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Dendarii Mercenary Fleet

Dendarii was one of two planets in the Barrayar sector, a small unknown region in the Outer Rim territories. The planet itself had three moons, but most of the inhabitants lived on the main world of Dendarii. It was from here that the Dendarii Mercenaries originated from. The Dendarii Mercenaries started out as part of the planet's military forces before going out to expand and take jobs from anyone who needed a trained task force. It was during these expeditions that the planet Dendarii came under siege and was lost. With the planet gone and the hyperspace beacon destroyed to get back to their homeworld, the Dendarii Mercenaries became drifters. They had no more planet to call home.
   They traveled the galaxy as a true mercenary organization, getting paid for their services. Eventually they came under contract with the Empire and started to work for them. The Dendarii Mercenary Fleet would tackle the jobs that the Imperial troops couldn't do or was too "messy" for them to handle. Their expertise and determination made their reputation grow inside the Imperial ranks and soon Sith and other Imperial agents were enlisting in the mercenary fleet to better strengthen them. With their fleet growing,the Dendarii Mercenaries still work for the Empire but also take jobs from third party groups. Credits are good no matter what hand deals them and at the base of it all, the mercenary fleet aims to become a powerful force whose name echoes throughout the galaxy..

Dendarii Mercenary Fleet is a PvE focused guild on the Imperial side. We seek to tackle the toughest challenges presented to us in the game and conquer them all. We have multiple raid groups going and have some form of Ops running almost every day. Our guild has a few people who are interested in PvP, GSF, and RP but there isn't a large enough group to warrant resources into those fields yet. We are certainly looking for more members in those areas of the guild to help start and lead things so we can expand into a guild that covers all aspects of the game.
   In terms of RP, this is the perfect chance to develop a brand new story. I have a rough foundation for a guild history but nothing totally set in stone so am willing to work with creative people to create a unique and exciting storyline for our guild. I am also big into story arcs and would love to do RP story arcs and more format RP then casual "cantina" RP. Dice system/stats possible, but not sure how many people are interested in that. Also enjoy RP out in the actual world then around fleet/cantina as it engages the people more than standing around. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining and helping with this.
   We have a Guild Flagship that we are working on finishing up. The parts that are unlocked are greatly decorated and look magnificent. Our guild stronghold is located on Tatooine and that is also amazing. I suggest all come to check it out. You will certainly love it! Pictures of the stronghold will be up in the directory soon!

   Notable PvE achievements:
-   Currently 5/10 on HM Ravagers/Temple of Sacrifice
-   Hateful Entity Cleared
-   Nightmare Terror From Beyond (Timed Run) Cleared
-   Nightmare Scum & Villainy Cleared

If you are interested in joining the guild, contact one of our members in game or myself, Rixbo. You can also go to our website and sign up and submit an application as well.  http://dendarii.enjin.com

Guild Alliance Opportunities!  If you are another Imperial guild or even a Republic guild and are interested in working together to better our guilds and the server, please contact me directly so we can work something out. We are always open to alliance possibilities.

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