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January 2018
Jan 18: Jedi kNight (7:30 PST) - Kyri's Clinic!
Jan 19: Dancer's Palace 9pm PST
Jan 22: Return to Rishi - Indie Night (6:30)
Jan 25: Jedi kNight (7:30 PST)
Jan 26: Dancer's Palace 9pm PST


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Galaar Karyai

House Galaar is formed of a few clans united by the symbol of the hawk and the veshok tree in which it roosts. They are traditionally hunters, and value freedom and the spirit of the hunt and clan, but the clans under their banner contain soldiers, mercenaries, and Mandalorians of all professions the culture can boast. As Zakuul's spectre fades from the galaxy, House Galaar rises from the ashes, growth from destruction, and spreads its wings through the galaxy once more to gather clans beneath its banner...

Those wishing to pledge to House Galaar, under any Clan, should seek out its members and make their voices heard!

What: A Mando RP guild centered around the concept of a Mandalorian House: a banner uniting many clans under it.

Who: All Mandos are welcome! Bring a spirit for RP and a love of the hunt and clan. You do not have to change your IC clan to join. (See below) We are friendly people who love to RP and try to foster a nice community IC and OOC.

Why: We wanted a place to participate in and foster Mando RP, a guild that was fully and wholly centered around that and in the hands of RPers. The concept of being a House allows for characters to join the guild without ICly giving up their clans, though you are also welcome to join the clans of any members.

When: There is no guild night at the moment, but members can be found online at times at some of the various Impside and cross-faction RP events. We also love spontaneous RP!

How: Send me ( @Noth ) a note, post in our thread, or message me in-game on Urziya, and we can do a quick RP and invite you in! RP is not a huge intensive process, just want to get a feel for you before joining.

Officers: Noth (Urziya)

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Moderator: Noth
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Created On: 06/17/17, 10:26:50 PM
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