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Author Topic: The Chronicles of King Dorian  (Read 7924 times)

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« Reply #30 on: 02/21/16, 12:05:36 AM »
In a tiny room in the hospital not far from the palace, Dorian say beside one of his subjects. To hide whom he was from the public at large, he wore a black robe and a skeletal mask. He knew if his wife saw him dressed like this, she’d have rolled her eyes and sighed. This thought brought a small smile to his face, but it vanished as he gazed upon the dying man.

Cancer ravished his body and he was on the verge of death, but his king was here to give him a chance to escape death’s clutches. For a time. “Barret…” Dorian spoke in a soft voice as he removed the mask from his face. “S..sire?” Barett answered in a groggily as he opened up his eyes.

A smile once more appeared on the king’s face. “Yes. I have heard about your condition. I may have a way to free you from pain you are endure and your failing body. Though…” He bit his lower lip as he tried to think of a good way to phrase it. “..you may not like what you become.”

Barret coughed, struggling to sit up. Dorian offered him a hand, but he refused to be helped. “How, my lord? More importantly, why me?” He looked over the king and noticed that his hair and eyes were now as white as fresh snow. “I picked you because death will soon take you from the living. As for how, through magics that were mastered by the ancient Sith. If you consent. I will take your spirit...your soul from your body. I will then have your body stripped of its flesh, then I will bind your soul to your bones.”

Dorian could see the look of horror in Barret’s eyes as he told him of what he had planned. “Do not worry, it isn’t as horrible as it sounds. If it is a success, you will in a way achieve immortality and will be able to serve the kingdom. I shall also see to it that any living family you have will receive payments for as long as you serve.”

Once he heard that his entire family would be set up for life, the look of horror faded. Barret seemed to honestly consider the idea. “Will I know what is happening?” He asked. Dorian gave a small shrug. “I do not know. I do not know if you will retain the spark that makes you, you. Or if your essence merely fuels the magic that animates the bones. What I can tell you is that if this works, you will be the first of my new guard. In time we can replace slaves and droids with the dead. Thus allowing the living do whatever they wish. To seek knowledge, become masters of a craft, or to be the best warriors and pilots.”

The king’s passion for this new idea could be felt with in how he spoke about using necromancy to improve the lives of their people. The song of the dead would be spread, but he would only unleash the true horrors of necromancy upon those that crossed him. For too long he had been focused on his own interests. It was time he returned to being a good ruler. Well, the best he could be with being a former Sith, a Joiner, and now necromancer.

Barret was silent for a long time. Slowly he started to nod his head. “Very well. I will grant you permission to use my body and soul for this test. Just make sure that my family is taken care of.” Dorian had a serious look as he nodded. “You have my word.”

Dorian rose to his feet and placed the mask back upon his face. He looked like the mythical reaper of the dead as he stood over Barret. "You may experience terribly pain." He warned as he looked down at the man. "I will now start." He opened himself up to the Force, to the dark side. He could feel its power flow through his body. “Nu tash prasasja sh'jatau tu'iea vele, kia buti le meistras nuo visa isatraga.” He spoke with authority and confidence as he said the words to the spell. “Nu buti tave akesi va iv vele ir tu'iea buti dabar manosi!”

It felt like something was ripping his very essence from his body. The pain he was in was worse than anything he had felt before. Barret screamed as his body thrashed around on the bed. Then. It was over. He felt nothing. His spirit was now housed within a black crystal that hung around Dorian’s neck. The king slumped forward, he was not prepared for how much that took out of him. Next time he’d use a focus to make it easier.

A nurse ran into the room after hearing the scream to see creepy masked man hovering over the now dead Barret. “Oh gods! Gu…” Dorian reached out with the Force to stop her from speaking. “You will forget what you saw here and help me move the body.” “I will forget what I saw here and will help you move this body.”

With the aid of the nurse, he was able to get the body back to his lab without too much trouble. No one gave a speeder with the royal emblem a second glance.

A few weeks would pass before Barret’s body was stripped clean of its flesh leaving just the bones behind. Around the neck was an odd looking slave collar that had a glowing blue light on it. “Now to combine the rituals of the Sith with the knowledge and technology of the Fourty Nine.” He took hold of the black crystal as he started to speak the words to his spell. As he did before when reaping Barret’s soul, Dorian opened himself up to the Force. Drawing upon the dark side to fuel his spell. “Nu visita sh'jatau tave vele iv nuyak xarnait. Eile va kia tu'iea ikuny. Pradzia. Pradzia ir satyi nun kaxai darval!” He spoke with such passion as he said the words to the spell. “Pradzia.Pradzia. Pradzia ir satyi nun kaxai darval!”

The light on the collar started to blink on and off. An eerie creaking sound filled his ears as the skeleton turned its head to look at Dorian. He smiled from ear to ear as he looked upon his creation. First he had to see if the man who now dwelt within could understand him. “Do you understand what I am saying?” He asked. The skeleton nodded once. “Do you remember that you were once a man named Barret?”

There was a slight delay before it shook its head up and down. “Good. Perhaps this is due to my using your soul? If I were to just animate the dead with the power of the dark side…” He trailed off. Would they returned as just mindless drones. Slave to his control? Perhaps the slave collars also can be used to dial in if they recall their past lives or not? “I will figure out a way for you to speak. For now, I will get you a suit of armor to wear. I had a mask made to resemble your face. As promised your family and their descendants will be taken care of. In the meantime, I will have you lay there for now.”

His thoughts turned towards the spell tsaiwinokka hoyakut as he left the room. He figured that for an army, that would be the best way to go about creating one. More so since the dead seemed to spread the taint living. But for a higher more intelligent servant, he’d likely have to use the collars of the Fourty Nine. He wondered if in time, he could achieve immortality by giving up his Humanity. These were thoughts he’d deal with on a later day. For now he had to finish testing his skeleton minion.

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The End of the Hive
« Reply #31 on: 03/06/16, 11:52:09 PM »
I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.
                           —  Revelation 6:7-8

The call had been put out. Across the hegemony Killiks left their nests to join to board the mighty ships that would take them to the frozen world of Cocytus. Billions of Killiks and thousands of Joiners were all crammed into the twisting tunnels that snaked beneath the frozen surface of the moon.

It had taken weeks for Korok to gather together in once place. Yet Korok knew why they were here. A sacrifice was needed. So the hive would pay it in order to achieve the goals of the prime.

The prime Korok sat amongst his hive on a throne carved out ice and rock. Dorian watched as he knew, like the rest of his hive, what was about to happen. Tainted membrosia had been passed out to all. The membrosia givers themselves had been tainted with alchemy. The sweet nectar they provide was laced with a toxin that’d kill any who drank it.

“Death is only the beginning. For you will live for eternity outside the passage of time.” His words drifted through the hivemind. Then they all started to drink. The larva were the first go. Soon he felt the lives of his hive flicker and fade. Fingers dug into his flesh as he experienced each and every death of his entire hive. The toxin was not perfect though. Some, like the larva died painlessly. They were the lucky ones. Some other nests and Joiners had different reactions to the toxin. They died in agonizing pain.

As his hive died around him, Dorian sat there unmoving as he experienced each and every death. To master death he had to experience death. He had to die. Dorian did not move for seemed like days until finally single tear rolled down from his right eye. He stood from his icy throne, his hands reached out towards two gold chains. One held a black gem and the other a clear one. Lifting the necklaces up, he placed the chains around his neck. Dorian calmly walked out into the sea of dead that filled the tunnels and chambers of this nest.

The hive had been prepared for this moment. Arcane symbols were etched into the rock and ice that lined the floors and halls of all the tunnels and chambers that made up this massive nest. It was all prepared for one massive ritual.

Dorian opened himself up to the dark side of the Force. “Nu visita sh'jatau tave anmuxuna iv tave guduma. Tu'iea prievole buti nelsenena adata. Pradzia ir ana âti luai kaxai vel.” The ancient Sith echoed throughout the icy halls of the hive. Nothing seemed to happen for a long while. Then. A Killik rose up from the ground to look at Dorian. Soon more started to rise up from the ground. Half of those that entered the hive returned to the land of the living.

“We have work left to do.” Dorian’s voice no longer had any emotion to it. He sent half of his force to join Aatrac. The duchess wasn’t as dead as she was thought to have been and she’d enjoy the gift he had sent her way. The rest of the undead Killiks would wait on the frozen moon. Preparing for the call from their king.

The ritual was not just to return the Killiks as undead. The half that did not get raised were sacrificed for another spell. Within the gems that he now wore around his neck were the two halves of his spirit… his soul. He know was ready to be a true necromancer. He forsake his Humanity to ensure that his kingdom would last for an eternity. The newly risen Lich would return home to organize his forces and ensure his kingdom was ready for the change that was to come.

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« Reply #32 on: 03/30/16, 04:40:34 PM »
Sand danced around the heavily armored figure as the wind howled in what sounded like rage. Tatooine. Why any one faction cared about this forsaken planet escaped the king. Yet the planet was not what brought him here. It was the remains of a giant that brought him here.

An agent had reported a rare prize that lurked within the dune sea. A complete Greater Krayt Dragon skeleton. This was something that Dorian was not about to pass up on. So here he was. Wandering through the hellish wastes of the Dune Sea in search for a complete skeleton of a large reptile.

Time seemed to pass slowly as the two suns started to make their way down towards the horizon. Dorian gazed at the sun set for a time, waiting to see if it would stir any emotion within his frozen heart. He felt nothing as he watched what appeared to be like any other sunset. His gaze shifted to a bright burst of red that appeared in the sky. A signal flare. One of his retinue had found something.

Behind a large dune rested the remains of the once great beast that swam through this sea of sand. Dorian pointed at two armored figures wearing death masks.  “Load up the speeders. Bring this back to the ship, piece by piece." He commanded the two skeletons, his gaze never leaving the remains of the dead dragon. “The Dark Jedi had their Leviathans. I will have my Titans.

Dorian imagined a siege and suddenly massive undead beasts started to attack his enemies. While alive they would have caused panic. But trying to kill something that was already dead? A small smirk appeared on his face. That would be entertaining to watch.

Finish this before both suns set. The last thing we need is the Eternal Empire sending down its toys to question us on what we are doing out here.” The king made his way back towards his speeder. The trip back he spent his time trying to figure out the best testing ground for his forces. He’d figure something out, likely outside of the sector. He would leave that to the Valefor. His kingdom would expand outside of their sphere.  For now though. He’d focus on converting his kingdom and creating his Titans. He already had in mind of some other near legendary creatures that would be perfect candidates. 

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« Reply #33 on: 05/02/16, 01:23:41 PM »
“Sire.” A woman in black armor adorned metal skulls addressed the king as he sat at his desk. “Speak.” He replied as he flipped through the pages of the tome that rested on the desk before him. “The invasion force has reached the Bellis system within the Demetras sector. The await your orders on how to proceed. With force or diplomacy?”

The knight brushed back her cape as she watched her king focus more on reading then on the report that their forces were ready to take another system for the glory of the kingdom. She wondered what was in that book that stole the king’s attention.

For the next several minutes, the pale man would merely flip the pages of his book. Reading in silence. Finally, he closed the tome and looked up at the knight that stood across from his desk. Glowing blue eyes locked on the woman, never once did his gaze leave her own eyes. She felt as if he was peering into her very soul.“Tell the admiral if the system will not will not peacefully join the fold, to bring them to their knees. The Brothers and Sisters of the Shadren House of our Lady Odmera will be placed in charge of the ground troops.” Dorian’s voice held no emotion as he spoke. “Your order has been taught the secrets of the dead, so you will be able to command my legions and bring to heel any that are inflicted with the curse.”

“I shall let the admiral know your orders, my liege. Odmera’s gift will be spread throughout the Bellis system.” She gave him a quick salute before turning on heel to carry out her task. As the doors closed behind the knight, Dorian turned his attention back to ancient tome filled with rituals and necromantic spells. He wanted to all his subjects to embrace the gift that was undeath. Yet, he did not need mindless servants like his skeletons or Aatrac’s creations.

So he studied and searched for a way for him to create other forms of undead. Perhaps even finding a form that would suit his lovely queen, so that she too can live forever by his side. His thoughts of his wife and children were the only thing that could make him smile anymore. “Soon.” He whispered to himself. “Soon, I shall have the answers I seek. Then. Then I can reap the rewards from all this fighting. Worlds filled with corpses, corpses that can be turned into soldiers. The living will slowly bring about their own downfall.”

Dorian opened the book before him once more as he started to read the writings of the ancient Sith once more. Thoughts of Vedriat spurred his research efforts.

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« Reply #34 on: 05/16/16, 03:44:23 PM »
The capital city of Bellis IV had become a necropolis. The undead outnumbered the living within the city after the city fell to the legions of dead. Armored skeletons marched behind pale looking figures wearing black armor adorned with metal skulls and other motifs of death. Lining the sides of the major roadway that the legion marched down were the bodies of those that would not swear loyalty to their new king and queen. Those that had sworn their oaths were allowed to remain among the living, for the time being.

The city of Grison had seen better days. Buildings throughout the city had been blasted apart from the orbital bombardment. What once could have been a lovely city, looked nothing more now than a former warzone.

Piles of corpses were put into a massive pit. Yet the dead were not wasted. Those knights that appeared to worship death spent their time raising the dead to serve their king. Not all were raised as skeletons. Some were brought back as spirits.

Bellis IV was now ruled by the dead and the king of the dead had finally decided to pay a visit to his newest acquisition.

Rows of skeletons and pale knights stood before the shuttle of their king as it touched down upon the landing pad. As the boarding ramp was lowered, the skeletal automatons instantly stood at attention. The knights on the other hand dropped to one knee and kneeled as the watched their king descend down the ramp.

Dorian’s icy gaze took in the sight of the ruined city before him as he ignored his subjects for the time being. The knights rose to their feet as the necromancer walked forward.

“Sire, we are honored that you’d pay us a visit.” The commander of this detachment of knights walked over to the monarch’s side as she gave a small bow. “The Brothers and Sisters of the Shadren House of our Lady Odmera have proved their worth in the sacking of this world.” She spoke of the Order of the Damned, the royal order of knights created to oversee the creation and upkeep of the undead.

“Odmera has shown her favor to you all.” Dorian said as he looked over at the knight. Odmera was the name of one of the goddess his people worshiped. The protector of children and the reaper of the dead. She ruled the underworld. These knights believe that it is through her divine grace that they have been given power over death itself. Dorian though knew that it was thanks to his research and deal with the Fourty Nine that he was able to gain his knowledge of necromancy. Which he then taught to these religious zealots.

With a shake of his head he passed the skeletal horde. “The living. Those that bent the knee, they are being treated fairly as per my orders?” Those glowing blue eyes of his looked back at his escort. “Yes, your grace. They are being treated like any other subject of the Hegemony.” The lich gave a small nod of his head.

“The corpses of the enemy are being raised and set to task with rebuilding the city. We have even summoned the spirits of the dead to keep watch over the living. In case they try to rebel against the crown.” The knight commander fished for some sort of praise from her king as she eyed the lich with a hopeful look in her eyes.

“Good. Once you are sure the natives have no desire to fight. You may then start to offer them the gift. Once the system has been brought into the fold. We will move on to another.” He stopped walking and looked up into the sky. Dorian stared up at the lone moon of this world. “Focus on the creation of more spirits. I will my incorporeal subjects to use in selecting the next system that will fall.” He sounded a little distracted, as if his thoughts were else where.

The Twi’lek woman was disappointed that the king did not praise her. “As you wish, your grace.” She noticed that his gaze was on the moon. “Sire, what are you staring at?” She asked.

“The moon. Once your forces have finished rebuilding on the surface. Send them to the moon. You will turn it into a defensive platform. Every natural satellite we find, we will convert it into a weapons platform to defend our worlds. The living will not leave us alone for long. We must prepare for them to come.”

“As you wish, my liege.” She didn’t think that they needed to do such a thing. Though she was not about to go against the wishes of her king. He scared her, but if the queen were to find out. A bead of sweat rolled down her head. The queen’s temper scared her more than the king.

“Queen Vedriat is indeed one to fear.” Dorian said as he walked away from the Twi’lek and back towards the encampment. “Oh.” He paused and looked back at the worried knight. If she could have gotten any paler, she would have. She wondered how long the king had been inside her head. “Y..yes, your grace?” She asked as she looked back to Dorian. “If our ghostly spies find a garden world. Inform me at once. I will like to gift that to my wife and my children.” Without waiting to hear her response, Dorian left to spend time with his subjects before he returned to Shadren V.

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« Reply #35 on: 06/02/16, 04:31:48 PM »
The howl of the wind’s rage echoed through the canyon. Vision was obscured by the sand that blew in their faces of those that traversed this path. Hidden among the rock and sand lay a tomb of an ancient king. Legend has it that the king’s army also lay buried alongside their master. Ritually killing themselves to serve him even in death. The tomb was also told to hold treasure and also to be cursed.

It was the part about the army and its leader that drew the attention of Dorian. The rest of the legend he could care less about. He had no need for riches and he could care less if he was cursed by entering the resting place of some forgotten king. For the army of the great king was rumored to be so large that it took the crops of two planets to just feed his warriors.

If this was truly the location of this king’s tomb or just a random tomb of a once powerful or not so powerful person was to be seen. Regardless. The king’s scouts were here. Fighting to see in all this sand. Even with their unnatural vision it was proving to be a challenge to make out what was five feet in front of them. Yet. The dead marched on. These wights were nothing more than skeletons, yet they were above those rank and file bags of bones that made up the core of the royal legions.

Wordlessly communicating with each other, they kept up their scans of the canyon. Minutes turned to hours. Hours turned into days and those days turned into weeks. Until finally the living dead stopped their marching. Carved into the side of the canyon were two stone sentinels. Glyphs of a language that was foreign to them were written above the entrance way.

A homing beacon was planted in the canyon near the tomb. A message was sent back to Shadren Five saying the following: “The tomb of King Voq'ruax may have been discovered. Starting the search now. If confirmed, shall we send word to the order to have the king and/or his army raised to join our ranks?”

Until they heard back from their king or queen, the scouts were carry out their mission. Two remained outside the tomb, taking point as guards. The rest of their party ventured inside. Whatever secrets they found would remain among the dead. After all, dead men tell no tales.

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« Reply #36 on: 06/11/16, 03:46:37 PM »
Little sand devils danced for a moment before dying. Standing among the dancing sand were thousands of undead warriors standing in formation. Some clad in archaic armor dating back to the time of the Rakata, while others wore more modern battle armor that was common in this day and age. At the heads of each legion were the commanders of these warriors. There were even dead Killiks, zombies that had risen with the king after his rebirth as one of the unliving.

Fourteen of these commanders, along with their soldiers, had recently been risen from among the tombs hidden within the great desert on Kaytis. These were ancient kings and queens that were buried with their most loyal of warriors, to serve them in death as they did in life. These dead monarchs were easy to tell apart from the wights that lead the other soldiers, as they were mummified upon death. Sadly none of these ancient rulers turned out to be the king of legend, but that did not matter much in the end. 

Not all who stood there in that barren land were dead. The royal order of knights, these warrior necromancers were also there. They were charged with overlooking the dead to ensure they obeyed and to ensure the upkeep of the various undead throughout the kingdom.

Standing before all of them was a lone figure. Clad in black armor that had two large ornate skulls in place of standard pauldrons. King Dorian the Undying was here to see his forces. As always, his face was covered in a mask. Half the mask made it look as if his face was made out of pure gold, while the other half showed his face rotting away. Displaying the bone underneath putrid flesh.

“My warriors.” His voice seemed to echo throughout the area as he spoke, the Force enhancing it to speak over the wind. “The Bellis system has been brought to heel and is now an official holding of the Shadren Hegemony.  Yet your work has just begun.” The undead monarch looked up at the outlines of the royal armada that was in orbit. “My former teacher has announced his plans for the Valefor Expeditionary Force. They will be joining us in this sector and will be fighting to take the various systems that make up this sector.”

Dorian looked back down at his army. Some of them could recall how it felt to be alive, while others, they were barely any intelligence left within their hollow skulls. For those that could remember who they were and could still feel emotion waited for their king to finish speaking. “Their plans clash against my own. For it was I who set eyes upon this sector first. If they wish to race us to see who will conquer the most systems, so be it. For unlike the soldiers that our allies field, you do not sleep and do not hunger. You are an unrelenting tide that builds as we sweep through a region.”

Lifting his right hand up, he pointed to the ships in orbit. “Once this sector has fallen to either us or the Valefor as whole. We will expand to those galaxies that orbit this one. For I am a greedy man. Why rule one galaxy, when I can rule them all? The Rishi Maze will be the first of the companion galaxies to fall.” He smirked behind his mask as he closed his hand, as if he was taking the galaxy as his own.

“But as we spread out through the stars, let it be known that the living will not be mistreated once they have become my subjects. They will be protected and cared for, until they are ready to embrace undeath.” He pointed to the the undead monarchs now. “You all will rule once again. You may take planets as your own and rule them as your own personal kingdoms, but know this. I am not only the king of kings, but the king of the dead. Now. Gather your warriors. For the song of war has begun and you all must add your own notes to its bloody melody.” The skeletons started to beat their fists against their chest pieces as others let out an eerie cry. War drums started to play as Dorian walked off towards the shuttle that awaited him. Let the rest of the galaxy play at rebels against the Zakuul. In time they will fall like every other empire before it. He had other galaxies to reap before claiming this one as his own. For now. He'd focus on beating his master and claiming the rest of the  Demetras sector for Vedriat and himself.

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Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
« Reply #37 on: 06/20/16, 09:25:33 PM »
Construction on the defensive emplacements on the various moons within the Bellis system had begun. The undead labour worked night and day non-stop on the task that their king had ordered. The newly conquered system was stable, for now. Thoughts of rebellion against their new rulers were ended in one bloody night. Those that whispered of fighting against their new king and queen were slaughtered. When the bodies were discovered, they had only one thing missing. Their heads.

This was a common thing throughout the Bellis system. Any talk of driving off the undead were put to rest. The legions of the dead patrolled the three habitable worlds of the Bellis system. Ever watchful of their living flock.

It was within the great desert of Kaytis that Dorian found himself. The Master of Bone was there with him. The king’s chief engineer eyed the dunes on the horizon. “I am not sure what you want can be built, your grace.”

Held with in his hands was a datapad that contained the designs of a new weapon to be used before his infantry engage their foes in battle. It was based on the design of a bowcaster, yet built to the scale of a ballista. Yet instead of launching massive steel bolts upon the enemy. It would fire a steel bolt, that would explode and shower skulls upon the enemy. The skulls would be engulfed in plasma and explode upon impact. The kicker. Each skull would scream as they fell from the sky.

Yet. The Master of Bone could not figure out how to make such a weapon a reality. A massive bowcaster, yes. Screaming skulls? That was something beyond his understanding.

Dorian though was not worried. “It can be built. I have faith in your abilities as my chief engineer.” The undead king smiled behind that skull shaped mask he wore. Ghostly blue wisps of energy wafted up from the eye sockets of that mask he wore. “Sire. The basic design of the weapon, it can be done. Making a large version of a weapon that some mongrel race created, easy.  The skulls and engulfing them in plasma? That is something that I don’t believe I can achieve.”

“I shall take care of the skulls and teach the method to my necromancers. As for the plasma…. I am sure through trial and error, we can figure that out.” Dorian reached out his hand and clasped his engineer on the shoulder. “As I said. I have faith in you. You would not want to disappoint your king, a living god, now would you?” There was an edge to his voice as he squeezed the man’s shoulder. “For it is not my fury you should worry about. It is your queen. The living war goddess that has yet to unleash her fury upon this galaxy of ours.”

The Master of Bone grew pale as he thought of facing Vedriat’s rage. Let alone her personal guard. “I shall have the dead and my apprentices work day and night on creating these weapons. Once they are ready, I shall send word.”

“Very good. Just keep these plans hidden from our allies. Darth Lethash will be using this system as a staging ground for his invasion into this sector. Once they are finished, have them placed along the defensive emplacements. The rest will be used by our infantry against the living.” The undead king removed his hand from his engineer as he gazed at the dunes in the distance.

Bowing to his king, the chief engineer looked back to the datapad. As his attention was focused back on the plans, Dorian caught sight of a beetle digging down into the sand. Watching the insect, reminded him of Korok. “Master of Bone. Set your workers also to collect as many of those beetles as they can fine. Keep them intact, but they can be dead or alive. I may not be apart of a great hive any more, but there are tactics that the Killiks use that we can apply as well.”

The Lich hummed the song of swarming to himself as he left his servant to the task at hand. He had to prepare for battle against friend or foe. Dorian would apply what he had taken from the Killiks and apply it to his legions of the dead. This sector would be his. The people that dwelled here would serve him in life or slave for him in death. He made this decree to his former master and he would see it through.

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Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
« Reply #38 on: 06/25/16, 02:23:52 PM »
The ghostly blue flames of the torches danced, dimly illuminating the confines of the tomb. Sitting at a desk made of black marble was the self proclaimed living god, Dorian. He carefully made note in a leather bound tome of the experiment he was doing.

“Ugh…” His captives moan drew his attention away from the desk. It appeared as if the drugs were starting to wear off. “It appears it is time.” With a careful nudge, he pushed his book away from him as he stared at the man he had brought into the tomb.

Chained to the wall, a man who had a regal look about him let out another moan. He tried to focus on what was going on, but his vision was blurred from the drugs. “W..whe.re.. am I?” He groaned out. “You are in the tomb of a king, friend.” Dorian said in a pleasant voice as he looked down at the ritual circle that the man stood within.  The arcane runes glowed eerily as the drugged man shifted his stance.

“A..tomb? That makes no sense…” His vision focused as he saw the pale king. His memory returned at once. He had tried to talk some his peers on Bellis in turning against the false god. Planning on informing Zakuul of the horrors that the undead king had brought to his beloved world. His own daughter turned him in. In exchange she was gifted the blessing of eternal life, as one of the undead. He grew pale as he remembered.

“You can not feel it, can you? The dark side. It permeates this necropolis. As we speak my minions are building a grand temple to help focus its energies. If I could, I’d use the Dark Temple of Dromund Kaas, but alas. My former peers are still scattered across that world.” The lich let out a sigh. “Regardless. You are here to help me achieve another goal.”

The Undying King moved over to a tray that contained a large brass bowl, a ritual knife made of obsidian, a paint brush made from the hair of a Miraluka, and a small ink well. Though instead of ink, it contained the blood of an innocent. Taking hold of the brush, he dipped it into the blood and started to draw arcane Sith runes upon the man’s body.

Dorian could hear, could feel the pounding of his prisoner’s heart as he felt the brush against his skin. “What are you doing?” His voice was filled with dread as he watched the immortal monarch paint strange glyphs on him. “You will be helping me. You see. I have a theory. That the Force is not some mystical energy that allows those that are attuned to it to use it. Since you can have entire bloodlines of Force adepts.”

He had finished with the last of his runes and set the brush down as he looked over his work. “One could argue that it is genetics, but the secret could lie in the blood itself.” Dorian started to a smile. “So. We will find out if this is true. I will attempt to draw out the power that lies dormant within your own blood. Then consume it to fuel my own. If I succeed. I shall pass this elixir on to my beloved wife.”

He picked up the bowl and placed it at the man’s feet. Moving back over, his fingers wrapped around the bone handle of the knife. “Feel free to scream. Your pain. Your fear. I am sure will add a bit of flavor.” The necromancer smirked as he started to chant the words to his spell. The runes on the ground and upon the bound man started to glow. Dorian ignored the screams for help from the man as he chanted. Slowly, he started to carve away the flesh of his victim…..

Hours would pass. The corpse of the man hung from the chain on the wall. Blood had seemed to gotten everywhere during the ritual. Yet, he had it. He could feel the taint of the dark side within the blood. It could be from the spell, it could be from the energy of this place. The lich did not care. Lifting the bowl to his lips, he drank deep of the crimson liquid. Not long after he felt a hint of power rushing through his body. For the first time in months, he felt alive.

Reaching out with the dark side, he muttered the words of a spell. The corpse slowly started to move as ghostly blue light burned within its eyes. “Your master commands you to clean up this mess.” He ordered the zombie as the shackles fell from its wrists. “Once you are dune, report to have your body cleaned of its flesh. Then aid the others in building my pyramid.”

Wiping his mouth of the red liquid that started to dry, he made his way from his tomb and back towards the palace. Both he and his queen would need to prepare for event that their allies turning on them. Perhaps. It was time for her to join him in death. A living goddess,  one who was beautiful not dark. She would be as treacherous as the seas and stronger than the foundations of Shadren. All will love her and despair.

The thought of Vedriat embracing her darker side caused him to smile. For now. He’d need to shower before he played with the twins. He'd start on his work tomorrow evening.
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Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
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The mobile above the cribs spun slowly above the sleeping princess. Tiny star fighters hung at the ends of the line and were engaged in an endless dog fight as they spun above the sleeping child. The prince was tugging at a clasp that held his father’s cloak to his armor. Emotions ran through the undying king, reminding him of what it was like to be alive. “Shh…  Trestin. We don’t want to wake Zaria.” His voice was barely above a whisper as he spoke to the infant in his arm.

Dorian leaned down and placed a light kiss upon the brow of his daughter. She had just gone to sleep, yet her brother want to play a little longer. Rocking the child in his arm, he hummed a tune that his mother sang to him when he was a child. The words of the song had been forgotten over the years, but he always remembered the tune.

“You and your sister will grow up to be fine rulers one day. Then, you will have the choice to stop aging and be with your mother and I forever." He placed a kiss upon his son’s brow as he placed him down in his own crib beside Zaria’s. A gloved hand reached up and started to wind up the mobile above the prince’s crib, one that was identical to the one above the princess’s. “Sleep well my children…” In his mind he knew that if his firstborn had not been stillborn, his children would have a father that was alive.

He started to shake his head as if to cast out those thoughts. Giving one final glance back to his children, the king made his way from the palace and back to the necropolis to work. The elixir he had created restored vigour, but it was not enough. He would need the blood of someone who was strong in the Force, but he was not yet ready for such a thing. He had to perfect the spell.

In the meantime, he needed a different kind of servant. The dead had their purpose, but his wife did not want those that were decaying to be within the walls of the capital. So he had the wild idea of breeding a new species into existence.

The lights of the capital were shining in the dead of night as Dorian rode his skeletal Pantran whitefang down a paved path that lead to the royal tomb. Like all of the skeletons bound to him, the empty sockets of the dead feline had an unnatural blue glow where eyes would have been. Running on either side of him were a pair of Tuk’ata, both very much alive. For now. The Sith hounds would be pets for his children one day.

In the distance a great pyramid made of a mix of white and black marble was being built. Each side of the massive structure lined up perfectly with the ley lines of the planet, at least in accordance with the ancient practice of geomancy. It’s goal was to draw and harness the power of the dark side. It would be inside his massive pyramid that he would move his labs and workshops. When it was finally finished.

With a mental command, the undead Ice Cat stopped outside the entrance to the tomb. The necromancer-knights that stood guard bowed their heads at the sight of their king. “Tell your commander that I will be needing a few things. I need a few Chiss, as many Gamorreans as can be bought, and some Shistavanen.” The knights did not bother trying to understand the command, they merely left to carry out it out.

“Liudesys. Xela. Stand watch. Come when you are called.” The order was given to the two Tuk’ata as he brushed his hand across his loyal mount, Balios. He would send the beast off to wait in one of the empty crypts of a merchant.

Descending into his own tomb, the lich thought of the different traits he could use to create his corpse eaters. The senses of the wolf men, the strength from the pig men, and the ability to quickly reach adulthood of the Chiss. The kind were adults within one year. Yet, he did not want to drag any living Killiks into this.

He was sure with a few months of study. He could use alchemy to create a race of creatures that would feed upon the flesh of the living or the dead. Savage, disgusting creatures that would worship his family as if they were gods. His invasion would be put on hold while his defenses were being built. Plus he wanted to wait and see what Darth Lethash did first with the VEF.

Dorian would use the time it took for the VEF to get ready for war to experiment further on his elixir and on creating his savages. Though, more importantly he would spend his time with his family before he went off to further expand the kingdom.

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Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
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Time. Time had lost its meaning to the undying king. Nearly two months had passed since his wife had taken her fleet out. Yet. It felt as if it was only a few hours ago that she had left. This caused Dorian to ponder his own existence, at least for a moment.

After that moment passed he returned his focus to the desk at which he sat at. Datapads and paper with information of the various members of the Valefor sat upon the desk of the undead monarch. The warlords that made up his alliance have had been silent for too long. Even the grand plans of his former master seemed to have stalled. This stagnation bothered him. This region of space was ripe for the harvest. They should have been out reaping the rewards of this conflict. Instead. Nothing.

This alliance no longer had a point. At least in its current state. The darkside brings about change through conflict and through conflict progress. With this in mind. It was time for a change of leadership within the Belsmuth sector and within the Valefor.

To start, it was time to bring his queen home. With her input, they can progress with the coup.

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Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
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Dorian ran that metal, skeletal looking hand of his through his hair as he thought. An idea for reanimating the dead had been dancing around his head as of late, but he could not figure out which method to use to bring about its creation. Let alone on a large enough scale to reshape entire populations.

What he envisioned was something not grotesque like the viral creatures that Aatrac created. Nor something that was openly unnatural like his skeleton minions and the various specters that served him. The creature he had in mind would appear to be alive in every way possible. It would be able to freely think, feel emotion, and generally have all the other attributes of the living.

Though. There would likely be flaws. It would likely be paler and colder than a living person, but that is what would be the only thing that marked them as one of the undead.

With Sith magic and alchemy he’d be able to reanimate the bodies. Yet. They’d be his slaves. Puppets to do his bidding and nothing more. This was not what he wanted.

He glanced to a datapad that rested on his desk. Perhaps he just needed a distraction. This might allow him to figure out the missing piece at a later time. Picking up the datapad, he saw that he left on a report on the Demetras sector. The system that he had absorbed into his kingdom had been stable for a few months now.

As he read the report, he was reminded that the rest of the sector was unstable. Chaos ran rampant. Many systems were the ruins of failed states. Lethash had planned a grand invasion to liberate the sector, to bring order to it. Though he knew that his former master likely wished to prevent his own expansion into the region.

Yes. It was time to do something about this now that Lethash was removed from the picture. With the Empire watching, they can see that his kingdom was needed. That they would restore order to this region of the Galaxy. It better he ruled, than Zakuul or the Republic.

Setting the datapad back down upon the desk, Dorian got up. Perhaps it was time for him to gather those men he placed in charge of his forces. The dead would be unleashed once more upon the living, but this time it would not to be to liberate them of their lives. This time it would be to restore law to a lawless sector.

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Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
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The wind of this forsaken moon chilled deep into the bone of the living. Even with the of specially designed shields, the cold still seemed to seep in. Lord Marshal Harlick ran his gloved hands together as he walked alongside his king. “Sire, out of all the worlds in the kingdom, why are my men and I stationed here?” The lord marshal asked. He craved to get out of the tunnel that connected the hangar with the rest of the base.

Dorian turned his head to look at the man beside him. Those eyes of his were hidden within a blue glow. His eyes seemed to be the focal point for this odd energy. A smile was hidden behind Killik silk mask he wore over the lower half of his face. “Who would bother to look here while Duchess Aatrac’s world is the major draw of the system?”

The two of them entered into the base proper. Warmth finally found its way back into living man’s body now that the blast door had closed, keeping that terrible wind from entering. Harlick led his king to a lift that took them down to the lower level of the base.

When the doors to the lift opened, Dorian was presented with an interesting sight. The living were doing combat drills with the dead. “Those soldiers that the Order of the Damned raise retain basic knowledge it seems. They seem to recall knowing how to work a blaster, though advance tactics seem to be beyond them.” Harlick explained as he lead his king in.

The Lich knew all of this already. What interested him was the fact that the living were honing their skills against the undead. Against opponents that could not feel or be hurt, his warriors would be able to practice all sorts of tactics that could prove fatal against their living peers.

“When commanded by myself or one of my knights, they are capable of much more, Lord Marshal. Still for the lowest caste of my undead subjects they prove themselves to be ever so useful.” Dorian tilted his head as he spoke. “Your peers should adopt similar approaches to training. It removes the fear that our warriors have of the dead.”

Harlick gave a small nod of his head as he watched one of his men fight against a skeleton with a vibrosword. The skeleton was pressing the attack, but living man was able to score a number attacks that would have killed someone if they were alive. “Indeed sire. The Phantom Legion stands ready to move at your command. Fleet Lord Sollis tells me that the Ghost Armada has already entered the Liul System.”

Dorian grinned. His hidden legion, tucked away on a frozen world and his armada made up of ships made out of chunks of a moon. The dead made up the crew of his secret fleet, allowing them to drift through enemy space without any systems active. “We wait. The Demetras Sector will be brought into the fold in time, Lord Marshal.”

Clasping Harlick’s shoulder, Dorian gave him a reassuring squeeze. “I must return to the capital. I must help prepare for the celebration that is to come. My children are like their parents, strong in the Force.” The king’s pride could be heard in his tone.

“All of us here are happy to hear that, your grace. The little prince and princess will be heirs to a fine kingdom.” Harlick gave his king a small bow of his head. “Before you leave sire, I must ask. Are you sure you wish to bestow the gift to us?”

The gift. It was called when one was chosen to ascend into the ranks of the undead. “Yes, Lord Marshal. You and the rest of your men will be given the gift once I have adjusted the reanimation process. Though, I will have to discuss this with the queen first.” Dorian laughed a little as he started to walk away from Harlick. “Before I leave, I will tour around my base on my own. Keep up the good work, Lord Marshal.”

Walking with his hands behind his back, Dorian made his way back to the lift. Those that desire to bring ruin to his kingdom and its subjects will come to know true fear. For they will suffer his wrath even in death. Yet, he would not dwell on such thoughts. His children’s day was coming.

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Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
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Shadren V

Dorian sat upon his throne, bouncing his children on his knees as he watched the last member of his court leave the throne room. The soft beeping of datapad alerted him of a message. Reaching into the folds of his robe as he made faces at the little princess, he saw it was an urgent message from his wife. Our children are in danger. They are being targeted by an assassin. Protect them until I arrive. I leave for Shadren as we speak.

Arching a single brow as he looked from the message to his children. Lurking under the mask of a smiling parent, was a deep rage. His anger burned like the fiery heart of a type o star. “Yes. It is almost nap time. Daddy forgets that you two have to sleep, but don’t worry. He will not be far.” He spoke to the twins as he typed a reply back to his wife.

Do not worry, my beloved. I do not suffer the weaknesses of the living, thus making me the perfect guardian for our children. I will double the guard and include among their number some of my wights. If and when this foolish assassin is caught, they will beg for the sweet release of death. Only to find there is no escape from my wrath.

Picking his children up, one in each arm, the king started to make his way to their room. He passed by one his knights, pausing to look at the woman. “Double the guard. Anyone who looks out of place in the coming days is to be detained for questioning.” A telepathic message was passed along to all the undead who guarded his home. “Twenty wights will be patrolling until I or the queen say otherwise.” She gave a brief nod of her head as she made ready to pass the message along to the captain of the guard.

“Come the day of the celebration, if anyone at all acts questionable in any way around my children. Kill them on sight. They will answer my questions in death.” The king’s rage filled his words as he stared at the guard. “Yes sire.” She gave a quick bow and left to carry out his command.

“Yes. Daddy would burn a thousand worlds if either of you were harmed. Yes he would.” He made a cooing sound as he bounced the twins in his arms. He ignored the tiny hands that were fighting to get into his mouth or grab his nose. “Now, we wait for mommy to get home. So she can calm daddy down so he doesn’t do something stupid. Like raising all the dead on Korriban.”

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Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
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Dorian sat beside an empty tank. He stared at the Sith runes that he had etched into the glass as he waited. His gaze shifted to the generator and over to the corpse that was dressing itself in their armor.

Lord Marshal Harlick, who had died that night from a poisoned glass of wine, had returned to the land of the living.

Electricity and the Force. The combination of these two things had allowed the king to reanimate a corpse. It was not his puppet like all the others. No. The Lord Marshal was very much in control of himself. Making him equal parts dangerous and useful.

“How do you feel, Harlick?” Dorian asked.

“Strange, sire. I keep forcing air into my lungs, because I am worried I will pass out if I do not. Also. Temperatures feel.. off. I know I should be cold. Yet. I am not.” He sounded confused as he pondered over his new state.

“It will pass. I will be sending one of my knights to keep an eye on you, lord marshal. In case… an unforeseen complication arises. Such as developing a phobia of fire.” Dorian got up off the stool he had been sitting on.

“As you wish, your grace.” Harlick rubbed the back of his head as he gazed at his king. Noticing now that he now shared a similar complexation as his king.

“If everything remains the same in the following weeks. We will proceed with changing the rest of your men. They will be the test group on how we can mass produce the change.”

Moving over to a holoprojector, Dorian switched in on. A map of the Demetras Sector appeared. “This sector is in chaos. Under the guise of a police action, I will an armada and two legions to restore order to one of the closest systems. I will speak with the queen on this. If she agrees, I want you and your men to purge those planets that have fallen completely to anarchy.”

Harlick stared at the map for a moment. His thoughts raced on tactics he could now use. Without having to use life support, he could cruise in as a piece of wreckage. “Yes, sire. Your will be done.”

A wolfish smile appeared upon Dorian’s face as he heard this. “I must prepare a message to the Ancient and Honorable Union of the Tion Hegemony. So. Follow me. I will lead you out of this lab.”