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Author Topic: Tales From the Dark Side  (Read 3222 times)

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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
« Reply #15 on: 10/23/15, 09:19:01 PM »
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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
« Reply #16 on: 10/24/15, 10:47:14 PM »
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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
« Reply #17 on: 09/22/16, 10:33:02 PM »

A lone figure wandered through the frozen wastes, covered in a black hooded cloak and thick dark robes. The cold, ashen ground crunched under the hooded figure's boots as he walked along at a casual pace toward the ruins of a temple ahead of him. In the distance behind him, the ruins of once shining towers and skyscrapers reached toward the sky like the fingers of a withered and skeletal hand. Much of what remained of the planet Ziost looked like this now, a barren, frozen wasteland with not a soul to be found, except for those who arrived from offworld to pick through the bones. There was nothing left to stake a claim over, nothing left but memories of what once was, but memories fade after a time. A cycle after the former Sith Emperor decimated the planet, it seemed like everyone had already forgotten Ziost, save for the scavengers.

But the dead never forget. Voices whispered through the air and shadows shifted around as the hooded figure climbed the steps toward the temple ruins. He paused after reaching the top, gloved hands raising up from beneath the folds of his cloak to pull back its hood, revealing the face of a Sith Pureblood with dark red-violet skin and burning red eyes. His large, muscular frame was only made bulkier by the thick robes he wore. Hanging from his belt were several pouches and a single lightsaber with a two prong bladed hilt. The voices whispered his name before suddenly falling silent, acknowledging his presence. The presence of their master. Darshendros.

As the Sith Lord entered the temple, another Pureblood in a hooded cloak stepped out of the shadows, lowering his head in subservience. He had crimson skin and yellow eyes, and although he was smaller than Magius in stature, he was no doubt just as deadly.

"Welcome back, master. I trust your mission was successful."

"You do not need to call me that anymore, Lord Umbral. You're no longer my apprentice," the Sith Lord replied, using the name he granted to Jevlas after he completed his training and earned his Darth title by single-handedly killing a Monolith.

"And yet, I am hardly your equal either, Lord Magius," Umbral replied.

"The mission was a failure, but there was much learned," Magius said as they walked down a long, dark corridor toward the temple's main chamber. "While I couldn't discover what ritual Vitiate used to destroy this planet, I did find something... unexpected. I'll explain more once we're off this planet. How were things on your end?"

"Barely any activity of importance happening around here anymore," Umbral answered. "What's left of the Empire and the Republic are too focused on hunting down our former Emperor and their own conflicts to pay attention to a dead world. Not that there's anything left here to pay attention to. We're finally leaving then, my lord?"

They entered the main chamber of the temple. Much of the floor was covered in debris. It was as dark here as in the rest of the temple, some areas darker than others with shadows that appeared to be moving. There were two archways on each side of the chamber and an obelisk with Sith writing carved into it standing in the center.

Magius nodded. "There is nothing to be gained here, and I mean that literally. Vitiate's destruction of this planet was complete."

"I could have told you that a cycle ago, my lord," Umbral said.

Magius shrugged and began heading for his personal chambers. "Pack your things. We're leaving in the morning."

Umbral bowed his head again, disappearing a moment later as he cloaked himself in shadow.

A day later, Darth Umbral's X-70B Phantom was loaded with all of their possessions and personnel, including the droids and slaves Umbral brought with him to Ziost a cycle ago, along with Darth Magius' HK-51 assassin droid. They crewed the ship with Umbral in command. Magius overlooked everything. The ship's cloaking device enabled the ship to leave the planet undetected, jumping immediately into hyperspace.

"My lord, these coordinates take us deep into the Unknown Regions," Umbral stated after they were underway. "Where exactly are we going?"

"Away from this mess," the Sith grumbled. In fact, he wasn't sure where they were going. The Unknown Regions was uncharted, hence the name, but Magius had a good feeling about this. He would find what he was looking for.

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Darth Malephice
« Reply #18 on: 11/15/17, 07:38:06 PM »
5 years later...

You've changed bodies again.

The old one was insufficient.

No one will ever recognize you now.

That's the point.

Traveling through the vast reaches of the galaxy had a funny way of affecting a person's passage of time. With all of the different stars and planets and the varying degrees of how much time constitutes a full day, let alone a year, it's impossible to know how much time has passed on the planet you came from. Factor in the dilation of time and space from traveling through hyperspace numerous times. A person can only truly ever discover how much time has passed once they have returned to their starting point. More often than not, more time will have passed than they anticipated. Nothing quite looks the same, old friends are dead or gone, and in the case of the Sith Empire, a new Emperor has been crowned.

A lone figure in a dark hooded cloak stood in the rain just outside of the Sith capital on Dromund Kaas. No one seemed to notice him, nor the way he stayed completely dry despite the downpour. A few minutes passed before a spherical probe droid floated through the air toward him. It stopped and hovered before the cloaked figure, who pulled out a datapad from under the black folds of thick cloth draping over his shoulders. Data was downloaded from the probe to the datapad.

It seems I've been gone much longer than I thought, he mused to himself as he read the information on his datapad. Most of it was recent history - gossip, news reports, military reports, fleet movements, the status of the war. The information was grim and disappointing. It was also incredulous and made no sense logically.

"What the fuck is the "Eternal Empire"...?" he asked to no one in particular. "More importantly, how were they able to dominate both the Sith Empire and the Republic so easily? A fleet that powerful couldn't have gone so unnoticed all this time. It's like they literally came out of nowhere for the sake of disrupting the war."

The probe made a twittering sound, still hovering in front of the hooded figure, awaiting new orders. "Go away," he said and the probe turned and floated back toward the city. He put away the datapad and stepped into the shadows of the wet jungle, emerging in a small clearing, one of many that now dotted the landscape, broken and burned trees surrounding a bombed out crater. The destruction around the planet was one of the first things he noticed upon his return to Dromund Kaas.

"I'm finished here," he said after activating his comm unit.

"Yes, my lord," came the reply from other other end. A shuttle arrived soon after and picked him up, leaving for orbit. Sitting in the passenger cabin, he pulled back the hood from his cleanly shaved bald head and adjusted the mask covering his nose and mouth, breathing through the respirator. He looked at his datapad again, brooding over the information he had obtained. One of the shuttle's crew members came into the cabin from the cockpit, bowing her head fearfully.

"Darth Malephice, we will be arriving on Nar Shaddaa in a few hours," she said.

"Wake me when we get there," Darth Malephice replied before pulling his hood over his head and dozing off to sleep.
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Darth Malephice
« Reply #19 on: 11/18/17, 03:46:07 AM »
Nar Shaddaa

Malephice was having a dream about dragons when his shuttle docked at the starport on Nar Shaddaa. Travelers and locals kept a wary distance from him as he made his way to the Red Light Sector, where he had recently taken up residence in a warehouse that must have been owned by smugglers or pirates at some point before it was abandoned, judging from all the empty crates and weapons racks he had thrown out. It was located well enough away from any major traffic to be noticeable, which was probably the warehouse's main appeal to those sort of people.

The warehouse had few amenities and even fewer furniture. He had just returned to this side of the galaxy after all, so he hasn't had time to decorate yet. There was a couch, an old rug, and a bed in the loft upstairs. It was a work in progress. The security system was the first thing he had installed. The best in top notch Imperial hardware, complete with an auto-turret that came out of the ceiling to stop thieves dead in their tracks. It also helped having an assassin droid holding the fort while he was gone.

An HK-51 assassin droid greeted the Sith Lord after stepped into the warehouse. It almost greeted him with a blaster bolt to the face, but immediately lowered its rifle as soon as it saw that it was Malephice.

"Reminder: Master, you should send word ahead when you are returning to base. I would hate to mistaken you for another meat bag coming through the door at night," it stated.

"Right. I forgot," Malephice replied as he removed his cloak and hung it off a hook on the wall. "I'll let you know, next time. Though, if you did accidentally shoot me one day, I'll tear off your arms and have you reprogrammed to be a waste disposal droid."

"Statement: Noted for future reference. I will ensure to run a facial recognition check before opening fire."

Malephice looked at the droid as he removed his respirator mask, his lips curled in a crooked smirk. He and the assassin droid had spent all these years travelling together and often bantered back and forth like this to pass the time. Despite what most people say, space was absolutely boring ninety percent of the time.

"Any news?" Malephice asked as he plopped down onto the couch and leaned back lazily against the cushions.

HK handed him a datapad. "Answer: I have downloaded all relevant information there is about recent events off the Holonet as well as private Imperial and Republic databases and compiled it all together into an orderly timeline detailing the recent war and its aftermath. Conclusion: Suffice it to say, master, both sides are in no condition to continue fighting for much longer. That is likely why they have focused all of their remaining efforts on claiming the planet Iokath, located in the region of space referred to as Wild Space. According to the information I have gathered, it is the source of the Eternal Fleet and a superweapon of magnificent power."

"War never changes," Malephice remarked dryly as he reviewed the information gathered by the assassin droid. "And while all eyes are on a distant robot world, I will finish what I started here before the Emperor went and made a mess of things."

He set the datapad down, his tone suddenly becoming dour. "Perhaps it was fortunate that we left when we did. The war may have destroyed us as well, if it claimed the lives of the Dark Council so easily."

"Conjecture: You may have met your demise, master, but this unit would have survived regardless of the outcome. The fifty-one series were designed to be durable," HK boasted.

"You make a good point," Malephice replied. "Yes, there's no doubt I would have survived the war too, even prospered from it. All those lives... Such wasted power. Perhaps, had I stuck around, I could have even challenged Acina and become Emperor instead, but there was no way to know that Marr would have met his end so quickly. He'd have made a good Emperor, if only he were more like Malgus. Good thing I'm not a gambling man."

A loud pounding noise suddenly came from the door. Malephice rose up from the sofa. HK-51 turned and raised its blaster rifle toward the door.

"Statement: My sensors indicate multiple hostile meat bags, master. Shall I activate assassination protocols?"

Malephice had a fanged, hungry grin on his face as he put his mask on. His eyes glowed a fierce red. "You'd think they'd have learned their lesson the first time. Let's have some guests for dinner then. Permission granted."
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The Subtleties of Seduction
« Reply #20 on: 11/25/17, 03:08:37 PM »
Nar Shaddaa

It took about a week for Darth Malephice to grow bored with living in a warehouse in the slums. Bored and living way below his standards. It was time for an upgrade and he had his eye on one of the hundreds of sky palaces that floated around the city, owned only by those with enough influence or credits to afford one. He had neither, but he did have something else that would gain him access to such prestigious real estate: a female apprentice. But before he could teach her the subtleties of seduction, he needed to break her out of her shell.

Mordatia proved to be a quick study when it came to Sith teachings, but Nar Shaddaa was a complete culture shock to her. Not surprising, considering she came from a world from an uncharted part of the Unknown Regions. Although it looked like the planet's past civilization might have been capable of hyperspace travel, they left behind a wasteland for their descendants to live in. It was the only life Mordatia knew before Malephice found her. Now here she was, on a planet with millions of aliens from hundreds of worlds, all crammed in together in a bustling, endless city lit with neon lights and buzzing with speeders and music and noise. She hasn't left the warehouse since they moved in.

"It's time for a new lesson, my apprentice. This will be something different from the usual, but it is necessary for achieving our goals."

"What is your bidding, my master?" Mordatia asked, kneeling before the Sith Lord.

"This is to be a lesson in subtlety. Masking your presence and spying on others, gleaning information that we'll need," Malephice answered. "I got you a job at the Star Cluster Casino. Don't worry, it's not permanent. They'll show you the ropes, but your main objective will be to observe. I will guide you. However, you are not to use your abilities. They cannot know that you are Sith. Which also means that you'll have to leave your lightsaber here."

"Master, are you sure that I'm ready for this?" she asked nervously.

"You are," he reassured her. "You start tomorrow, but tonight we'll go there to begin your lesson. Go change into something nice."

"Yes master," she said, rising to her feet but keeping her eyes lowered, returning to her quarters to change out of her black robes.

An hour later, they stepped out of a taxi that brought them to the Star Cluster Casino. Malephice wore a tailored black suit with red neck tie and a black long coat, black trousers and boots. His lightsaber was hidden inside of his coat. His usually pale, veined face looked almost normal with some color to it, though the color of his eyes remained blood red. Mordatia wore a black dress with lace trimmings, her dark hair falling to her shoulders. She had a black lace choker around her neck and an assortment of rings on each finger, high-heeled stiletto shoes on her feet. They walked arm in arm together up to the casino's entrance.

"So many different people," Mordatia commented in awe. "Why do they come here?"

"You don't have gambling on your world?" Malephice asked.

"There is, just not like... this," she replied.

"Just wait until we get inside," he chuckled.

So much noise. Malephice forgot how noisy casinos were. He hated it. He had to remind himself this was necessary. It was either this or some random cantina, but the chances of finding high rollers bumming around in a cantina weren't as high as in a casino.

"This is where the galaxy's desperate come to gamble their dreams away," Malephice explained as they walked past rows of slot machines. "A rare few will actually win but most of them lose. Sometimes they lose everything. Ignore these people. They are not your goal."

They stopped once they reached the gaming tables. Sabacc, Pazaak, roulette wheels, dice; the big money games.

"These are who you'll be watching," Malephice added, indicating the players sat at the tables. Some looked fancier than others. Some had higher stacks of casino chips in front of them. All of them had that same fevered look in their eyes, as best as they could to mask their face of any expression.

Mordatia was silent, taking it all in and trying not to have a panic attack. Her master sensed her anxiety and gave her hand a squeeze. "Calm yourself, apprentice. It's not as bad as it looks." He gestured with a nod to one of the many women walking around with trays, serving drinks to gamblers. "That will be what you'll be doing. Most importantly, you'll be looking for the high rollers. You'll know them when you see them. Learn from the girls."

"Y-yes, master," she stammered, taking comfort in Malephice's touch.

They spent the next couple of hours observing, Malephice explaining things to her. He played a couple hands of Sabacc with a Devaronian. He bowed out after winning both games and a handful of credits, not wanting to arouse any suspicion - he was cheating, of course, using the Force to read his opponent's mind. The Devaronian wasn't letting him leave so easily though, especially after it caught a brief glimpse of the lightsaber Malephice hid under his coat. Foolishly, he grabbed the Sith Lord's wrist to prevent him from leaving the table, accusing him of cheating. At least, he was about to before he suddenly felt very sleepy and let go, slumped back down into his chair, and started snoring. Malephice gave the credits to Mordatia.

"Consider it a bonus for the inconveniences you're going to experience," he said.

The next day, Mordatia reported for her first day of duty at the casino.
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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
« Reply #21 on: 11/29/17, 10:49:05 PM »
Spoiler: show
Personal log, [month/day according to the SITH calendar], 21 ATC.

It's been a week since Mordatia started working at the casino. She reports in every night. Seems she's learning her way around the new job quickly, but I expected that of her already. She is a bright pupil, reminds me of myself sometimes. One of my selves, anyway. I expect to hear results from the task I sent her on soon, and hopefully we'll have somewhere better to sleep than this dusty, empty warehouse.

I grow more troubled everyday with news from the Empire. I'm disappointed in how weak it's become. Measures are being taken to restrengthen the Empire's dominance; measures that were once thought heresy by the Dark Council and which cost a respected ally his life. I find the irony highly amusing.

Too little, too late. The war with Zakuul cost the Empire too much, and yet they squabble what little resources they have remaining on resuming conflicts with the Republic. Do they even still count the Mandalorians among their allies or has Mandalore fully committed them to this "Alliance"? It is a significant blow to the Empire if it's the latter.

I need more information... Unfortunately, the contacts I had maintained before I left the Empire have all turned up dead, thanks to Zakuul. I need to travel back to Imperial space and establish some new connections, stay in the loop, find something I can turn to my advantage or, at the very least, something that doesn't involve this mess. More importantly, I need to find out who's still alive in the capital.

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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
« Reply #22 on: 12/02/17, 02:16:16 PM »
Dromund Kaas

Malephice didn't think he would be back in the capital so soon. He wanted to avoid Dromund Kaas as much as possible, but it was also the only place he could think of to get the information he needed. At least no one recognized him. Then again, there were so many Sith walking around with hoods on that they all probably looked the same to the common Imperial citizen. No one bothered him as he walked into Kaas City.

He stopped in the city square to look at a familiar building. Though it remained abandoned, a few faded posters remained on the wall near the entrance, serving as a reminder of the building's former occupants. Nostalgia was never something he was prone to. He blamed it on old age.

Across the way, a probe hovered in the air, watching the hooded Sith. Malephice did not notice it though, his back turned. He almost thought about going inside. Almost. He walked away instead, heading toward the speeder pad to catch a taxi. The probe followed him, keeping its distance.

"My lord, can I interest you in a tour of beautiful Kaas City?" asked a plainly dressed boy holding a stack of tourist brochures, holding one out to take. He looked young, barely an adult, probably not even old enough to legally drive.

"Boy, I was living in Kaas City before you were even born," Malephice replied as he walked past.

There were a lot more street peddlers than he remembered. A street merchant was selling knock off holocrons and Sith memorabilia, another selling dolls of Empress Acina, Darth Marr, and other notable Imperial celebrities. Wasn't there an actual market area for all this? He thought to himself.

It was then that he noticed the probe following him, but he didn't give it away that he did. He took a taxi to the Sith Sanctum, noting that the probe stayed outside after he entered.

He had never seen the Sanctum look so empty. There were a few people around, the usual employees one finds at the Sanctum - a custodian, a mouse droid zipping around - but not as many Sith as he last remembered. Where is everyone? he wondered.

"May I be of assistance, my lord?" a protocol droid walked up and asked.

What did he even need assistance with? He wasn't sure anymore, but he was coming to the conclusion that Kaas City might not have the answers he was looking for.

"No, I was just leaving," he answered.

The probe was still outside when he walked out of the Sanctum. This time, he looked directly at it. It tried to turn to flee, but Malephice pulled it to him with the Force and held it in place in front of him.

"Why are you following me?" he asked. The probe discharged a bolt of electricity but he held his grasp, the mild shock only irritating him.

"Who is your master?" he demanded.

The probe chirped a response. Malephice released his hold and it floated back from him a few feet, just enough to project a holoimage to stand before him.

"Apologies, my lord. My droid can be a bit feisty when its feeling threatened," said the holoimage of a man in a fancy cape with crew cut hair. Though he couldn't see the man's skin color, Malephice recognized enough racial distinctions to tell that the man was a Sith Pureblood.

"Probably because I don't like being spied on," Malephice replied grumpily. "Who are you?"

"I could ask the same of you," the Sith responded calmly. "Normally I'm not surprised when a Sith Lord's identity doesn't register on the database, due to masks and changing wardrobes and such, but you don't even register as human. Nor any other alien species known to the Empire. So I have to ask, my lord... Who are you?"

The transmission came to an abrupt end when the probe suddenly collapsed upon itself and exploded. Malephice unclenched his fist. The thought occurred to him after that the Sith he was speaking with might have had some answers for him, but he was already annoyed enough as is.

"One more stop and then we'll go," he said to himself as he made his way back to the speeder pad, ordering a taxi to bring him to the Dark Temple.

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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
« Reply #23 on: 12/09/17, 03:00:35 PM »
The Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas was under construction, much of its exterior covered in tarp or scaffolding as workers - more than likely slaves - rebuilt sections of it that had been destroyed when Zakuul bombarded the planet. It was also completely off limits. Normally, that wouldn't stop Malephice from doing what he wanted, but he also wasn't keen on arousing any unwanted attention, especially after the earlier incident with the probe. He obviously didn't look like anyone supervising the work crews. He returned to the starport instead to ferry a shuttle back to Nar Shaddaa.

Back on the Smuggler's Moon, he checked in with his apprentice and was pleased to know she had made some progress in his absence. A wealthy businessman who frequented the casino had taken an interest in Mordatia. He even asked her out on a date, which she refused the first few times. He was persistent though, which she hoped he would be, and finally got her to agree to go out with him. It was a pleasant date, dinner and drinks, and he was eager to know everything about her. She lied about everything, of course. She was surprised at how easy it was to manipulate him; she didn't even have to use her powers. Should she feel bad about that? Her master told her no, she should feel empowered by it. Malephice looked him up on the Holonet just to be sure he was the kind of person he wanted his apprentice getting involved with.

Nole Malos was the co-founder of a successful startup tech company on Corellia that was purchased by Czerka a few years later. He moved to Nar Shaddaa's Corellian Sector after war broke out on Corellia, living up the nightlife as a rich bachelor. He also enjoyed playing Pazaak, perhaps a little too much, and was a regular at the casino. No family to speak of and it appeared he had all of his fortune with him on Nar Shaddaa. He was the perfect mark. Too perfect. He had confidence in his apprentice's judgment though, so he allowed her to proceed, just as long as she remembered her orders.

In the meantime, Malephice sat in his dusty warehouse and brooded. Although he had no actual plans formulated yet, he knew there was much to do and he was giving himself little time to do it. Impatience was always one of his major flaws.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. He didn't answer it. There was another knock, louder, and then followed by pounding. Annoyed, Malephice left his room and began to approach the door to find out who he needed to kill for disturbing him, but before he could get down the stairs, there was an explosion. The door came flying off the hinges. Four troopers in black Imperial armor rushed inside through the smoke, blaster rifles drawn, taking position around the blasted doorway. A Sith Pureblood in a black flowing cape and curved-hilt lightsabers hanging off each hip entered after them. Malephice recognized him as the one that was spying on him and had tried to communicate with him on Dromund Kaas before Malephice destroyed his probe droid. He wondered how he found him.

"You must really have a death wish if you followed me all the way here," Malephice threatened as he ignited his lightsaber, staring them down with death in his eyes.

The Sith remained silent as the troopers moved into action, firing upon him with their blasters. Malephice expertly deflected the shots with his lightsaber, striking down two of the troopers with precision aim. He lifted another into the air and threw him into the remaining trooper, sending them both crashing to the ground and finishing them off with a blast of Force Lightning. Smoke rose from the gaps in their armor.

The Sith Pureblood slowly clapped his hands. "Still deadly as ever. Good! I would have been disappointed if this was all for nothing."

Malephice wasn't listening, just annoyed and angry now. He thrust out his left hand and sent a torrent of lightning at the Sith. The Sith's curved lightsabers were already in his hands though, lighting up just swiftly enough to catch the crackling energy upon their blades.

"I'm not here to fight you, my lord," the Sith stated calmly.

"Could've fooled me," Malephice replied. He sheathed his lightsaber and used that hand to fire more lightning, but it was also caught on the Sith's blades. The Pureblood gritted his teeth holding it back, feeling himself starting to get pushed back.

"I'm only here to talk. Honestly. These soldiers were only a test to make sure you are who I think you are," he said, swinging his lightsabers out to either side to finally redirect the lightning away from him.

"And who do you think am I?" Malephice asked with his lightsaber back in his hand.

The Sith lowered his sabers to his sides but kept them ignited, taking a defensive posture. "We found your scuttled ship. Honestly, my lord, if you were trying to cover your tracks, you should have found a more discreet location to leave it. Even if it's been missing all these years, the registry still had your name. Darth Magius. After seeing you on Dromund Kaas, it was easy to connect the dots."

"Darth Magius is dead," Malephice lied, hiding his emotions and guarding his thoughts. "Died on Ziost with everyone else. I am Darth Malephice. Remember that name. It'll be the last thing you know before you die."

The Pureblood was almost caught off-guard with how quickly Malephice closed the distance between them. He stepped back and brought one lightsaber up to parry a strike, blocking with his other, swinging and weaving them around to keep up with the Sith Lord's flurry of attacks. The attacks were too quick for him to counter and he would soon have the wall to his back, he realized. He did a quick step back from another strike and turned to the wall, running up it and pushing off to launch himself over the aggressive Sith Lord. Malephice was hoping he would do just that, however. As soon as the Sith's feet touched the floor, he was knocked back by a thundering blast. As the Sith staggered back on his heels, Malephice disarmed him and grabbed him around the throat with the Force, lifting him up into the air.

"You're going to tell me everything you know, starting with your name."

The Pureblood rasped, "Dem... Demolus."

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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
« Reply #24 on: 12/10/17, 11:50:00 AM »
Somewhere on Nar Shaddaa

The air smelled of ozone, blood, and sweat. Locked in a small cell and shackled to a torture rack, a bloody and bruised Demolus looked upon his torturer with his one good eye that wasn't swollen shut. Darth Malephice stood before him, electricity crackling between the talon-like fingertips of his gloved hand.

"If I hadn't already been catching up on recent events, I'd say that everything you told me so far was a lie or you have some serious delusions," Malephice said. "Let me get this straight: Someone called the Outlander - what the hell kind of title is that, anyway? Sounds like something you'd call a speeder - puts together a rag-tag rebel alliance consisting of both Imperial and Republic assets, and single-handedly takes down the Eternal Empire. And no one can seem to confirm this Outlander's actual identity? How does that even happen?"

"I--" Demolus started to respond, only to be cut off as he was electrocuted again.

"It was a rhetorical question, you idiot!" Malephice said in frustration. He grabbed Demolus by the throat, his talons digging into the Pureblood's skin.

"Did this so-called Alliance send you to spy on me? Is that what this is? Tell me why you're here," Malephice said, using the Force with that last statement to exert his will upon the Sith's mind to compel him into obeying him. Demolus, already weakened from the torture inflicted upon him by the Sith Lord, couldn't summon enough mental strength to resist it.

"I... came to rejoin you, my lord," Demolus strained to say. "After I found out who you were, I followed you, despite knowing I could very well die. I want to complete my training, but if you weren't who I thought you were, I would kill you instead."

Malephice released his throat. "Join me? And why should I let you do that? What value would you be to me?"

Demolus took a moment to catch his breath before answering. He also needed that moment to think what value he could be to his former master. "I have... information and contacts I've made after your disappearance. Safe havens. A ship. Most importantly, I have remained loyal to you all this time, awaiting your return. I may have joined your cult, but it wasn't the Emperor I worshiped. It was you... my master."

Malephice was amused but hid any expression of it. "Touching. As it should be. That was the primary purpose of the cult, after all. Sway their influence until my name and the Emperor's were one and the same, use that to propel myself to that highest seat of power... or at least the Dark Council. But then the Emperor died and Malgus tried to usurp the throne, ruining all my plans."

"Why did you join him? Surely you knew he wasn't going to succeed."

"Malgus had a vision and I also happened to shared those ideals. I was also going to usurp him if he succeeded," Malephice laughed, shaking his head. "But I underestimated my followers' loyalty to the Empire, as well as Malgus' idealism. He must have known there was only one outcome to his scheme. Damned old fool. Ilum cost me all I had been working to achieve, though I find it ironic how, years after, his vision has finally taken root in these desperate times."

"You would have made a grand emperor, Lord Magius," Demolus stated with obvious sarcasm.

That triggered an explosive response from Malephice, who unleashed another torrent of lightning on his prisoner's battered form. "My name. Is Malephice," he yelled angrily as Demolus cried out, writhing in pain against his bondage, every nerve burning, every muscle spasming.

Malephice stopped when the Sith went limp, his head lulling forward. He checked his pulse. It was weak. Demolus was dying.

"No. No no. I'm not done with you just yet, my wayward apprentice," he said sinisterly. He channeled the Dark Side of the Force to restore some of Demolus' vitality - just enough to have him survive through the night. The Sith's breathing became easier, pulse steady.

"There is still much you're hiding from me and I will uncover all of your secrets before I decide your fate." Malephice gagged Demolus' mouth and left the cell, locking the door behind him.

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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
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Nar Shaddaa - Correllian Sector

A speeder taxi glided up to the landing pad of a sky palace in the Corellian Sector. A fair-skinned, female human with shoulder-length dark hair, wearing a sleek black dress and a coat with a fur collar, stepped out of the taxi, approaching the entrance to the mansion. Mordatia was uncomfortable in such simple garment, more accustomed to the outfits she wore on her homeworld. They were made from leather, hide, and cobbled pieces of scrap and scavenged junk, sometimes resembling armor. They looked better and had more utility, like pouches and places to hide knives. This little black dress though? She felt naked in it. She reminded herself that this all served a purpose though - her master's purpose, at least.

"Moria, I'm so glad to see you again," Nole Malos greeted her at the door, nervous but excited. Moria Gann was the alias her master set up for her when she started working at the Star Cluster Casino and was the only name Nole knew her by.

This was their third "date" and she suggested they should have it at his home. He was too enamored with her to say no. He took her coat and led her inside, giving her a brief tour of his home. The sky palace was bigger than anything Mordatia imagined. Some of the rooms looked like they had never even been touched but were furnished and decorated as if for show like in a model home. So many rooms, so much space, all for one person. It was ridiculous, she thought, and he was undeserving of such luxury. Her purpose was made more clear.

"I hope you're hungry. I had my droid prepare a meal for us. Do you like Corellian food?" Nole said as they walked through the foyer toward a set of doors leading into the dining room.

"Oh yes, I'm famished," Mordatia replied with a smile, as if flattered that Nole thought of feeding her. She had no idea what Corellian food even looked like.

The meal turned out to be a feast. The long dining table was covered in an assortment of food - meats, vegetables, fruits, at least three different kinds of pie. It was all way more than just two people alone could eat.

"Uh, are you expecting more guests?" she asked innocently.

"Well... I wasn't sure what kind of food you'd like, so I asked my droid to make everything. I spared no expense," Nole answered.

"I'm flattered, Nole," she lied. She was disgusted by the excess. "This all looks really delicious, thank you. Let's eat!"

They sat on opposite ends of the long table while Nole's C2 droid - which wore a butler's uniform, of course - served them dinner. It was a full course meal, starting with a soup, then a main course of their choosing, and finally dessert. It was accompanied by fine Alderanian wine and Corellian brandy. Other than instructing the droid which food they wanted, it was awkwardly quiet.

After dinner, Nole brought her downstairs to relax in his in-home theater and watch a holonovel. She brought the brandy with her. She wasn't particularly interested in the movie they were watching, but she acted like she was. The brandy also helped. It was about a kid on Tattooine who goes on an adventure with a creepy old man Jedi hermit, because life in the desert is so hard and tedious. TRY LIVING ON A PLANET THAT'S AN IRRADIATED WASTELAND, YOU LITTLE SHIT! she screamed in her mind while smiling at Nole every time he looked at her.

"This place could use a woman's touch," she said suggestively later in the night as they stood on the balcony overlooking the neon glow of the ecumenopolis.

"I think you're right," Nole agreed, smiling. "You're welcome to come over whenever you want."

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to be imposing," she replied.

"No no, I insist. I want to give you anything you want, treat you like a queen," he said.

"But why? I'm just a girl you met at a casino. I'm no one special," she said humbly.

"You're wrong. There's something special about you. I can feel it. You're so beautiful," he swooned.

"No one has every treated me so nicely," she said, blushing. "I am so happy."

She cupped his cheek with her hand and leaned in close, kissing him on the lips. He embraced her in his arms and they held each other for a long moment before pulling away just enough so that she could look into his eyes. She caressed his cheek, drawing her fingertip along his jawline. His eyes clouded over, seeing only her.

"Now you are mine," she stated, her tone dark, her smile malicious. Nole was oblivious to it all.

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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
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Nar Shaddaa - Shadow Town

The Sith Pureblood laid limp and unconscious on the floor of a dirty prison cell, lit only by the red ray shield that locked him inside. His body, stripped of clothing from the waist up, was covered in bruises, burns, and cuts, but he was still breathing. Darth Malephice stood on the other side of the force field, wearing a hooded cloak and Sith armor, a respirator mask covering half his face. Except for the clawed gauntlets and the skull adorning his belt buckle, he would have been the spitting image of Darth Malgus. A probe droid floated next to him, its spidery, robotic arms hanging under it holding an assortment of medical and torture tools.

"Wake up, Demolus," the Sith Lord said. When the Sith was unresponsive, Malephice nodded to droid. The ray shield was turned off and the probe entered the cell, its arms rotating around on the gyro they were attached to under its head. One of the arms reached into a compartment attached to the droid's chassis and pulled out a syringe filled with a green fluid, injecting it into the Sith's neck and then leaving the cell. The ray shield came back up immediately after.

Demolus woke up with a start and looked at his surroundings. As soon as he saw Malephice, he scrambled on his hands and heels to the back corner of the cell, eyes filled with fear, curling up into a ball to hide from him.

"Stop looking so pathetic," Malephice said. "You are Sith. Have some pride."

Demolus remained cowering in the corner.

"You have been very cooperative so far, so I'm giving you two choices," Malephice continued after it seemed like Demolus wasn't going to respond. "You can remain in this prison cell until you rot and eventually die." He saw Demolus flinch. "Or you work for me and maybe earn a place at my side again. Which do you choose?"

Demolus didn't hesitate. He knew his choice. He didn't have any other. He crawled on his hands and knees out of the corner toward Malephice, his head low to the ground. "I serve you, master," he said.

Malephice was satisfied, but that hardly meant he trusted the tortured Sith. He lowered the ray shield anyway and tossed Demolus' twin curved lightsabers onto the floor in front of him. This would be his first test, Malephice considered. Demolus hesitantly reached his hands for them and, for a second - Malephice sensed it too - he thought about activating them and attacking his master, but he knew there would only be one outcome to that scenario. Alive or dead or in-between, he would be forced to serve him. Demolus clutched the hilts to his chest.

"Arise, Lord Demolus," Malephice said. "Once you've gotten yourself cleaned up, your first task awaits."

"Yes, master," Demolus replied submissively, rising slowly to stand. When he looked up, however, Malephice was gone. Only the droid remained, which he followed out of the cell to another room at the end of a short hallway. He found himself in an abandoned prison block. None of the other cells had anyone in them nor could he sense anyone nearby. The lights in the corridor were dim, running on low power, as well as inside the medical clinic he had followed the droid into. It patched him up with efficiency and gave him another kolto injection, easing away the aches and pains. A fresh set of black clothes and a cape also waited for him in the clinic, which he changed into after the droid was finished. He felt instantly better after putting on the cape.

A holo-projector on the wall activated and displayed a hologram of Darth Malephice with a pre-recorded message.

"Lord Demolus, I hope by now that you've recovered enough to begin your task. As you may have guessed, you're in Shadow Town, in one of the prisons abandoned by the Sith Empire. There's a shuttle in the nearby pad. You will take it to the coordinates already input in the shuttle's navicomputer. Once you have arrived, contact me for further instructions. End of message."

Or I could just flee, Demolus thought after Malephice's hologram disappeared. No, his every move was probably being watched. Where would he run to, anyway? He left the prison and found the shuttle where he was told it would be. It was the standard Imperial shuttle, its hull sporting a few battle scars and weathered paint, scorch marks from blasters. It was obviously stolen from somewhere. Imperial shuttles get stolen a lot.

Demolus went aboard and started up the engines. He checked the navicomputer and found a set of coordinates already laid in.

"This will take me deep into the Unknown Regions," the Sith mused. "What could be out there that he wants?"

Demolus got some much needed rest while the shuttle traveled through hyperspace. Travelling out that far was going to take a while, he figured. In his dreams, he relived the torture he experienced at the hands of his master. He woke up several times throughout the trip, but every time he went back to sleep, the torment started anew. He decided to just stay awake for the last hour, more weary than he was before, and tried meditating instead. He called back on his training, using the pain from those memories as a focus, deepening his connection to the Dark Side, plotting his revenge.

The shuttle jolted as it came out of hyperspace. Demolus opened his eyes and returned to the cockpit to find out where he had been taken. The shuttle had entered orbit around an uncharted planet. Scans showed it to be inhabited, with mostly breathable air but pockets of radiation in the atmosphere and areas on the its devastated surface.

"What is this place?" he wondered.

He went into the back of the shuttle to contact his master, as instructed. He dropped to a knee and bowed his head as Darth Malephice's image appeared.

"My lord, I have arrived," he stated.

"Good," Malephice replied. "I am transmitting another set of coordinates. You are to land your shuttle there and then seek out the dark side nexus on this world. You should be able to find it easily if you concentrate on finding it. Unless some tragedy has befallen them, you should find some people there. Bring them to me on Nar Shaddaa. Tell them, their master calls for them."

"If I may ask, master, what planet is this?" Demolus inquired.

"The people there call this planet Taerh," Malephice replied. "I discovered it a few years ago while wandering through this region. Think of Taris but with less rakghouls... although they have ghouls of their own. If any of the locals give you trouble, don't hesitate. They certainly won't. Your first priority will be getting them into the shuttle and back to Nar Shaddaa. I don't care what means you do it, just as long as they're brought back alive."

"Yes, my master," Demolus complied. "I will inform you when the task is complete."

Malephice's image blinked out and Demolus returned to the cockpit, piloting the shuttle down to the surface. It very much reminded him of Taris, a wasteland of broken buildings, burnt husks of vehicles, and bomb craters as far as the eye could see. There was no vegetation to speak of other than some tumbleweeds and dry patches of grass. He also very keenly felt the Dark Side on this planet, and it grew stronger as he neared the coordinates Malephice had given him. As the shuttle landed, Demolus' eyes grew in wonder. He wouldn't need to follow that feeling to find the nexus; someone had built something very closely resembling a Sith temple out of all the scrap laying around. It stuck out like a rusted sore thumb, a color most appropriate for such a structure. The shuttle landed not too far from it and he exited it, eager to find out who and what these people he had been sent to find were, only to find out that they were just as curious about him as well.

They came out of the shadows, human-looking people wearing dark hooded cloaks and armor made from patched together pieces of leather, hides, and scraps, wielding edged weapons crafted from the same junk as their armor. One man in particularly, who must be their leader, Demolus surmised, wielded a crudely made red lightsaber. Its crimson blade didn't have the solid shape of typical lightsabers, but rather flared like a torch, coming to a tapered end. They paused when they saw Demolus' red skin, and when he ignited his twin lightsabers, they began whispering among themselves. There was no doubt in his mind that these were the people Malephice told him to find. What did you do here? he wondered. Are these... Sith?

"Your master calls for you," Demolus said loudly, keeping his lightsabers lowered at his sides. "He has instructed me to bring you to him. Come!"

"We are the masters now," said the man with the crude lightsaber, and he charged toward Demolus.
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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
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Unknown Regions
Coordinates: Unknown

The wasteland warrior's technique was as crude as the lightsaber he wielded. Demolus shuffled back on his feet, dodging and parrying attacks with ease. He could have quickly ended it at the first opening he saw, but he was more curious to know what these people have learned. He was testing the man's martial prowess and was unimpressed so far, seeming more like a street brawler than a Sith. He lacked discipline. It was time to end this.

The warrior telegraphed a wide overhand swing that Demolus easily moved back from, and then he lunged forward and unleashed a quick flurry of attacks with his twin lightsabers. To his surprise, the warrior's stance suddenly shifted and he went on the defensive, moving his flaring lightsaber to block and parry Demolus' strikes as swiftly as he could deliver them. He's been toying with me, the Sith mused in his thoughts, which only made him angry. He did not like being mocked.

Demolus continued his momentum, his lightsabers working in harmony, left and right, thrust, slash, twirl, cut, too fast for the warrior to counterattack. He recognized this as well and went on full defense, swinging his lightsaber to block or parry, leaning away or taking a few steps back to keep the twin blades from slicing him up. Their duel continued for a little longer than Demolus has expected. Focusing his annoyance into anger, he thrust out with the Force and knocked the warrior away, sending him flying back several feet. As he got back on his feet, the other scavengers that came with him began to move, but he raised a hand to stop them.

"Enough!" he said and deactivated his lightsaber. "Apologies, my lord, I needed to find out if you were who you say you are. The best way to know was to fight you. You are strong in the Force. If you are truly a messenger from the Red God, we will come with you to join with him again."

The Red God? Demolus shouldn't have been surprised that his master would allow such primitive looking people to revere him as a deity, but he was. "Yes... I am his messenger," he replied. "I am Lord Demolus, apprentice to Darth Malephice. As I said, he sent me here to retrieve you and... your people." He glanced at the gathered warriors, six in all, and wondered how many the shuttle could actually fit if there were more of them.

"I am Harald, leader of the Tribe of the Red Hand. Darth Malephice taught us the ways of the Force and we have used it to take control of this region after he left with two of our own," the warrior stated.

Demolus wondered who the two were. He didn't recall ever seeing anyone resembling these people in Malephice's company. He honestly didn't care who they were. He just wanted to get this mission done with so he could get off this ruined planet.

"How many are in your... tribe?" Demolus asked. "Seating space on the shuttle is limited. It can fit twenty, at most."

"Then twenty we shall take. The rest can remain here and guard the temple. We will need some time to gather our things. Would you like to see the temple, my lord?" Herald asked.

Demolus sighed. "Very well, lead the way."

The Sith Temple was built over the ruins of the original temple that had stood there before the city was destroyed by the catastrophe that ended this world. Any materials they could scavenge from the surrounding area to build with were used - metal, wood, vehicles, cargo containers, sturdy junk in general - welded or tied together or wedged in so tight it couldn't move. Demolus found himself actually impressed. He felt the energy from the dark side nexus as he entered their temple. It was easy to see why they chose this place. The interior was sparsely furnished, a few benches, more junk piles in the corner, but it was the pyramidal object sitting on an altar on a raised dais that caught his attention most of all - a Sith holocron.

"Where did you get that?" Demolus asked, pointing at the holocron.

"The Red God left it for us to continue our training," Herald answered.

"The Red God," Demolus scoffed under his breath.

Demolus activated the holocron, but he wasn't met with the ghostly, bearded image of Darth Magius, like he expected. What greeted him wore Magius' armored robes and carried his lightsaber, but he had the face of an Ancient Sith. Was this Magius'/Malephice's true form or simply a tweaked holographic projection? Demolus couldn't know for sure.

"I am Darshendros the Eternal, a Dark Lord of the Sith. If you have survived accessing my holocron, you have taken your first step in learning how to become a powerful Sith Lord, just like me, what it means to be Sith, and the nature of the Dark Side of the Force. Simply respond with which lesson you wish to go over first as I list them off. If you wish to skip to advanced lessons, say, 'Advanced.' If you simply wanted to just gaze upon my glorious visage and waste my time, just say, 'Deactivate.' Your choices are..."

"Deactivate," Demolus said quickly. The image of Darshendros vanished before he could begin listing off the endless number of lessons contained within the holocron. Demolus suddenly felt uneasy, but he didn't know why. There was a feeling of dread within him when he looked upon that image. The Red God. He didn't feel this when he encountered Malephice before being sent here. Plus, he looked human now. How many faces does he have? He wondered.

"You look troubled, my lord," the tribe's leader said behind him. "Is something wrong?"

Demolus turned around, holding the holocron in his hand, and looked at Herald. "No, I..."

He looked at his hand. How did that get there? He tried to drop it, but his hand wouldn't obey his command. Suddenly, he felt a surge of energy pulse through his arm and spread throughout his body. He felt his mind slipping, losing control. His body began moving on its own. He felt completely powerless.

"Ah, finally," Demolus heard himself say with a sigh, but he wasn't the one speaking. "I was wondering how long we would be here. It's time for us to depart this planet. Gather the chosen ones. We leave at first light tomorrow."

Demolus watched Herald grin. "Hell, it's about time," he said before leaving the temple to carry out his task.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions," Demolus said to himself as he replaced the holocron upon the altar. "You will get no answers. For now, just enjoy the ride."

Demolus felt his mind being pushed back further into his subconscious, like falling into a well only there was no bottom. The light, his vision, retreated until it was a tiny pinprick. Something heavy weighed down on his chest and prevented him from moving. There was only falling.

What? What is this? What are you?! He screamed out in his mind, only to hear it echo back at him.




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Re: Tales From the Dark Side
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Nar Shaddaa

Nole Malos and Moria Gann stood outside of their home waiting for the arrival of the taxi. It had been two weeks since they consummated their relationship and he had since let her move in with him, given her a spare key to his sky palace, and given her joint access to his bank account. He was wrapped around her finger so tightly, he was oblivious to how dangerously fast things were moving between them, nor how foolishly generous he was being.

"I can't believe I'm going to meet your father," Nole said nervously. "I hope he likes me."

"Don't worry, my love," Mordatia replied, "He's been eager to meet you since I told him about you."

"Ah, that must be him now," Nole said as a speeder pulled up to the landing pad. "How do I look?"

"Good enough to eat, my dear," she said with a grin.

They approached the pad as the taxi's passenger stepped out, pulling away after the door was shut. He wore a long black coat with silver accents, a black and grey vest underneath it, black pants and knee-high boots, and black long gloves over his hands. A wide-brim black hat sat snugly on his head, shading his dark eyes and pale skin. This was probably the fanciest outfit Mordatia's ever seen Darth Malephice wear, and she admired how handsome it made him appear.

"Mister Gann, it is so great to finally meet you," Nole greeted warmly and extended his arm for a handshake.

Malephice took his hand with a firm grasp. "Yes, I have heard to much about you, Nole," he replied.

"Master," Mordatia greeted, bowing her head. "Everything has been prepared for your arrival."

Nole looked at his beloved, suddenly confused. "Master? I thought you said he was your father."

"Who I am is irrelevant," Malephice said. "In a few moments, none of this will matter for you anymore."

"What are you talking about? Honey?" he asked, looking from Malephice to Mordatia.

"Would you like to do the honors or shall I?" Malephice asked Mordatia.

"I'm the one who's had to suffer him for the last two weeks, master. I think I should be the one to do it," she answered, glaring at Nole.

Malephice reached into his coat and pulled her lightsaber out, tossing it to her.

"You're Jedi?!" Nole asked incredulously.

Mordatia stood in front of Nole and placed her hand on his cheek, caressing it. "No, my dear," she said coldheartedly as she pressed the hilt of her lightsaber to his abdomen with her other hand and activated it, impaling him upon the crimson blade. "We are Sith."

Nole gasped, his eyes welling up with tears and pain. "But... I..." he gasped as he reached up to touch her face. She pulled away, scowling with hatred, and ripped her lightsaber out through his side. She curled her hand and lifted him off his feet with the Force.

"You will never touch me ever again!" she yelled in anger before throwing him over the side.

Malephice cackled. "Good, good. Your hatred makes you strong."

Mordatia turned to face her master, pointing her lightsaber at him. "If you ever make me do something like that again, I will kill you!"

"Now you're sounding like a true Sith apprentice," Malephice replied cooly as he took off his hat. He glared at her with his red eyes. "But do not forget your place."

His lightsaber flashed out of his coat, knocking her's aside, and now his pointed at her. She stepped back and deactivated her lightsaber, bowing her head. She knew her threat was an empty one, but she was caught up in the moment.

"Yes... my master."

Malephice put his lightsaber away and put his hat back on. "Well then, now that that's settled, how about you give me a tour of the place. We've got some redecorating to do."

After getting a tour of their new home, Malephice received a call. Demolus was on the other end of the link, but he recognized the Sith Pureblood's changed nature.

"I take it everything has gone according to plan?" Malephice asked.

"Indeed," Demolus replied, grinning. "We are on our way to Nar Shaddaa with twenty of our finest acolytes, all initiated, of course."

"What about my holocron?" Malephice inquired.

"Still in the temple," Demolus answered. "It's proven quite useful since you departed and we may need to bring more of them here in the future, so I left it. How are things on your end?"

"We've just acquired a more suitable residence," Malephice replied. "Ready to receive you upon arrival. I'll send you the coordinates."

"Coordinates received. We'll see you soon," Demolus said.

"Indeed," Malephice grinned.

The first crates began arriving as the shuttle touched down on the larger landing pad attached to the sky palace. They all gathered inside and began tossing out all of Nole's possessions, making room for the supplies and furniture that Malephice had requisitioned. Mordatia had been unaware that more of her kin were joining them but she was thankful for the company. She recognized her former tribemates but she also sensed something different about them. She sensed the same feeling she sensed from her master in all of them, and it confused her. She made a mental note to ask him about it when the sky palace's "renovations" were finished.

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Trials of the Apprentice, Part I
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Malephice sat in meditation in his new chambers. It was the master bedroom, the same room where Nole Malos and his apprentice slept, but since he barely did any of that himself, he had the bed and everything else thrown out and the room's aesthetic changed to suit his tastes more - lots of red and black, trophies and Sith artifacts, a couch. He was pleased with how smoothly things had gone so far, but he knew it wouldn't last. He needed to be prepared for the inevitable proverbial "other shoe" to fall. It always does. What or when it would be was what he wished he knew.

A Sith Pureblood in a black, flowing cape stepped out of the shadows in a corner of Malephice's chamber. A pair of curved lightsabers hung from his belt. Demolus stood before Malephice, pacing slowly and gazing at the room's decorations, appreciating its aesthetic.

"You haven't told her yet, have you?" Demolus asked.

"She'll find out when the time is right," Malephice replied.

"It would be easier to just convert her," Demolus said.

"She is strong with the Force and only growing stronger. No, we will save the conversion for those who aren't strong enough, or for those who try to betray us. Speaking of which..." Malephice opened his eyes to gaze up at Demolus.

"Ah, yes," Demolus replied with a grin, looking at his own hands and flexing them open and closed. "Demolus' sense for survival was all that got him through the last few years. Pity there wasn't potential for more, but we've fixed that now."

"What have you learned from our wayward apprentice?" Malephice asked.

"More hiding from skytroopers than fighting them," Demolus said with disgust. "When Dromund Kaas fell, he stuck to the jungles, using his probes to spy on the Eternal Empire's activities on the planet, staying out of their way until word of the Outlander began to spread. He took the first opportunity he could find to leave the system and join the alliance on Odessen, but he never actually met the commander. He's been training alongside other Sith recruits, as well as Jedi, as ridiculous as that sounds. He was going to join the campaign on Iokath, something about a superweapon, but their Voss Mystic sent him to Dromund Kaas instead. Apparently, she had a vision of us and perhaps sought to use him to recruit us. Not that we'd ever join them."

"Voss and their visions," Malephice scoffed. "More likely, she sent him to assassinate us."

"Whatever the case, he failed either way," Demolus said, chuckling.

"This could present an opportunity though," Malephice said musingly, rubbing his chin.

"Not with a Mystic in their ranks," Demolus countered, knowing the Sith Lord's thoughts.

"Ah, but a Mystic's job is not to interpret," Malephice replied with a smirk, quoting the Voss' tradition. "Who knows, maybe this was meant to be."

Now it was Demolus' turn to scoff. "Voss and their visions. Very well, but I may need to borrow some supplies lest our cover is blown."

Malephice nodded and waved him off. "Take what you need and learn what you can."

"And avoid the Mystic as much as possible, yes," Demolus finished.

Malephice rose to his feet. They sensed another presence in his chamber. She is indeed becoming stronger. "It's not polite to eavesdrop, apprentice."

Simultaneously, they both turned in the same direction and raised their right hand. Mordatia was pulled out of the shadows on the opposite side of the room where Demolus had appeared and dragged across the floor to stand before them. She was wearing a black hooded cloak and her patchwork metal-plates-and-leather armor, her hands clawing at her throat as she gasped for breath. When they released her, she dropped to her knees.

She bowed her head reverently. "Apologies, master. I was coming to speak with you when Lord Demolus also appeared. I didn't want to interrupt."

She's been here the whole time? How did we not sense her sooner? Malephice thought. "Well, go on then. What did you wish to speak with me about?"

"I think I know the answer to the question I was going to ask you now. Why my people seem so... different," she said, daring a glance up at Demolus.

"Different how?" Malephice asked.

"You... changed them, somehow. When I sense them, I sense you... because they are you. And so is he."

Demolus looked at Malephice. "Well, she knows."

Malephice looked at Demolus. "She always was a quick study."

"What should we do with her now?" Demolus asked as he moved to stand behind her. His lightsabers were in his hands but remained inactive.

Malephice looked down at Mordatia. "What do you think we should do with you, my apprentice?"

"Share your power with me, master, I beg you. I wish to join with you as intimately as they have," she pleaded.

"Intimately?" Demolus raised a brow. "Just what have you two been doing since you left Taerh?"

Malephice ignored the question. "Even if I wanted to, I couldn't do it here. Besides, you're strong enough on your own and I have other uses for you that do not require such a... close bond. Shut up, you," he said when Demolus snickered.

"What would you have me do, master?" she asked humbly.

"Our new arrivals require proper weapons. As crude and effective as their blades are, this isn't the wasteland and they're practically junk here," Malephice said.

"Literally junk," Demolus added.

"Take them hunting," Malephice continued. "We're going to need some crystals for all the lightsabers we'll be making. You remember how you got your's, right?"

Mordatia smiled at the memory of her first Jedi kill. It seemed like only yesterday.
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