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Site Information and News / Fund Raising- Feedback Requested
« on: 03/11/18, 12:50:38 PM »
All right, fellow denizens! I need help from you in planning the next fund raiser for the site, in the form of your suggestions.

For those who may not have been around for the previous fund raisers, or for those who'd like to review the previous models in order to provide the feedback I'm about to request, here are links to the previous three times I've run this:

Show the Love - February fund raiser
Summer Support - June fund raiser
Giving Thanks - November fund raiser

As I always ask in those posts: Why This Fundraiser? The answer, as always, is: This website is a home for a great community, and many of us frequent it daily. It is a home that further provides all sorts of wonderful amenities, beyond just that of a community forum - such as the PM system we all use to stay in touch, the HoloNet wiki, the Strongholds listing, the GuildNet features, and the Chatroom we use both for our RP events and for socializing.

Now let's be honest. Most of us check this site every day, right? Often even on days when we might not be able to get into the game itself. Often at the same time as we're in the game. Often when we don't even have any burning desire to be in the game at all, but we still want to keep up with our community, or share that funny link in the shoutbox, or catch up with our PMs.

At the end of the day, for this RP community of ours, in a lot of ways this site is just as important a vehicle as the game itself. And yet while we'll drop money for our subscriptions, it's always more of a challenge to get us to drop a few dollars for the site. That's human nature (and the status-quo of the internet world); free stuff feels awesome and it takes no thought at all to consume, while it takes a lot more thought to remember that it had to come from somewhere - and more importantly that we shouldn't take it for granted. If we can find the pocket change to impulse-gobble up CM items we've been craving when they go on direct sale then we should also be able to find it for a seasonal fund-raiser - so let's dissect the psychological turkey and find out what the innards of motivation are!

So here's the help I need, and I hope you all can provide it!

I need to know what sort of prize incentive would get you - yes, you personally - to make a donation during the next fund raiser!

Past fund raisers showed that we only really succeeded when we got a couple sizable donations from one or two members, and then a small handful of smaller donations. The trouble with that mix is if you take the sizable donations out, what's left doesn't take the effort very far. Fund raisers work best when the small donations all add up, which means you need more people willing to part with $5 or $10.

So what would make you part with those $5? To sacrifice one coffee for the month to the SWTOR gods in order to put fuel in the community tank?

Past fund raisers offered in-game credits, rare in-game CM items, lovely in-game decorations, and the ability to pick-and-choose which mix of all those prizes you would like. But at the end of the day, this just didn't seem to light the fire of excitement under too many people.

I would love to hear ideas from you all on what you think would make good prizes. Not just good prizes, but what you know you would honestly be willing to put down a few bucks for a chance at winning. No idea is too crazy! (Well, some ideas will be, but we won't know until we hear them!) Maybe we get other members of the community to help in providing less tangible prizes by contributing their creativity - though keep in mind that if half the community is donating time instead of money, we end up right back where we started!
  • Is the allure of in-game wealth still the best prize? Credits galore!
  • Are pricey CM items genuinely sufficient lure for you?
  • Is there some particularly rare crafted item you'd love someone to make for you?
  • Maybe you have a dream of your perfect RP event, but you really need someone to decorate a Corsucant or DK stage for you for the day?
  • Maybe you would kill for someone to run a one-shot adventure to a theme of your choosing one evening that you can bring sadly under-used Character X to?
  • What other things could a crazy Space!RPer want?? Tell us!

Let's hear all the ideas!  :whee: :cake:

In the meantime, if you happen to have a spare $5 for what's left of March while the next fund-raiser effort gets cooked up, don't forget to stop by the donations page and donate!

When: Right now I am planning on Wednesday, March 26th, at 6:30 PST. If that doesn't work for attendees, please let me know in the thread!

Just double-checking on the date, since comparing to the calendar seems a little off. If it's Wednesday March 28th I can probably make it, but if it's Monday March 26th I probably can't. Might be a little late as 6:30 PST can sometimes catch the end of the work day depending on the needs of any given day, but I imagine things will go long so worst case scenario I'm sure there'll still be time to hop in.

@Niarra , tagging you! :aww: Interested?

Normally I would say yes, but for the time being I am afraid I am completely overwhelmed with other Game Mastering / Guild Mastering / RP (and even occasionally the rarely squeezed in RL) commitments. I am trying to remind myself I need to learn how to realistically assess my available time.  :omg:

At some point in the future, when some of these commitments are completed, I may have time opening up again, and if folks are still trying to organize or plan PVE runs I will keep an eye out and help when and as I can.

When (and if, IF) that time comes, I also might consider reviving the Community Operations runs I tried to organize last year. Unfortunately, as other commitments took some of our team members elsewhere (inevitable, that's just life), in the end we just didn't end up having enough interested community members willing to commit to the project on an ongoing basis to keep the group running. However, since that time, quite a few folks have come back to SWTOR, so it may be that that could change. Anyone who is interested in learning how to run Ops and seeing all of the game's Ops content might want to take a peek at my old thread on that project from last year. Any of the posts after the original post aren't necessary reading as they were just (now irrelevant) volunteering/scheduling talk for the time, but if I were ever to try to resurrect the project everything I laid out in the original post would still stand. If we have new or newly returned community members genuinely interested, there's no harm in throwing a quick post up on that old thread. In the event it ends up being a project with a realistic chance of being resurrected, it would be good to know which still-active community members might be interested.

Sorry I can't be of immediate help with your Dread Masters project! Good luck, though, and have fun! Some of those fights are really very interesting, some of the more mechanically varied in the game. You'll definitely want to make sure someone has read up on the mechanics before you head in (unless part of what you're going for in the experience is learning things purely through trial and error, which can be entertaining but certainly more time consuming).

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 02/06/18, 03:45:41 AM »
Republic News Network
Coruscant Local News

In an update to the dramatic story reported earlier this week, a permanent home has now been promised to the nearly one thousand people liberated from secret Imperial facilities at the edges of Republic space.

A repeat of previously aired footage showing Jedi Master Maryck Vos leading accused Imperial slave traders and Sith into a Coruscanti court building later shifts to footage of the referenced liberated people, working to make a long-abandoned neighborhood in Coruscant's mid-levels fit for temporary habitation.

Debates in the Senate's Reconstruction Committee and Galactic City's Department of Infrastructure about how to provide material support to these refugees came to a close today when the planet Dereygon stepped forward to manage their resettlement. Dereygon's First Minister, Qintal Chafee, made the announcement in a press conference in the Senate's Garden of Justice this morning.

The footage cuts to a small but energetic gathering of officials and press on the lawn of the Garden of Justice, with the enormous bannered wall of the Senate Tower behind them. Senate Guards are posted at the perimeter of the gathering, at the heart of which stands a Human male of middle-age, with neatly trimmed hair and beard of steel gray, wearing a military-style suit bearing some sort of insignia or rank bar. "The people of Dereygon extend a hand of support and understanding to all those who have suffered under Imperial occupation, as we ourselves once did. We officially invite these newly liberated souls to make a home on our world. The Republic is supposed to represent how we are made stronger when we unite and help each other, and today we want to prove the truth of this ideal, by showing these people that they have not been forgotten by all in the Republic, even if it was the Republic's neglect that let these abominable slaving operations flourish."

Dereygon does not hold a seat in any of the Senate's military or prominent trade committees, and until recently they have been part of no significant voting blocs in the Grand Assembly. Under Article 15 of the Treaty of Coruscant the world was ceded to Imperial control, but fourteen years ago a Republic delegation negotiated for its exemption and the planet rejoined the Republic. It now lies just barely within the borders of Republic space, a position which some have argued makes it a less than secure refuge for newly emancipated Imperial slaves. But First Minister Chafee pushed back strongly against these skeptics.

The footage returns to the press conference in the Garden of Justice, where the First Minister is responding forcefully to a recently posed question, seemingly angered enough to speak more candidly with cadences that suggest he is going off script. "Anyone who says our world isn't safe enough to offer a home to these people is essentially saying that the Republic wouldn't come to Dereygon's aid in the event of an Imperial invasion. If we will no longer protect our own worlds then we've all got much bigger problems than criticizing those of us willing to do the honorable thing in support of our fellow beings. The Republic gave us up once, but we don't intend to be forgotten again. And if we have to take up arms to defend ourselves, we will, and we'll invite our newest citizens to do so with us."

In recent months, Senator Passela of Dereygon has become an outspoken voice in the Senate against what she calls political paralysis in the face of crises of resource scarcity and civil unrest. Some have argued that this is only a publicity stunt meant to capture more attention for the voting bloc of Mid and Outer Rim Republic worlds which Dereygon only recently joined, but reports indicate that the planet's promises are already being followed up by action, with a convoy of ships having departed Dereygon for Coruscant, carrying supplies and intended to transport the refugees to their new home.

Footage returns to the run-down Coruscant neighborhood where the former slaves continue to fortify abandoned buildings for use as shelter. Among the moving figures, working alongside them, is the same Jedi Master shown earlier leading prisoners into the court building.

It is not yet known whether all of the thousand beings being offered this new home intend to accept, but further reports indicate that the Jedi continue to work to liaise between the refugees and the Senate. First Minister Chafee was a speaker on behalf of another Jedi, one Master Reymark, at a hearing at the end of the last standard year, and it is believed she may have played a part in negotiating this arrangement.

In the meantime, official protests have been lodged with the Galactic City's Department of Infrastructure on behalf of local interest groups arguing that none of Galactic City's resources should be diverted to the support of off-worlders while local residents still struggle to rebuild neighborhoods in the aftermath of last year's bombardment. Rumors have circulated about a possible riot within or attack on this camp of former slaves, but we have not been able to substantiate these rumors at this time.

Server Development / Re: Custodum Council II: The Counciling
« on: 01/30/18, 12:32:46 PM »
So, essentially, the rule is thus: Unless a player is specifically on a Council character and specifically RPing that character in that context, do not harass that player about Council stuff. For example, Iaera milling around a Jedi Night and talking to people would be a fine time to discuss Council stuff IC, or maybe OOC if I am not actively busy talking to someone else. If I am on Iaera but currently in Kuat Mesas, maybe not the best time. If I am on Sibyl-ko RPing an adventure hosted by one of our other fine community members, maybe not the best time.

I can't speak for the others, but if you have Council Stuff you would like to discuss with me in an OOC capacity, you may PM me at any time and I will get back to you when I can!

In short, think of the Council as having office hours: Do not call them at 3 AM, do not stalk them to their cars, do not bother them while they're beating the high score on Dig Dug. And we will all be happier and saner for it!

Dig Dug is important. So is Tetris. Don't poke people in Tetris coma.

In all seriousness, Iaera's pointing to being in Kuat Mesas as an example of it not being the best time is the best tip; in game character locations are your friend. If it says a person is in some unique place chances are they're engaged in PVE or PVP content that is currently their focus. I know that depending on the activity I'm engaged in I often have my chat window heavily filtered (yes, my Ops filter sometimes even filters out whispers because I want that window to be completely clean), so there's a very good chance I'll end up 'ignoring' you anyway just by virtue of my attention not being on whatever chat channel is being used. (That goes both ways; the amount of times my PVE guildies have been trying to reach me for an Officerly question and I've totally ignored them because I had guild chat filtered out in order to prevent it interfering with my RP have been innumerable. It's a wonder I haven't been guild kicked.)

Worldbuilding and Community / Re: Sith and Jedi sects
« on: 01/22/18, 02:46:33 PM »
My contribution here is to say: absolutely every single word of what Iaera said, times a gajillion.

We've actually had a good time digging into philosophical discussions on the Force on these forums quite a few times, and if it interests you I could point to a few links, but I think Iaera's post here gets to the core of it perfectly.

Outside Realm / Re: Farewell
« on: 01/13/18, 04:20:24 PM »
Farewell and good luck, Nic! You'll be missed as a mainstay of our community, and though I fully understand your reasons behind the move I still lament your leaving us.  :cry: May your adventures on Star Forge be awesome and plentiful!

For I.W.S.C. folks, I've made a post in the guild's GuildNet forum here about the future of the guild. If you're a guild member who would like to participate in that discussion and aren't already a member of the GuildNet, feel free to sign up and join us!

Cantina / Re: What to Do With Schrodinger's Galaxy...
« on: 12/23/17, 09:52:11 PM »
Shortly after the Copero FP came out I made this post in which I transcribed the news bulletin that updates on the political state of the Empire (which you got if you sided with the Republic on Iokath). I finally got around to running the FP on one of my characters who sided with the Empire, and below is the update you get on the state of the Republic.

Spoiler: show
"Reeling from Chancellor Madon's resignation and the loss of Supreme Commander Jace Malcom, the Republic has entered a state of political stagnation. Many speculate Sith Empress Acina will use this moment of weakness to push for the capture of the resource world known as Iokath. Radicals within the Senate urge Interim Chancellor Galena Rans to retaliate, but the complicated nature of current elections has slowed any progress. Meanwhile, more than two dozen Republic colonies have reported a raw materials crisis, halting the production of weapons and defense systems."

My frustration with the lack of consistent canon continues. As meaningless as Madon was as a figure, I'm tempted to just pretend he's still kicking around, especially if it means we can keep Acina (who at least is a fleshed out character and an interesting one). Keep everyone! I vote for rejecting Schroedinger and embracing Heisenberg; less precision on specifics for more certainty about the bigger picture.

If you haven't done so yet, read the first post in this thread for an intro to the series!

Event: Cradle of the Elements
Time: Thursday 12/21/17 at 7:30 PM server time
Location: Yavin Stronghold
IC Requirements: As you might expect, given that this is a Jedi Night series, your character should be a Jedi or a Jedi ally, in a position to know about the mission and be invited along.
OOC Requirements: None. Call out in RepublicOOC chat if you are coming and need a SH invite.
Rules/Rolls Set: None. 

Premise: The holocron contains records of an ancient, long-forgotten Force-using sect believed to have originated on the planet Ryloth. This sect believed the Force's power and will was made manifest most strongly in the form of the elemental energies of the galaxy, and that studying and honoring the elements and their properties was the best way to achieve insight into the Force as a whole.

No remnant of this small sect remains in the current day, but the makers of the holocron believed that the ruins of a site sacred to the sect might still exist on a remote planet, one of the few colonization attempts launched from Ryloth before that world's fortunes turned.

O'anark Ju'er: the Cradle of the Elements. If these ruins are still intact enough to shelter lost artifacts, they should be recovered before all knowledge of this ancient tradition is lost forever.


In order to make the SH available cross-faction, I will be on Imperial side characters and will have the SH publicly listed on that side (Nizek District's Stronghold). Use the listing or call out in ImpOOC for an invite (but if I'm slow to respond with invites, remember the listing is there).

On Pub side, Jaade will be handling invites so call out in PubOOC to reach him for that. I will try to get additional keys shelled out before start time to ease the invite load.

Just making a note here to mention that I've been updating the decorations spreadsheet in Googlesheets (linked to in the first post of this thread) as I continue to acquire decos. I continue to have all the Cartel Market/Pack decos available, including from the most recent pack (filter Source to Spoils of War Pack).

I've also got all of the decos that drop from the Copero flashpoint (save one, which I'm beginning to think might be bugged in terms of drops), which interestingly can all be donated to a guild for 50k each. To see those Copero FP decos, filter Source to A Traitor Among the Chiss.

I've also acquired most of the rare Operations drop decos I was missing, so if you're looking for some of the more rare stuff there I probably have it (filter Source Type to Operations).

I've been taking a bit of a breather from some game activities, but I'm still available to donate stuff to guilds if needed so just send me a PM or drop a note here if you're looking for something.

Just an update to all the raffle winners: I've been out of town for the last few days and didn't have a chance to get the prizes out before leaving. I'm hopping on that now, so you should get your PMs (and items) in the next couple days if you haven't already. Sorry for the delay!

Cantina / Re: What to Do With Schrodinger's Galaxy...
« on: 11/29/17, 08:38:05 PM »
Wait - I'm confused.

Does the Imp story line NOT have Acina being replaced?

Just trying to figure out how this is directing to different endings; but only having one character I'm not sure what is the same across both and what is different.

Throwing out the independent storyline choices for malcolm and acina; I mean the overall galactic story line.

Is Acina gone for everyone?  Or is that not clear yet from the information?

Part of what inspired this thread in the first place is that things are vastly different. And I'm not going to put this behind spoilers, so if you haven't played Iokath be warned.

If you side with the Republic, Acina is dead. End of story.

If you side with the Empire, Jace Malcom is dead, which is not as impactful as Acina, but is still a canon divergence.

That's what the whole kerfuffle about Schrodinger's Galaxy is about. It's not a small question. The point is that there are two parallel universes, one in which Acina is still Empress of the Sith and one in which she is dead. And now apparently also parallel universes on the Republic side, one in which Madon is still Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, and one in which he is not and the Senate is in disarray.

For anyone wanting to play their characters as being tuned into the political galaxy at large, this is just miserable. It's not like how they handled the Bounty Hunter storyline in vanilla, wherein the Supreme Chancellor steps down if you don't kill him, so that he's gone either way. This is two completely different realities. Ugh.

I did the winning rolls for the raffle and the results follow, with the chat transcript behind the spoiler tag. Below is the order in which folks will get to pick prizes off the list, and I will coordinate that via PMs. If you are later down the list please be patient, sometimes it takes a little bit to reach the people ahead of you on the list and get their picks.

First and Second place picks go to: Seraphie
Third place pick goes to: Imazi
Fourth place pick goes to: Nicholas
Fifth place pick goes to: Dassalya
Sixth place pick (added because it's the season of giving) goes to: Ash

Thanks again to all who donated. With a home like this one, some folks always need to step up so that the rest of us can benefit. Your generosity is appreciated!

Spoiler: show

3:28:47   1   Niarra   Room   ** Niarra tumbles down the rabbit hole ...
3:30:08   1   Niarra   Room   Okeedokee! It is 7:30 and I am going to go ahead and do the rolls for the raffle. It's a good thing the chat has a time stamped chat log! :D
3:30:34   1   Niarra   Room   Even though I am speaking to an idle audience of one (:wave: Squiggly), I am going to lay the rules out for posterity.
3:31:05   1   Niarra   Room   I am going to do five winning draws. The order in which numbers are drawn will be the order in which winners get to pick prizes from the list (as outlined in the Giving Thanks fundraising raffle post in the forums).
3:31:31   1   Niarra   Room   The qualifying donators have been assigned numbers as per the following:
3:31:33   1   Niarra   Room   Imazi 1-2
            Dassalya 3-4
            Nicohlas 5-6
            Ash 7
            Seraphie 8-9
3:32:10   1   SquigglyV   Room   oh hallo!
3:32:13   1   Niarra   Room   And without further ado, here begin the rolls! First place prize pick will go to:
3:32:15   1   Niarra   Room   /roll 1d9 ( Result: 8, Total: 8 )
3:32:20   1   Niarra   Room   Seraphie!
3:32:25   1   Niarra   Room   Second place prize pick will go to:
3:32:27   1   Niarra   Room   /roll 1d9 ( Result: 9, Total: 9 )
3:32:33   1   Niarra   Room   Also Seraphie!
3:32:38   1   Niarra   Room   Third place prize pick will go to:
3:32:43   1   Niarra   Room   /roll 1d7 ( Result: 1, Total: 1 )
3:32:46   1   Niarra   Room   Imazi!
3:32:50   1   Niarra   Room   Fourth place prize pick will go to:
3:32:55   1   Niarra   Room   /roll 1d7 ( Result: 1, Total: 1 )
3:33:03   1   Niarra   Room   Since that number was already drawn I will roll again.
3:33:10   1   Niarra   Room   Fourth place prize pick will go to:
3:33:14   1   Niarra   Room   /roll 1d7 ( Result: 6, Total: 6 )
3:33:20   1   Niarra   Room   Nicohlas!
3:33:26   1   Niarra   Room   Fifth place prize pick will go to:
3:33:28   1   Niarra   Room   /roll 1d7 ( Result: 6, Total: 6 )
3:33:35   1   Niarra   Room   Welp, another dupe. Let's try again!
3:33:37   1   Niarra   Room   /roll 1d7 ( Result: 3, Total: 3 )
3:33:43   1   Niarra   Room   Dassalya!
3:33:52   1   Nicohlas   Room   ** Nicohlas tumbles down the rabbit hole ...
3:34:31   1   SquigglyV   Room   chatbeast has a bias. chatbeast plz stops.
3:34:55   1   Niarra   Room   That's the five winning draws I first outlined. But as we got five qualifying donators too, I will add a sixth and grant the final place pick to Ash!
3:35:16   1   Nicohlas   Room   /cheer
3:35:18   1   Niarra   Room   Thanks to everyone who donated, your support for our home is really appreciated. To keep things like these afloat, someone always needs to step up!
3:35:39   1   SquigglyV   Room   congrats absentees!
3:35:41   1   Nicohlas   Room   Thanks for hosting another cash drive, Niarra.
3:35:42   1   Niarra   Room   I will post these results in the forum and send PMs out for prize picks.
3:36:03   1   Niarra   Room   :cake::thumbsup:

All righty, in an hour (7:30 PST) I'll be doing the drawing to determine prize pick order for the raffle. Thanks to those who donated! You don't have to be in the chat room to win, I'll post the transcript here and then coordinate the prize pick with folks via PM.

Below are the numbers assigned to each person who donated. As per the raffle rules this time around, the max number of entries was two. Thanks again to the donators! 

Imazi 1-2
Dassalya 3-4
Nicohlas 5-6
Ash 7
Seraphie 8-9

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