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Author Topic: The Chronicles of King Dorian  (Read 7926 times)

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The Chronicles of King Dorian
« on: 05/16/15, 10:07:41 PM »
The sound of the ever present rain drowned out the sounds of the people talking. Dorian had grown to enjoy the sound of the rain here on Dromund Kaas. “Sire. Do you agree with what Count Adhemar suggests?” Sir Greagoir asked as he looked to the prince. “Once we finally take this planet and establish a colony, do you really think it is wise to expand our domain to other planets within the system?” The old knight served as his father’s advisor and now advised the young monarch.

“Why shouldn’t we? We will still pledge our loyalty to the Empire, but shouldn’t our kingdom make up the entire system?” The count gestured to the image of the Shadren system. “Our new homeworld will be able to hom the Empire’s naval base along with our own capital. Yet we can extend to the other planets as well. Mining resources here.” He gestured to the third planet in the system. “Or a resort world here.” He gestured to the moon of the fourth planet. “Your majesty, we were sent out to colonize a world. Yet we did not have the technology that the rest of the Galaxy has. Let us secure this system for our people and the Empire.”

Gazing at the image of the system and looking to the men gathered in the room, Dorian weighed the choices in his head. “Moff Trakal is the governor of the sector where our new home will be in. I shall seek his advice on the matter, as we do not need the rest of the Empire to think that we are turning traitor.” He tapped his chin. “Once I am made a Lord of the Sith, then I will be more comfortable in securing these worlds for my kingdom.”

Dorian shifted his weight as he sat on his throne. “My ruling on this is that until we secure our new home, we shall not talk of taking another world. Now, I wish to speak with Sir Greagoir alone. The rest of you are dismissed.” He gave wave of his hand, gesturing for the those of his court to leave. The count gave a small bow, but his angry look was not hidden well. Several other noblemen and noblewomen shared the expression as they filed out of the throne room.

Once all the noblemen had left his throne room, the prince let out a sigh. “How did my father deal with all of this? I much rather be piloting my starfighter.” Getting up off his throne, he gestured back to the holoprojector. “I will admit, that my ambitions drive me to claim this system for myself. Right now though I do not have the power to subjugate the entire system. I have my fighter wing, the army that my beloved has gifted me, and the Gungan mercenaries I have hired. These will not be enough. When I have become a Sith Lord, then I might be able to pull together enough forces…” He sighed again as he looked to the knight. “What would my father do, Sir Greagoir?”

“I do not know, sire. Back home we were focused on taking near by nations, not worlds. This is something that I do not think he would have been ready for, but we have faith in your judgement, your grace.” The old knight walked over and patted the prince upon his shoulder, giving the young man a smile. “Plus, I am sure you can ask Douches Numair what you should do. She knows you better than anyone else. For now, perhaps you should go meditate? You always seem to find the answers you seek after you do that.” Greagoir gave his shoulder another pat.

“You are right. Thank you. Let the nobles know that I will know what to do in a few days time. I have Imperial matters I must see to as well as my own training in the ways of the Sith. In the mean time I will have you take my place in court.” Dorian smiled back at the old man. “You honor me, your grace.” The knight gave a small bow. “You may take your leave, Sir Greagoir.”

The prince lingered in his throne room alone. “I may not have been born with red skin, but it doesn’t mean I do not wish to have a legacy that rivals the great King Adas.” He walked from his throne room and off to the room he dedicated to meditation and the dark side of the Force.He sat himself down before an altar that had a holocron upon it. Closing his eyes, he reached out to touch the Force.

He felt the dark side all around him, its presence was strong here on Dromund Kaas. It was during this times that he meditated on the Force that he had come to an understanding. The dark side was not evil nor was the light side good. They were both different halves of the same whole. The dark side was an agent of conflict and destruction. Conflict was needed to bring about change for good or bad and without destruction there could not be rebirth or creation. It was this way of thinking that made him a willing agent for the dark side to work through.

Embracing the dark side like it was Ismeria, the prince would seek his answers from the Force. His ‘god’ would surely have the answers that he was seeking. Breathing in slowly, he would remain in the room meditation for the rest of the evening.
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« Reply #1 on: 05/30/15, 06:27:01 PM »
Dorian gazed out one of the windows in this war room, tuning out the voices of his council. “Sire, what do you plan on doing with the increase of natives that have come to live within city’s walls?” The new baron of the Akk woods asked as he looked to the prince for answers. “Baron Francis, they will be treated with the respect and honor that we would treat any son or daughter of Ordova.

Shifting his gaze away from the jungle that was off in the distance, Dorian returned his attention to the gathering of nobles. “We will not deny them their culture, but they should learn about ours. The technology we brought to this world will greatly improve their lives and tribes that joined us will be lifted above those that ran to the jungle.

Holding up his hand, he motioned for the droid that appeared to be a protocol droid to step forward. “Switch to the display of the jungle.” The droid’s built in holoprojector displayed a map for the nobles that focused on an area of the jungle that was home to the natives that were still keen on fighting. “We know that they are living in this area. Their attacks on the construction crews has died off for now, but they still wish to try and drive us away. They have no proper weapons and can’t defeat us in a traditional battle. This is why they are using children and ambush tactics to try and kill our people.

The image switched to an Akk wolf and an odd avian creature that they his men had been calling Screechers. “I have talked to some of the leaders of the tribes that have sworn fealty to me. They have shamans of sorts that use the Force in a primitive way to tame these beasts. Between the two of them, the Akks are more dangerous because of their size and strong hides.” Another baron added in. “Doesn’t help that their jaws are strong enough to destroy droids.

“These shamans are the reason why the tribes that still wish to fight have sided against us. They believe that their gods have claimed that we are evil or some other nonsense.” Dorian got up from his seat and walked over to the window. “I plan to show them that their shamans are nothing compared to the might of the Sith.”

He focused on the jungle as his hands brushed against the lightsabers that hung from his belt. “I will send one of locals to bring a message to these shamans. That I challenge them all to a duel. They should bring all their people to the edge of the jungle to watch the fight. I will set the terms as this: If they win our people will leave this area, yet if I win they will all have to bend the knee and pledge fealty to me.

Turning around to face his nobles, he had a serious expression upon his face. “When I win I shall flay the skin from their shamans and chieftains. Their flesh will be turned into a shirt I shall wear, to let any of the others know what happens when they wish to cross the ruler of this world.”  Some of those in the room with him were taken back by this. “Sire, are you sure that is wise?” Baron Francis asked as he looked between his fellows.

Let my cruelty be known to those that wish to conspire against me. I will look after and provide for all my people, as I have done up until this point. Though I will deal out swift and terrible punishment to those that wish to plot against me. Once I have done this act, I will treat the rest of these people as I would any of my other subjects, but they will know what will happen if they wish to follow in the footsteps of their leaders.

See to it that the messenger is sent out. I also want those that were warriors for their tribes to be taught to fight like the Imperial troopers are. Those that rode Screechers test for skill at being pilots. Otherwise make sure that they all have a home and a role to fulfill. I forbid anyone from treating them like lesser people.”  Dorian would give a wave of his hand to dismiss the nobles. He watched them bow to him and depart from the room.

Once they were gone, he turned his attention to the droid. “You are to send some of your fellows to keep an eye on my nobles. Report back to me if you have concern that some of my nobles wish to replace me.”

Statement: I shall do as you command, master.” The hunter-killer droids that he had bought from the Czerka Corporation were going to be useful. “You may go now as well.” The droid turned away from its master and walked out of the room. “I have a long way to go to prepare my holdings for whatever may come.

Looking out past the walls of his city to the jungle once more, he thought that it might be time for him to go off and explore his new holdings. Perhaps a hunt was needed so that he could learn the lay of the land around the capital. He smiled some. The idea of using a bow to hunt would prove to be a worthy challenge for him.
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« Reply #2 on: 06/29/15, 02:12:49 PM »
Sitting alone in his meditation room, Dorian reflected on the nature of the Force. He opened his eyes and smiled, for it seemed as if the Force had given him an idea on what to do today. For the day had come for Dorian to duel those shamans that spread tales about him. They said his coming foretold the end of these people’s way of life and that death would come to this world if the invaders were not driven out. In a way they were right, but he would not have these men and women cause any more chaos.

Standing up from the floor, he turned his gaze to the window of his room. He could see where the tribes were gathering at the edge of the jungle. If they had proper weapons, they would be a threat. At the moment they were nothing more than pests, but once he had them under his dominion he would see to it that they were well trained and armed. Looking away from the window, he walked from his meditation room to his personal armory where two of his servants awaited him.

“I will be wearing the black armor over there.” Dorian gestured to the one of the armor racks. His squire, Gabriel nodded his head and went to get the armor. The other servant was new face, a young man who was a native to this world. Both of them would go about dressing the prince in his armor. “I require a mask. Fetch me the one made of bone over top of the black Kililk silk.” Gabriel motioned for the native to go off and fetch as he made sure the armor was secured.

The servant held the mask out to Dorian before taking a few steps back. Dorian slipped the silk over his face so that the bone part of the mask rested above his nose and around his eyes. The world was tinted black from the silk, but it not limit his vision too badly. “Send word for Sir Greagoir to meet me outside the palace. Once that is done, you both are free to join the others in watching what will happen today.” He did not wait for them to leave first, he exited his armory.

The prince made his way down to the lower level of his palace, a part that was kept secret from everyone other than a select few. He entered a place that seemed as if it was it were both a laboratory and a prison. As he studied Sith alchemy, he had plans to create monsters that would serve him, like the ancient Sith kings that came before him had.

Monsters though was not way he came. He had bought several ancient shikkar while he was in Kaas City. He wanted to try and create similar weapons, but today he would need to use one of these items. It was a shame to waste one on a pest, but it would at least be a flashy death for the poor soul. He sheathed the glass dagger and attached it to his belt, so that it rested on his back.

With his shikkar now on his person, Dorian took a hidden path that lead to the entrance of his palace. With most of his servants out today, there was no chance that this entrance would be discovered.

Outside Sir Greagoir was waiting for him. The elderly knight arched a brow as he looked at his masked prince. “Sire, why are you wearing… such a thing?” Dorian merely shrugged his shoulders as he motioned for the knight to join him in his speeder. “Because I no longer wish to lie about the masks I wear. Even if I were not wearing this, I would have a figurative mask on. So instead let them see this literal mask. This is a custom I hope more of our people adopt.”

Greagoir merely nodded his head. He was worried about his young prince, perhaps becoming Sith was changing him more than he thought. The two of them rode the to the western gate in silence.

Upon exiting the gate, they left the safety of their walls and were now greeted to the sight of the tribes before them. Scouts had reported that they were numbered roughly in the thousands. More than he had thought. “Sir Greagoir, make sure that after the events of the day that these people are treated well. Find them homes and provide them with whatever they need to get by. Then we can sort them out to find them jobs they may be good at, if they had no skills before hand, make sure they they are trained.” Dorian spoke in a neutral tone as he gazed out at the tribal peoples. “Yes sire, it will be done.”

Giving the man a small pat on the shoulder, Dorian would hope out of the speeder. “I will go it alone from here.” He gave this order as he walked towards the arranged meeting spot between him and these shamans. It was close enough that both sides could see what was about to happen. There were five of these shamans in total. They stood around talking with one another. It was clear to see that they were dressed for war. Each wore leather armor and had a spear or some other crude weapon by their side.

The prince would give a small bow to the group as he walked towards them. “Forgive me. I do not know your tongue very well.” He spoke to them in their native tongue. “I wished to speak to you all so that we could come to an understanding.”

“We don’t need to understand. The spirits tell us that you are evil and will bring harm to us all!” Roared the largest man of the group as he stepped towards Dorian. He was the unlucky one who would be his first target. “The spirits say I am evil? If this is so why do they offer their power to me?” He lifted his left hand slowly upwards, causing a near by rock to lift up off the ground. “I am blessed like you all.” His smile was hidden as he watched the primitives discuss this new knowledge between each other. “It does not matter!” Yelled an angry looking woman. “The spirits warn us of the danger you pose!”

Dorian nodded as he looked at his second victim. “Very well. If the spirits are on your side and not with me, you should be able to strike me down in a duel. They would not let me win after all if I am here to bring harm to you all.” He pointed to the woman first than to the large man. “You two first.” He motioned for them to come forward with his left hand.

Wasting no time, the large man rushed forward and jabbed his spear at the masked Sith’s chest. Dorian twisted his body as the edge of the spear glanced across the metal of his armor that covered his stomach. The large man smirked as he punched the prince in the face. The brute strength of the man forced Dorian to fall back. With a loud thud, he impacted the ground. Not letting advantage of this chance slip by, the female jumped forward. The tip of her spear was aimed right for the Sith’s head.

Time seemed to slow down as he watched the spear come down at his head. He rolled his body to the right as it seemed to speed back up. The edge of the spear sliced through his mask and left cheek. Dorian reached out with the Force, pushing the both of them back a few feet from him.

Dorian flipped onto his feet just as the male shaman rushed him once more. He thrusted his spear at the prince again. Instead of dodging, the Sith subtly shifted his body to make the weak spot in his armor open to the man. Laughing, the big man stabbed the prince, right where he had wanted him to. He drew the shikkar and drove it in a downward angle into the man’s throat. With a twist of his hand, the glass blade broke off and was left inside the man’s throat as he gasped for air.

A grunt could be heard as he discarded the now broken dagger. He took hold of the shaft of the spear near the tip. Drawing upon the Force, he would squeeze his hand until the section he held shattered in his grip. The female let out a roar as she rushed at him. “Die!” She screamed as she tossed her spear at him. The spear pierced the prince’s shoulder, yet he made no move to draw his lightsabers. They were not needed for this bit of theatre.

Grasping the shaft of the second spear, he ripped it from his shoulder. Tossing it away, Dorian turned to face the other three. “As you can see your spirits favor me. After all I am still standing.” His right hand extended towards the woman that was trying to kill him. Slowly his hand started to close, as if he were making a fist. Strangled cries could be heard from the woman as Dorian kept his gaze seemingly on the three that had not attacked him yet.

“Kneel or suffer the same fate. I come to uplift your people, but if you wish to die as savages then I will provide you all with such a fate.”  A sickening cracking sound could be heard coming from behind the Sith. He tossed the lifeless corpse of the woman into the dying man. “My right to rule is divine. Your spirits side with me.”

The three spoke to one another. Two of them kneeled before Dorian, but the third, the eldest of the lot stood there. “I admire your courage.” He spoke in a soft voice as he took a step towards the old man. “I shall grant you a quick death.” He drew his lightsaber from his waist. As soon as he ignited the weapon, he slashed through the old man’s neck. Severing his head from his body. “You two shall tell the rest of your people that we are now one. Once that is done, you will report to my palace where I shall teach you how to truly serve your spirits.”

Tears rolled from their eyes as they nodded their heads. “Go. Tomorrow a great festival will be held in honor of this day. Just know, I will know if you are up to no good.” Dorian turned from them. Switching off his weapon and attaching it back to his belt as he made his way back to his speeder. His laid hidden behind the silk that covered his face. His thoughts now turned to what he would need to do next.
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« Reply #3 on: 07/13/15, 08:30:20 PM »
On Shadren Five, things were going well now that the natives had united finally under the prince’s rule. What had helped the various groups come together was the large festival that was thrown. The games and party like atmosphere helped distract people of their differences and whatever issues they might have had. It brought them all closer together, for now.

Not long after the festival was held, Dorian had one his servants, Siochaire, come to his palace to help him with something. He wanted a makeover before he left to return to Imperial space. Siochaire dyed his red hair black first. Then with the use of some Sith pincherbugs that came into Dorian’s possession, he had the girl tattoo his face and the back of his shoulder. The entire process was painful, but as this was the traditional way a Sith marked their flesh, he endured it. The finishing touch to this makeover were a pair of yellow contacts that would mimic the look of someone that had embraced the dark side.

Once his makeover was done. He gathered his nobles to inform them that he would be returning to Imperial space for some time. He appointed his cousin Kai to rule in his stead while he was off in Imperial space. Secretly he tasked his personal guard and the hunter-killer droids to keep an eye on the nobles of his court to make sure they did not make a move against his cousin. He also had them keep an eye on her in case she wished to overthrow him.

Now that his princedom was going to be looked after while he was gone, he set off to return to Imperial space. He would focus on working as an agent for his master and aiding the other Sith in whatever causes they were heading up. Hopefully he would prove himself worthy of becoming a lord of the Sith. This way when he returned home, he would have earned the right to call himself a king.
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« Reply #4 on: 08/13/15, 11:57:07 PM »
It had been sometime since Dorian had returned to Shadren Five. The smell of the ocean air and the sound of the growing city brought a smile to the young prince’s face as he gazed out at his capital from the balcony outside of his room. Standing beside him was the commander of his guard, Sir Greagoir. The old warrior wore a happy look upon his face. Content that his monarch had returned at last.

“Greagoir I have a task that I wish for you to do.” Dorian spoke in an informal tone to the old knight as he kept his gaze towards the ocean. "Send word to my nobles and rest of the subjects of my kingdom. I am making an edict that to be a citizen, you must serve in the military for a minimum of ten years. It was already a requirement to serve to earn land or titles, but now anyone who has not served will no longer be viewed as full citizen of my kingdom.”

Greagoir blinked several times before speaking. “Isn’t that a long time to have them serve, sire?” He sounded unsure of this plan. Dorian turned his head to look at his elder "Ten years is not so long. They will gain the chance to earn land on this world or any other that fall under my rule. The longer they serve the more their social rank will rise.” Dorian smiled at the man.

“I will have children start schooling at the age of eight. Make sure they get a proper education so they know how to reason and think logically, but it will be required that all youths learn the art of war. Based on their talents we will break their training into two areas. They will either be trained to be hoplites or pilots. Those who show the most promise will be given the chance to be tested to see if they have what it takes to join my personal guard.”

Dorian rested his arm along the edge of the balcony as he faced Greagoir. The knight-commander rubbed his chin as he pondered what his prince had to say. “What about merchants and craftsman? If we are giving rewards for staying in the military we are creating a void in our economy.”

“Those who are already masters at their craft or expert merchants will be exempt from this decree. They will not be full citizens, but they will not be slaves either. They will have basic rights but will not be able to own land nor hold any title. Unless they once served in legions or navy. Those who wish to retire to a simple life as a trader, then they are free to.”

“Slaves will make up the rest of the work force. They will be owned by the state and carry tasks such as farming, mining and just other tasks that are under a citizen. Those that are farmers will be able to keep half of what they grow, the rest goes to the state. They will have some basic freedoms, but they will be slaves all the same.” Dorian gave a small shrug to his guardian as he looked back out towards the ocean.

“I see.” He gave a small nod. This was a lot to process at the moment, but he agreed with what his prince was planning. He just hoped that the rest of the people understood as well. “I will go at once to make sure your orders are carried out, your grace.” Dorian held up a hand to stop him from making a move to leave. “Before you go, make sure one of the natives and some of my guard are ready to leave. I will be taking a shuttle to the ruins I heard about.”

“I will see to it at once, sire.” The old warrior bowed to his prince before departing to carry out his tasks. Dorian remained there alone as he stared out at the ocean. “Hopefully these ruins will be of interest to Lord Ilireth…” He thought outloud to himself.


It wasn’t a long journey to get to the section of the jungle which housed these ruins. An hour flight from the capital. Dorian didn’t wish to spend days trekking through the jungle to get to these ruins. So he had sent out droids days before to clear an area of the jungle for his shuttle to land.

A his personal guard along had accompanied him on this little trip of his, along with one of the shamans that had not yet been sent to Korriban. Tepin was her name.

The entire trip Tepin seemed to be nervous and muttering in her native tongue about an angry god. It wasn’t until the shuttle was making its landing that he understood why. This section of the forest was strong in the dark side of the Force.

“Tepin. How long have your people known about this place?” He asked as soon as he felt the familiar presence of the dark side.  “Many cycles, great one… this be the home of the dark one. It is.. how you say home to the dark side?” She sounded unsure as she looked to see if she was correct in her statement.

“Yes, this place is indeed strong with the dark side of the Force.” He agreed with her as he stood up from his seat. The shuttle bounced a little as it landed. The sound of the hydraulic parts for the loading ramp echoed through the cabin. “I will take Tepin with me, the rest of you secure the perimeter.”

Those guardians of his answered their monarch by pounding their fists against their chests. At once they filed out to secure the grounds of any threat to their prince. Leaving the native woman and Dorian to exit together.

The ruins looked to be old. Whatever was here, the jungle seemed keen on taking it back. Dorian started to make his way towards an entrance into the building when he heard his companion drop to the ground. “Spirits shield me from Valefor’s gaze. Spirits shield me from Valefor’s gaze.” She muttered this over and over. He wondered if she was trying to use the Force or just praying to these spirits of hers.

Dorian knew that the spirits were the embodiment of the lightside for this tribe. This Valefor must be the name for the dark side or some other thing all together then. “Get up. If this Valefor wishes to gaze upon us, let it.” He spoke in a soft voice as he offered her his hand.

Reaching up she took his hand. She bowed her head to avoid looking at him. “Great one… if you would allow it, please allow this one to remain out here. The spirits or perhaps even Valefor seems to guide your actions. The wolf clan is forbidden from entering the temple, please do not make me enter…” There was fear in her voice at the thought of breaking the taboo of her tribe.

Dorian could sense her fear as she spoke. “Very well. Remain right here. I shall return shortly.” He turned away from her and made his way towards the temple. He looked around to make sure there were no traps outside of the entrance before stepping inside.

The inside of temple was pitch black. Dorian's hands fumbled around his utility belt as he searched for the right pouch. After a minute or so he found the one that contained several glow rods. He cracked the glow rod to and shook it a bit to mix the chemicals within. Soon a soft orange glow filled the area around him with dim light. He dropped the glow rod at his feet before activating another of the chemical lights. Tossing that one off into the distance, he watched it make impact against a wall.

He moved forward to see if there was anything of note along the wall that glow rod had hit. That is when his eyes landed upon a statue of an alien he did not think would be there. “So they were here as well….” He spoke in awe as he gazed upon the statue of a Rakata. “This will likely be something that Lord Ilireth would find interesting afterall.” He pulled out his imagecaster and recorded the image of the statue so that he could send it to the Pureblood later.

He explored the temple a little long before he exited and returned to the shaman woman outside. “We are leaving, I found what I was looking for. Perhaps your Valefor is on my side?” He spoke with an amused tone as he walked up the loading ramp of the shuttle. “Pilot, recall my guard. We are returning home.”

Tepin blinked a little as she watched Dorian. “Was he right?” She thought as started to make her way back onto the shuttle. She recalled the stories of the elders of a clan that were the offspring of Valefor. She wondered if these Sith were them.
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The Xanthus
Shipboard time - 16:10:20

“Knight-Captain Thrask, take the helm. I am going to retire to my chambers.” Dorian glanced over at the man who was sitting in the co-pilot seat. “As you wish sire. Rest well.” The knight flashed his liege a smile as he took control of the ship. Rising from his seat, he gave the man a small wave before he left the cockpit of his SN-125 Royal starship.

Rubbing his face with both hands as walked down the hall to his personal quarters. A small sigh escaped from him as he thought about his side project. “According reports from the Imperial Diplomatic Service, the Empire has entered into an alliance with the Killik colony out in the Unknown Regions. Which makes sense. With both them and the Chiss as our allies we will have a stronger foothold in that region of the Galaxy.” He was thinking out loud as the walked into his room.

The moment the door closed behind him he pulled off the cloth mask that covered his face and tossed it onto his desk. “I will need to arrange a meeting with this colony. Perhaps while I am there, I can have Sio study the effect of the joining process. These test could verify what the Imperial Science Bureau’s reports on this process.”

Flopping onto his bed. Dorian stretched his hand up towards the ceiling of his room. “An entire kingdom bound to the will of its ruler... “ A smile slowly spread crept across his face as he pictured in his mind what such a kingdom would look like. “... linked to a hivemind there would be no secrets. All would know there place and carry out their roles for the betterment of the kingdom…. or colony in this case.” He clenched his hand into a fist.

“Hopefully I can share this dream with The Colony. Perhaps they will help me make it come true. If not, I can always try and forge my dream with those of their kind that our on Alderaan.” He  rested his hand down upon his chest, closing his eyes as he relaxed into his bed.

I need to study these insects and their Joiners more. A mighty force lays hidden in the Unknown Region. It is about time to harness it and bring this force into the war effort. He thought as laid there. Inside his mind he pictured a of mighty swarm of ships and ground troops. Conquering and devouring all it is path. Sleep finally took hold of the prince. His dreams were full of Killiks this night.
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« Reply #6 on: 08/27/15, 01:33:44 PM »
The Xanthus
Shipboard time - 7:29:00

The Xanthus just made the jump to hyperspace. Dorian had updated the coordinates in the jump computer to that of Ilum. While he was in Kaas city, he reached out to the Imperial Diplomatic Service to set up a meet between himself and The Colony. He knew The Colony was out in the Unknown Regions, but he didn’t wish to prolong a trip to a Killik world where he may end up a Joiner. The space station that the Empire maintains near Ilum would be useful spot to set up a meeting between himself and the Killiks.

Dorian got up from his seat and started to pace around the cockpit of his starship. He was still feeling annoyed after the meeting that had taken place at the Necare estate. Before leaving he tried to vent his annoyance out on some poor training droids, but that didn’t help much.

He let out a sigh as he left the cockpit. It was a short trip to the conference room of his yacht. With the wave of his hand, he switched on the holoprojector that rested in the center of the conference table. Moving over towards a terminal in the room, Dorian pulled up the Shadren system.

The solar system of his princedom hovered above the table. “If the talks go well, I can set my guests up here… or here.” He thought outloud to himself as he pointed to two larger moons in the system. “They’d be out of the way of those who’d be affected by their pheromones. In a few years time there would be enough of the Killiks to aid in the mining and industry of the Shadren Hegemony.” A race that could reproduce in great number and can adapt for most environments would be a great boon to have. It was a shame the Empire was not putting our allies to further use.

His thoughts shifted to the other project that he was working on with several others. His smile vanished as he thought about what he had to do. He had to gather diplomats to advance his plan to gather the support of a Alsakan noble house for the Empire. After their royal family has been removed from power, they could be the Empire's puppets on Alsakan. Once I am out of hyperspace I’ll contact Captain Caliran. He thought to himself. For now he would busy himself with a project that didn’t annoy him as much. His smile started to returned as he thought transforming his hoplites into myrmidons.
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The warmth of the sun felt good upon Dorian skin. He had spent too much time indoors or on worlds with thick cloud cover that prevented the light of their stars from piercing down to the surface below. Instead of returning straight to Shadren V, he landed his ship on the moon of Shadren VII. It was a lush world full of rolling hills, large freshwater lakes. Mostly it was just a sea of green that stretched out towards the horizon.

This would be the world he would give to his guests from the Killik colony. His talks with the Aebea, the hive that spoke on behalf of The Colony went well. He was a bit worried that Aebea was going to attack him as he seemed to offend them with his offer at first. Yet the promise of conquest and glory seemed to strike home. Aebea it turns out kindred souls. From what he gathered, they are some of the aerial fighters for The Colony. While not pilots, they understand the thrill of aerial combat, thus were worthy of respect in his mind.

A large smile was on his face. He had one month to prepare this moon for his new allies. In that time he needed to finish his study of what happens to someone who becomes a Joiner.

The wind shifted direction and started to blow in the direction of the prince, carrying on it the sweet smell of flowers. “This little moon while not be enough for them in the future. They will need to swarm and take other worlds.” He started to laugh. “Conquest and glory will be theirs. Yet I too will reap the rewards.”

Moving in the direction of the flowers. He decided to pick a few so that he could have them in his chambers, perhaps even make a nice scented bath. As he busied himself with collecting flowers, his mind raced with ideas for the other Insectoid races of the Galaxy. “Colicoids, Xi Charrian, and Verpine might make good allies. Why is it that the Insectoid races seem to excel at building machines?” He voiced his question out loud as he spoke to himself. Shrugging his shoulders, Dorian finished up his task before returning to his ship. His little side vacation was over. It was time to go make his plan known to his master.
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The smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves washing up against the shore line brought a smile to the prince’s face as he walked along the beach. He brought with him one of his personal guards, Knight-Captain Cullen. “Cullen, we have a task that we wish to put forward to you. If you are willing to accept it.” The prince used the royal we as he spoke.

Dorian stopped walking and sat himself down upon the black sand. Running his hand through the sand as he gazed out to the ocean. Cullen looked down at his prince then back to the ocean. “I will do whatever it is you ask of me, sire.” Dorian nodded slowly before he motioned for his guard to sit down.

“What we ask would mean the death of the man known as Cullen Thrask.” His gaze left the ocean and was fixed on the man beside him. He watched him sit down beside him as a frown appeared upon his face. "You are asking for me to die, my lord?” Cullen sounded concerned. He wondered what his liege was thinking.

“No. You would be alive. You just would not be yourself.” Dorian let out a small breath. He figured he might as well inform him of his plan. “Soon we are having some Killiks from The Colony coming to the moon of Shadren VII. What we want from you is to willingly become a Joiner. This would allow us speak to them through you. It would also allow them to better understand whatever we may try to teach them about our ways and the Empire.” Dorian picked up a handful of the black sand. Slowly he loosened his grip so that it could fall back down onto the beach. His gaze shifted from the man beside him to a pair of seabirds that were flying around the shoreline.

Cullen closed his eyes as he thought about what his prince had just told him. “So I will be doing the kingdom a service by joining with these Killiks?” He opened his eyes again as he looked at Dorian. That his when he saw there was a pleased look in his monarch’s eyes.

“Correct. You will help bridge the gap between our two species and cultures.” He smiled behind that mask he wore as he glanced away from the birds and back to his guard. “We are hoping that by having you join with the Killiks they may absorb some of your loyalty and love for our kingdom. This is why we picked you, Cullen.”

Dorian could sense that Cullen was pleased by this information. Though the knight still wasn’t certain if he was comfortable becoming part of these bug’s hivemind. "I will do it then, sire. Though promise that I won’t end up… some bug’s play thing or worse.” The knight’s voice was laced with worry and disgust. His mind was filled with him becoming the mate of some female bug. Dorian couldn’t keep himself from laughing. “Don’t worry. We are sure that you will just be their mouthpiece.” The prince was still laughing as he pat the man on the shoulder.

“Thank you sire. Is there anything else you need from me?” Cullen’s mind was still in the gutter, he still couldn’t shake the images of him and a Killik. “No, go and make the arrangements for your new post. We will be heading back to the palace soon, so do not bother sending another guard in your place.” Dorian brushed his hands against one another to wipe off any remaining sand from his hands. “At once, your grace. Thank you for this honor, I shall be ready to leave when your guests arrive.”

Cullen got up off the beach and gave a deep bow to his monarch. Turning on heel, he marched back towards the city. Dorian smiled remained on his face. Little did Cullen know that he was picked out of all his guards because he had no family to make a fuss about him leaving. It was true that he was loyal and loved his kingdom, but most of his knights shared these traits. That is how they came to be his personal guard.

Rising to his feet, Dorian brushed the sand off his pants as he turned to make his way back to the palace. Now that he had his Joiner picked out, he just needed to teach and inspire these Killiks to become Imperials. Once they see the Sith as their rightful rulers, perhaps his joining with them would lead to his control over the hivemind. If successful, he could merge the Killiks and his own forces to make a fearsome legion.. no. Swarm. One that could defend his system and aid the Empire in crushing its enemies.

As he walked Cullen’s comment about becoming a Killik’s playing thing returned to the forefront of his mind. Causing him to laugh again. “Oh. If that really does happen, I think I may end up soiling my pants as I die of laughter…” Brushing away a tear that had started to roll down his face, Dorian kept laughing as he made his way back home.
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The Moon of Shadren VII

The smell of wet earth filled the prince’s nose as he looked around the tunnels. Of all the days he decided to now wear his mask, this would be one of them. He was amazed though by the progress the Killiks made since their coming here. They seemed to work fast, as they had already made a large tunnel that lead down to a chamber where he and a few Killiks from each nest would meet with him. Cullen was there next to Aebea. The knight had not been there long enough to be fully joined to the Killik’s hivemind, but long enough that he was able to understand what Aebea was saying.

Urbur bur ur.” Aebea said as she walked over and rubbed her antennae along Dorian’s forearm. She vibrated her thorax as she spoke. The other Killiks walked up and started did the same greeting of rubbing their antennae along his arm as his eyes turned to Cullen. “Aebea was offering her greetings to you, my grace. The other hives are doing the same.” Aebea rapidly closed her mandibles as her feathery antennae swished around.

“We welcome Aebea and the rest of the Killiks to our system. We hope that they are pleased with this moon we are giving to The Kind.” Dorian spoke in a respectful tone as he addressed the Killiks and not Cullen. He also used the royal we once more. 

Wuluw came forward out of the other Killiks. She was smaller than the rest of the Insectoids. She had bulging yellow eyes and a thin brown chitin. She thrummed something with her chest as she started to climb up and rested on Dorian’s shoulder. “Wuluw wishes to know what brings you here.” Cullen answered as if he understood what the Killik was saying with that one gesture.

Dorian turned his head to look at Wuluw and flashed her a smile as he reached his hand out to brush his arm across her antennae. “We are here to ensure that the Kind have everything they may need. We understood that larvae are needed to ensure the rest of the nest can feed, so we hope that you start breeding soon. Until then if any of the hives need anything to ensure they are fed, let us know.” He looked away from Wuluw as she seemed to hum.

A larger Killik stepped forward. “Ur rubur bu ru.” Her thorax vibrated loudly as she clacked her mandibles and fluttered her wings. Cullen, whom appeared to be spacing out spoke out almost automatically. “Kolosolok wants to know what they are to do here.” Kolosolok clacked her mandibles together rapidly.  “Brub. Urubur ru burur rurub bur.” Dorian glanced over to Cullen. “She asks if they are to form a new colony.”

“Kolosolok, I would not tell any of you what to do. Though, I might suggest that it might be better if males from different hives bred with other females. Instead of having many different hives, why not create one new nest?” Dorian glanced between the Killiks as he spoke. Wuluw raised her antennae. “Urbu!” She ducked down behind Dorian and hid after this. “Wuluw said fun. It appears the idea sounds good to her, but based on her reaction she does not seem certain the others agree.”

“Wuluw and the rest of the hives. I heard from Aebea that you all share Imperial ideals. Instead if just sharing, what if you embraced them. I have found legends that speak of a Killik Sith. You all could become such a thing, but instead of having one of you rise to such heights. What if you all became one in just a few generations? You could bring about the rise to the first true Sith Killik hive.” He looked over at Wuluw. “It would indeed be fun if you became one of the masters of this Galaxy.”

He brushed his hand across her head. “We may ask for the gift and become one with this new hive. Then we would truly be a Sith.” He flashed them all a grin.

Bur. Rur rurbur urub ub rurubur ru burrur.” Kolosolok spoke again. “She says this sounds good, but they know nothing about being Sith.” Cullen translated for the the large Killik once more.

“Kolosolok, we will teach you. Even if we create two hives, one will be Sith if we become a Joiner. The other will be our apprentice. Hells, we will even create a new hive of hives and but as long as you understand that the Sith will the rulers of this Galaxy, then everything will go smoothly. Until such a time, we will teach you about the Empire and prepare you.” Dorian looked between all the Killiks as he addressed them.

The sweet smell of the underground chamber was inviting. He knew if he stayed down here too long his change would start. Though for now he would be fine with speaking to the Killiks about what he wished to do. As he seemed to be lost in his own thoughts for a moment, the Killiks were speaking to one another. Wiggling their antennae, opening and closing their mandibles and vibrating their thoraxes as they debated with one another over what Dorian had to say.

Wuluw finally brushed her feathery antennae across the prince’s cheek. “Buru, ruubur ru bururb.” He didn’t understand what she meant but he could sense that she was pleased. “Wuluw says that they will do this. Glory was promised to the Kind and if becoming one with the Empire or even an apprentice, then the hives will do what they must.”

“Thank you all. We will start with lessons on the Empire tomorrow. Until then do what you must to make this your home. And Wuluw, if you ever wish to come with us, you are more than welcome to.” He gave the little Killik a pat on the head. He could not only feel the vibrations from her, but could hear the hum she gave off. “We can show you around tomorrow, but we must return to Shadren V.” He gave the little Killik another pat before he picked her up off his back and set her down on the ground.

Offering those in the chamber a bow, Dorian would turn and walk off. The sound of the Killik’s humming was almost pleasant to his ears. He’d have to ask why they were making that sound the next time he meant with them. Until then, he needed to go to the shipyard around Shadren V. He had to make sure that the new ship that his master wanted built was progressing smoothly. If not, he might have to turn to his new allies ensure the ship was built in a timely fashion.
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The last few days, Dorian had been coming back to the moon of Shadren VII, which was now known as Lurirul by the Killiks. He spent most of his time teaching them about the Empire and the ways of the Sith. He kept the information that he was sharing with them to basic things that someone could find on the holonet. He kept his contact with the Killiks to just a few hours each day to ensure that he would not become a Joiner.

Today the prince decided that he would bring with him the shaman woman whom showed him to the temple of Valefor. He was sure the Killiks would enjoy hearing the legend of this entity. When the two of them exited the shuttle, a group of Killiks were waiting for them outside. Cullen stood with them, a blank look upon his face as he watched the boarding ramp lower.

“Great one..these.. creatures not eat us, yes?” She asked in her broken Basic as she looked at the Killiks that came to greet them. Wuluw marched passed Tupin and climbed up to rest on Dorian’s back. A sweet could be smelled around the prince as the little Killik marked him with a pheromone marker. Unknown to Tupin, Wuluw marked the prince so he was easier to follow. Dorian had picked this up after the few times he had come here. At least he wasn’t marked with the bitter smelling pheromone that called signaled for the soldiers of the hive to come. He had learned about that pheromone the hard way when he scared some of the workers on one of his trips.

“No. They have come to hear tales of your gods.” He reached his right hand out to brush it across Wuluw’s feathery antennae. Her thorax rumbled as she rubbed her antennae against Dorian’s arm. “Wuluw seems excited to hear of your tale, but hopefully it is not a scary one.” He was getting used to understanding the Killiks without Cullen around to translate, the Force made it easier to communicate with them.

As Tupin watched Dorian and the little insect, she looked back to the other Killiks and Cullen. “I be honored to share tale. Need large fire and wait until light from sun fade.” Taat walked up and clacked her mandibles and rumbled her thorax. She pointed with one of her four arms to the entrance of the cave. “Ururbur.” Taat stated. Cullen spoke up almost automatically to translate. “Taat says dark in the nest. A fire is being started now.” Cullen flashed Tupin a warm smile. “The larvae will be glad to hear the tale as well.”

Cullen turned and started to walk with the rest of the Killiks into the entrance of the nest. Tupin looked from the Insectoids to Dorian, a worried look on her face. Dorian gave her a wink as he carried Wuluw. “Come Tupin, you have nothing to fear. We will not be here long enough to receive the gift.” Dorian sounded a bit sad when he said that last sentence, which had the girl worried.

“So how many of your young have hatched?” Dorian spoke to the little Killik as he walked down into the tunnels. The temperature shifted, growing much cooler as they traveled under the surface of the moon. “Urb, brurb.” Wuluw hummed as she moved to sit on the prince’s shoulder. Two of her four arms wrapped around his neck. Dorian didn’t have to support the Killik, but he made sure to keep a hand upon her legs just to keep her in place. To Tupin, it looked like a father carrying his child. “That is a lot. At least The Kind have a steady supply of food now.” Wuluw hummed in response.

The three of them ventured down the tunnel. Every few meters a waxy looking ball was stuck to the the side. These balls glowed with a soft light and provided illumination for the tunnels and underground chambers. As they entered into a large chamber they could see that hexagonal chambers lined the walls of this room, the sizes of the chambers varied. Some were too small for a Human to fit inside, while others could not only fit a Human, but could fit several full grown adults. This was the nursery for this nest.

Drones were walking around and tending to the eggs that the females had laid while also tending to the larvae that had already hatched. Since the males were only needed to help create more offspring, they along with workers tended to the brood of the nest. One drone was seen bringing in some plants to feed to one of the larvae. Moving over to another larvae, the drone would lean forward with its mandibles open as the baby Killik regurgitated up a sappy looking goo. The drone would suck it up then return to work as if nothing gross had just taken place.

Tupin was trying to take all of this in and upon seeing how the Killiks fed, she gagged a little. “Don’t worry, they will not be offering us any food. If they did it would likely be membrosia, but I am sure you do not wish to see where that comes from.” Dorian chuckled some.

Cullen waved from them to keep up as he entered into a new tunnel that took them out of the nursery. Dorian and Tupin picked up the pace and followed after their guide as they entered into a smaller chamber, one that looked like it had just been dug out. In the center of the chamber a fire had been set up as Tupin had asked for. Standing around the fire were various Killiks of different sizes. Spitcrete benches had been created for them to sit on.

Urubur rurr ruburur, ruru!” Wuluw chatted as she wiggled upon Dorian’s shoulder. “Yes, Wuluw. She will start her story now.” Dorian looked over at Tupin as he carried the little Killik over to the bench. He sat himself down as he looked at the shaman.

Taking in a deep breath, Tupin forced a smile on her face as she sat down across from Dorian and Wuluw. Cullen sat beside her and soon the rest of the Killiks in the room started to crowd around the benches as all eyes now were focused on the shaman. Her heart was pounding as she took in a deep breath to try and calm herself down. She drew upon the Force, muttering a ‘spell’ to paint images with the flames of the fire.

“Many moons ago, the great Balor woke from his slumber. When he slept he dreamed of a sky filled with many dancing lights.” The image in the flames danced and shifted to show a great being in a bed. “Balor wished to make dream come true, so he gathered his sons and daughters and went about painting the lights in the sky. As they went about making the lights in the sky, Balor and his children would create worlds to bask in the light of the new stars.” As Tupin spoke the flames danced and showed the image of these figures going about creating the stars and planets of the Galaxy.

“Great Balor then created our home last. With him was his son, the sly Valefor and his daughter Sariel. Balor left his two children to with our home as they saw fit for it was time for him to return to the great sleep.” The flames showed Balor leaving his children alone. “Sariel was happy creating the planets and animals of our world and tending to the people that she and her brother created. The tribes all love Sariel as she is our oldest ancestor. Valefor though grew jealous.”

“So one day Valefor asked his sister to come with him, to show her the new race he made. The kind hearted Sariel was excited to welcome the new beings to their world so joined with her brother to go see what he made. Poor Sariel was too trusting and didn’t see Valefor for what he was, evil. Valefor stabbed poor Sariel in the back and casted her body into the sea.”

The flames died down as it showed a dark figure stab the brighter figure over and over. With each stab the fire seemed to die a bit more. As Sariel’s body was tossed away the fire looked as if it were about to go out. Tupin started to speak the words to another ‘spell’ and the shadows from what little light there was started to dance around the Killiks. Wuluw started to shake a little, her antennae dipped down as she peered around the chamber.

“Valefor took control of our world. He forced the people to build many temples to honor him and his kin, but it was forbidden to speak of Sariel. Valefor’s darkness spread to far and wide.” A demonic looking shadow appeared to be laughing as the flames showed people building great temples. The sound of laughter echoed off the walls, for added effect.

When Wuluw saw this she ducked down behind Dorian and shuddered a bit. The other Killiks reacted in similar ways as they tried to locate the sound of the laughter.

“In time Valefor’s other siblings came to look for him and Sariel, but all they found was Valefor. The sly one tried to spin a tale that the slaves had killed Sariel, but they did not believe him. With no proof that he had killed their sister, the other gods buried Valefor deep within his temple.” The shadowy demon was dragged towards the flames where it vanished within a temple.

“The other gods grew bored of this world and left to tend to their own worlds. But it is said that Valefor cursed us all when his siblings locked away. He placed a demon in the hearts of all living beings that would corrupt them and make them just like him. But the ancestors look out for us and guide us down the path that Sariel had embraced.” The flames returned to normal and Tupin seemed to slump forward as it took a lot out of her to tell the story on her own, when normally many shamans were there to help.

Wuluw peaked up from behind Dorian, making sure that things were back to normal. Her thorax rumbled softly as she looked at the prince. “The Force allowed her to create those images. There are no shadow demons here.” He smiled softly at the little Killik. “But she speaks truth that inside us all lurks the seed that Valefor planted all those years ago. If you can tap into thing that lurks deep inside…” He spoke in a lower voice as he lowered his face. Drawing upon the Force, he created the illusion of a demonic image on his face. “A demon can emerge!” He roared out as he looked back at Wuluw. The little Killik shot an alarm pheromone all over Dorian as she jumped off of him. This one over rid the marker she placed on him earlier. The soldiers in the room all focused on the prince and started to advance. “Wait, wait! It was a joke!”

He dropped the illusion and quickly removed his shirt and tossed it into the fire to get rid of the thing that was marked. “I am sorry, I will not scare Wuluw again.” Wuluw cowered under the bench. She clacked her mandibles. “Burru…” Aebea walked over and picked Wuluk up in her four arms. “Rrurub.” She said to the little Killik before the two of them left. “Aebea and Wuluw are going to go make more glow balls.” Cullen spoke out as he got up from the bench. “That was a lovely tale, Tupin. We thank you for telling us. The larvae are sure to behave in case Valefor sends the night hearld for them.”

Dorian shaked his head as he motioned for the shaman to stand. “Well Cullen and the rest of the hives, we will be on our way. Next time we will not tell scary stories.” He bowed to his hosts before turning to leave with Tupin.

“Great one, why are we being so kind to bugs?” She didn’t seem to know that what she was saying was known by all the Killiks who were nearby. “Because they are great allies to have, Tupin.” He left it at that. The entire way back to the shuttle and the return trip home was quiet. Dorian was busy thinking of how it would feel to embrace the gift of The Kind.
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(The aftermath of the 'Starhunters One - Assault on Dromund Kalakar')

Several days had passed since Dorian had helped defend the shipyards of Dromund Kalakar from sabotage and prevented the theft of a relic that was being kept there. Though in the battle he lost his right hand and suffered major damage to the deltoid and trapezius muscles located on his right side. These were the major damage that could be visibly seen. He had two broken ribs and another that was fractured.

After the battle his personal guard came to retrieve their wounded liege and return him to Shadren Five. They placed him in kolto tank for the trip back home. Allowing his body to recover from the damage it had sustained at a quicker pace. Upon landing in Idrand, several doctors were awaiting him and rushed him to a hospital at once. His guard made sure know one knew what had happened to their prince and they would do so by any means. It would do the people no good to learn of his state.

As the medical staff rushed him from the hangar to the hospital, they pumped him full of pain killers. Yet their prince was lucid enough to tell the doctors to not give him cybernetic hand. After saying this the world started to become fuzzy and he once again was out of it. 

Days slipped by before he was able to stay awake without feeling as if his body was failing him. The tubes that were running through his nose and mouth were uncomfortable, but it beat drowning in this healing liquid. Blinking his eyes some as he the world around him was distorted from the kolto and glass, he looked down to see that more of his right arm was missing, not just his hand. About half of his forearm was removed and he didn’t know why. Likely due to tissue and bone damage or infection if he had to guess.

Dorian figured it might be better to go back to sleep for the time being. Though he wished to leave and spend time with his Killiks, he was sure little Wuluw would cheer him up some.  He promised himself that is what he would do first thing when he was out. Until then, he might as well do that thing his master taught him. Opening himself up to the the Force, he let it flow through him. He entered a healing trance. Allowing the kolto and the Force to increase the rate that his body could repair.
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The wind rushed across the plains of Lurirul. The familiar scent of wildflowers filled the prince’s nose as he walked away from his ship. Before him was a massive mound made of spitcrete that jutted up from the grasslands. Yet it did not look like the mounds found in the Castle Lands on Alderaan. It was beautifully constructed to look as if it was reaching up to hold up Shadren Seven in the sky. He was sure that more of these castle like pillars would stretch across the plains as the Killiks grew in number.

A genuine smile appeared across his face as he forgot about his own troubles for the time being. He started his way towards the entrance to the tunnel to the nest, but paused as he saw what the Killiks were building around their mound. It looked like a landing area and near it looked as if they were building houses and other buildings. Though they were not being made out of spitcrete like the mounds, it looked as if they were mounding dirt and creating buildings built into the land itself. Atop the hills were flowers that were gathered from all over the grasslands.

Amazed at what the Killiks were doing, Dorian made his way towards the little village around the mound. As he got closer he noticed workers carrying buckets of dirt in their four hands, moving to create a new mound. One of the workers noticed the prince as he moved closer to the town. Cullen appeared exiting out of one of the buildings, moving towards Dorian. His eyes went to the missing hand of his prince then shifted to gaze at his face.

“We see that you had some excitement lately.” Cullen started to speak in the multiple tense. “Aebea wishes to let you know that they are sorry to see that your were maimed.” Cullen bowed some to Dorian before gesturing to one of the finished buildings. “Saras has been hard at work with the other hives in building a place for future Joiners and visitors to stay. Also a place for you to land so you do not need to walk so far.” Dorian followed after Cullen as he looked around at the work that the Killiks have done thus far. “It is lovely. I am thankful for the work that The Kind have put into work they have done. Also the mound is also beautiful.”

Cullen looked back at Dorian and flashed him a smile as low clicking sound came from his throat. “The Kind are pleased, that you are pleased.” The two of them entered into Cullen’s home. A set of chitin armor was set up on an armor stand, it was in the same design as that of Dorian’s personal guard. Colorful mosaics made of pebbles and stones lined the walls, giving the room some added color. The mosaics were of space battles between starfighters or of geometric shapes. Just as wildflowers covered the top of the home with grass, the colorful flowers also were planted within. Giving the home that pleasant smell. 

The furniture looked to have been brought in from Shadren Five, but everything else seemed to have been made by the Killiks. Cullen gestured to a chair as he moved to sit down at a table as he watched the prince. “So what brings you here today, Dorian?” The former knight watched as Dorian sat himself down across from Cullen. “I wished to spend some time with The Kind. In this war torn Galaxy, this is one of the few places that makes me feel at ease.” Cullen made another clicking sound.

The sound of the door bursting open, caused both Dorian and Cullen to look to see who was coming, but Cullen had a smile on his face. One of the tiny members of the Wuluw nest came speeding into the room. Her thorax rumbled as she moved over to join the two men. She rubbed her antennae against Cullen’s arm, he mirrored the gesture by sharing the greeting with her. “Aebea told Wuluw that you were here. She was worried that your part in the Song of the Universe had ended.” Wuluw’s antennae drooped down as those bulging yellow eyes focused on Dorian’s missing hand.

Moving over to climb up and rest in Dorian’s lap, Wuluw examined the missing limb. “Bururur rrur ur.” She said as she turned to look at the prince. “It hurts, but not so bad any more. Soon I will be getting a new hand. I am sure The Kind will be surprised to see what it looks like.” He reached out to brush his forearm across Wuluw’s antennae. “Don’t worry though, my part to play in the song has not ended yet.” He gave the little Killik a smile. She clacked her mandibles and moved her thorax up and down. “Rurub br uruburr.” She stated. Dorian could sense the happiness of Wuluw. “Yes. I will stay for a little while so that you can show me around the new areas. Once all my outstanding promises have been seen to. I will return stay with The Kind for a time.”

A large smile graced his face as he picked up Wuluw as he stood up from the chair. He placed her gently upon his back as he turned to look at Cullen. “Cullen, let Aebea know that I do not need a home out side of the nest. If they could make ready a room within the mound, I will greatly appreciate it. When I stay here, I will teach The Kind about the Force.” The former knight chuckled softly. “Aebea will see that it is done, but we should let you know. We are no longer Cullen. We are AebeaCullen now. So when you speak to us, you are in fact speaking to all over Aebea.”

“Well that will make talking with Aebea much faster than. Until we speak again, AebeaCullen. Wuluw and I will be going off to explore.” Wuluw’s antennae wiggled all over the place, she was as excited as a child showing a parent the things they built. Excusing himself from Cullen’s home, he and Wuluw went off to see all impressive work that the Killiks were able to do in a short amount of time.
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Shadren Seven loomed in the night sky. The thrumming of thoraxes filled the air around him as the Killik’s added their own verses to the Song of the Universe. The workers didn’t mind his presence in the mound. They kept working as if he were not there at all. Dorian’s eyes glanced down to the right hand that had been grafted to his arm.

This new replacement was not mechanical nor was it Human. He had paid an Arkanian to aid one his peers with her alchemical talents to create him an organic limb, but this new limb looked as if it were made for an insect, not a Human.

The soft hum of a thorax sounded behind him. He knew it was Wuluw before he turned to look at her. Turning around, he brushed his insect arm across her antennae, he gave the little Killik a smile.

Wuluw had seen that he had an arm again from one of the workers, the knowledge shared with the hivemind. Though the sight that it was made of chitin and similar to one of the tiny arms that she had. “Rrub!” She wiggled her antennae from side to side as expressed her happiness. “Indeed.” He patted the small Killik upon the top of her head.

Gazing off into the distance as he felt the mind of Wuluw brushing against his own mind. We wish to learn more. When these words entered his mind, he turned his attention back towards Wuluw. He blinked a little before it dawned on him that he might have started to become a Joiner of the Wuluw hive. “Alright. I will tell you the tale of King Adas, the greatest of the ancient Sith Kings.” He reached out with the Force and lifted Wuluw up and placed her upon his back. “A rare Sith born with skin as black as the void, Adas was marked by destiny from the moment of his birth…”


Back onboard the Xanthus, he sat by himself as he stared down at his new hand. After teaching Wuluw about King Adas and the “Reign of the Ax”, he moved on to teach her about Dathka Graush,  Hakagram Graush, Darth Andeddu, and Freedon Nadd.

Wuluw enjoyed learning about these Sith. Tying these lessons with what he had taught her about the Empire, she seemed to understand that the Sith are basically the will of the Empire. Darths, Lords, or Kings. It didn’t matter what titles they used, they always ended up being master’s of their domains.

Closing his hand into a fist, Dorian turned his eyes towards holoterminal. “It is time to make arrangements for my departure.” Rising to his feet, he made his way over to the holoterminal. Opening up a line between him and Greagoir, Dorian stepped back so that the commander of his guard can get good image of him. “Knight-Commander Greagoir. I am making my way back to the capital. I need you get things ready so that I may address my subjects.”

“Yes, my liege.” The image of the knight bowed. Cutting off the line to his palace. He made his way towards the flight deck of the Xanthus. He sat himself down and updated the nav-computer before he set off towards Shadren Five.


It took a few hours but cameras were set up in his office. The flags of the Empire and the Shadren Hegemony hung from wall behind a desk. A soft red glow lit up the room.

Dorian sat in the desk dressed in his most regal of attire. Instead of wearing a cloth mask to cover the lower half of his face, he wore one that accentuated his yellow eyes. He took in a deep breath as the camera operator signaled that they were now live.

“Greetings citizens of Shadren Five. I come before you this evening to inform you that I am leaving you all for a short time. It is the way of our people to prove that you are worthy of the titles you bare. While I have attempted to do just this, I do not feel as if I have have earned the right to be your prince, let alone king.”

He took in another breath before he finished speaking. “I am going to go off on a journey to test myself. When I do return, I shall not come back as your prince. It shall be as your king. I will be leaving things in the hands of my nobles to oversee their lands and my personal guard will be left to ensure my will is still carried out while I am gone.”

“Lastly. There will be an influx of Sith and Imperials in the coming days to the The Zalfari Outpost. Do not worry, these are my guests. As we are the vassal of the Empire, it only makes sense that they will be visiting here. I look forward to returning to you all and starting a new era for our people.”

He flashed the camera a smile before the fed was cut off. Standing up and removing the mic from his jacket. He let out a breath as he moved around from behind the desk to head to head off to his chambers. He had to pack some things for his stay with the the Killiks. If his theory was right, he would return a king of a great swarm. He would be one of the first to be a Sith King in a long time.
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The shuttle carried Dorian and Lethash to a temple deep within the jungle. The jungle had been cut back around the temple allowing easy access for those who had come to see the temple built in honor and imprison the dark god Valefor. Lord Ilireth appeared to have not started his excavation of the temple proper.

Lethash paused mid-stride, searching the exterior of the grand, ancient temple with his analytical gaze. He, as usual, wore his simple, unarmoured black and gold robes. The two ornate, silver lightsabers belonging to him hung firmly from his belt, easily accessible, as ever. "Truly a god fearing people, the Shadrenese." He observed.

"This god of theirs ruled this world with fear, like a Sith would. Though in the end it proved to be his downfall. If legends are true Valefor is locked deep within this temple." Dorian wore his black leather armor along with match battle skirt. The chitin on his insect looking limb seemed to change to match his attire.

"I hope he's a morning person." Lethash commented dryly, before continuing his walk forward toward the crumbling entrance to the temple. Overgrowth and stranglers ran along the walls like veins from a heart.

He smirked some to himself as he followed after the Echani. "I doubt it. After all he is a god of darkness and his name his tied with the very nature of the dark side." Inside the temple were unlit torches and statues of Rakata lined the walls.

"Rakata? Curious. Perhaps the Infinite Empire had a great deal to do with this world's development. The Valefor himself might well have been a practitioner of the Force." Lethash surmised, running a hand across the statue. Echani were ever tactile by nature. But, he must not let himself get distracted, he was here for a reason.

"Valefor could be Rakata for all we know as well. That will be something for Lord Ilireth to discover." He shrugged his shoulders some as he moved over to one of the torches. Pulling out a lighter from his belt, he ignited the torches giving light to the inside of the temple.

"Vast." Lethash noted.

"This is just the main temple. There are smaller ones nearby." He noted as he went about lighting the other torches in the room. A statue of a what looked to be a Sith was in the center of the room. More Rakata statues that acted as pillars lined the wall. "So what did you want here, master?"

Lethash moved toward the statue, evidently curious. He gazed at it for a long few moments, before he turned. "Do you know who this Sith is, Apprentice?"

"I do not. Nothing of the local legends speaks of any Force adepts here." He shrugged some. "Though if the Rakata were here this must have been one of their slaves pressed into service."

"Hmm. Then I wager he failed in his duty as Sith. You, Dorian, however, have not. The Galaxy knows your name and your deeds. You have accomplished a great magnitude in a short space of time, your pace remarkable, your skills more than proficient. Shadren is your work alone, that much is evidence toward your accomplishments."

"Thank you, master." He bowed his head to the Echani.

Lethash turned, producing his lightsabers. He snapped them both on, simultaneously, the crimson blades humming. "I have no more to teach you, Apprentice. Any further lessons are to be yours, and yours alone. A Sith learns every day of their life. Kneel."

Dorian made a clicking sound. His right hand twitched on his own as he studied his master for a moment. Bowing his head he would drop down upon one knee before the Echani.

Lethash twirled the lightsabers between his fingers, holding both of them level. He lowered them with expert poise, both of the blades crackling and humming mere inches from Dorian's neck, one on either shoulder. "I deem you fit for Lordship. By the Dark Side of the Force, you rise as its champion and its master. All that remains is for you to take your mantle as Sith. Dorian Numair kneels, but who stands?"

Dorian listened to the hums of the lightsabers beside his head. As a reflex the stinger on the palm of his hand started to emerge just in case he needed it, but retracted when he listened to the Echani speak. "Lord Dorian, King of the Shadren Hegemony."

Lethash's lightsabers hummed, staying where they were for a few long moments, as if judging Dorian. Moments later they were lifted back and away. "Rise, Lord Dorian, King of the Shadren Hegemony, Champion of the Valefor. Take your place amongst your brothers and sisters."

"Thank you, master." Keeping his head bow as he stood up before Lethash. Dorian pulled free a lightsaber and handed it to Lethash. "The weapon of a Jedi that I helped bring about the end of, master. A gift to you for this honor."

"I accept the token, but, I do not accept your gratitude. This path is your victory, I merely assisted in its culmination. As a Lord, your responsibilities will be varied, but, I would be honoured if you would join the Valefor's council."

"I am ready for the challenge. I also would be honored to stand on our council, master."

Lethash nodded. "I am glad to hear that. The coming days will be trying, but you are more than capable of standing up to the task. Perhaps now you'll get the gratification of being able to respond to the childish jibes you detest so much from our cohorts." Lethash replied with a wry smile.

"Indeed, master." He chuckled some as he flashed the Echani a smile. "Shall I escort you back or do you wish to linger here for a while longer?"

"I think I shall explore the depths of the temple, should you wish to join me, in Lord Ilireth's absence."

"I would be my pleasure, master." Dorian gestured with his Human hand for the Echani to take point so that the two of them could explore this temple. Once the two of them had finished exploring the Valefor's temple, Dorian would return to Imperial space to finish up the last of his business before he returned to his nest a king.
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