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Author Topic: Dev Log / Work Notes  (Read 5159 times)

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Dev Log / Work Notes
« on: 07/09/13, 10:03:51 AM »
Trying to keep a better log of what gets updated and changed for folks.

Made some slight changes to what Guests can and cannot see.
Also started working on the "User Menu" block ((Top Left Block, name might change)) to squeeze some more comfortable functionality out of it. 'Show All Unread' should now function as intended.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #1 on: 07/10/13, 04:36:38 AM »
Added additional functionality to the 'My Profile' ((What was once "User Menu")) block on the left.

HUGE update to the member notepad functionality - the userpad will now function in-line with the forum themes, like the chatroom does.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #2 on: 07/17/13, 04:13:05 PM »
Did some bug fixes to both the GuildNet and the Good Post / Bad Post. One bug with the Good Post / Bad Post kinda mucked up how it calculated what to display on the mainpage, and required a reset of the count. Glad I caught it early.

GuildNet now has it's own unique theme. It will now properly display inline.

A large focus of the next few updates will be centered on bringing GuildNet integration with the site to be a little more fluid and transparent - trying to make it stand out a little more and give folks a reason to notice that we have these things.

The separated 'Recent Posts' block is coming along, but I've had to fiddle with a lot of code to get things sorted. It's delayed a little.

Looking into solutions to make Guild Calendars more functional for Guild Events and other occassions.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #3 on: 07/23/13, 02:17:20 AM »
Minor shuffling of backend code to make the GuildNet index fit in line with the new GuildNet App.

Minor pruning to database to keep existing GuildNet users in line with those coming in from the GuildNet App.

Major pruning of GuildNet users who have not yet used any of their services and have been inactive.

Still working on the split Recent Posts block. Hoping that the integration from the GuildNet App brings us one step closer. I am literally one or two breakthroughs away. It's frustrating to be so close and still not quite have it. XD

Guild Calendar solutions have been put temporarily on hold while figuring out the Recent Posts separation.

Major upgrade to the backend code so that our custom additions will match with new themes.

Put together some preliminary designs for Guild Themes coming up.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #4 on: 07/23/13, 01:40:42 PM »
Added a 'Meet and Greet' board by popular request. Now OOC meetups can have a place to organize as well.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #5 on: 08/12/13, 11:14:26 AM »
Cleaned up the GuildNet application process and backend of how new Guilds are added.

The GuildNet Index has been reorganized to utilize the new coding. There will be a minor amount of additional layout reorganization later.

Default images were added to the automation of new Guilds being added to the GuildNet reflecting the faction side the guild plays on. The Guild Leaders board's help doc has been updated to reflect handling the new addition.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #6 on: 08/13/13, 10:14:33 AM »
A bit more GuildNet code cleanup. It's pretty nice and tidy, now.

Added backend functionality to make it easier for replacement admin to make changes from control panels, rather than hard coding changes in.

Added some backend functionality that will allow us to showcase projects of our members.

Fixed that last of the cross-them bugs we were dealing with. Multiple themes are now an option we are ready to use - just gotta make a new one to actually switch between. Will be exploring options and taking suggestions.

Testing the split 'Recent Posts' block over this week. Hopefully we should have a solution in by this weekend. We will see how testing goes.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #7 on: 08/13/13, 11:20:15 AM »
Forgot to mention:
Adding some integration for articles and helpful information that should make things easier to navigate. We know about four folks have submitted articles and are still waiting to see them up - they will be going in as soon as this step is completed.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #8 on: 08/16/13, 05:16:49 PM »
Improved functionality of our chatroom software. You should notice significantly less (if not non-existent!) crashes as well as increased response time.

Updated userbase functionality both as a check-up after our crash but also to better organize for the administration team.

Unfortunately, repairing the damage from our crash has pushed back some of the work on improvements such as the Recent Posts split and Themes.

Added failover backups (rather than manual backups) to our database in case of any further troubles.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #9 on: 09/04/13, 10:12:17 AM »
The Dev added an admin account for me to help oversee GuildNet issues! Yay!

Swept through and got our GuildNet requests that were put in during our downtime and while Dev works on our chat all set up and ball rolling.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #10 on: 09/04/13, 11:01:52 AM »
Chat is now officially fixed up.
Smilies restored.
English fixed.
Avatars editable.
And Muffin Button. Now with real muffins!


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #11 on: 09/24/13, 03:45:18 AM »
A fairly significant update for the GuildNet integration today. After quite a bit of a fight (and yes, it was a fight) we've gotten the basics for the split 'Recent Topics' blocks in place. Under the normal 'Recent Topics' block, those who are in a GuildNet group will now see a 'Recent GuildNet Topics' block that lists ONLY posts made in their GuildNet forums. If you are not a part of a GuildNet group or a Guest, you will not see the block.

-And/or things we're still working out-

1) We're having some trouble getting the avatars to display correctly. Currently all posts will display the default avatar.

2) The normal 'Recent Topics' block still shows posts from GuildNet forums. Still fighting.

3) This does not (yet!) affect the visibility of events linked to GuildNet posts.


As always, we're workin' pretty hard on getting it all together, so bear with us and enjoy at least a piece of what's to come.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #12 on: 10/29/13, 12:17:15 AM »
     If last month's update was 'fairly significant' update, this month's update is a metric ton of progress.

     Obviously, to get to this post, you have likely noticed a shift in the layout of the site if you're a regular visitor. Here's a summary of what has been updated and changed:

     Side Blocks - You'll have noticed that all of the side blocks have now moved to the left-hand side, and that there are fewer than before. The Articles and User Profile blocks have been merged into the top navigation to combine some functionality and optimize page code. The Recent Posts block actually has been expanded into its own thing; more on that below.

     User Navigation - Members will notice a significant change to the upper greeting area (guests will see a small spot asking them to log in). The functionality of the User Profile block has been integrated here, to streamline coding for future projects. This includes private messaging links and their popup notifications, as well as the Recent Posts links - more on those below.

     Main Navigation - The main menu bar of the site has also received some of the same enhancements, with improved functionality on the backend being the focus. Articles are now a part of the main navigation. You'll also note that the main bar has been split - with site areas and locations focused on the left and user profile and options on the right.

     Recent Posts - One of the largest things that was asked for after our last few updates has been a split Recent Posts ability: To see GuildNet Forum Posts independent of the rest of the sites posts, keeping it easier to identify private posts and public ones. Well, it has been achieved. The Recent Post links up in the user section now display more information about the most recent posts you're looking for as well as only show the categories you've specified. Recent Posts will now tell you what forum the post was made in, as well as most information you enjoy from a standard board view: views, replies, and the starter of the thread.

     GuildNet - The GuildNet index has been re-optimized to allow for more flexibility and options for you users to put in for. Among the new options that will be available are the ability to have the GuildNet index link directly to your Guild Site instead of a recruitment page, to have a recruitment page without a Guild Group or Guild Board, and to have the index link directly to your recruitment thread if you so choose. Our aim has always been to build the GuildNet as an open tool for everyone on the Begeren Colony server to use, and these updates help make the tool more friendly to those who do not primarily use BC.org.

     Affiliations - We now have a system in place that will allow us to 'partner' with other interested sites to promote one another in a dynamic way on BC.org. We think it's pretty awesome, but it's a little hard to show off until we get a partner to put into the system. Look for more information when that happens.

     GuildNet App - Mentioned separately from the GuildNet proper due to its size, but also because of a delay. The GuildNet App changes are currently being bugtested and will be put into place on the 1st. Aside from being updated to reflect the new options our GuildNet system offers, the App will also now serve as a way to update information and make requests of the Admins in a more automated manner. This should allow things to be easier to track and also provide a real way for users to be able to put in suggestions or recommendations as well as questions for unusual help or implementation rather than having to wait on a singular person to return a PM. This was the first of a major step that will allow us to expand GuildNet options in the future.

     So that's that. Lots of stuff put in there, and still more to come. A few of the things we're working on bringing in on our next update are Announcement capabilities to allow users to promote events and good threads, integrating calendars into GuildNet, and the elusive Bounty Board.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #13 on: 10/29/13, 12:54:17 PM »
So there was a bug - all the "Unread Posts" links were showing up properly, but none of the "Recent Posts" functionality was showing up. Caused quite a bit of confusion.

This has been fixed, and the top links will now show Recent Posts and work as described above.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #14 on: 10/31/13, 03:16:47 AM »
A day early, the GuildNet App has been updated to reflect the new options available to folks. Such improvements include listing your guilds VOIP information, having your listing in GuildNet be a link to your Guild Site rather than a Guild page here on BC.org, the ability to separate several of the options that were previously grouped together, and most importantly the ability to make general requests to the Admins.

We highly recommend any guild leaders go through the new tool and see what changes they might wish to take advantage of.

The Guild Leaders Help File is still being updated with the changes.

Since this is now updated, those of you who have outstanding Requests with us will now be fulfilled. If you wish to resubmit a request to address the new options, we will work off that - otherwise we will put your services together with the information we already have. Thank you for your patience as we make new things happen.