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Author Topic: Site Update and Feedback Collection  (Read 612 times)

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Site Update and Feedback Collection
« on: 08/26/15, 11:02:24 PM »
I will be the member of the Moderation team collecting feedback on the site's updated format.

Please send me a PM with the Heading [Site Feedback] and keep the following in mind:

Please refrain from using insulting or unproductive language.
Try to explain why you feel the way you do about a particular thing - good or bad.
Please avoid making demands.
Please try to be succinct.
Please read up on the currently Known Issues.
Please try to send One PM.
Please use bullet points.

Feedback itself can be good or bad. Please try to give good feedback.

Good Example: "It used to take me five screens to get to the information I want! Now it only takes two. That's awesome. I use this feature all the time though, can we make it one?"

Bad example: "This site sucks. change it back."

Good example: "I would appreciate having access to my PMs be a direct link I always have access to, because I use that feature all the time. I feel the current implementation isn't as efficient."

Bad example: "You need to put PMs back on the main page."

Bad example: "PMs belong on the main page. They should automatically pop up in a window on the corner of the screen as soon as I get a new one, and you should have a floating utilities bar that follows you from page to page that sits at the bottom of the screen and also I can customize it's color because that would be awesome."

If you have suggestions, please state those at the bottom of the PM, and not with the feedback.
Use bullet points where possible.
Please try to be succinct.
Please avoid demands.
please realize these are suggestions, not a shopping list
Please also realize some things are just not possible for various and sundry reasons, rather than being an aesthetic choice.

This information will be collected then presented to the rest of the moderation team, and will be discussed with the appropriate parties concerning the implementation of the website.