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Author Topic: The Chronicles of King Dorian  (Read 7925 times)

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The Rise of Korok
« Reply #15 on: 09/28/15, 08:11:51 PM »
( A bit of time skipping going on here )

First month with the Killiks

Upon his return to Lurirul, Dorian returned to the hive that had started to join. The thoughts of the hivemind mingled with his own as he returned to the habit of teaching the Killiks about the ways of the Sith, the Empire, and of his own people. It was a redundant task since they were absorbing his thoughts and memories into the collective will.

After the first week though that is when he started to see changes with Wuluw. The now moved about with a regal air about them. Even their workers carried themselves differently than the other hives that were sharing the nest. They also started to order the other hives about. Tiny Wuluw who had been scared of so many things was now bossing around the likes of Kolosolok.

It wasn’t until the third week had passed that he had noticed that whenever he wanted something, Wuluw was there to carry out his desires. His personality was still mostly intact but a new one was growing in the back of his mind, in the part that he shared with Wuluw… no they weren’t Wuluw. They had a new name. Korok.

Fourth month with the Killiks

Korok became more distant from the other hives. They moved into a deeper part of the mound. Unknown to any of the other hives, Korok had made Dorian their prime. The leader of the entire collective.

Dorian Numair was still there, lurking in the back of the mind of the Joiner. Yet he wasn’t the one running things any longer. Korok-Numair was now in charge. He was the Prime Korok, King of the Shadren Hegemony, and Lord of the Sith. Or was Korok all of these things. It didn’t matter.

What did matter was that Korok needed to absorb the rest of the nests into their folds. They did not have the numbers to go to war with the other hives, but that problem could be solved easily. They would bring in soldiers to put the other Killiks to the sword and take their eggs for their own. A tactic that was used in nature by their lesser evolved kin.

The Prime Korok summoned to him two companies of hoplites. Korok was ready be the sole hive of the Shadren system. They were Sith after all.

Sixth month with the Killiks

All the remained on the moon of Shadren Seven was the Korok hive. The hoplites that had joined the nest were put to use putting the other Killiks to the sword. The only ones that remained after this takeover was the eggs from the other hives and Cullen. Cullen was part of their personal guard, so they would repurpose him to serve Korok once more.

Outside the Killik mound red flowers were planted in the design of the Imperial emblem. White flowers along with a deep purple flowers, so dark that they appeared to be black. They were arranged in the shape of a scorpion resting on the hilt of a lightsaber.

Improvements were made to the mound. Anti-aircraft cannons were brought from Shadren Five and placed in key locations around the nest. Korok recalled that many viewed them with hatred so they had to be ready to defend their nest. Starship engineers were brought in to help design future ships that the hive will put to use later on.

One year with the Killiks

They numbered in the hundreds of thousands now. It was a good start, but Korok was not ready for to start the song of swarming. Though they made good progress in just a year.

Mass produced starfighters known as dartships were created by Korok. These rocket powered ships were fueled by the methane that the Killiks naturally produced themselves. The hive knew they were not the best ships, but they would do for now until they upgraded to ion drives. For now they would be best used for swarm tactics. Designs for capital ships were also designed for when they were ready to take to the stars.

Korok was ready to return to Shadren Five. They ruled this world after all. They should bring their subjects into the collective mind of the hive. In fact they should bring many more into the hive. If people truly wished to be equal they could be. They could all equally serve the will of Korok.

The Prime Korok wore a royal looking grab made of Killik silk that was dyed in their color scheme. Black and white. Korok-Numair would not return alone, his night herald walked beside him along with a cadre of Killik warriors that were nearly the size of Wookiees. Yet they were not Killiks that Korok would put to use, it was the Killiks they absorbed from the Jooj hive that would be their secret weapon. They were less than an inch long and were hidden within the clothing and armor of Korok-Numair and Korrok-Cullen.

There was a new verse to the Song of the Universe. Korok was ready to take their place amongst the place in the Galaxy.

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« Reply #16 on: 10/03/15, 04:11:18 PM »
Months had come and gone since Korok’s return to their capital. Key members of Korok’s court had been given the gift during that time. By joining the collective they added their knowledge to the pool of information that the hive was gathering. The big difference between Korok and the other hives in the Galaxy was that they allowed some of their Joiners to have some autonomy. These Joiners retained a sliver of who they were before joining the hive.

With contacts to mask their eyes and practice in not speaking in the multiple tense they would remain unnoticed amongst the general population of Shadren Five. They would be in a sense the perfect sleep agents. Any and all information would be instantly known by the hive. This was all part of Korok’s plans. An interconnected state that made up a larger superorganism.

Now it was the time for Korok to start seeking out more allies.


Deep under the royal palace in Idrand is where Korok’s main nest on Shadren Five was located. The set up the nest was designed to mirror the palace above, but the rooms were tailored for Killik use. Where the throne room would be located in the palace was the prime chambers in the nest. Korok-Numair sat upon his spitcrete throne. His gaze lingered on the mosaics of stone the lined the walls of the chamber. The images were all part of a story. The story of Valefor.

His attention shifted to the pair that stood before him. The heralds of the nest. Their Night Herald was dressed in a fine suit of black chitin armor. A lightsaber now hung from his hip instead of a sword. Korok-Cullen stood at parade rest as stared at his prime.

Beside the Night Herald was their Dawn Herald. She wore a form fitting dress made of fine Killik silk. Like Korok-Cullen, Korok-Tepin too also had a lightsaber hanging from her hip. The weapon of choice for the heralds would appear strange to outsiders, but had the knowledge in how to use the weapons thanks to their prime.

The role of their heralds made it so they had even more autonomy than the Joiners that were hidden all across Sharen Five. Korok-Cullen stepped forward at and spoke. “We were summoned. What..” “... plans are there for us?” Korok-Tepin finished the sentence as she stepped up to stand beside the armored male.

A swarm of tiny Killiks flew into the chamber and danced around the three of them. They would have been hard for anyone else to see in the dimly lit chamber. That is until a greenish-yellow light started to be emitted from their lower abdomens. The lights flicked on and off as they danced around the room. Trade. Friends. Allies. We wish for these things. The thoughts of the hivemind could be heard within the minds of the Joiners in the room.

“We are sending our Dawn Herald out to meet with our fellow Insectoids.” Dorian finally spoke as he eyed the heralds. Korok-Tepin would see a series of images within her mind. “Colicoid, Gand, Geonosian, Verpine, and Xi Charrian.” He named each species in order that they appeared in her mind. “Korok wishes for members of these species to come and work with us here. Their knowledge and expertise would be a value to the hive. We will be sending escorts to join you in this mission. Membrosia is being prepared to be given to them as tokens of our respect.”

Use force or threats if you must. We are Sith after all. The Galaxy will bow to our might. The hive added their thoughts to the conversation. “We will leave at once.” Korok-Tepin bowed her head. “This will be our first time flying, yet it won’t.” She giggled as she left the chambers.

“Our duty is to ensure the safety of our hive and king.” Korok-Cullen blurted out after Korok-Tepin left. The Night Herald will not be leaving. The Night Herald must see to the construction of our fleet. The words echoed through Korok-Cullen’s head. Images of a moon or large asteroid being destroyed and converted into capital ships were shared with the man. Faster than building one from the shipyards. Shipyards must produce starfighters and ships for the Valefor.

“Understood. We will scout out and find these large rocks to convert into… shard class ships.” He bowed to his prime. “We will also offer the gift to more slaves. We will need more workers until our hive grows larger.” Turning on heel, he walked away to his ship to start on his task.

Dorian remained sitting on his throne as Korok danced around him. Their lights flickered on and off as they fluttered around him. A Killik the size of a child came walking out from the tunnels and plopped itself onto Dorian’s lap. She rumbled her thorax and brushed her feathery antennae across his face. “Urrr br urb rrur.” She rumbled out. “Yes, we can go play.” She wiggled her antennae about. “Brru urub?” Those large eyes of hers stared up into the solid black eyes of Dorian. “I don’t see why not. If you don’t wish for us to cheat you should stop looking at our thoughts”

As he got to his feet, Korok climbed up to rest on his shoulder. Korok not cheat. Prime cheats by closing off mind. The tiny Killik seemed to make a pouty sound. He was sure he heard the little glowing Killiks make sad sounding buzz. “Fine. We will not play hide and seek. Instead we will go flying.” Korok clacked her mandibles and started to sing a happy sounding song as they started on the long trek to the tunnels that would lead to the hangars on the surface.
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« Reply #17 on: 10/05/15, 11:38:13 PM »
Dorian walked beside one of his advisors, Moff Trakal as he lead the old Moff through the village that his hive had built on their nest world. Dozens of the large castle like pillars stretched up from the surface of the moon. It now looked as if these pillars were the only thing keeping Shadren VII from falling from the sky.

“The industrious nature of these insects of yours is impressive, my lord.” The Moff commented. His eyes shifted from the pillars to the odd little village. The design of this settlement seemed to have been inspired from a fantasy novel in his mind. Dorian could sense the Moff’s disgust when he thought about his hive. “Thank you, Moff Trakal. They are indeed hard workers. It is hard to believe that all of this was built little over a year. A mix of hard work between the Killiks and the Joiners. If only the slaves in the Empire worked as hard.”

The Sith was hiding the fact that he was a Joiner from the Moff. Luckily one of the trade offs from having his genes being spliced with that of a Killik was that he had could alter the pigment color of his hair, eyes and skin. This allowed him to revert his eyes back to how they were before he was a Joiner. The side effect is that his DNA was being spliced with that of an insect. He did not know what other changes, if any were waiting for him down the road.

“See those different mounds? Each are home to a different nest. Each nest has its own specialised Killik that fills a role for the hive. One nest produces Killiks the size of tank and others produce soldiers that designed for aerial combat.” He explained to the Moff as they walked through the village’s square. Killiks and Joiners walked to and from, each of them going about on their way to do something for the hive.

"Interesting. So each of these nests then can be used to fill roles for combat. I am assuming they can be bred to fit any other role that may be needed?” The Moff gazed over at Dorian, eyeing the Sith to see what his response would be. “Correct. If lets say it was needed that the hive had to work out in vacuum. Over several generations they would produce Killiks that could work out in vacuum.”

Dorian led the Moff into a large building. It appeared to be an inn of some sort. A Joiner was working at the front counter. “We welcome you. We have prepared table for you down stairs. Give us a moment and we will have some tea ready for you two.” He moved out from behind the front counter to show them the way to the staircase down. The Moff kept a hand resting on the blaster on his hip as he made his way down the staircase. A table was arranged in front of a fireplace for the two of them.

“Relax Moff Trakal.” Dorian spoke up as he noticed the old man’s hand upon his weapon. “If this was a trap, you would not stand a chance against a Sith Lord and his insects.” His voice held a playful tone as he winked at the elderly Human. Pulling out a chair, Dorian sat himself down and gestured for Hannibal to do the same. “This is true, my lord. Though you do not get to be my age and hold this rank without a bit of caution. Now. I am sure you brought me here to do more than show me your ant farm.”

Korok is not made up of ants. We wish to rip strips of flesh from this one and feed them to our larvae one at a time. How dare this man not give us the respect we are deserved.The voice of the hive-mind started to ring within Dorian’s mind. Up until this point he had been able to ignore the voice of his hive within his mind. No, he is of use to us. We must ignore the bigotry that the Empire has bred for now. He tried to calm his hive.

“They aren’t really ants. They are a coleoptera and hymenoptera hybrid if we are being technical.” Dorian chuckled some as he leaned back into his seat. The Joiner came walking up to the table and set down a tea pot and two cups before both men. “Kopi tea, we were informed it was one of your favorites.” The Joiner poured Hannibal the first cup then Dorian. With a bow of his head, he returned back upstairs.

“The reason for calling you hear was so that we could discuss the future of the sector. It was thanks to your that all of this was possible. This kingdom would have never been possible without you. Now that Killiks have joined the Shadren Hegemony and in a few years time they will be able to help defend a this system.” Dorian tilted his head to the side as he watched the Moff. “It might be in your best interest to align with us as well. If something should happen to the sector, the fleet that is being built here would be able to aid in the defense of the sector.”

“Hmm..” Hannibal took a sip of his tea as he eyed the young Sith before him. He knew that the young man before him could likely read his thoughts, so he kept running fleet formations inside of his mind.  “I could see the advantage of using these insects as shock troops while proper Imperial forces clean up after them. Though the risk of having my forces becoming Joiners is something that needs to be considered as well. I will give your offer some thought.”

A smile crept across Dorian’s face as he reached with his utility belt and pulled out an image caster. He set it down upon the table. The image displayed was of a large asteroid being pushed by a ship.

“If it helps sway your thoughts. As we are speaking, these ants are getting ready to build a fleet of capital ships. Using shards of these rocky stellar bodies for the hull, it allows them to get ships out faster than building a ship from the ground up.” Dorian finally took a sip from his tea. Hannibal eyed the image before him as he pondered how the uses of a disposable fleet of bugs.
“Now that is interesting. Okay my lord. I will align myself with you. My fleets will fall to your command, but be warned. If your new friends are playing you and pose a threat to the Empire. I will cleanse this system with atomic fire.” Hannibal gave the youngster a smile as he took another sip of his tea. “This is good tea. That bugsluts got one thing right.”

Korok will put up with this for now. When our heralds return we should start construction of the baradium warheads and bombs. We will have our own weapons to cleanse worlds of threats to our hive. Korok was preparing against any and all threats to the hive, even going as far as to ready future generations of Killiks to be able to resist radiation.

Between the anger of the hive and his own annoyance, it was hard for Dorian to maintain his smile. “Indeed. When you are done, I’ll escort you back to your shuttle. You won’t want to linger too long here. It’d be a shame if you became one of those bugsluts.” Dorian set his tea glass and got up from his seat. “You are indeed right, my lord. This is indeed a quaint little settlement, but it does make one wish for a shower after visiting. After you, my lord.” Hannibal placed his teacup down and got up from his seat.

It is not yet time for us to start the song of swarming. We grow. Prepare. Then we shall swarm out from this system. We will show the Empire why we are feared in the Unknown Regions. A wolfish grin started to spread across Dorian’s face as he lead the Moff back to the spaceport. We will send a guest back with the Moff. Let him became the very thing he found disgusting. Then he will be ours. Yes, then his fleets will be Korok’s. The hive was pleased with this idea.

“Enjoy your trip back, Moff Trakal.”  Dorian gave a small bow to the man. Tiny Killiks were already onboard the shuttle and ready to carry out the will of the hive. “I shall try. Take care, my lord.” Hannibal made his way onto the shuttle where his men were ready to take him back to his Harrower.

Korok was ready to absorb the knowledge of a Moff, it would prepare the hive for ruling and controlling an entire sector. Also they were wondering what sorts of secrets were tucked away within the mind of a Moff. It wouldn’t have come to this if the Moff treated them with the respect they deserved. They were Sith after all.

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Several asteroids had been shattered and taken back to the Legacy shipyards. There they would be hollowed out and outfitted with weaponry and engines. The design was simple. The hull would be like an onion. It would take destroying through many layers of the asteroid before striking at the key systems and areas of the ship. Korok’s Night Herald approved of the design. Still he would want to see them and the dart ships upgraded with better technology.

As he was preparing to journey back out to asteroid belt he could feel the hive reaching out to him. Threat. Remove or convert. The images of a Human entered his mind. He knew that this was a Moff. It also seems that Korok had been sent to infiltrate his ship. The threat will be dealt with. We return to prepare before seeking out our prey.

Cullen left the ship in a dartship, leaving the rest of the Joiners to finish the work with the asteroids. He returned to the surface of Shadren V to gather the necessary items he would need to carry out the will of his hive.

Korok had been watching Hannibal since he had left Lurirul. They currently were lingering in the moff’s bed chambers. They had scented the room with a sweet smelling attraction pheromone. This way other members of the hive could find their way to the room if they died.

Today though they were surprised by the appearance of a child. Korok remained still and watched as the Hannibal sat there with the child.

“Grandpa I don’t want to stay here! I want to go exploring!” The child pouted as she looked up at her grandfather. “Maybe later. For now you stay here and play. Now lets see if I can find…” Hannibal reached out to mess with his holoprojector as he searched the holonet for something suitable for a child to watch. “There channel 66 is telling the deeds of Darth Marr. Now Alison stay here and then grandpa will take you out for ice cream when he gets back from his meetings.”

The tiny Killiks fluttered their wings as they watched the Moff leave the girl alone. Use child. Will be useful if plan falls apart. Korok fluttered down from various parts of the ceiling, landing on the controls of the lights. The combined effort of the dozen little Killiks were enough to dim the lights.

Alison jumped as soon as the lights went off. “Grandpa?” She called out. “You know I don’t like scary things. This is not funny!” She looked crept closer to the light switch when suddenly tiny little lights appeared. Korok took to the air and started to dance around the child. Yellow-greenish lights fade on and off as Korok used its bioluminescence.

“What the…” Alison stepped back as she watched the glowing lights of the insects fade on and off. “...where did these bugs come from.” She had an interest in pretty insects like lightning bugs back home, so the sight of the similar looking insects didn’t bother her. “They are pretty though.”

Korok gathered together and made a smiley face after hearing her say they were pretty. Alison gasped in surprise as she saw this. “Neat!” She smiled as she sat herself down upon a chair. “Is this a surprise from my grandpa?” She questioned as she watched the Killiks some more.

The insects scattered and reformed to spell out the word yes. “Cool!” She exclaimed as she watched Korok spelling out a word. It took a while by Korok soon asked its own question as they spelled out the word explore, ending with a questionmark. “I want to, but grandpa said I can’t.” Korok soon spelled out the words our and secret. They fluttered over toward the door in unison.

“I guess it can’t hurt, but we have to be back before grandpa gets back. He promised me ice cream.” She walked over and hit the button to open the door. Korok landed on her shoulder and tickled her with their antennae.

Alison and Korok would spend the rest of the day playing together. Unknown to her she was breathing in the mind altering pheromones the entire time. Later that night all she could talk about was her new pets. Hannibal played it off as her imagination, he was sure she over heard someone on the ship talking about the Killiks and that is why she was now playing pretend with some magical bugs. Together Alison and Korok had sent a message out to the rest of the hive to let them know what was going on.

It took the better part of a week for Cullen’s ship to catch up with the Moff Trakal’s ship. They were in the middle of a tour of the sector so never were in one place for very long. The first test for the Night Herald would be now. He had to see if he could blend in with outsiders.

“This is the Light’s Despair to the Shadren vessel. Identify yourself.” Cullen switched over his communication system to match the same frequency before he spoke to the Harrower before him. “This is Knight-Captain Cullen of the King’s Royal Guard. His majesty has sent us to bring a gift to Moff Trakal.” Silence followed for a few minutes before a reply came back. “Copy that. Precede to hangar bay two.”

Cullen would give the pilot a smile as he moved to the back of the shuttle. Four other knights and four Killiks stood there. They were all about the same size, around the size of an Ewok. Yet three of these Killiks were the hive’s assassins. Bred to infiltrate and eliminate enemies of the hive. The fourth was one of the communication Killiks that could boost the range of the hivemind.

A flash filled the collective mind of those on the shuttle as they docked with the Harrower. The Killiks that onboard the ship were not reconnected with their hivemind once more. Cullen smiled to himself. Alison. We have a surprise for your grandpa. We must keep it a surprise. Korok could sense the joy from the girl. “Okay Korok!”

Cullen knew where she was. Korok would keep her busy as he smuggled more Killiks onto the ship. The tiny Killiks all climbed into a large durasteel crate that had air holes bored into the side. The shuttle bounced once as it settled onto the deck of the ship. Sliding the crate onto a hover-sled, Cullen would hit the button the lower the boarding ramp. He exited the shuttle with the crate as he was greeted by some troopers and an officer.

“Knight-Captain, your presence is a surprise.” An officer stated. He gave a glance to the uniform and knew that this man was an ensign. “Our king is known to act on whim. Lord Dorian still is a Sith Lord and we are here on his behalf.” He took a breath as he tried not to speak use any more multiple tenses. “My orders are to take this crate straight to Moff Tarkal.”

The Ensign looked to the crate then back to Cullen. “Wait here, I will check and see if that is allowed.” Cullen narrowed his eyes as he took a step forward. “Are you questioning the will of a Sith, Ensign? Lord Dorian may be my king, but he is still a Sith part of the Sith Empire. You will step aside and allow me to carry out my task or I will tell my lord about this.” The Ensign grew paler as he thought about being on the bad side of a Sith. “I rather not have a Sith cross with me… please this way.”

It was a short walk before they reached the Moff’s room. “I believe I can handle it from here, Ensign. The report of this trip shall be favorable when it comes to speaking about the crew.” The Ensign gave a sheepish smile before taking off to do about his duties.

Alison. More friends are here. Open the door for us. Korok spoke to the girl. Not long afterwards the door opened up and the little girl looked up at Cullen with a large smile. “Hi mister! Korok told me you our the Night Herald. What is a Night Herald?” She skipped around the knight and the crate. “The Night Herald defends the hive from threats and also leads in singing the songs of rest at the end of each day.”

Alison opened up the crate and out popped the three Killiks. The girl giggled as she bounced up and down. “Korok said more friends would be coming. Want to play with us in our new club house? It is a secret place we found. Come with me!” Alison dragged the three Killiks into the room and took them into the air vents where she and Korok had set up their club house. The close proximity had sped up the joining process with the girl. Cullen smiled when he saw the girl going to play in the ducts.

Tarkal appeared sometime later. “I was told you had a package for me from your king?” The old man gave the crate a once over. Seeing that it was filled with toys. “Word reached us that your granddaughter was here. My king wishes to provide her with toys, at least until you return her to civilized space.” Hannibal toed the chest as he eyed the toys before looking back to Cullen. “Thank you, sir.” He was not sure who had sent this information out, but he would find out.

“Think nothing of it. I shall return to my shuttle and head back to let my king know that his gift has been delivered.” Cullen gave a bow and turned to walk away. “Yes, let Lord Dorian know that I appreciate the gesture.” Taking hold of the hover-sled, Cullen started to trek back to the hangar.

The Moff will be ours. We will return with the ship when the joining has finished. Korok played with Alison some more. Unknown that she was aiding the hive in spreading the mind altering pheromones throughout the room that her grandfather slept.

The Light’s Despair made port at Victory station weeks later. Hannibal and Alison were both members of the hive. Korok now secretly controlled the sector through the Moff. The hive felt secured at last.
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« Reply #19 on: 10/08/15, 11:20:41 PM »
Tepin gazed out at the frame of the massive ship that had been nicknamed the Super Harrower. Most of the Colicoid, Verpine and Xi Charrian engineers had went to go work on the Valefor’s new flag ship. The massive vessel was six times the length of a standard Harrower, measuring out at four thousand, eight hundred meters in length. It retained the general design aesthetic of the original though. Korok would see to it that the mighty ship would be ready when it was called upon.

Her gaze shifted to the Gand Findsmen and the rest of the Insectoid engineers she had hired. “You all will not be working to bring about the birth of that beast. We will lead you to where you will be staying and working. Korok is excited to be working with you all.” She gave the group a bright smile, yet those pupil-less, solid black eyes held none of the warmth of that smile. It didn’t seem to bother the various group of Insectoids like it does other Humans.

An hour passed before they reached the section of the shipyards where the Killiks were working on the Shard-class capital ships and Dartships. Killiks, Joiners and Droids were hard at work hollowing out the asteroids to create the various decks for these ships. One of the ships had an engine already placed inside and was making a test flight.

“Our hive has made up quarters for you all. You all have traveled a long way, so we have membrosia and food waiting for you all. Just follow this hall and take the first right and you will find the dining hall.” Various clicking sounds were the response from the more insect like engineers. As they made their way down to the dining hall it was clear some of them were interested in what was going on with that ship.

The Gand remained standing there after the techs had headed out to dine. “We were hired for security. If it is alright we will take a look around to get familiar with the layout of this part of the shipyard.” The leader of the six Findsmen spoke up as he looked at Tepin. “Oh that is fine. If you have any questions, feel free to come and find us.”

The Gand gave a small nod and took off to survey the section they were hired to guard. Unknown to them or the rest of the Insectoids that they were he to join Korok. Korok was looking forward to absorbing the techniques of the Findsmen along with the knowledge of these engineers.

Tepin looked away from the Gand and back to ships that were being built. She opened herself up to the Force to extend her connection to the Dorian. We have finished our task and are ready to head down to the surface. She could feel the presence of the prime and the rest of Korok press into her mind. We require you to stay and ensure the transition goes smoothly.

She tapped her chin as the connection was cut. Her orders were clear. Make sure that that the hired help accepted the gift Korok was giving them. Her smile grew as she and Korok came up with the same idea. Ply them with membrosia to keep them complaint. She will make sure that the membrosia flows and their guests had no idea what was in store for them. They would become part of something greater than themselves. All were equal when they joined with Korok and soon these Insectoids would come to see that.

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« Reply #20 on: 10/13/15, 09:58:20 PM »
It was surprising how fast The Kind could adapt themselves to their surroundings. Several of Korok’s nests were starting to adapt to extreme environments. The nest in charge of the construction of the hive’s fleet were starting to adapt to the vacuum of space. The eggs and larvae were being exposed to slightly less pressures than normal to help provoke the desired adaptation. In a few generations, a generation being every two years, the Killiks born of this nest likely will be able to survive total vacuum for a standard day.

Meanwhile buried deep within the heart of an active volcano and other nest was adapting to survive in extreme heat and to become more resistant to fire. This particular nest already had an interesting trait that was similar to what a distant cousin could do. Within the abdomen of the soldiers were reserves of hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide. When the two mixed, a chemical reaction causes the solution to reach a boiling point. It explodes out from the a liquid jet, burning and igniting flammable substances that it lands upon. Everything will change when the fire nest attacks.

It is here in the volcanic nest of Korok’s inferno myrmidons that the prime Korok was spending his time. A personal shield protected him from the heat, for a time at least. The nest felt tribal or more feral than the others. He noticed that each branch that made of the collective hive known as Korok had expressed themselves differently in the construction of their nests. It was likely the distance between the different nests that made up of Korok that lead to the slight quirks that surfaced.

He ran his hand across the surface of a mosaic that was made using obsidian. It depicted Valefor devouring people around him. Across from this mosaic was one that used both obsidian and a rusty red looking rock, likely to be iron. It was an image of Aym, the Shadren god of fire and destruction. A fitting shrine for such a god.

The small part of him that was not Korok Numair would have been impressed with how much the hive had gotten done, but he would not have agreed to some of the tactics that he had allowed. Yet, that part of him still lingered in the back of his mind, locked away behind the wall that Korok had built around him. It was time. Korok-Numair was to be remade and reborn a new. This would erase any doubts they had about their former self resurfacing.

Dorian made his way to the heartcomb of the nest, one of the hotter parts of this nest where the eggs were laid and stored in hexagonal chambers that lined the walls. When it was time for the larvae to morph into a nymph they crawl into one of the chambers and the other Killiks seal the top with wax. Depending on the need of the nest, they will morph into either a worker, standard soldier or one of the specialized soldiers in the case of those nests that can grow to be the size of a troop transport vehicle.

We adapt. We grow stronger. It is the way of Korok. The hive-mind spoke. The prime will undergo enter the chrysalis of rebirth. It shall make them stronger and deepen their connection to the Universe.

A smaller worker brought over a stone cup that was filled with a tea used by the local Shadren shamans for their vision quests. A brew made with psilocybin and some other plants that contain psychedelic compounds. Dorian could taste every ingredient of the bitter brew as he swallowed it. Another work passed him a waxy orb. He pulled away the seal and drank the clear, thick membrosia. This membrosia he knew was the type that was given to young that were destined to become future queens, but as Korok had no queens. It was only fitting that their prime drank the royal membrosia.

Journey to the spirit world now and face yourself, only one will return to us. Dorian walked forward towards a hexagonal chamber that was built for him. He switched off his shield then stripped off all of his clothing before climbing down into the chamber. He curled up into a fetal position as he laid there. Workers then filled the chamber with ocean water until it was up to their prime’s shoulders. They then covered the top with a thick wax to seal him inside as the drugs he drank started to kick in. He entered a trance like state as he started on his journey to the spirit realm.

The world around him was gray and hazy all of a sudden. He found himself standing in what looked to be an empty field. He could hear the howl of the wind as it blew past him. He turned around and looked behind him, seeing nothing but empty grassland. Yet when he turned back around he saw a large throne surrounded by torches. A large winged figure sat there gazing at Dorian.

Making his way toward the throne, he heard a voice echo within his mind. “You dare enter my realm mortal?” The flames from the torches shot up into the sky as the winged figure gestured for Dorian to come closer. This figure was familiar to him. It was the same as the image of Valefor, but that couldn’t be. “You doubt who I am?” The demon laughed.

It stood up and unfurled its wings as it stared down at Dorian. “You have come in search of that other one.” He waved his hand and they were now in an arena. Valefor stood in the podium, grinning. Dorian glanced down and noticed he was now dressed in the garb of a gladiator. As he looked up he saw the mirror image of himself standing there across from him dressed in the same attire as himself.

“You wished to battle yourself, so have at it. The victor will be allowed to leave this place. The loser.. well you do not wish to be the one who loses this match. Now fight.” The moment the dark god said this the other Dorian rushed forward. Armed with a spear, he thrust the weapon towards the chest of his foe. This Dorian represented the original that was not joined with Korok. The real Dorian dodged out of the way, blocking the spear with the shield he was given. He slashed at his copy as with his sword. Catching the the copy in the side with the tip of his weapon.

The copy smacked the original in the head with the end of his spear before kicking him away. He spun his spear around as he jumped forward. Dorian managed to bring his shield up as the tip of the spear punctured through, stopping the spear from entering his chest. Splitting the spear in two with his sword, Dorian rolled away from the copy as it went to stomp down on the downed king.

Rising to his feet, he threw the shield away as he glared at the copy. The two Dorians circled one another, the real version tossed his sword from hand to hand as he eyed his copy. He could feel the presence of his hive in the back of his mind. Those pupil less black eyes stared down the copy as a grin appeared on his face. Throwing the sword away, he drew upon the Force and shot a bolt of lightning into the heart of the copy.

The copy’s body to tense up as they fell to the sand. He started to thrash about on the ground as his muscles spasmed. Dorian made gesture with his hand and the copy’s head twisted all away around. Finally it was still.
A clapping sound echoed throughout the arena as Valefor clapped his hands together. “Good job little king, now wake up before you too die from the heat.”

His eyes snapped up as he gasped for breath. His upper body was soaked in sweat. He had no idea how much time had passed since he entered his trance. Colors danced before him, he could swear he could hear the different notes that each color produced. He was still high on the drugs. Yet he felt different, he could hear the song even more clearly than before.

Standing up he pressed his hands against the waxy seal. He clawed at the surface of the wax with his Human hand as he attempted to get out. A voice echoed in his mind. You belong to me now. It sounded like the demon he saw in his trance. He ignored the voice as he finally switched to his insect hand. The claws on the end of the limb made short work of the wax.

He made a hole large enough for his hands, he then used brute strength to rip open a hole big enough for him to fit through. He climbed up out of his chamber and stood before the Killiks that were waiting around. A worker brought over a jug of water and passed it over to Dorian. He downed as much of the liquid as he could before dumping the rest over his head.

Dressing himself and re-equipping the shield, he turned on to give himself some relief from the heat. He couldn’t really focus too much as the drugs remained in his system, he did notice something new. He could not sense that part of himself that lingered in the back of his mind.

The Prime Korok has been united. There is only Korok now. A smile started to spread across Dorian’s face. “Yes. We are all that remain.” He reached his arm out to brush it across the antennae of the near by Killiks. "We will now return to our capital to rest."

He was guided by some of the workers to the tunnels that would take him back to the capital. On the way back, he could swear every now and then out of the corner of his eyes he saw that demonic figure lurking in the shadows. He was sure once the drugs were out of his system it would go away. He hoped this was the case and not that he brought back with him a demon. 
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( @Dassalya Veddy needs to learn to not leave sugar out. That is how systems get ants. )

The Sheris System

Korok Numair had made a promise to his fiance that he would expand the their hegemony. With the current state of the Empire, Korok was finally able to emerge from the shadows. At least for a moment. Images of Sheris were shared with the hive as the Colossus wasp guided Korok towards the capital of this system.

It had taken days for the rest of the hive to get into position near Sheris and the other two planets that had actual people living there. The shard system drifted through space with their engines off. Any scans would show rocks drifting through the void, merely passing through the system. Yet these rocks were capital ships holding millions of Killiks each.

The chrono on Dorian’s wrist started to go off. It was time. A broad band jamming signal had started, leaving communication from these planets with the rest of the Galaxy was now cut off. Now it was time to let these mammalians know why this fate has befallen them. Dorian covered his face with a mask that was in the image of the Shadrenese demon. He stepped in front of a holo projector. The Verpine engineers had worked hard on making sure that the image of their prime would be seen throughout the system.

People of the Sheris system.” As he spoke he drew upon the Force to make it sound as if ten people were speaking at the same time as he did. “We are Korok.” Stepping up beside him were two Killik warriors. “Your system has been chosen to be added the regions in which we control. Now we could have engaged with diplomacy, but we know the bias you mammals have towards insects. Thus we will not be bothering with words. We will be using force.

The image shifted to display swarms of Dartships and Shard-class ships engaging with the system’s defense fleet. “Your fleet will be destroyed by the time our forces land upon your worlds.” The image returned the demonic looking figure and the Killiks. “Those who remain in their homes and do not engage in combat with us, shall be spared. But to those that think that they will be able to beat back a bunch of bugs...” The laughter of a dozen people rang out from the lone figure as he stood there. “....we welcome the challenge. The last thing you will see and hear is our forces ending your life as they sing the song of swarming.

The transmission ended as swarms of Dartships launched from the Shard-class ships in orbit. Drop ships carrying the massive Killik armored forces and ground troops followed right behind them in larger ships that seemed to be made out of stone. The asteroid looking ships had locks on key places on the surface and were laying waste to the surface with orbital strikes.

A tiny Killik the size of a child crawled up Dorian’s back and hugged onto him. He was connected with the rest of his hive thanks to these little Killiks, they acted like communications officers within the hive. Their natural gift was to expand the range of the hivemind. The admirals and generals that had been made into Joiners were able to alter and adapt to the follow of battle in an instant. There was no delay in orders thanks to the hivemind.

Dorian removed his mask and passed it to a near by Killik. Without a word being said the little Killik moved around to sit on his shoulders as he sat himself down in the command chair on the bridge. His officers would ensure the battle was won. So he had time to do other things. He reached out with the Force, drawing upon the Force potential of his hive to boost his connection to those of their hive back home.
We need you to tell Veddy we will not be around for a few days. Bekah will be our second gift to our fiance. The woman back on Shadren Five tilted her head and nodded as she heard the will of the hive and then went about preparing for her new task as the handmaiden for a future Queen.

Korok Numair focused back on battle at hand. Killiks were already swarming across the air and surface of the major planets of the Sheris system. Once they fell to the swarm, he’d have to return to talk with Veddy on what their next move should be. They also needed to speak with Lethash. As is custom he owned friends and family gifts because he was getting married. These thoughts ran through his mind as he watched his hive slaughter and devour all in their path. This is where he should have been concerned, but that part of him was gone. Korok was all that remained.
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The rubble of the ruined temple shifted as Korok wandered through the ruins. They had chosen this site to be the location of their newest nest. Males were already secretly being brought in to help foster their growth in this system. The people of this system were easily talked into joining their hegemony. All it took was putting on a new mask. Their presence though would need to be kept hidden.

To ensure the safety of the hive and to protect this secret at all costs, they promoted another one of their Joiners to become their Night Herald. A Matuaki Rattataki that they had captured and absorbed into their ranks. Vutik-Korok would be arriving with the males in the coming days. They had to make sure that their new home was ready for their arrival.

We will create a new temple here to cover the entrance to our nest. A thrumming of thoraxes filled their air as the workers kept up the process of digging and clearing out the rubble. We shall have shrines to the Architects as well as the gods of Shadren. Also the Sith gods. Korok could already picture the temple that they were designing.It would have an enclosure with a sacred grove and open-air altars to the various gods Korok believed in. The temple would have carved metopes and triglyph friezes, topped by pediments filled with sculptures in the Sith Style. The Chryselephantine in the center would me made of ivory and gold and be dedicated to Valefor.

Several of the Killiks clacked their mandibles as the nest accepted the challenge that they came up for themselves. We must set to work at once. While we clear away this site, we need set up a patrol route to ensure nothing disturbs us. Several of the warriors of the nest picked up a set of blaster rifles and went about establishing a perimeter. The prime will be pleased with what we have done when they return.

The Killiks that were working started to thrum their thoraxes, clack their mandibles together and vibrate their wings. To an outsider it would sound like insect sounds and might even be a little disturbing to hear. Yet to those that could understand the unique language of the Killik, they would hear music. They were adding their own notes to the song of the universe.


One month later

A lone shuttle landed near the outskirts of a the construction site. The boarding ramp lowered and a masked figured flanked by Killiks exited the craft and made their way towards the secret entrance to their nest. Korok was on high alert as the males were precious and they could not risk them being killed while they were out in the open like this.

Two warriors exited the entrance and took point as the males made their way down into the nest. The Joiner stood outside with his arms folded across his chest. Korok kept their collective eyes open and on the lookout.

A gust of wind caused some of the nearby trees to creak as they swayed in the window. The cracking of a branch stirred the sentries. They readied their weapons as an alarm pheromone was released. Jumping from the brush was a small rodent. Relaxing some, the Killiks returned to ushering in the males into the tunnels that would lead to the nest. Once the last male was inside, the warriors followed them into the tunnels leaving the Joiner to stand out side.

Vutik-Korok turned to look at the work that was made on the temple. It pleased him to see how much work was done on the temple. This nest was correct. The holy site would indeed please their prime. Their was a rough version of Valefor in the center of this temple. They made versions of the other holy figures as well and placed them where the final version of the statues would be placed.

He had seen enough for now. Now that his first mission had been taken care. It was time for him to establish new Joiners on this world. They would act as Korok’s eyes and ears while not alerting anyone to the presence of their nest.

An idea entered his mind as he walked up the boarding ramp of the shuttle.“In the tradition of the Sith, perhaps we should create our own cult.” He spoke his thoughts out loud even though Korok knew what went through his mind. He felt the approval of the Killiks as he heard their answer ring through his head. We agree Night Herald. We await to see the creation of our cult. We can use our Joiners to spread the joys of the gift. All are welcomed into the hive. All can know the peace of unity under Korok.

His lips curved into a large grin behind his mask. “Our cult can act as our intelligence operatives and prepare any world for the coming of our swarm. Before we carry out this task, we will link back with our prime. If the rest of the hive agrees, we go through with this mission.” Vutik-Korok removed the skeletal insect looking mask from his face. “We return to Shadren V.” The pilot was already preparing the shuttle for departure. Some habits tend to be hard to kill. Such as speaking out loud when all of them were mentally connected. 
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The roar of engines filled the air as a great number of speeders zipped through the air. A small crowd of people gathered around a Rattataki. The Rattataki was garbed in worn looking black robe. Tiny holes were randomly scattered all across the robe. Upon closer inspection it would look as if the robe once was a fine looking piece of clothing made out of fine silk. This was all just a calculated move on Vutik’s part.

“Listen to me brothers and sisters. I am here to tell you all about a new faith. One that does not discriminate based on species or gender. All are equal in our unity. The Old Ones wish for all living beings to be united with them.” The Rattataki made a small gesture to the crowd. His voice carried over the roar of the traffic overhead. Soft murmurs from those within the crowd could be heard by the strange alien preacher.“Brothers and sisters. Were any of you ever treated as equals in this Empire that the Sith built? Do you think that you would be equals in the Empire of Zakuul or even in the Republic? There will always be some sort of divide that will keep people apart. Rich or poor. Noble or common. Citizen or senator. Sith or Jedi.”

“Yet with the Old Ones none of that matters. Emperors are just as equal as slaves. In our unity there are no divisions. Everyone works together for the betterment of our collective.” Vutik watched the reaction of the crowd as they talked among themselves. “What makes these so called Old Ones any special?” An older Human man asked. From his dress it appeared as if he was well off, for an Imperial. “That is a good question, brother. They have seen the rise and fall of countless Empires of the younger races. They traveled the stars long before the Rakata created their impressive Empire.”

Not once would he flat out mention that they were Killiks. Let them think that he spoke about the Architects. The Celestials after all were around at the same time as The Kind. Yet. The masters are long gone and The Kind will not be slaves again. Not if Korok had a say in the matter.

“All I ask is that you come to our first gathering. All people will be welcomed. If you are not impressed with the teachings of the Old Ones then you can leave. But. If you are, then my brothers and sisters. Then you will come to understand true peace and happiness in our unity.” Vutik looked over at one of the other Joiners who came with him. He gave them a small nod. As there were no Killiks here to connect them, they were not joined in the hivemind. The Joiner started to pass out fliers to those whom were in the crowd to come and meet at the temple.

“Spread the word to friends and family. It will be a night of change for us all.” The Rattataki gave a small bow to those that had gathered to listen to him. He and the Joiners left together down an ally. They vanished into the sewers, taking a secret tunnel back to their nest.

A few hours later.

The tunnels of the nest were very much alive. Killiks moved across every surface of the tunnels. Going to and from in an orderly fashion. The Killiks moved gracefully around Vutik as he walked through the tunnels. Once more he was wearing his black carapace armor. The Night Herald of the Sheris system was pleased with how things had turned out thus far. The prime and the rest of the hive agreed to their plans of starting a cult.

This experiment would be put to the test in the future. Korok would infest the minds and beliefs of a world. Preparing them in secret for the coming of the swarm. If the experiment was a success, they would be met with no resistance. They would use Imperial Intelligence as the model to build off of. After all Intelligence and infested many worlds with its agents. Subtle manipulating events to suit the Empire. Korok would do the same.

Vutik paused in the tunnel as many voices spoke within his mind. We need to get a hold of some spice. Yes. That will help convert the masses in secret without granting them the gift. A lab. We will need to create one. Synthetic pheromones created from us could grant the gift in a partial form. Our influence would be felt, but they would not be truly connected. Vutik smiled. “It is already being done.” He spoke out loud. As the Night Herald he was granted partial autonomy from the hive. He retained his sense of self unlike most Joiners in Korok.   

A rumbling of thoraxes and the beating of wings filled the tunnels of the nest as the Killiks sang a new song. This was the song of conquest. They would infest many worlds with their gift. Their would be a day in the future when all were connected in unity with them.

Must be careful. Last time The Kind swarmed we were punished and set to the Unknown Regions. No longer are the masters here to stop us. The ancient Sith are gone as well. As are the Rakata. Old threats replaced with new threats. We are Sith though. We know of their ways this time. The Republic is a greater threat. They allow the killing of The Kind. On Oroboro. Our home. The old hives have forgotten much to allow this to happen. The many voice of the hivemind rang through the Rattataki’s mind as he kept walking though the tunnel on the way towards personal chambers.

“Oroboro is no longer our home. The old hives are weak and allowed the Humans to take the surface. Still. One day we will return. We build our hegemony first. Seed nests on many worlds. Adapt. Then when the prime deems we are ready, we sing the song of swarming.” Vutik brushed his arm across the antennae of a nearby Killik. It fluttered its wings before moving off to carry out its current task. “Now we will finish preparing.” The Rattataki made it at last to the a side passage in the tunnel that lead to his chambers. It was time to train while the nest busied itself with preparations.

Two weeks later.

Shadows danced with the fire light from the torches. Forty desperate souls were packed into the unfinished temple. Vutik stood on a metal crate as several Joiners passed out refreshments to those that came to hear him speak. The smile on the Rattataki’s face was not from seeing so many people turn up, but from seeing how many of them consumed the tainted offerings.

With a quick glance to the secret air vents, he could see his hivemates preparing the gas that contained the first doses of pheromones for those that were here. “Brothers and sisters. I thank you for coming here.” He made a small gesture with his hands to draw attention to himself.

“Some of us have been passing out food and drink. What is ours is also yours. For we have been given enough by the Old Ones. We share in their good fortunes as they have brought us into their unity.” A soft, gentle looking smile appeared on his face as he looked down at a young girl eating a cookie as her mother drapped her arms around her. “What I offer you tonight is not false hope or dream of a better future. No. What I offer is very real.”

He sat himself down on the crate. After testing the effects of the drugs on some of their Joiners, they knew that it should be kicking in soon. “But to embrace our unity like we have. You will need to give up your past lives. Down the hill from this temple you saw an empty town. That is where we live. We live simple lives. Threats from Zakuul, Sith or the Republic are things for others to worry about.”

Most of the crowd were nodding their heads as this all sounded good to them. Those that were not consuming the tainted offerings seemed on the fence, but they were still breathing in the pheromones. “We will make our own food. Sew our own clothing. We do not need to the industry of others, we only need to collective power of us all. Each of us is put a single cog of a greater machine. When we have united in unity, there is nothing we can do. We can be self sustaining. Living apart from these others who need some unseen master or king to provide for them. The Old Ones have showed us that all we need is each other.”

Vutik got off the crate, reaching out his hand to place it on the shoulder of the mother. He gave a wink at the child. “Those of you who are willing for a new life away from the madness of this Galaxy. Just head down to the town. Our brothers and sisters there will take care of you. Those of you who are unsure. Think about it. Try out living there for a few weeks. If it doesn’t feel right. Leave. Nothing will keep you from going.” Those who were under the influence of the drugs all headed off to the town willingly, as if this was the best idea in the Galaxy. A handful remained, looking around. Trying to decide if they should leave or try it out.

Korok’s voice echoed through the Rattataki’s mind. Shall we devour them? “No. We will handle this.” He tapped into the Force and waved his hand as went and spoke to each person. He pulled them aside and whispered to them, “You want to go down to the town and sleep there for the night.” Each person echoed his words before they wandered down to the town. Vutik slumped forward as he felt drained from using the mind trick on all those people.

What was in store for the people down below was another bath of Killik pheromones. Eight hours a night for the next couple of days will start to changes in their brains. They will not be full Joiners. Still. Korok would be able to command and suggest things to them. To them, it would be as if it was their own idea. That was if they could keep the people there long enough. It was the first step in the creation of Korok’s intelligence network.
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( This is now roughly 2.5 years into KOTFE. Give or take a few months. )

A wise man once said that it always starts with claims of peace, and talks of prosperity.

The Universal Church of Unity had grown quickly over the last year and a half. Partly due to the drugging of its members, but mostly because it offered something that the masses seemed to want. A tolerant place where all were accepted. The cult provided spiritual nourishment, even if the poor souls unknowingly were being absorbed into Korok.

The message of the church did not change, nor was it false. What started as a small commune turned into a small city. Each member of the church did their part to support the entire church. It was a well oiled machine. A machine that had some pretty expensive cogs. As the church was able to draw in some influential people on Sheris. These men and women lived in the city with the other cultists, but each day would leave to go to work. Some were local stars of the system. Other key political and military figures. The church had infested the media and the government of Sheris.
Korok was pleased with the results of the experiment, but it didn’t matter much as they had already controlled this system. Now it was the time to put the cult to the test.

Taking over a month to set up, Korok had created an unbroken chain between Shadren and Sheris. A thing that was only accomplished using their fleet to fill in the gaps between the two systems. The hivemind was fully connected for the first time in a long while.

In an instant everything was processed by the hivemind. Dorian could see through the eyes of his Night Herald and the members of the church. While at that very moment he sat upon his throne, listening to the nobles of his court. We are pleased, Night Herald. Not only was your nest able to create a new tool for the hive, but our presence on Sheris remains undetected. His voice echoed through the mind of the Rattataki.

We merely carried out the will of the hive and its prime. Vutik walked through the city that was built by the the cult. He was clad in his armor and accompanied by two Killik warriors walked beside him. Everyone he passed seemed to ignore the presence of the Rattataki and the Killiks. Korok had made it so that those that were partially joined to the hive would no longer see the Killiks or Vutik if they did not wish to be seen. So while their eyes saw the Night Herald and Killiks, their brain just filtered the images out.

There was a smirk on Dorian’s face that was hidden behind his mask. Yes. We know this. We move for Borkeen. We will first send a group of our most charismatic agents to seed a new church there. Our infestation will spread from there. The Borkeen belt will make for a good nesting ground. Agreed. A nest ship will be prepared. Inside their heads rang the collective voices of the many Killiks and Joiners that made up their hive. Only the prime and his heralds stood apart from the many voices of the hive.

Dorian waved his hand to silence any conversation that was currently being discussed. “I make ready to depart to Narigus to speak with Lady Aatrac. I leave all matters of the kingdom to the queen while I am away.” Standing from his throne, he watched the nobles bow to him as he departed for the secret passage that’d take him to an underground passage. Narigus. We could adapt further and grow stronger there. Yes. That is why we will see to securing access to that system while we also prepare Borkeen for our arrival. Our master fears us. Fears The Kind. He is right to. We are but a sleeping monster, awaiting for the song that wakes us from our slumber.

A Gand was laughing as it looked over at Vutik and the Killiks. As were several other near by Joiners. Every Joiner in the hive was currently laughing, expressing the emotion that the hive felt that the Killik’s themselves could not do. Our other heralds will work on expanding our fleet. Vutik, we are tasking you and our cult into keeping tabs of our friends and enemies. It will be done.

Suddenly the connection was lost. A ship drifted too far from another and the chain was broken. Though it didn’t matter. Each nest knew what to do and would carry out the will of the prime.

What is often forgotten is that peace is a lie, there is only passion.
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It had been days since Dorian had told Vedriat that he was leaving her so that she did not have to chose between him and her beloved Empire. He suppressed his connection to his hive so that he could be alone. Truly alone. For the first time in five years.

Wrapped in a bundle of furs, he sat alone in his personal chamber deep within the nest. His thoughts were of the cranky red head. A tiny, sad smile appeared on his face as he thought of his queen. A fresh wave of pain hit him as he knew that he’d likely lose her when it came to deciding between the home she knew and the home he built for her.

A deep thrumming sound tore him away from his current thoughts. He had been so lost in himself that he did not hear the massive Killik enter his chambers. “Ururb ur buru.” The large beetle looking Insectoid spoke in a deep voice that echoed through the icy chamber. “I know. We both miss her.” Dorian’s own voice was soft next to the massive creature’s. “Bururb rubu rurb ru.

He sighed. “I know I would be happier if I were to reconnect with the hive. I wish to linger a little longer in this state. When the pain of this loss is too much to bare. Then. Then I shall reconnect with you, Korok. For now. I just wish to be alone with my own thoughts and emotions.”

Korok’s flapped her wings as she spoke.  “Uru bruru rubru.” With a shake of his head, Dorian answered. “We both do. Though I doubt how we feel matters. You know how she is….” He tilted his head as he saw a tiny little Killik jump down from the larger one. It was no larger than a Human child. It marched over to the Prime Korok and sat down upon his lap. Korok brushed her antennae across Dorian’s face. To any other it might have sounded like a normal thrumming sound of a thorax, but Dorian could hear the sad tone to it. The little Killik’s antennae drooped down as she cuddled with Dorian.

He wrapped the little ant looking Insectoid in his furs as he sat there. He sighed softly before he spoke. “Fine. You can stay with me Korok… we love her and we miss her. We will hold out for hope, at least for a few days.” Korok looked up at him with those large eyes of her’s. “Ruburu br ururbr.” Dorian smiled just a little at what Korok had to say. “Yes. We will give her lots of flowers when she comes and finds us. A flower of every color in the visible light spectrum.” He tried to sound positive, but he had doubts that they would be united with Veddy again. He was a fool, but not that big of a fool.

Love was a powerful emotion. Though it could lead to one feeling a host of different emotions. Dorian and Korok both feared losing Vedriat. That fear could very well be a catalyst for deeper, darker emotions to surface. There was something lurking in the back of the collective mind of Korok that was waiting for them to fall into that pit of despair. Once they did, only the Immortal Gods of the Sith would know what would surface.

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Korok Information?
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Spoiler: show
(This information is available for any who’d have access to the traitor king’s capital world. Basically the Valefor and any allies. At least when it comes to knowing about Korok. General Killik stuff is you know an open field.)

With permission of his majesty, King Dorian Numair, first of his name. We at the Royal University of Shadren have undertaken a study into the Insectoid race known as the Killiks. The following is what we have learned from studying our strange allies.

Subject: Killik hive “Korok”

As we we have found out, the Killiks are basically one collective being. A super organism if you will. Yet compared to similar creatures like the common ant, the scale of the Killik collective is astonishing. The collective mind of the the entire hive is known by a single name, in this case our subject is known as Korok.

What we have found out is that every word in the Killik language is a palindrome. Which makes it easy to spot something that the Killiks have named. The language of these creatures is by far one of the most complex we have studied. It is a mixture of body movements, sounds made their thoraxes, and pheromones. They do a sort of little dance with their bodies as they make strange insect sounds and admit various different scents when they speak. Though we have found out they only do this with outsiders or Killiks from a different hive. It is by far easier to speak to them through a Joiner.

A Joiner as most know is a being that has been absorbed into the collective mind of the Killiks. They lose what it means to be an individual and become part of the collective that makes up the entity known as Korok. This only happens when the subject spends too much time around the pheromones that the Killiks produce. From what we have gathered the brain is somehow rewired to join in on the hivemind.

This makes the Killik naturally able to convert almost anyone into joining them. We theorize that if they truly wished it. They could be a threat on a galactic level. From what we have observed though, the Killik is content to merely to be left alone.

While observing the Killiks on their moon around Shadren VII, we noticed that there were many different types of the Insectoid. We thought perhaps they were sub-species or at least mutations of some sort. To our amazement, they weren’t either of these things. The Killik is able to come in any size or shape, adapting to better suit their hive or nest. Yet on the genetic level, each was same as the standard ant looking Insectoid. We later found out that Killiks are a hybrid of coleoptera and hymenoptera families of insects. Also known as the beetle and ant/wasp families.

We will refer to the following different nests with a general name that describes what they either look like or are experts of.

Fire-Ants (Heat adaptation): These Killiks appear like any other, but from what we learned they have adapted to live in environments with extreme heat. The coloration they have taken on is a dark red. Yet their ability to thrive in environment such as that of a volcano is not the most impressive thing. This nest has the ability to set things ablaze with a chemical combination that they create within their bodies. When these chemicals mix together they generate enough heat to set things on fire. They are literally living flamethrowers.

Aerial troops (Aerial adaptation): The Killiks from this nest do not appear to look like giant “Ant People” like those that are normally seen on Alderaan. These Killiks instead appear to look like, well giant “Wasp People” as one researcher said. They share a similar profile as the standard Killik, but they have large wings that are capable of flight. Workers and soldiers alike seem to have these wings, even the males. These Killiks also appeared to have stingers, much like a common bee would. We were unable to find out if they had any sort of toxin that they injected with that stinger or it was odd byproduct of their adaptation for flight. Perhaps drawing on genetic cues from their hymenoptera genes?

These two types are just some of the different nests we were shown by our hosts. We heard rumors that there was a nest that has adapted to live on a world similar to Hoth and that they drew more from the coleoptera genes. Making them giant “Beetle people”?

We are able to guess that they are capable of adapting to any environment or to suit the needs of the hive. The thought of what they are truly capable of is frightening, but we are thankful that they are a generally peaceful race. Most of our findings have led us to believe that while the Killik is a peaceful creature, there is a possible chance that they could turn into a real threat. With the ability to reproduce on a scale that shames any mammal and the ability to pass on knowledge to their offspring that would take years to teach any other child. They could produce a fighting force faster than any Human could match, not using droids.

It boggles the mind as to how we are not all slaves to these insects yet. Something out there must have kept them in check in ages past. Without a greater power out there to keep them in line. It is possible for their population to get out of control. Thankfully it seems our king has a way with these insects and is able to keep them in line, for now.

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The scent of wildflowers filled his nose as he walked through the halls of his palace to meet with Vedriat. As he approached the door, pausing as he heard her singing on the other side. Dorian’s lips curved into a smile as he opened the door. Peeking within he saw her there. His beautiful warrior queen, singing to their child. The girl’s room was filled with a warm light and wildflowers were placed in a vase near by. 

This sense of happiness her had would not last though. For as soon as he entered the room the singing was over. Vedriat was dressed in her Sith robes and held onto their daughter’s hand. “We are returning to the Empire. I can no longer tolerate being in the presence of a traitor. Just thinking about you touching me again with that... abomination you call a hand makes my skin crawl.” She spat on the floor. “Our daughter will grow up within the Empire, where she belongs.”

He reached a hand out to grab her. His mouth hung open as he was about to speak.. But she was gone. The room lost all its warmth and the flowers had wilted away. Dorian fell to his knees as he started to cry. “Shhh it's alright.” A feminine voice spoke to him from behind. Standing there was a beautiful figure. Long raven hair hung past their shoulders. Deep violet eyes that held such innocence, but held such depravity. It was hard to pin a gender of this figure. The androgynous figure smiled as they walked over to his side. “You do not need her.”

Wiping away his eyes with his Human hand, Dorian looked at the stranger. “I..” They shook their head and placed a finger upon his lips to silence him. “Just listen. Your love for her was fulfilling, but did she return those feelings to you? No. She picked a dying Empire over you.” They ran a hand through his hair as they tried to sooth Dorian, almost like a mother would. “You should put your feelings for her aside. Because their are many more things for you to experience. This heartache is one… next is feeling the warmth of a star against you skin. Or savoring the pain that an enemy inflicts upon you.”

Dorian looked worried as this figure embraced him. “I will be here to guide you down the path you were destined to travel. You can call me Salurulas. Oh. I have such sights to show you Korok Numair.”

“Huuh!” He took in a deep breath as he shot up. He was still in his bed. The fire had died and the only warmth he had was that of the furs that he was wrapped up in. Shuddering a bit, he was about to get up to start the fire when Korok entered his chambers. The little Killik ran over to the side of his bed and climbed up onto it to join him. Two of the wasp like Killiks, that he had taken to call the Thriae, had come down from his ship to serve as his honor guard in place of his Myrmidons. The Thriae started up a new fire within his room as the little ant poked Dorian with one of her hands.

“Urub bru rrubu?” She asked as she looked at Dorian with worry in those large eyes of hers. At least he could tell it was worry. “Yes. Just a nightmare… don’t worry. She.. he… whatever it is appeared again. Tempting me to join them…” He rubbed his head as  he laid back down. He didn’t know what it is that he was eating on this world, but ever since he got here he was plagued with dreams of a perfect being tempting him to work with them. “The song has grown heavy… ominous even.”

it had been weeks since he was here. Still he remained apart from the embrace of the hivemind. Wishing to have his own thoughts for a time. “Korok. Have my Thriae patrol the skies of this world. I wish to expe….” He stopped himself from finishing that thought. He wanted to feel what it was like to fly through the atmosphere of this world with his own wings. An experience he’d only have if he was joined again with Korok. Just as that fiend  said. “I merely wish to ensure our nest here remains a guarded secret.”

He rolled over onto his side, ignoring Korok as he focused on the icy wall next to him. None of what happened in his dream ever took place in reality. But he wished to have seen his wife with their child. Boy or girl, it didn’t matter. A sad smile appeared on his face.

“To be loved, feelings must be rationed. To love, the doors of hysteria, fantasy, and madness may be flung open.” A familiar voice echoed within his mind. “She will drive you into my embrace, my sweet king. Together we will strive to create the perfect being… and indulge ourselves in every delight this galaxy has to offer. For it will be ours.” Dorian closed his eyes as he felt someone wrap their arms around him. The song that Vedriat was singing in his dream echoed through his mind as he fell back to sleep.

Korok could looked worried as notes that came from their prime were flat. Almost distorted as they grew deeper. Darker. Two of the large beetle like Killiks stood posted at the entrance of the chamber as the Thriae stood guard inside. The little ant tucked Dorian in as best as it could before it sat down beside him. She listened to the song and wondered what could be disrupting it so.
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It had been several days since Dorian returned to Shadren Five after he met the Fourty Nine on their odd starship. The king lay alone in his bed this night. Tossing and turning in his sleep as an odd dream held the Joiner in its grip....

Walking through an oddly empty tunnel, one that should have been filled with Killiks. Beside him was the androgynous figure that called itself Salurulas. “Perhaps this is a dream of things to come?” It said as is gave Dorian a wicked smile. “Shut up.” He’d snap as he turned to look at the figure. “You have been trying to push Veddy and I apart. Sooner or later one of us will have to leave.”

Suddenly he heard a sound that caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand. He covered his ears as the sound grew in volume. “What is this?!” He yelled over the noise as he looked to the demonic ghost that plagued him. “Don’t know. But it is an exciting sound isn’t it? Shall we go see what it is?” It laughed as vanished from his side and appeared further down the hall. “Coming!?” It called out it moved towards the source of the sound.

He grit his teeth and ran down the tunnels. He knew these tunnels like the back of his hand, in the next chamber would be the egg chamber. Rounding the corner, he expected to see thousands even millions of eggs being tended by Killiks. Instead corpses. Killik and Joiner alike lay dead in the chamber. A single robed figure stood in the center of the bodies. The source of this terrible dirge.

Then he felt it. It felt as if his very soul was being ripped from him as he listened to the song. Dorian fell to his knees as he tried to fight whatever was happening to him. It  then dawned on him. This was not the same as the melodies that all living things produce. This was the song of the dead. The same song he had heard when he was sent to investigate that strange nebula.

Salurulas appeared beside him. It smirked as it looked at the Joiner. “Looks like you might be leaving first.” The song then stopped. The robed figure pointed at the two of them. “You traded five million souls for the secret to mastery over death. This dirge harvests the souls of the living. Or it can summon the spirits of the restless dead to this world to walk once more.” Its voice rang out through his head before started to sing once more.

Unlike before there was no pain. Instead the corpses that littered the chamber started to twitch. It was not long before they started to crawl across one another as they struggled to their feet. The song must use the Force to sustain them he thought as he got to his feet. The sight of his hive shambling towards him caused him to laugh as he suddenly had an idea.

“I was going to offer to merge with you…. but I have a new idea.” He looked over at Salurulas. He reached up with his inhuman right hand and gripped the being’s throat with it. “I can make my wife happy and keep my hive. Without you in it.” The hidden stinger punctured the beings throat in what would have been a killing blow for any real person. Salurulas looked shocked as it opened its mouth to scream yet its voice was drowned out by the dirge.

He started to laugh maniacally as the dead swarmed him. He felt his body being torn apart, yet he couldn’t stop from laughing.

Jolting up, Dorian looked around his room, running his hand through his hair as he did so. He knew it was a dream yet he couldn’t shake this odd feeling. As if a secret had been brought to light within his mind. “The Fourty Nine did say it would come in my dreams…” He got up from his bed. “Veddy will not approve. Not yet. Perhaps I should go and meet Aatrac. She likely will know what to make of this.” He expected to hear a quip from his ghostly companion, but there was nothing. “I will take this as a good sign.” He smiled as went to dawn his armor. There was work to be done if he was going to spread the song throughout the stars.

Not the song of the universe, the song of the living. It was time for everyone to hear the song of the dead. They will hear this dirge and despair.

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Hidden within the walls of the royal palace was a workshop. It was here that Dorian was able to do work that the court or the queen did not need to know about. At least in Vedriat’s case, didn’t need to know right away.

The king sat beside a forge, polishing one of his new swords. The twin blades each bore an arcane Sith rune along the blade. Naile and Hâsk In the common tongue fear and anguish. These were the names of his newly forged Sith swords. In the pommel of each sword was a black gem.

Hanging on the wall behind him was a cruel looking spear that likewise bore a rune upon the spear head. Mirtis or death. And like its cousins it too also had gems within the shaft of the spear.

The purpose of these gems was to act as containers of sorts for the souls of those he killed in battle. The king had used what he had learned from the Fourty Nine and mixed in the magics of the Sith to enchant his weapons
Dorian’s eyes lifted from his blade to a wall that was lined with skeletons. Each had a slave collar of sorts around its neck. A smile appeared on his face as his thoughts turned to seeing these skeletons coming to life. First he’d have to test his work by harvesting some poor sods and placing their souls within these bones. Once these tests were done, he’d try and figure out a way to create a telepathic network with his new servants. He would give up one hivemind for his queen, in order to create a new one.

Korok would not die though. Their prime would grant them immortality as the first of his servants. Only after he figured out the effects of animating a Killik corpse.

Rising to his feet, Dorian hung his blades on the wall next to his spear. He knew that if he were to truly master death itself, he was going to have to give up being Human. He moved over to his desk and hovered over the open book that laid resting there. It was the history of ancient Sith kings. The book was open to the entry on Dathka Gruash. All his work would be based on that of Gruash. He would rip his very soul from his body and store it within a crystal like Gruash did.

One of his servants had already been dispatched to Korriban to search the archives and tombs for any information regarding the old king.

First though he would prepare to gain control over a mere skeleton. Once he had master that. Baby steps. One did not become a master necromancer in a day.