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Author Topic: Dev Log / Work Notes  (Read 6217 times)

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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #30 on: 12/07/14, 12:56:52 PM »
Upgraded to the new Shoutbox during downtime today.

Reworked the base of Nexus War to integrate with the forum's displkay better - folks should notice the game load MUCH faster.

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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #31 on: 12/07/14, 05:28:53 PM »
I know people do not say this enough to you Bolas and Admins. 

Thank You


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #32 on: 04/12/15, 05:13:57 AM »
Work on a few things has slowed since Nexus War was bought, but things are about to heat up again.

- Fixed an issue with the forum not recognizing several spiders. They are now properly identified as crawly things.
- The forum should properly recognize when users are viewing the FAQ/Guide section.
- Side panels now properly display in the FAQ/Guide section.
- Changed Article structure to help sort the backup data from the Old Wiki for access.
- Integration hooks added for New Wiki to make internal linking easier.
- Removed the 'Other Requests' app from GuildNet, as it is now redundant.
- GuildNet Moderation Change, Part One of Two: groundwork for GuildNet moderators to have Guild Board moderation privileges added automatically.

In preparation for larger changes to profiles made to address concerns with the new wiki:
- Integration hooks have been added to allow for direct linking between Profiles, Strongholds, Wiki, GuildNet, and Threads.
- The top right Profile menu has been completely reworked to showcase prominent features.
- Bookmarking has been added to help users keep track of threads you might reference often. You can find this in the top right menu.
- An easier buddy listing has been added to take advantage of Profile integration hooks. You can find this in the top right menu.
- A segment has been added to the Profiles section for listing where you've mentioned using the Mentions system.

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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #33 on: 04/12/15, 08:38:32 AM »
I LOVE the new bookmarking! That's fantastic! Solves the issue of threads getting so easily buried, like the Jedi Field Reports and the Imperial War Room Docket!



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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #34 on: 04/13/15, 02:54:42 PM »
- Fixed chat colors as previously requested.
- Fixed default chat image display.
- Fixed a bug that the previous bug fixed caused, leaving guest image sizes out of proportion, which caused uniquely uncomfortable issues with PMs in chat. This should be fixed. If you are still seeing image oddities in chat, clear your image cache.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #35 on: 04/13/15, 06:02:41 PM »
- GuildNet Moderation Change, Part Two of Two: GuildNet moderators will find that they once again have moderator powers on their respective Guild Boards. Stickying, splitting, deleting, locking, moving, etc.
- Added a transfer so old Wiki pages can be PM'd.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #36 on: 05/08/15, 10:26:17 AM »
- Fixed a bug preventing text within PM windows to be selected. Attempting to select text in PM windows for copy/pasting will no longer drag the PM windows. PM Windows are still drag-able by the top bar of the window.
- PM windows will no longer be able to be dragged outside the chat screen, causing unusual responses to chat sizing.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #37 on: 05/11/15, 11:40:57 AM »
- Removed ratings on the Stronghold Listing.
- Streamlined internal Stronghold Listing code to be in line with integration hooks added previously.
- Buddy system revamped to allow for buddy-specific actions later down the road.
- FAQ section updated with newer items and processes.
- Spotlight coding streamlined to expand into more than GuildNet on a later update.
- Additional Profile section background updates.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #38 on: 05/12/15, 09:03:38 PM »
- The Profile section has been updated to include several user-editable hooks with the Wiki, Stronghold Listing, and GuildNet. These will be made visible in a later update.
- A user-editable OOC Notes section has been added to Profiles, to be in line with requests such as these.
- A user-editable Plots section has been added to Profiles, to showcase storylines players might be trying to promote. At current, this only showcases a single plot, but additions are being looked into to include more in the future.
- All of these updates are viewable under the "Edit Profile" page.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #39 on: 05/14/15, 07:26:42 PM »
- Streamlined some issues with GuildNet applications.
- Made the interface for editing the OOC Notes and Plots section of profiles easier to deal with.
- Added a new news banner to the mainpage.
- The new banner will be used to showcase major happenings, news items, and player events upon player request.


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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #40 on: 07/12/15, 09:58:05 AM »
- Formatting and BBCode is now available in the OOC Notes section of Profiles.
- Upped the character limit of Plot Summaries and OOC Notes from 1000 to 1200.

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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #41 on: 09/22/15, 10:20:14 PM »
Recent site changes over the last few weeks:

  • Fixed a linking bug in the Graphical Banner. All banner images should link to the proper pages now!
  • Moved GuildNet spotlight block to the left panel
  • Extended Recent Posts from 6 to 9 posts long
  • Added RaidCall info to the Recent News block
  • Split forums filter has been added. See top left Forums menu for submenu that splits among RP, PVE, PVP, and GSF sections.
  • Created "Server Development" forum in the Community Information category.
  • Moved "Guild Master Summits" thread to "Server Development" forum.
  • RP Recruiting forum boards in the GuildNet category have been renamed Guild Recruiting
  • Warzones forum boards in the PVP category has been renamed Warzones and Ranked PVP
  • Open World PVP forum boards have been added in the PVP category

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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #42 on: 10/11/15, 02:47:57 PM »
Recent site changes:

  • Chatroom has been reverted back to the old format. Should now be useable on mobile devices.
  • The LFRP (Looking for RP) tag has been added to possible statuses in Chatroom.
  • Jawabot has been turned on again in the chatroom. Type JAWABOT HELP in chatroom to see what she can do!
  • The following rooms have been added to BC Chatroom: Galactic City, The Shadowlands, Ancient Temple, Looking for RP
  • Updated the FAQ/Guide's Administration Team article to reflect the current BC.org team.
  • Spoiler tags have been added to the BBC code for the forums. See this thread for how it's used.
  • Articles have been subdivided into categories. See top left menu Articles for dropdown menu.
  • Added Media Gallery subforums (under Outside Realm) for media threads.
  • Changed the appearance of several blocks on the website, such as Calendar, Shoutbox, Chatroom, etc.
  • Made multiple blocks collapsible. The collapse state should be saved per user.
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Re: Dev Log / Work Notes
« Reply #43 on: 03/30/16, 07:09:40 PM »
Site technical changes over the last five months:

  • Added colors to different user groups. Admin are red. Arbiters are green. Parts Donors received a line color as part of their one-time Donation Campaign contribution and thus a different blue.
  • PM limit per hour raised from 15 to 50. This is to solve an issue with members attempting to send PMs to a whole guild not reaching everyone.
  • Discord voice program adopted as official BC.org voice chat. Discord app added to left panel of main page.
  • As a result of Discord app, Recent Posts changed to 8 listings down from 9. Guildnet Spotlight moved to right panel.
  • FAQ/Guides edited to reflect most up-to-date community RP events.
  • Added option for site members to send in submissions to the Graphical Banner.
  • After a brief hiatus, the BC.org Chatroom Jawabot, now named EV-A8, is back online!
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