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"...For the apocalypse must be televised..."
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10/17/13, 01:53:32 PM
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01/18/18, 08:27:30 PM
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Current Plot:    The Shadow Hand
Plot Summary:
The Shadow's Echoes: Ryshias has returned from Wild Space, changed and confused by his experience on the fronts, but he's found a new purpose in the new era of the Sith Empire, and he's willing to continue with it. The Twilight Guard has arrived.
OOC Notes:
Hello! I'm a Rysh, Chilean by birth and joker by nature. Never doubt that I won't be up for RP (I will say no if I'm in another RP, busy, or bad mood...for the last case I need a /hug )) Feel free to message me if you need me for any kind of RP, I'm up to most themes!
"I decided to let shadows into my mind, and they revealed the ultimate truth. The galaxy is sick. I shall be it's cure."