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Author Topic: More Site Conversation - Please Read  (Read 947 times)

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More Site Conversation - Please Read
« on: 08/29/15, 07:37:58 AM »
Greetings everyone.

Thank you all for your patience this past week with the site outage. As noted before in this thread, I have been away on a (fairly stressful) family trip and have been out of cell and internet access for the greater part of a week. I begin by giving my truest apologies for my absence in what must have been a very difficult and concerning time for some of you. The site has been an important meeting place for many of you and has been your connection to the rest of the community, and I re-iterate what @Cordae has said, in that we are dedicated to prevent another situation where your service is unduly interrupted in this fashion again.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, the administrative team is a purely volunteer group of people; all of us have jobs and families and real life situations to also attend to, and sometimes those obligations make it difficult for us to respond to events in as rapid a fashion as we and you would like.

I am glad to see that a good number of you have found your way back to the website and have been able to make use of its services once more. The DNS error should have resolved itself, and as I have mentioned in the above thread, if you do have further problems, please let us know.

I'm sure there are still many unanswered questions among some of you regarding what exactly happened. Cordae provided some explanation. Unfortunately as I was not physically present at the time of the site outage, I cannot give you a detailed blow-by-blow of what happened. The facts are these: That M3 (Some of you know him as Bolas or Ilireth) did shut the site down for a time. Initially, the site was down for technical reasons, i.e. reasons out of any person's control. However, due to conversations, accusations, and arguments that occurred following the initial uncontrollable downing of the site, M3 did manually shut down the site. As Cordae noted before, a full backup of the site had been made up till the time of the site outage, and no data has been lost.

M3 has been removed from the position of site administrator. As Cordae mentioned, he has spent many years working on and refining this site and seeing to its upkeep up until this time. His departure from his administrative role will be hard, for technical and financial reasons. As mentioned above, I and the remaining administrative team will do what we can to ensure that there is as little hiccup or interruption to the services which you are used to. This will require some real life shifting of resources and financial planning, so please bear with us as this occurs.

I realize that there are some in the community who have had difficulties in their interactions with M3, or with the administrative team, or with the community at large. I would like to offer the perspective that the administrative team was not M3 only, and now no longer includes M3. There are members on the current provisional administrative team who have had their own personal difficulties with M3. I realize that recent events may have accentuated some of your difficulties, your anger, your concerns regarding those of us trying to keep the site up, or regarding the community in general. We cannot change your opinions of us or of the community at large, but know that none of us are in it for so called 'ego stroking'; there are far easier and less self-punishing ways of finding self-validation. Some of you have lost sleep over what has happened over the last week. Us too, every night of the week.

I am not saying this to garner sympathy; it is our role as the admin team for BC.org to help provide the best experience that you can have, regardless of what it means on our end. I am saying this in an effort to show that I and other members of the team are with you, are on your side, and are open to moving forward in a way that will help our community continue to grow and to heal.

Difficult things have happened, but I am hopeful that our community will continue to improve and to better itself and be a place where people can find connection with others doing what they enjoy.

Here are some practical things that will happen over the next days:

  • The team and I will be available in the BC.org chatroom as much as we can over the weekend and the coming week in order to answer what questions or concerns you may have.
  • I will be speaking to M3/Bolas and the provisional admin team extensively regarding the technicalities of the future of the site and will provide you with the relevant information once I have firm details.
  • I will be speaking to the leaders of the PVE, PVP, and RP newcomers from our server: @Dezzrevas, @Ah-ran, @Lurilla, @Slavish, regarding what has been occurring and address any concerns they may have regarding their joining our community and what this change means for what had been previously planned.
  • After I have gathered enough information, I will offer times over the coming week to speak formally in voice chat or in chatroom so that any who wish can have their questions or concerns aired.

Again the provisional admin team is as follows:

Thank you all again for your patience.

I understand that some of this may not be enough to address your anger and your concerns or keep you in the community. In that case, we are sorry that you are going, and we hope that you find enjoyment and connection elsewhere.

For those who remain with us, I am grateful and thankful for all that you have done and contributed to make this community thrive, to make this community a home and a place of enjoyment for many of us.

Thank you.
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