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Author Topic: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)  (Read 2279 times)

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The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« on: 09/01/14, 09:10:14 PM »
Following Recoveringgeek's lead, putting some simple plot developments with images of weekly RP developments for my whole legacy here so people can follow them easily and quickly.  Please feel free to use this thread, like the news for impacts on your own stories- or PM me if you'd like to do a more in depth collaboration!

I'm going to post an extra placeholder or 2 for plots I need to gather pics for in past.[/i]

(This will contain images/brief captions for Early Life, Family images, and backstory not covered in written Prequel threads)

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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #1 on: 09/01/14, 09:11:25 PM »
(Pictures from Wedding event/Piraden and Maerin on Erini)

(Other misc early stories I decide to insert later)

Caben and Nyss (longtime smuggling partner and ex-lover) infiltrate an Imperial
facility during the height of the Corellian Resistance. 

Caben and ______ make early contact with Corellian Resistance leadership after weeks
of smuggling supplies and struggling to breach the lockdown. 

Preparing some special holiday cheer for the occupying forces. 

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<<Wraiths Ops Report>>
« Reply #2 on: 09/01/14, 09:35:42 PM »
<<Coded-Wraith Ops Reports- Chieftain's 'Barstories' >>

Greetings Boss- successful couple days in the Outer Rim.  I'll briefly list the current status of both Ops.

'Shakedown Raid" on Imperial Fleet Facilities, Hoth Sector
Per orders, I took the Fallen Angel out on her maiden mission, leading a raid at the tail end of this week's
heavy fighting at key Hyperspace Junction.  While Imperial Fleets were occupied nearby, the Fallen Angel moved in quickly, obliterating two orbital outposts and giving us needed cover for a targeted raid of a ground facility believed to house some of the munitions captured from White Maw stores following the Auction I attended.  While the valuable auction items were either destroyed or carried off that day, our strike teams were able to bring back a sizable stock of conventional and heavy weaponry from 2 Imperial Warehouses.  We followed standard blackout-procedures on uniforms/ship ID's, any surviving forces will know they were hurt by a Republic-style ship, but wonder who and perhaps think twice about operating with impunity near Hoth again. 

Privateer Chieftain Wysan and Colonel Lagrigo take the Fallen Angel out on final pre-battle jump tests.

Chieften Wysan commands heavy ship and fighter bombardment of southern orbital positions prior to the surface raid.

I have ferried the munitions to stores in our Covert Mid-Rim facility- and am planning to attempt to bring some while contacting Resistance Forces on that planet we discussed earlier.  I have a lead from an individual slicing through the Imperial Comm blackout of an invitation, a first real lead.

Operation Turncoat Embroidery

The Former Sith Apprentice we discussed made it securely to my Safehouse on Tatooine. She appears physically and mentally damaged, but determined and capable.  Knight "Death" pledged to remain with her through the transit to more secure facilities in a few days, along with my wookie crewman and a battledroid.  I also planted leads through Hutt Space and the fighting near Balmorra to confuse the Sith, while having her go to ground in the opposite direction.  Deathkoth has one of the new Stealth-Pikes I decked out so should be well equipped to bring her out soon.   

As to her long-term care, I would suggest Jedi healers be consulted to some serious Force-inflicted injuries that have rendered her mute- although she is quite capable of communicating telepathically.  She is prepared to assume a new identity, and I have placed some underworld traces to flag anyone trying to tail her in the circles I run. 

Initial meeting outside the Greasy Hutt- just prior to a major sandstorm

Caben puts finishing touches on the security and comfort of his secret Safehouse deep within
the Outlaws Den.

((Obviously threads like these are OOC knowledge- but feel free to use the actual events realistically
to impact things that are happening outside my Guild.  Also- assume images/captions are not actually part of Intel reports that could be Sliced- I'm just adding them for OOC fun/cinematic value))
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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #3 on: 09/13/14, 01:47:14 AM »

As matters with the Nexus and Dread Plague escalate on Nar Shaddaa,
Jedi Maerin Wysan and Darth Karmic hold an unprecedented clandestine meeting
at the Wysan Skyhold.

Being a Ladies Night, tea was served.  It was yummy. 

Maerin briefly  stops by the Dancer's Palace for quite reflection on the enormity of threats
facing her chosen home. 

In other news Caben, after arriving home from space finds himself inexplicably sleepwalking and waking up next to his favorite bike, very confused. 
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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #4 on: 09/15/14, 05:55:16 PM »
Maerin and Mistress Drexa meet to address the Dread Plague
threat amid growing concerns into the wider impacts of the Nexus.

Drexa and Maerin examine what remains of Plague-Warped Corpses,
discovering a new insight regarding a Rune ritually etched into the back
of victims eyes. 

Maerin and Drexa attempt to non-lethally subdue Hutt Enforcers while on a
mission to recover further Plague-Warped victims, and rescue innocent
civilians caught up in a Cartel Purge of the Dresendei Industrial Sector. 

Entering a heavily barricaded safehouse of the bounty hunter Dreb who carries vital codes to the nearby Hutt Palace- where an attack has triggered brutal Cartel military action and "processing" camps. 

The two Force users attempt to calm Dred, after he awkwardly mistakes Drexa first for a Jedi, then a Dark Lady.
They are able to escape with his help, freeing half the prisoners of a lethal Hutt camp. 

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<<Wraiths Ops Report>>
« Reply #5 on: 10/26/14, 11:18:44 AM »
////Wraiths sliced intercept/Command Eyes only- source: Sith Intel Service Sector 000-445-DGE datafeed///

Mark Priority 3 for High Command.  Interloper outside Hoth stockpiles, 3 days before mystery attack.  Cross reference facial recognition and body patterns immediatly.

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<<Wraiths Ops Report>>
« Reply #6 on: 10/26/14, 11:24:48 AM »
Daimren Vel-Korr reports progress on re-purposing a captured Imperial Intelligence Listening post on the border of Hutt-Sith Space to Colonel Lagrigo. 

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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #7 on: 10/28/14, 06:27:02 PM »
After an unwelcome discovery the day after the Nexus' closure, Caben undergoes some deep thought, and rehearses an amusing personal story about a cologne that turned out to be for repelling Tauntauns in mating season...

Caben and Minnette make peace with his discovery of her role robbing him, and consider
possibilities between them at the Vertica Lounge a few days after the Nexus is sealed and
she finishes smuggling Jedi to safety. 

Caben finishes repairs to the Wysan Vision and prepares for some business with a friend at his bar
on Tatooine.

Caben has an awkward discussion about why his wookie friend Tevdorr should not remove limbs during
future visits of his not-girlfriend, who shot and robbed them both a few months back in disguise before she
knew them better. 

Maerin enters deep cover to meet Custodum agent Nykell in a Hutt stronghold. (teehee!) 

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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #8 on: 11/08/14, 09:13:55 AM »
A Grand Old Evening

On arriving at Babbo the Hutt's party, dedicated to vintage dress and a golden age of Hutt criminal
fashion, Caben observes Minnette receiving a... somewhat threatening greeting from a business
competitor.  Being a man, he plays innocently with his guns nearby, while leaning on a rack of even bigger guns. 

Caben greets Minnette and offers to show her around and get a drink.  He gives a cheerful wave to the seemingly-occupied Karmic, a decision she will happily help him to regret later in the evening. 

Caben and Minnette exchange a few trusts regarding their pasts between them.  A little later, Karmic shows up with some friends to educate Caben on the diplomatic folly of not paying proper respect to her sexy pants.  And that he missed out on a dance this evening. 

After his friends have retired for the evening, Caben meets a fellow Corellian to deliver a gift on behalf of his sisters' mission to save the Smuggler's Moon from the Nexus-inspired Cult. 

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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #9 on: 11/08/14, 09:25:17 AM »
Looking for Trouble

During a recent raid on an Imperial weapons depot, Caben gently tries to break it to a soldier that he's doing it wrong. 

Caben has a little too much fun at the Greasy Hutt, and gravitational engineers are consulted to help figure out what he drank and fix the effects of a worse than-normal "hang-"over.  He was eventually able to stop floating 3 feet off the ground. 

In a more sober, but arguably not less foolish moment Caben takes the Fallen Angel to his homeworld to meet Nykell and go on a solo relief mission into the tunnels during the Rakghoul Resurgence. 

In this shot, rioting in Coronet is already reaching some of the upper levels as panic takes the capital. 

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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #10 on: 11/22/14, 10:37:01 PM »
Bringing the Party

During Caben's first, undisguised visit to the markets in the Zythian Undercity (shortly
before an overeager Jedi caused a riot and grossly misunderstood the meaning of "covert").

Caben and co-pilot Tevvdor relax at Port Nowhere between jobs. 

Caben on one of several insane weapons-smuggling jumps over Zythia, Sith
Destroyers blurring by at relativistic speeds as he emerges from Hyperspace in the
upper atmosphere along Contention Point's secure trajectory. 

Caben takes a moment while raiding a Sith stronghold.  Just cause, you know,
his ego occasionally needs some love.  Also, evil overlords have nice cushions! 

Also a seasoned whiskey-runner and bartender, Caben offers the Cartel Council
some friendly advice- in a safe, offworld orbital meeting site- following a horrible incident
in which senior Hutts overindulged in a bad batch of Dlarassian Sludge mixed with laxatives
instead of the normal stabilizer preventing it from igniting in oxygen atmospheres.  The
bounties raised against its sellers by the Cartel Council, and to cover property damage to the 3 surrounding districts are record-breaking. 

Encrypted earlier Wraiths footage of the Wysan Vision and a Wraiths strike force seizing a Rakghoul-overrun Imperial Listening post near Kashykk, during a search for intel on Darth Seculus, Darth Thrax and Zythia. 

Caben offers a tour of the Fallen Angel to one of his new Privateers, explaining the facilities
in great detail, and why all the mostly-non-carnivorous Corellian spore plants are essential to his decorating scheme. 

Caben and Kyrston help "Cookie" deliver some provisions to several Republic Outposts on Hoth. 
Shortly later, they must report the sad news of the loss of an entire outpost overrun by Imperial forces. 
But thanks to the "Blue Milk Run," at least everyone gets colorful scrambled eggs for a few months! 

Caben prepares some captured Imperial assault craft for the Wraiths in the Fallen Angel's
hanger bay.  Intended for use in upcoming insertion of a covert team to help the long-term defense
of Contention Point.

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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #11 on: 12/07/14, 01:40:18 AM »
Things NOT to Eat at a Bar on Tatooine

A few months earlier, Caben recruits his favorite Jawa comedy/music troupe to the reopening
of the Greasy Hutt, ensuring an abundant supply of Jawa-dancing, while
also undercutting Czerka's business with them. 

Caben welcomes recent business associates, and his Privateer First Mate Edaera to the a night
of festivities.  A quiet night off for Gorvan Kremmel is balanced by a decidedly not quiet ex-girlfriend/
manager Nyss enjoying a good ribbing... although she plays nice once Minnette arrives. 

A relaxing evening is interrupted by the early return of Caben's Jawa friends, who excitedly
inform everyone they have found a droid to help them win a bet of besting Gorvan Kremmel's
cooking (which, in fairness is not a very tall order).  However, explosions ring out as soon
as the Sandcrawler plugs into the main power generator, and the droid goes from flipping pancakes
to ripping its way out and firing wildly into village. 

Rushing outside to save the bar, Caben and Drexler lay covering fire, while Edaera and Kyrston take the Wysan Vision up and Minnette joins the jawas in sneaking down to short circuit the generator.  A terrific explosion stops the droid, and voids any warranties the Jawas still had on their sandcrawler.

The heroes examine the ancient droid for clues to its origin (and a psychic circuit to give people their desires in order to infiltrate larger communities), and Minnette and Caben share a quiet moment.

The next day, Caben pursues some leads to attempt to find the Tuskan Raider village
which may have been the war-droid's first victims. 

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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #12 on: 01/08/15, 10:36:12 PM »
The Privileges of Rank

Privateer Chieftan Caben surveys his new... um SUPER professional... offices at Wraiths HQ. 

Daimren prepares Initiates for their lightsaber construction trials, and meets his future Padawan at the
Wraiths Jedi Academy on Tatooine. 

Minnette, Caben and an undercover Nykell enjoy a visit to the renovated Wysan Unlimited factory floor. 

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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #13 on: 01/19/15, 01:27:30 AM »
Moments of Decision

Maerin, Caben and Daimren (via holo) join the Jedi Custodum Council, and leaders of
Erini, Zythia and countless other organizations to discuss the terrifying
news of a second Reaper ready to strike Erini. 

Iaera shares her taxing studies of the Quel-Droma holocron, and a few hopes for how to
survive an assault on it. 

Prince Cordae's arrival turns heads.

Princess Shaantil checks in while commanding the Erini miltary response- including the
painful decision to defoliate some of the world's forests to deny the Dark Reaper fuel. 

The Zythian Deprogrammer also risked the journey to join the meeting and appeal
for Republic and Jedi aid. 

Jedi Master Hyse weighs in. 

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Re: The Wysan/Vel-Korr Legacy (ongoing)
« Reply #14 on: 01/19/15, 01:47:33 AM »
Tears and Solace

Tragedy strikes Anchorhead, as a rogue operative entangles Minnette in an escalating Imperial plot, and
a broadcast cantina shootout that left 14 bystanders, including children, dead.  On the run, desperate  and unsure of whom to trust, Minnette seeks promised refuge at the
Greasy Hutt -hoping it will not be mean more betrayal.  She wonders if Caben, with growing business dealings with Darth Karmic may even be sent against her.

With Caben struggling to return through an Imperial blockade, Minnette is first greeted by Nyss, his ex and current
bartender.  The two women evade notice of passing bounty hunters and have a tearful meeting, Minnette is finally
convinced not to give up, and make use of Caben's safehouse and several agents he sent to guard it. 

The following morning, Caben arrives and the two struggle to process the situation and decide who they can trust. 
Finally, it is resolved for Caben and agents Rez-x and S'igy to return to the site of the shooting, to be on the look out for Sith or clues that might lead to Minnette.

Caben arrives in disguise, as do his allies.  They witness grieving, and at times loudly intoxicated townspeople, but no apparent threat of further violence.  Caben risks his cover slightly by contributing to a collection for the families out of a shell account.