he wasn't wrong.
" 'Rins, tell me you didn't call just to-"
"What, I can't be worried my older brother doesn't look well? Seriously, when was the last time you ate? Or drank? Wait, you've been drinking. You've been drinking, haven't you?"
It was always like this. He just hated seeing his dear Battlemaster of a brother looking so serious. Hell, most of his family had the same look. He understood that it was needed in public -- you lead your people and you do have to look as invincible as they see you as.
"Tell me you've at least been sleeping. You know, sleep? That thing you do by getting into bed and doing everything you can to, well, avoid doing things?"
He could keep going. He frequently did. He wasn't going to give up until he could get a reaction.
"Seriously, you have three kids and what- four lovers now? I know family life and your daily grind is a thing that saps up all the time but you know you're supposed to rest, right? Like... sleep in bed? That's a thing you know. You're not supposed to just keep finding women and bringing them home and making kids. I mean, I know, 'making the clan safe again' but seriously it's not like we need a whole army of ade to overrun our enemies. I've seen your ad'ika with a blaster and I don't think we need a whole clan of them to keep our home safe."
Hey! There we go. A smile.
"You done?"
"I am, yes." he finally relented. For the entirety of a second. "Seriously? Four lovers. Four. That's four women in your life. Like, what, do you outsource your intimacy to keep up-"
Okay. Too far.
"So... I took up that contract you told me about."
"The one about the Mortivanta?"

"That's the one. Seems I came in at a perfect time in the investigation but I know you wanted whatever scans I could get right?" he said as he hooked up his helmet to the holoterminal. "Uploading my scans and recordings. Got it?"

"Yeah. Hmm... so... huh. And that holocron- it's got to be..."

"Uh, you mind cluing me in here?"

"Right. So, it's like you and blasters. You take a look at a blaster and you'd know who manufactured it. You'd learn a lot by looking at its mods, too like things about the blaster's owner. Holocrons are a little like that.  Usually, they have a specific purpose. But if you understand the purpose and construction, you can accurately guess the time in which it was created without having to do a more invasive analysis."

"That's... a good thing? I know you were interested in the art, so... what, was this part of your little media side-project?"

"Cultural side-project" he corrected. "But yeah. I guess we'll have to do something about your pay."

"Wait, you faked the contract? Sponsorship and all? I'm getting paid, right?"

Oh, he knew that look. "Caius?" He's grinning. That's a grin. "Please tell me it's not all fake." That does not fill a being with confidence. "So if I fly over to Dromund Kaas and speak to this Lady Bluedark, she's going to give me a big smile and a case of credits and not fry me with lightning and-- and feed my corpse to some Kath Hounds or-"

Did his eyes just roll? They did.

"Wait, nono- don't hang up-"

The line went dead.

"Oh, that's not right."

They were brothers, dammit.

Caius gave a chuckle. A bottle of tihaar with a hastily written 'Kirins' on its label was the only thing other than his datapad that was notable on his desk. Daily reports backlogged his messages but still, he took time to write the communique which required his present attention.

Lady Mei'li Bluedark,
I apologize for the short notice but I've recently learned of an interesting lead.
A recent investigation of a well known Sith art called the "Mortivanta" has recently born fruit. I suspect that it might soon feature an ancient opera. As a chance to capitalize on this heritage find, I'm forwarding my preliminary analysis and findings. I suspect that the findings as investigated might, itself, be unveiled to the public.
As we have shared interests, please take this as a potential lead. Perhaps you can secure the rights to its premier and historic first performance?
-K aka C
PS. Please find attached a sizable donation. I hired a mercenary to assist in the investigation, so if you could arrange his payment for me it would be appreciated. The rest is for yourself and the theatre.

Tagging: @Mei, @Noth, @Niarra, @Zmaj, @Erednash

Cantina / Re: What Was Disruptive about the Last Expansions
« on: 06/27/17, 04:42:17 AM »
We'll see how this goes :o


Because... I have totally all the ideas of what I do. Am!


Holocrons and Info Nodes / Mysteries - Part 1
« on: 06/25/17, 07:50:21 PM »
Archives - Jedi Custodum Enclave, Coruscant
23 ATC - Present

Keahi bit her lip as she glossed over the archive catalog. Indexed training manuals were numerous as were perspectives and introspection on the nature of the force. As a Master there was no restrictions as to what knowledge she could access. Even still, it didn't matter. As much as the Jedi could pride themselves in having the most comprehensive knowledge base in the galaxy, there was so much that had been lost during the countless wars in their history that when it came to the greater mysteries of the galaxy the archives left much to be desired.

It was the burden of the Jedi Shadow. Hunting relics of the Dark Side often involved more investigation work then it did research in Lore. Her time spent with the Jedi had taught her that so much of her role was executed with a great many of unknown. Research was secondary to investigation but even now as she read the titles of articles she couldn't help but feel desperate in the face of it all.

She wasn't sure what to feel when she went to Odessen. She had sworn to herself that her goal was for reconciliation -- to finally be one with family. For her life to come full circle with the decision she'd made that lead her to the Jedi. But looking upon him she knew there was something. Something else. Perhaps it was Zakuul, perhaps it was the Emperor and his offspring or even the numerous force sensitives that the wider galaxy had been exposed to but there was a hunger that still persisted.

It wasn't obvious to most. No person was responsible, no relic. There was a threat that loomed, striking from where none could go. And for all the dangers of the Dark Side, she knew that there were more horrific truths. That there were threats that could barely be explained.

"Master Wyellet's encounter with the Starweird." she uttered beneath her breath. Yet another threat that had been forgotten. But this wasn't it... for as dangerous as they seemed, it didn't describe what she had encountered. She could have sworn she'd found something in the archives. Perhaps it was just one of many entries that were lost from the sacking of Tython.

It wasn't here. If she wanted to learn what it was that threatened them all, she'd have to reach out...

Cantina / Re: What Was Disruptive about the Last Expansions
« on: 06/24/17, 07:13:06 PM »
I.... just sort of want to see how they keep doing this just to see Iaera react. :darkside:

This will be the last day I will definitely not be able to make it.


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