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07/19/13, 09:38:40 PM
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A Threat Fulfilled - Shared Storyboard (Complete)
Serenity's Gambit - Personal Mini Plot (Complete)
OOC Notes:
Niarra Reymark, Jedi Master

Derrad Reymark, Combat Pilot

Jheva, Jedi Padawan of the Tira'Noth Enclave
Sivala, Sith Academy Overseer
Rannayel, Sith Lord and Curator of the Imperial Museum of Technology and Exploration
Niarra Reymark, Jedi Master and Diplomat // Derrad Reymark, Starfighter Ace and Softie // Jheva, Padawan and Potential Seer // Yatei, Jedi Pilot and ex-Ronin
Sivala, Sith Academy Overseer // Rannayel, Sith Lord and Museum Curator
Erran Veshkgalaar, Mandalorian Accountant // Caustrin Neyvor, Dangerous Puppeteer // Ariza Fey, Psycho and Pyro // Kettur Vaen, Semi-Spook