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Author Topic: IMPORTANT: Site Outage News & Administrative Update  (Read 1420 times)

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IMPORTANT: Site Outage News & Administrative Update
« on: 08/25/15, 11:13:27 PM »
To the users of BegerenColony.org,

As you have all no doubt noticed, we’ve been dealing with some issues with the site. Over the weekend, BegerenColony.org was shut down for a period of about a day.

Firstly, no user data of any kind has been lost or purged. We know that BC.org is the chosen depository for hours, days, and weeks of your RP work and community gathering. For that reason, the Arbiter & Administrator teams have coordinated to make sure that we can all continue to use our site from the moment we left off.

To access the site, please use “ http://www.begerencolony.org/index.php ”. Currently, using the simple www.begerencolony.org is not operational due to DNS issues.

This will resolve itself at a later date and there is nothing that we can do to speed it up at present. Please let your friends and acquaintances know in whatever way you can.

Site Leadership
Next, it is my duty to inform you of some changes in BC.org leadership along with some minor updates. After investigation, it has been determined that M3 purposefully shut the site down after an argument.

M3 has freely given his time and serious amounts of money  – this site costs $50.00 USD per month to operate – over many years. Indeed, M3 has done this since the site’s creation in 2012. That’s three (3) straight years. That this site exists at all is thanks to him and we would like to thank him earnestly for all that he has done for us. It is impossible to agree with someone 100% of the time, but M3 is a gracious person and we owe him a lot.

That said, however, any rules that apply to the community also apply to the administration team, and we feel that the consequence at this time for M3’s action is removal from the Administrator position.

Pursuant to this and effective yesterday, I, Cordae, have been given temporary Administrative powers. These are the full administrative powers, but I intend to hold them only so long as it takes to steer the forum back to stability.

As I am not qualified to take on the role of Administrator in a long-term fashion (Admins are mostly in charge of site upkeep and building, along with conflict resolution when such cases move beyond the Arbiter team in seriousness or by appeal), I intend to revert to my role of Arbiter once we have found suitable replacements for the Administrative team.

Artisan, our senior administrator, has been informed of the situation and is being kept updated in the loop daily. Artisan is still a fully-fledged and extremely capable member of the Administrative team, as they have always been. However, as they are currently on vacation, the Arbiters and I will likely be the most reachable for the next few days.

Finally along this vein, to help ease the difficulty of the coming days and to prevent any lapse in good forum support, I have appointed, after their volunteering, Aylaa and Aolanni to the position of Arbiter during the interim. Once I am able to resume my role as Arbiter, they can return to their previous status.

Questions & Answers
As many people may have questions, I will post several time slots this week during which I can make myself available in chatbox to help ease any discomfort. Please excuse some of the diminished hours! I have work and birthday festivities to balance :) If more dates are needed, I will post an update to this thread.

Currently, the BC.org leadership team consists of the following:


Cordae’s Availability in Server Time
8/26: 9-10pm
8/27: 9-10pm
8/28: 8-10pm
8/31: 7-10pm

Site Edits
Since the launch of the new BC.org layout, many have made their opinions on the site’s design public. The leadership staff encourages this! We undertook this expansion endeavor to make our site more useful for everyone on Begeren Colony and to grow our community. That said, nothing and no one is perfect.

You are all, each of you, encouraged to discuss potential site changes in the appropriate forum posts. You are also encouraged to provide the Admin & Arbiter teams with your suggestion (preferably in bulleted form for ease of digestion). However, per Site Guideline 4, you are required to do so in a respectful manner, just as you are required to do so in any way you participate here. Personal insults will not be tolerated. I believe, as we all believe, that this is critical to our survival as a place that encourages growth.

Finally, thank you all for your continued support and understanding. I understand very dearly the fear or panic that you may have felt when you woke up one day to find that you could not find your guild pages, could not read your posts, and suddenly found that in some cases, you could not even contact your friends.

I’ll simply end by saying that we are a community united perhaps not by common hobbies or play styles, but most certainly by common interests. This is a place for community, for organizing, and for friendship. Please help us ensure that it stays this way.

Thank you,
The BC.org Leadership Team
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Re: IMPORTANT: Site Outage News & Administrative Update
« Reply #1 on: 08/25/15, 11:59:23 PM »

Please note that Seraphie has accepted a position as interim Arbiter. Please thank her, Aylaa, and Aolanni when you find the chance!

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Re: IMPORTANT: Site Outage News & Administrative Update
« Reply #2 on: 08/26/15, 10:17:57 PM »
Additional Comment:

I would like to thank @Cordae and the temporary Arbiters who have volunteered to help in this time of transition.

As Cordae has said, I am currently on vacation and therefore cannot manage things as quickly, as closely, or as specifically as I would like to right now as the current senior Admin.

Please be kind to Cordae during this time, as he is managing the restoration of the site in addition to some very strenuous Real Life demands that are causing additional stress on top of the site happenings. Furthermore, it is his birthday this weekend! And he deserves to enjoy this special time of year.

If you have any questions, complaints, or difficulties with regard to the site's future, or if you have questions regarding moderation decisions over the next day, please do not give him or any of our current Arbiters a hard time.

I will take responsibility for all decisions made and any difficulties or concerns on my return.

Thank you all for your patience!

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Re: IMPORTANT: Site Outage News & Administrative Update
« Reply #3 on: 08/28/15, 10:09:56 PM »

The DNS errors should be resolving themselves around this time. Let us know if you're still having trouble accessing the site via http://www.begerencolony.org.

I will be back and available during the day tomorrow. Sometime this weekend I will set one or two times where I will be officially available to talk for those who have further questions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience!